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Beyond Creepy

Beyond Creepy

2014 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube  •  1 season  •  300 episodes
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Beyond Creepy is a channel that covers the strangest, kookiest paranormal stories one is likely to hear; from talking raccoons to cartoon characters that come to life, Bigfoot, extra-terrestrials, time slips, glitches, NDEs and stuff you've probably never heard of – this channel has it all. All stories ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
ET Takes The Wheel: The Ririe Highway Incidents Aired on 08/17/2022
ET Takes The Wheel: The Ririe Highway Incidents
Season 1: Episode 300
Season 1
S01 E01
The Crandell Campground Bigfoot Incident
S01 E02
The Demon Girl of Trillium Lake
S01 E03
Collectors from Beyond the Stars
S01 E04
True But Strange Episode 1
S01 E05
True But Strange: Real Stories of the Unexplained Episode 2
S01 E06
The Gray and Stephens Abduction
S01 E07
The Joe Borda Tobacco Farm Case
S01 E08
The Buff Ledge Abductions
S01 E09
The Suceava Wolf Man
S01 E10
The 1966 Bavarian UFO Incident
S01 E11
The Fiskerton Phantom
S01 E12
The Fort Smith Sightings
S01 E13
The Strange Disappearance of Carl Robert Disch
S01 E14
The Bigfoot of Messenger Flats
S01 E15
True But Strange Ep4
S01 E16
High Strangeness on Black Fork Mountain
S01 E17
Phantom Cops
S01 E18
The Felixstowe Fire Demon
S01 E19
True But Strange 5
S01 E20
The Flintville Monsters
S01 E21
A Time Slip Story
S01 E22
The Ottawa Angel Incident
S01 E23
True But Strange 6 - Strange Encounters
S01 E24
Irish Bigfoot And Other Oddities
S01 E25
The Nightgown
S01 E26
Encounters With Aliens
S01 E27
The Boiling Oil Beings
S01 E28
Conjuring Something Sinister
S01 E29
The Sisters & Alien On The Plane
S01 E30
Predators And Hollow Men
S01 E31
Elliot Lake Encounters
S01 E32
The Norway Fjord Incident
S01 E33
Random Weirdness
S01 E34
Werewolf In The Window
S01 E35
Growing Cats And Paper Men: The Hines Abduction
S01 E36
Strange Things
S01 E37
Distorted Realities
S01 E38
The Alexo Bigfoot Encounters
S01 E39
Insectoid Encounters
S01 E40
Strange Things 2
S01 E41
Unknown Entities
S01 E42
The One-Eyed Bigfoot Of Tangipahoa Parish
S01 E43
Dogmen of the UFO
S01 E44
Strange Things 3: UFO Attack, Missing Time and Rock Men
S01 E45
Strange UFO Encounters
S01 E46
The Phoenix Lights Abduction
S01 E47
Weird Monsters - Black Eyed Woman and more
S01 E48
Strange People
S01 E49
Strange Vibes: Cryptid Encounters
S01 E50
Bigfoot and UFOs
S01 E51
The Alliance Incident
S01 E52
The Mannequin People
S01 E53
More Bigfoot Stories
S01 E54
The Weird Ones
S01 E55
More Alien Encounters
S01 E56
My NDE Experience... And Saying Goodbye to A Friend
S01 E57
The Fire Phantoms
S01 E58
Strange Things: Mermen, Green Ladies and more
S01 E59
Police and The Paranormal
S01 E60
Underwater Abominable Snowman & The Edwards Incident
S01 E61
The Ghost Car of Highway 58
S01 E62
Demon Room & Demon Cellphone
S01 E63
The Corn Mask Wearing Ghost of Big Sur
S01 E64
The Strange Case of Sam Rogers and the Bees
S01 E65
More Weird Monsters - Snow Monsters, Fire Entities
S01 E66
The Bonfire Night Entity
S01 E67
The Muck Monster & Bigfoot And The Dog
S01 E68
Creepyween: Freaky Encounters
S01 E69
Strange Things - Tooth Fairy. Easter Bunny and more
S01 E70
An Encounter In Alberta
S01 E71
More Weird Stories
S01 E72
Strange Things On Mount Scott
S01 E73
The Madera Man and More Weird Encounters
S01 E74
Bigfoot and His Pets & Knocks In Space
S01 E75
The Ghost of Spider-Man & An Incident In Algonquin Park
S01 E76
Even More Weird Bigfoot Stories
S01 E77
Weird Monsters 3 - Panther Men, Dingo Man, Hyena Man and Deros
S01 E78
Black Eyed Men, Aliens, MIBs and Massive UFOs
S01 E79
Strange Encounters: Miley Cyrus
S01 E80
Creepy Christmas
S01 E81
Terrace Bay Boogeyman & Strange Death In Brighton
S01 E82
He Turned Into A Tree... And Other Weird True Stories
S01 E83
Weird Monsters 4: Eagle Man, Balloon Man, Black Eyed Alien, Bigfoot Famil...
S01 E84
Strange Creepy UFO Encounters
S01 E85
Transformers & Mississippi Bigfoot Shooting
S01 E86
The Black Cube & The Cape Spear UFO Incident
S01 E87
Strange Men In Black Encounters
S01 E88
Is It Damaged?: An Encounter In Ontario
S01 E89
Vanishing Insectoid, Dog Headed Thing, Camel Man and More
S01 E90
Arrival Apparitions
S01 E91
S01 E92
S01 E93
Louisiana Fort Polk Incident
S01 E94
Orangeville Squatters and Other Weird Stories
S01 E95
Crashing Oz
S01 E96
Into The Woods: A Rabbit Story
S01 E97
Not Human: An Encounter In The Outback
S01 E98
No, It Wasn't Me & Sad-Faced Sasquatch
S01 E99
Yowie vs The Military
S01 E100
Look-alike Men
S01 E101
The Skunk Man And Other Creepy Tales
S01 E102
Encounters: Winter Haven Encounter & Jeepers Creepers
S01 E103
A Ghost Story - Ryan Dunn
S01 E104
Klamath River Monster & The Walking Dead
S01 E105
Parallel World Bigfoot & Golf Course Shadow People
S01 E106
It Ate My Dog! and Other Strange UFO Stories
S01 E107
Richmond Encounters
S01 E108
The Horse Ride & Werewolf Encounter In Brighton Ontario
S01 E109
Coyote Man Encounter
S01 E110
The Green Hill Monster
S01 E111
The Patient
S01 E112
Incident At Johns Island & Encounter at Century III Mall
S01 E113
Phone Call From The Other Side & The Helicopter
S01 E114
Incredibly Strange
S01 E115
Giant Crab, Sheep-Man, MIBs and Other Viewer Submitted Stories
S01 E116
S01 E117
Woods Man
S01 E118
Monsters That Fly - Bird Man, Crow Man, Giant Bat and Stingray Man
S01 E119
The Beast of Barrhaven
S01 E120
It Wasn't A Helicopter: Mosquitoes and Grasshopper Men
S01 E121
The Strange Kids & The Abandoned House
S01 E122
Encounter On Mount Lassen
S01 E123
A Grinning Man Encounter
S01 E124
Another Place
S01 E125
The Gaffney Incident: The Night Police Talked to an Alien
S01 E126
Another You
S01 E127
Strange Creatures: Mud Monster, Emu People, Crab Man, Frog Man, Big Bee
S01 E128
Strange UFO Stories
S01 E129
The Do-Over Day
S01 E130
'The Halloween Episode'
S01 E131
Cosmos 408 and the Toy Plant MIBS
S01 E132
The Dog
S01 E133
Tape 138
S01 E134
Tracks In The Snow
S01 E135
The Beep & Gollum
S01 E136
The Night The Aliens Checked In
S01 E137
Entities of Chile & Cache Creek Dead Bigfoot
S01 E138
S01 E139
The Family
S01 E140
Creature Encounters
S01 E141
S01 E142
The Toboggan Ghost
S01 E143
Strange Things 4
S01 E144
The Hunter and the Black Eyed Girl
S01 E145
Mirrored Men and More
S01 E146
The Zephyrhills Gargoyles
S01 E147
Attachments, Cemetery Men & Missing Time: Alien Experiences
S01 E148
Seamless Grey: Time Slip in the Atlantic
S01 E149
The Deep End
S01 E150
Kooky Cryptids
S01 E151
Lost Time, A Predator Man and A Guy Who Shot A UFO
S01 E152
Strange Moon
S01 E153
Taller - The Strange Case of Sharon Stull
S01 E154
S01 E155
More Random Strangeness
S01 E156
The Port Charlotte UFO Incident
S01 E157
Three UFO and Bigfoot Encounters
S01 E158
The Clean-Up Crew
S01 E159
Cow Riding Aliens and Yellow Eyed Things
S01 E160
The Returned
S01 E161
'I Was Invisible' and More Strange Stories
S01 E162
More Flying Monsters
S01 E163
The Hillsborough Incident & Shape-Shifting MIBs, The Yilmaz Case
S01 E164
The Black Sphere
S01 E165
More Strange Creatures
S01 E166
S01 E167
Busted Bigfoot, Trouser MIB and A Big Bird Thing
S01 E168
Even More Strange Entities
S01 E169
Strange Waco
S01 E170
Ratman of Southend and The Oregon Turtleman
S01 E171
Strange People 2
S01 E172
This Year's Halloween Episode
S01 E173
An Encounter on Denny Street
S01 E174
The Sesame Street Entity
S01 E175
Road Trip Into The Beyond
S01 E176
Night of the Cat Man, The Ray Jones Encounter
S01 E177
The Cave Dweller
S01 E178
Boy Vanished
S01 E179
Saved By A Sasquatch
S01 E180
The Riverside Monster
S01 E181
User Submitted Stories
S01 E182
The Spider Abduction
S01 E183
Not sure
S01 E184
The Estelar Encounter
S01 E185
The Green Eyed Girl and Other Strange Stories
S01 E186
Bigfoot Break And Enter
S01 E187
Three Weird UFO Stories
S01 E188
The Tuxedo Man
S01 E189
The Tetbury Incident
S01 E190
Quick Cuts, A Collection of Odd Accounts
S01 E191
Do Not Let The Light Touch You - The Stevensville Encounter
S01 E192
Two Strange Entity Encounters
S01 E193
More Winged Monsters
S01 E194
S01 E195
LaFleche Cemetery Entity | The Wickenburg Triangle
S01 E196
The Black Stickman Phenomenon
S01 E197
Deerman Speaks and Other Strange Entities
S01 E198
Strange Cop and the Mind Speakers
S01 E199
The Animal Takers
S01 E200
Strange Animal Encounters
S01 E201
The Hoddesdon Entity
S01 E202
Strange Bancroft
S01 E203
Odd UFO Encounters
S01 E204
Strange Humanoids: Fox Man, Wasp Man, Penguin Man
S01 E205
Fishing Into Weirdness
S01 E206
The Night Santa Claus Met Bigfoot
S01 E207
Parallel Worlds
S01 E208
Odd Entities
S01 E209
Amazing World of Weird
S01 E210
A Few More Strange Entities
S01 E211
The Biloxi Littlefoot Incident | Strange Skelton
S01 E212
The Eau Claire Encounter | The Greenwater Talking Bear Incident
S01 E213
The Shape-Shifting UFO Of Tyler | The Phantom Skaters Of Wollman Rink
S01 E214
Phantom Skaters, Well Monsters, Wereboys and more... The Halloween Episod...
S01 E215
Vampires in Seattle
S01 E216
Me Talking About Nothing - NOT PARANORMAL!!
S01 E217
Dogs: Strange Journey of Joker, the Dog | The Ernest Mann Incident
S01 E218
The Stonehenge Police UFO Incident | The Squirrel Man
S01 E219
The Pauline Oulette UFO Sighting | Strange Encounter In Carson City
S01 E220
Something on the Plane
S01 E221
Among Us
S01 E222
Shoe Store Ghost | Campbell UFO Incident
S01 E223
Condobolin UFO Incident | The Bradleys
S01 E224
More Weirdness From Above and Beyond
S01 E225
Cat-Octopus, UFOs and More Weirdness
S01 E226
Reapers and Dragons
S01 E227
Strange Accounts From People Lost In The Woods
S01 E228
Time Slips, Creatures and More: Viewer Submitted Accounts
S01 E229
Creatures By The Chicken Coop, The Tree Thing and More
S01 E230
Woodland Creepers
S01 E231
Odd MIB Accounts
S01 E232
Strange Creature in Bonneville, Tentacled UFOs and More
S01 E233
The NM Jet/UFO Incident | The Argentina Skyvan Incident
S01 E234
Thing in the Knoll, Kangaroo Man and More
S01 E235
‘It Was Uncanny’ The Durham Parking Space Incident and more
S01 E236
Frozen In Time, Haunted House UFO and More
S01 E237
The Escape | Incident In East Anglia
S01 E238
Ghost Stories
S01 E239
The Manotick Exploding Man and More
S01 E240
The Greeley Vapor Man and more
S01 E241
The Fly Man and More
S01 E242
An Encounter Underwater and More
S01 E243
An Opening In The Sky and More
S01 E244
Rectangle People, Leprechauns and More
S01 E245
Halloween Stories
S01 E246
The Taylor Creatures and More
S01 E247
The Pfafftown Monster and More
S01 E248
New Year's Strangeness and More
S01 E249
Gifts and Gargoyles
S01 E250
Brought Back: The Marina Yritsyan Encounter
S01 E251
My Strange Winter Story and More
S01 E252
The Gordon Barrows Encounter and More
S01 E253
The Shemya Island UFO Incident, A Creature in Thompson and More
S01 E254
Tom Dawson and the Pointy Eared Creatures
S01 E255
They Sounded Like Turkeys, An Encounter in Texas and more
S01 E256
Odd Planes and Other Weirdness
S01 E257
More Weird Monsters: Dragonfly-Man, Grizzly Bear Man and More
S01 E258
The Saarijarvi Glowing Hands Incident
S01 E259
The Leicester Hydro-Geist
S01 E260
Strange Encounters with Fiery Humanoids
S01 E261
UFO Roadblock: The Sanchez Encounters
S01 E262
Mystery on the Mohawk River: The Strange Case of Jennifer Stevens
S01 E263
The Returned Man | The Rhinebeck Incident
S01 E264
Odd and Obscure UFO Cases
S01 E265
Home Intrusion: When Bigfoot Comes Inside
S01 E266
Dogs Versus The Paranormal
S01 E267
I Don't Know Where I Am: The Strange Case of Jim Motley
S01 E268
Entity in the Road
S01 E269
Weird and Bizarre Cases
S01 E270
S01 E271
The Vodovoz Encounter | Flight 132: The UFO Signal Incident
S01 E272
Missing Time In Emporia | UFO In The Valley
S01 E273
An Airship Encounter | A Trip to the Barn
S01 E274
Strange Vidor: Werewolves, UFOs and More
S01 E275
The Vampire Woman | The Monster of the Mine
S01 E276
Somewhere Else, Strange Cases of People Who Teleported
S01 E277
Day at the Beach, Night of the Horse
S01 E278
BURN: The Alma Hughes UFO Encounter
S01 E279
“Replaced, The Strange Tale of Galina Markovna (and more)
S01 E280
A Christmas Eve Visitor
S01 E281
An Encounter with the Sky People and more
S01 E282
Strange Encounters with Walking Skeletons
S01 E283
You're Not Supposed to be Here, Strange Incident At the Reservoir and mor...
S01 E284
Strange Dream on Tagish Lake and more
S01 E285
When You Get Out, Run! The Siedlecki Encounter
S01 E286
Possum People and Parking Lot Creeps
S01 E287
Stranger Monsters
S01 E288
The Trickster and More
S01 E289
The Riegelsville Encounter
S01 E290
I Ran Away Screaming, The Sawtrom UFO Incident
S01 E291
Backyard Visitor: The Villa Carolina Goblin Incident
S01 E292
Either Go Forward or Backward, The Pucheta Encounter
S01 E293
A City of Glass, The Cottrell Encounter
S01 E294
The Diaz Flying Entity Case and more
S01 E295
Sinister Night Visitors
S01 E296
More Monsters and Weirdness
S01 E297
Strange Encounter In The Dury Forest
S01 E298
Saved From Death... By Death and More
S01 E299
A World Like Ours: The Strange Case of Peter Williamson
S01 E300
ET Takes The Wheel: The Ririe Highway Incidents
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