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2009 - 2011  •  YouTube  •  2 seasons  •  234 episodes
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What’s up, fam!

Welcome to my chaotic life! My name is Jess and I'm a young mommy, lifestyle vlogger. My husband and I have 7 children (aged 9 and under) ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
9 Weeks Pregnant With Twins! Aired on 09/09/2011
9 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!
Season 2: Episode 124
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
234 episodes total
Season 1 2
Season 1
S01 E01
Our Trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!
S01 E02
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Dolphin Show! (Part One)
S01 E03
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Dolphin Show! (Part Two)
S01 E04
The song he made for me =)
S01 E05
Thomas Downey Danceline
S01 E06
Thomas Downey Dance Production 2009-2010 Rally Dance (Front View)
S01 E07
8 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E08
9 Weeks Pregnant
S01 E09
10 Weeks Pregnant!!
S01 E10
Baby's heartbeat at 10 weeks and 4 days =)
S01 E11
11 Weeks Pregnant
S01 E12
12 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E13
13 Weeks Pregnant! (Part 1)
S01 E14
13 Weeks Pregnant Belly! (Part 2)
S01 E15
14 Weeks Pregnant! (Part 1)
S01 E16
14 Weeks Pregnant Belly! (Part 2)
S01 E17
Baby's Heartbeat at 14 weeks and 4 days =)
S01 E18
15 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E19
16 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E20
Questions about my TEEN pregnancy! (Part 1)
S01 E21
Questions about my TEEN pregnancy! (Part 2)
S01 E22
17 Weeks Pregnant!!
S01 E23
Gender! (It's a....) - 18 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E24
3D/4D Gender Ultrasound at 18 Weeks!
S01 E25
18 Weeks Pregnant! (Part 1)
S01 E26
18 Weeks Pregnant Belly! (Part 2)
S01 E27
Baby's Heartbeat at 18 Weeks and 4 Days =)
S01 E28
Fetal Movement at 19 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E29
19 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E30
20 Weeks Pregnant!! (Part 1)
S01 E31
20 Weeks Pregnant Belly!! (Part 2)
S01 E32
Tour of Baby Lilia's Nursery!
S01 E33
21 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E34
22 Weeks Pregnant! (Part 1)
S01 E35
22 Weeks Pregnant Belly! (Part 2)
S01 E36
Baby's Heartbeat at 23 Weeks! =)
S01 E37
23 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E38
How to Make Baby Girl Bows =)
S01 E39
24 Weeks - 6 Months Preggo!
S01 E40
25 Weeks Pregnant Belly! (Part 2)
S01 E41
25 Weeks Pregnant! (Part 1)
S01 E42
Baby Hiccups at 26 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E43
26 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E44
Ultrasound at 27 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E45
27 Weeks Pregnant! (Part 1)
S01 E46
27 Weeks Pregnant Belly! (Part 2)
S01 E47
28 Weeks Pregnant! (Part 1)
S01 E48
28 Weeks Pregnant Belly! (Part 2)
S01 E49
29 Weeks Pregnant Easter Egg Belly!
S01 E50
3D/4D Ultrasound at 29 Weeks Pregnant! (Part 1)
S01 E51
3D/4D Ultrasound at 29 Weeks Pregnant! (Part 2)
S01 E52
29 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E53
30 Weeks Pregnant!! (Part 1)
S01 E54
30 Weeks Pregnant Belly!! (Part 2)
S01 E55
Baby's Heartbeat at 31 Weeks!
S01 E56
Baby Shower 2010!
S01 E57
31 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E58
32 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E59
33 Weeks Pregnant! (Part 1)
S01 E60
33 Weeks Pregnant Belly! (Part 2)
S01 E61
Baby's Heartbeat at 33 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E62
Maternity Portraits at 34 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E63
34 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E64
Crazy Fetal Movement at 34 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E65
35 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E66
Baby's Heartbeat at 36 Weeks Pregnant
S01 E67
Our Second Baby Shower!
S01 E68
36 Weeks Pregnant! (Part 1)
S01 E69
36 Weeks Pregnant Belly! (Part 2)
S01 E70
Baby's Heartbeat at 36 Weeks and 4 Days! =)
S01 E71
37 Weeks Pregnant! (Part 1)
S01 E72
37 Weeks Pregnant Belly (Part 2)
S01 E73
Baby's Heartbeat at 37 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E74
Thomas Downey High School Class of 2010 Graduation
S01 E75
38 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E76
Baby's Heartbeat at 38 Weeks Pregnant! =)
S01 E77
Baby Lilia's Finished Nursery!!
S01 E78
My Hospital Bag!
S01 E79
39 Weeks Pregnant! (Part 1)
S01 E80
39 Weeks Pregnant Belly! (Part 2)
S01 E81
Baby's Heartbeat at 40 Weeks Pregnant!
S01 E82
Teen Mom & Dad - Amazing Labor and Delivery!!
S01 E83
My Labor and Delivery Story!
S01 E84
1 Week Postpartum! (Part 1)
S01 E85
1 Week Postpartum and Belly! (Part 2)
S01 E86
Lilia's 1 Week Update!
S01 E87
Meet Baby Lilia!!
S01 E88
Why I Chose Breastfeeding
S01 E89
Breastfeeding - Surviving the First Week
S01 E90
Baby Girl's 2nd Week of Life!
S01 E91
Lilia's 3rd Week of Life!
S01 E92
Lilia's FIRST 4th of July!
S01 E93
Lilia's 4th Week of Life!
S01 E94
1 Month Postpartum - About Baby
S01 E95
1 Month Postpartum & Belly
S01 E96
Lilia's 5th Week of Life!
S01 E97
Lilia's 6th Week of Life!
S01 E98
6 Weeks Update & Belly!
S01 E99
Lilia's 7th Week of Life!
S01 E100
Celebrating 100 Videos!
S01 E101
Lilia's 8th Week of Life!
S01 E102
2 Months Postpartum! (Part 1)
S01 E103
2 Months Postpartum & Belly! (Part 2)
S01 E104
Lilia's 9th Week of Life!
S01 E105
Pregnancy Time Lapse & Postpartum Belly!
S01 E106
Lilia's 10th Week of Life!
S01 E107
Baby Products I Can't Live Without (Months 0-2)
S01 E108
Lilia's 11th Week of Life!
S01 E109
Vote for Lilia!
S01 E110
Lilia's 12th Week of Life!
Season 2
S02 E01
Lilia's 13th Week of Life!
S02 E02
3 Months Postpartum & Update
S02 E03
Lilia's 14th Week of Life!
S02 E04
Lilia's 15th Week of Life!
S02 E05
Quick Update!
S02 E06
Lilia's 16th Week of Life!
S02 E07
Lilia's 17th Week of Life!
S02 E08
A Day in the Life of a Teen Mom
S02 E09
Lilia's 18th Week of Life!
S02 E10
4 Month Update! (Part 1)
S02 E11
4 Month Update & PP Belly! (Part 2)
S02 E12
Lilia's 19th Week of Life!
S02 E13
Lilia's First Halloween
S02 E14
Lilia's 20th Week of Life!
S02 E15
Lilia's 21st Week of Life!
S02 E16
Lilia's 22nd Week of Life!
S02 E17
Fake Coughing at 5 Months Old??
S02 E18
Lilia's 5 Month Update! (Part 1)
S02 E19
Lilia's 5 Month Update & PP Belly! (Part 2)
S02 E20
Lilia's 23rd Week of Life!
S02 E21
Happy Thanksgiving 2010!
S02 E22
Lilia's 24th Week of Life!
S02 E23
We won!!
S02 E24
What's in my diaper bag?
S02 E25
Lilia's 25th Week of Life!
S02 E26
Starting Solids
S02 E27
Lilia's 26th Week of Life!
S02 E28
Baby's First Solids
S02 E29
Lilia's 27th Week of Life!
S02 E30
Lilia's First Christmas!
S02 E31
Lilia's 28th Week of Life!
S02 E32
S02 E33
Lilia's 29th Week of Life!
S02 E34
Lilia's 30th Week of Life!
S02 E35
7 Month Update! (Part 1)
S02 E36
7 Month Update & Postpartum Belly! (Part 2)
S02 E37
Lilia's 31st Week of Life!
S02 E38
Lilia's 32nd Week of Life!
S02 E39
Lilia's 33rd Week of Life!
S02 E40
Lilia's 34th Week of Life!
S02 E41
Lilia's 35th Week of Life!
S02 E42
Lilia's 36th Week of Life!
S02 E43
House Tour!
S02 E44
Lilia's 37th Week of Life!
S02 E45
Crazy Grandma...
S02 E46
Lilia's 38th Week of Life!
S02 E47
Lilia's 39th Week of Life!
S02 E48
Lilia's 40th Week of Life!
S02 E49
8 & 9 Month Update - About Baby (Part 1)
S02 E50
8 & 9 Month Update & Postpartum Belly (Part 2)
S02 E51
9 Month Breastfeeding Update!
S02 E52
Lilia's 41st Week of Life!
S02 E53
Lilia's First Tooth!!!
S02 E54
TDHS Alumni Dance
S02 E55
Lilia's 42nd Week of Life!
S02 E56
BABY'S FIRST STEPS!!!! (Almost 10 Months old)
S02 E57
Lilia's 43rd Week of Life!
S02 E58
Walking at 10 Months Old!!!
S02 E59
Lilia's 44th Week of Life!
S02 E60
Getting Ready for Easter!
S02 E61
Lilia's 1st Easter!
S02 E62
10 Month Baby Update & PP Belly!
S02 E63
Lilia's 45th Week of Life!
S02 E64
Lilia's First Trip to the Zoo!
S02 E65
Youtube Mommy Meet Up!
S02 E66
Lilia's 46th Week of Life!
S02 E67
Rear-Facing vs. Forward-Facing Car Seats: Laws, Facts, & Demonstrations
S02 E68
First Mother's Day - May 2011
S02 E69
Lilia's 47th Week of Life!
S02 E70
Lilia's 48th Week of Life!
S02 E71
Lilia's 49th Week of Life!
S02 E72
Lilia's 1st Big Trip!! (50th Week of Life)
S02 E73
11 Month Baby Update & Post Partum Belly!
S02 E74
1st Birthday Party Planning!
S02 E75
How To Baby Proof Your House!
S02 E76
Lilia's 51st Week of Life!
S02 E77
How To Make Your Own Invitations (Part 1)
S02 E78
How To Make Your Own Invitations (Part 2)
S02 E79
Being a Teen Mom
S02 E80
Lilia's 52nd Week of Life!
S02 E81
Happy 1st Birthday Lilia!!!
S02 E82
Preparing for Lilia's Party
S02 E83
Lilia's 1st Birthday Party!
S02 E84
Another Day in the Life of a Teen Mom
S02 E85
Updated Nursery Tour!
S02 E86
1 Year Baby Update & Postpartum Belly!!
S02 E87
Celebrating 200 videos - The Good, Bad, & Ugly
S02 E88
Weaning Your Baby From the Boob
S02 E89
Boobs After Pregnancy
S02 E90
Lilia at 12 1/2 months old!
S02 E91
Baby talk!
S02 E92
Lilia at 13 months old!
S02 E93
Getting Ready!
S02 E94
Fun at the Beach!
S02 E95
Mommy Make Up Tutorial
S02 E96
Best Friends with a Teen Mom
S02 E97
S02 E98
15 Things Nobody Tells You About Pregnancy!
S02 E99
Showing Lilia Her New Home!
S02 E100
S02 E101
Tell My Parents I'm Pregnant
S02 E102
4 Weeks Pregnant!
S02 E103
13 Month Old's Speech Development
S02 E104
5 Weeks Pregnant (Part 1)
S02 E105
5 Weeks Pregnant & Belly! (Part 2)
S02 E106
Lilia at 13 1/2 Months Old!
S02 E107
6 Weeks Pregnant & Cloth Diapers!
S02 E108
Teen Moms: Age Is Just a Number
S02 E109
7 Weeks Pregnant!
S02 E110
S02 E111
SURPRISEelling my family we're having TWINS
S02 E112
S02 E113
Q & A (Part 1)
S02 E114
Q & A (Part 2)
S02 E115
Q & A (Part 3)
S02 E116
Q & A (Part 4)
S02 E117
Q & A (Part 5)
S02 E118
Q & A (Part 6)
S02 E119
Q & A (Part 7)
S02 E120
Q & A (Part 8)
S02 E121
Q & A (Part 9 & Last One!)
S02 E122
8 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!
S02 E123
Morning Fun
S02 E124
9 Weeks Pregnant With Twins!
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