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BYU Provo Speeches

BYU Provo Speeches

2018 - Now  •  11:00 AM on BYU Television  •   46 hours
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Documentary, Special Interest
To provide students with opportunities for both spiritual and intellectual insight, BYU has hosted weekly devotional and forum assemblies since the school's early days. Devotionals are most common and address religious topics, often with academic perspective or insight.
  Previously Aired Episode
Janice Kapp Perry - Filling the World with Music of Faith Aired on 04/23/2020
Janice Kapp Perry - Filling the World with Music of Faith
Season 2020: Episode 12
Season 2018 2019 2020
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Kevin J. Worthen - The Plan of Salvation: The Gospel Paradigm
S2018 E02
Peggy S. Worthen - Lessons from Roses: Trust Yourself and Trust God
S2018 E03
LeGrand R. Curtis Jr. - Humbly Combining Heart and Mind
S2018 E04
Sharon Eubank - Turning Enemies into Friends
S2018 E05
Benjamin M. Ogles - Agency, Accountability, and the Atonement of Jesus Ch...
S2018 E06
DJ Patil - What Makes a Radical and Revolutionary Technology?
S2018 E07
S. Gifford Nielsen - Rise and Shout and Shine Forth!
S2018 E08
Julie Crockett - Discovering Your Divine Individuality
S2018 E09
Ronald A. Rasband - Integrity of Heart
S2018 E10
Kim B. Clark - Embrace the Plan
S2018 E11
Michael J. Dorff - Seeing Things Differently
S2018 E12
Neil L. Andersen - A Holier Approach to Ministering
S2018 E13
Kevin J Worthen - “College Song”
S2018 E14
Jared T. Blanchard - The Importance of Being Present
S2018 E15
Jonathan O. Hafen - Connected for Good
S2018 E16
Michael O. Leavitt - The Economics of Goodness
S2018 E17
Jeffrey R. Holland - Banishing All Shadows
S2018 E18
Robert T. Barrett - Illuminated Stories
S2018 E19
Brianna M. Magnusson - Revealing Questions
S2018 E20
Randal W. Beard - Self-Flying Vehicles
S2018 E21
Michael Orme - Recognizing and Understanding the Spirit at BYU
S2018 E22
Beth Luthy - The Faith to Do His Will
S2018 E23
Steven L. Shumway - Keeping the Spiritual Lifeblood Flowing
S2018 E24
Denise Stephens - Finding Your Place in the Universe
S2018 E25
Jeffrey S. McClellan - “Thy Troubles to Bless”
S2018 E26
Benjamin Bikman - The Plagues of Prosperity
S2018 E27
Lori L. Wadsworth - Seeing the Divinity in Others
S2018 E28
Eric D. Huntsman - Hard Sayings and Safe Spaces: Making Room for Struggle...
S2018 E29
Kevin J Worthen - Enter to Learn; Go Forth to Serve
S2018 E30
Brent H. Nielson - Where Your Heart Is
S2018 E31
Ashton R. Omdahl - Embracing the Truth
S2018 E32
Jonathan O. Hafen - If You Want to Go Far, Go Together
S2018 E33
Joy D. Jones - “Look unto Him in Every Thought”
S2018 E34
Kevin J Worthen - Receiving Revelation
S2018 E35
Peggy S. Worthen - That We Might Have Joy
S2018 E36
Carolina Núñez - Loving Our Neighbors
S2018 E37
J. Scott Miller - Humble Uncertainty
S2018 E38
Gerrit W. Gong - “We Seek After These Things”
S2018 E39
Stephen W. Owen - Strength and Safety Through Gathering
S2018 E40
José A. Teixeira - How to Have Joy and Fulfillment
S2018 E41
Shayne M. Bowen - “I Can Sleep When the Wind Blows”
S2018 E42
David A. Bednar - “That They Might Have Joy”
S2018 E43
Michelle D. Craig - “This Is My Day of Opportunity”
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Peggy S. Worthen - Spiritual Gifts
S2019 E02
Kevin J. Worthen - Knowing Who You Are
S2019 E03
Dieter F. Uchtdorf - Can You Hear the Music?
S2019 E04
Lawrence E. Corbridge - Stand Forever
S2019 E05
Ulisses Soares - “Always Remember Him”
S2019 E06
Carrie Roberts - If You Don't Like It, Change It
S2019 E07
Carlos A. Godoy - Enter to Learn; Go Forth to Fight!
S2019 E08
Randall K. Bennett - Prophetic Invitations and Promised Blessings
S2019 E09
Jason S. Carroll - “As I Have Loved You”: Agency-Based Love in Dating...
S2019 E10
M. Joseph Brough - The Modern Mighty Women of Israel
S2019 E11
David W. Kastner - “The Ultimate Triumph of Truth”
S2019 E12
Arthur C. Brooks - More Love, Less Contempt
S2019 E13
Patrick Kearon - A More Wonderful World
S2019 E14
Kevin J. Worthen - The Y on the Mountain
S2019 E15
Jonathan O. Hafen - “Sticks in a Bundle Are Unbreakable”
S2019 E16
J.B. Haws - Wrestling with Comparisons
S2019 E17
Julianne H. Grose - Finding Your Purpose
S2019 E18
Phillip D. Rash - Looking to the Margins: Creating Belonging
S2019 E19
Ellie L. Young - The Transformative Power of Covenants
S2019 E20
Michalyn Steele - Choose to Trust the Lord
S2019 E21
Christopher E. Crowe - "The Undiscover'd Country": Navigating Toward the ...
S2019 E22
Amy Tanner - The Gift of Uncertainty
S2019 E23
J. Spencer Fluhman - The University and the Kingdom of God
S2019 E24
Pam Musil - The Path to Transformative Change
S2019 E25
Gary E. Stevenson - The Ongoing Restoration
S2019 E26
Dale G. Renlund - Creating and Conveying a Christlike Culture: More Than ...
S2019 E27
Kevin J. Worthen - The Real Value of a BYU Education
S2019 E28
Peggy S. Worthen - Your Show Must Go On
S2019 E29
Kevin J. Worthen - Gathering: Education in a Compact Society
S2019 E30
Russell M. Nelson - The Love and Laws of God
S2019 E31
Michael A. Dunn - Why Mountains?
S2019 E32
Brigitte C. Madrian - Harry Potter and the Five Gospel Truths
S2019 E33
David Brooks - Finding the Road to Character
S2019 E34
Mark L. Pace - Faith Still Precedes the Miracle
S2019 E35
W. Christopher Waddell - Are You Ready?
S2019 E36
Ruth L. Renlund - The Power to Change
S2019 E37
Dale G. Renlund - Experience God's Love
S2019 E38
Jean B. Bingham - How to Be Happy Now—and Forever
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Peggy S. Worthen - Learning from the Best Stories
S2020 E02
Kevin J. Worthen - Enduring Joy
S2020 E03
Michael T. Ringwood - Everything We Need
S2020 E04
Ronald A. Rasband - Free to Choose
S2020 E05
Alan Stern - 26 Years to Pluto
S2020 E06
Bonnie H. Cordon - Ask of God: Our Solace, Guide, and Stay
S2020 E07
Terence M. Vinson - Meekly Placing Our Total Trust in God
S2020 E08
Marcus Roberts - Democracy Through Jazz
S2020 E09
M. Russell Ballard - Children of Heavenly Father
S2020 E10
Steven M. Sandberg - The Light of Forgiving
S2020 E11
Jack N. Gerard - "Could We Have Supposed?"
S2020 E12
Janice Kapp Perry - Filling the World with Music of Faith
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