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Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow

1987 - Now  •  Wednesday 03:00 PM on BBC One  •   19 days
2 votes
676 votes
# 6681
Documentary, Special Interest
Antiques Roadshow is the original BBC show in which antique appraisers travel to various regions of the United Kingdom (and occasionally abroad) to appraise antiques brought in by local people. It has been running since 1979 and inspired similar programmes in other countries such as the United States ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Best of the Summer Part 3 Aired on 10/18/2020
The Best of the Summer Part 3
Season 42: Episode 23
Season 1 2 9 18 19 20 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42
Season 1
S01 E01
Season 2
S02 E02
Llandrindod Wells
S02 E03
Episode 3
Season 9
S09 E11
Season 18
S18 E01
Ely Cathedral
S18 E07
S18 E12
Season 19
S19 E07
Penzance and the Scilly Isles
S19 E08
Michelham Priory
S19 E09
The Next Generation
S19 E10
Christ's Hospital School: Horsham
S19 E12
Lyme Regis
S19 E16
S19 E18
S19 E19
Chatsworth House Special
S19 E20
S19 E22
S19 E23
S19 E24
Scone Palace Special
S19 E25
Lanhydrock House
Season 20
S20 E01
Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth
S20 E02
S20 E03
S20 E04
S20 E05
S20 E06
S20 E07
Blickling Hall
S20 E08
The Next Generation, Cardiff
S20 E09
S20 E10
S20 E11
West Dean College
S20 E12
West Dean College Episode 2
S20 E13
S20 E14
Fort William
S20 E15
Newport, Isle Of Wight
S20 E16
S20 E19
S20 E23
Harewood House Special
S20 E25
S20 E26
Season 23
S23 E01
Victoria and Albert Museum
S23 E02
S23 E03
S23 E04
Glamis Castle 1
S23 E05
Glamis Castle 2
S23 E06
S23 E07
S23 E08
S23 E09
S23 E10
Knebworth House
S23 E11
Knebworth House 2
S23 E12
University of Birmingham
S23 E13
S23 E14
Cliveden 2
S23 E15
S23 E16
S23 E17
Eastnor Castle
S23 E18
Eastnor Castle 2
S23 E19
S23 E20
S23 E22
S23 E23
S23 E24
V&A Museum
S23 E25
Forde Abbey
S23 E26
Forde Abbey 2
Season 24
S24 E01
Season 25
S25 E24
Dunrobin Castle
Season 26
S26 E01
Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire
S26 E02
Bala, Snowdonia, Wales
S26 E03
Burton Upon Trent
S26 E04
Carnbrea Leisure Centre, Redruth
S26 E05
National Maritime Museum, Falmouth
S26 E06
Dumfries Ice Bowl, Dumfries
S26 E07
Cressing Temple Barns, Cressing Temple, Essex
S26 E08
Chichester Cathedral, Chichester
S26 E09
Kendal Castle, Kendal
S26 E10
Dyrham Park, Dyrham, Gloucestershire
S26 E11
Dyrham Park (Compilation)
S26 E12
Boston, Lincolnshire
S26 E13
S26 E14
S26 E15
Mount Stewart (part 1)
S26 E16
Mount Stewart (part 2)
S26 E17
The Next Generation
S26 E18
Woburn Abbey
S26 E19
Woburn Special
S26 E20
S26 E21
S26 E22
Royal Hospital Halsar
S26 E23
S26 E24
London to Brighton
S26 E25
RHS Wilsey
S26 E26
Season 27
S27 E01
S27 E02
S27 E03
S27 E04
Witley Court
S27 E05
S27 E06
National Archives Special
S27 E07
Hampton Court (Part 1)
S27 E08
Hampton Court (Part 2)
S27 E09
S27 E10
Dyrham Park
S27 E11
S27 E12
Wilton House
S27 E13
S27 E14
Cardiff Castle Special
S27 E15
Kings College
S27 E16
Kings College Special
S27 E17
The Next Generation, Thinktank, Birmingham
S27 E18
S27 E19
S27 E20
S27 E21
HMS Victory Special
S27 E22
S27 E23
S27 E24
S27 E25
Dartington Hall
S27 E26
Season 28
S28 E01
S28 E02
S28 E03
S28 E04
Normanby Hall
S28 E05
S28 E07
S28 E08
S28 E09
S28 E10
Rochdale Town Hall
S28 E11
The Royal Hospital Chelsea
S28 E12
S28 E13
S28 E14
S28 E15
Coughton Court 1
S28 E16
Coughton Court 2
S28 E18
S28 E20
S28 E21
S28 E23
Montacute House 1
S28 E24
Montacute House 2
S28 E25
Season 29
S29 E01
Gloucester Cathedral 1
S29 E16
Australia Compilation
Season 30
S30 E01
Hereford Town Hall
S30 E02
Alnwick Castle
S30 E03
Arundel Castle in Norfolk - Part 2
S30 E04
Middleport Pottery
S30 E05
S30 E06
Coventry Cathedral
S30 E07
Banqueting House - Part 1
S30 E08
Banqueting House - Part 2
S30 E09
Banqueting House - Part 3
S30 E10
Highcliffe Castle in Dorset
S30 E11
Highcliffe Castle
S30 E12
East Kirkby - Part 1
S30 E13
East Kirkby - Part 2
S30 E14
Exmouth on the Devon coast
S30 E15
Powis Castle in Wales
S30 E16
Rochester Castle
S30 E17
Rochester Cathedral
S30 E18
De La Warr Pavilion at Bexhill-on-Sea
S30 E19
Castle of Mey
S30 E20
St. George's Hall in Liverpool - Part 1
S30 E21
St. George's Hall in Liverpool - Part 2
S30 E22
Kentwell Hall in Suffolk
S30 E23
De Montfort Hall in Leicester
S30 E24
Coronation Hall in Ulverston
S30 E25
De La Warr pavilion at Bexhill-on-Sea
S30 E26
Sheffield City Hall
S30 E27
Farewell to Michael Aspel
Season 31
S31 E01
Bolton Abbey
S31 E02
S31 E03
Chester (1)
S31 E04
Chester (2)
S31 E05
Compilation - Ascot and Althorp
S31 E06
S31 E07
Southwell (1)
S31 E08
Southwell (2)
S31 E09
Leeds Castle (1)
S31 E10
Leeds Castle (2)
S31 E11
S31 E12
Bodnant Garden
S31 E13
Compilation - Lanhydrock and Bodnant
S31 E14
S31 E15
Dumfries House
S31 E16
S31 E17
Belfast (1)
S31 E18
Belfast (2)
S31 E19
Wells (1)
S31 E20
Wells (2)
S31 E21
S31 E22
Dulwich (1)
S31 E23
Dulwich (2)
S31 E24
Bridlington (1)
S31 E25
Bridlington (2)
S31 E26
Season 32
S32 E01
S32 E02
Blackpool (1)
S32 E03
Blackpool (2)
S32 E04
Oxford (2)
S32 E05
Morwellham Quay
S32 E06
Lincoln (1)
S32 E07
Lincoln (2)
S32 E08
Bowes Museum
S32 E09
Bletchley (1)
S32 E10
Bletchley (2)
S32 E11
Burghley House
S32 E12
S32 E13
S32 E14
Brooklands (1)
S32 E15
Brooklands (2)
S32 E16
S32 E17
Bath (1)
S32 E18
Bath (2)
S32 E19
S32 E20
Leeds (1)
S32 E21
Leeds (2)
S32 E22
Somerleyton (1)
S32 E23
Hopetoun House (1)
S32 E24
Stanway (1)
S32 E25
Stanway (2)
S32 E26
Compilation - Abbotsford and Burghley
S32 E27
S32 E28
Greenwich (1)
S32 E29
Greenwich (2)
S32 E30
Season 33
S33 E01
Beverley Minster (1)
S33 E02
Beverley Minster (2)
S33 E03
Somerleyton (2)
S33 E04
S33 E05
Brighton College (1)
S33 E06
Brighton College (2)
S33 E07
Hopetoun House (2)
S33 E08
British Museum
S33 E09
Tatton Park (1)
S33 E10
Tatton Park (2)
S33 E11
Hatfield House
S33 E12
Chatsworth (1)
S33 E13
Chatsworth (2)
S33 E14
Blair Castle (1)
S33 E15
Hampton Court Castle (1)
S33 E16
Britannia Royal Naval College (1)
S33 E17
Britannia Royal Naval College (2)
S33 E18
Victoria Hall, Saltaire (1)
S33 E19
Victoria Hall, Saltaire (2)
S33 E20
St Fagans National History Museum
S33 E21
The British Museum (2)
S33 E22
Museum of the Great Western Railway Part 2
S33 E23
Hatfield House (2)
S33 E24
Winchester Cathedral (1)
S33 E25
Winchester Cathedral (2)
S33 E26
S33 E27
Hampton Court Castle 2
S33 E28
Season 34
S34 E01
Manchester Town Hall 1
S34 E02
Charlecote Park 1
S34 E03
Lulworth Castle 1
S34 E04
Blair Castle 2
S34 E05
Hever Castle
S34 E06
Hever Castle (2)
S34 E07
Birmingham University
S34 E08
S34 E09
Remembrance Special
S34 E10
Seaton Delaval (1)
S34 E11
Castle Coole
S34 E12
Layer Marney Tower 1
S34 E13
Layer Marney Tower 2
S34 E14
Christmas Special, 2011 Retrospective
S34 E15
Hartland Abbey (1)
S34 E16
Hartland Abbey (2)
S34 E17
St Andrews University (1)
S34 E18
Lulworth Castle (2)
S34 E19
Weald and Downland (1)
S34 E20
Yorkshire Museum (1)
S34 E21
Yorkshire Museum (2)
S34 E22
Wimbledon 1
S34 E23
Wimbledon 2
S34 E24
Manchester Town Hall (2)
S34 E25
Shakespeare Special
S34 E26
Seaton Delval (2)
S34 E27
Weald and Downland (2)
Season 35
S35 E01
RAF Marham 1
S35 E02
Port Sunlight 1
S35 E03
Port Sunlight 2
S35 E04
St Andrews University
S35 E05
Scarborough Grand Spa Hall 1
S35 E06
Farnborough 1
S35 E07
Falmouth National Maritime Museum 1
S35 E08
Falmouth National Maritime Museum 2
S35 E09
Aberystwyth University 2
S35 E10
Wightwick Manor 1
S35 E11
Christmas Special
S35 E12
Fountains Abbey 1
S35 E13
Stowe House 1
S35 E14
Cawdor Castle
S35 E15
Chatham Historic Dockyard 1
S35 E16
Chatham Historic Dockyard 2
S35 E17
Newstead Abbey 1
S35 E18
Cheltenham Town Hall 1
S35 E19
Cheltenham Town Hall 2
S35 E20
Castle Coole 2
S35 E21
Farnborough 2
S35 E22
Chepstow Racecourse 1
S35 E23
Stowe House 2
S35 E24
Scarborough Grand Spa Hall 1
S35 E25
RAF Marham 2
Season 36
S36 E01
Polesden Lacey
S36 E02
Wightwick Manor 2
S36 E03
Eastbourne Bandstand 1
S36 E04
Eastbourne Bandstand 2
S36 E05
Fountains Abbey 2
S36 E06
Southsea - Royal Marines Museum 1
S36 E07
Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester 1
S36 E08
Newstead Abbey 2
S36 E09
Towneley Hall 1
S36 E10
The Scottish Gallery of Modern Art 1
S36 E11
S36 E12
The Royal Ballet School, Richmond 1
S36 E13
Sainsbury Centre Norwich 1
S36 E14
Exeter Cathedral 1
S36 E15
Scone Palace 1
S36 E16
World War One Special
S36 E17
Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester 2
S36 E18
Polesden Lacey 2
S36 E19
S36 E20
Southsea - Royal Marines Museum 2
S36 E21
Exeter Cathedral 2
S36 E22
The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art 2
S36 E23
The Royal Ballet School, Richmond 2
S36 E24
Sainsbury Centre, Norwich 2
S36 E25
Wentworth Woodhouse 1
S36 E26
Wentworth Woodhouse 2
Season 37
S37 E01
Hillsborough Castle
S37 E02
Kirby Hall
S37 E03
Kirby Hall 2
S37 E04
Scone Palace 2
S37 E05
Derby Roundhouse
S37 E06
Chenies Manor (1)
S37 E07
Chenies Manor (2)
S37 E08
World War One Special
S37 E09
Tredegar House
S37 E10
Towneley Hall, Burnley
S37 E11
Walthamstow Town Hall
S37 E12
Christmas Special
S37 E13
Durham Cathedral 1
S37 E14
Walthamstow Town Hall 2
S37 E15
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral 1
S37 E16
Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral 2
S37 E17
Belton House 1
S37 E18
Belton House 2
S37 E19
Lowther Castle 1
S37 E20
Lowther Castle 2
S37 E21
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum 1
S37 E22
Barrington Court 1
S37 E23
Barrington Court 2
S37 E24
Ashton Court 1
S37 E25
The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art 3
S37 E26
Tredegar House 2
S37 E27
Ashton Court/Hillsborough 2
Season 38
S38 E01
Plas Newydd 1
S38 E02
Balmoral Royal Special
S38 E03
RAF Coningsby 1
S38 E04
Broughton Castle 1
S38 E05
Durham Cathedral 2
S38 E06
The Royal William Yard 1
S38 E07
The Royal William Yard 2
S38 E08
Bolsover Castle 1
S38 E09
Bolsover Castle 2
S38 E10
RAF Coningsby 2
S38 E11
Walmer Castle 1
S38 E12
Walmer Castle 2
S38 E13
Plas Newydd 2
S38 E14
Balmoral 1
S38 E15
Balmoral 2
S38 E16
Christmas Special
S38 E17
Bowood House 1
S38 E18
Bowood House 2
S38 E19
India Special
S38 E20
The Royal Hall Harrogate 1
S38 E21
The Royal Hall Harrogate 2
S38 E22
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum 2
S38 E23
Hanbury Hall 1
S38 E24
Trentham Gardens 1
S38 E25
Lyme Park 2
S38 E26
Trentham Gardens 2
S38 E27
Episode 27
Season 39
S39 E01
Tewkesbury Abbey 1
S39 E02
Audley End 1
S39 E03
Audley End 2
S39 E04
Hanbury Hall 2
S39 E05
Arley Hall 1
S39 E06
Arley Hall 2
S39 E07
Broughton Castle 2
S39 E08
Baddesley Clinton 1
S39 E09
Baddesley Clinton 2
S39 E10
Golden Age of Travel
S39 E11
Highlights of 2016
S39 E12
Tewkesbury Abbey 2
S39 E13
Holocaust Memorial
S39 E14
Burton Constable 2
S39 E15
Burton Constable 1
S39 E16
BBC Caversham Park 1
S39 E17
Pembroke Castle 1
S39 E18
Pembroke Castle 2
S39 E19
Senate House 1
S39 E20
Trelissick 1
S39 E21
Ightham Mote 1
S39 E22
Ightham Mote 2
S39 E23
New Lanark 1
S39 E24
New Lanark 2
S39 E25
Caversham 2
S39 E26
Holker Hall 1
S39 E27
Unscreened Gems
Season 40
S40 E01
Castle Howard 1
S40 E02
Minehead Railway Station
S40 E03
Nymans 1
S40 E04
Nymans 2
S40 E05
Senate House 2
S40 E06
Entertainment Special
S40 E07
Black Country Living Museum
S40 E08
Castle Howard 2
S40 E09
Floors Castle 1
S40 E10
Helmingham Hall 1
S40 E11
Black Country Living Museum 2
S40 E12
Coronation Special
S40 E13
Helmingham Hall 2
S40 E14
Newcastle Civic Centre 1
S40 E15
Osborne House 1
S40 E16
Floors Castle 2
S40 E17
Cardiff Castle 1
S40 E18
Minehead Railway Station 2
S40 E19
Cardiff Castle 2
S40 E20
Stormont Parliament Buildings and Estate 1
S40 E21
Trelissick 2
S40 E22
Helmingham Hall 3
S40 E23
Abbey Pumping Station 1
S40 E24
Stormfront 2
S40 E25
Abbey Pumping Station 2
S40 E26
Newcastle Civic Centre 2
S40 E27
Osborne House 2
Season 41
S41 E01
Pioneering Women
S41 E02
World War I Special
S41 E03
Compilation 1
S41 E04
Eltham Palace 1
S41 E05
Erddig 1
S41 E06
Crathes Castle 2
S41 E07
Cromer Pier
S41 E08
Buckfast Abbey 1
S41 E09
Aerospace 1
S41 E10
Piece Hall 1
S41 E11
Wrest Park 1
S41 E12
MediaCityUK 1
S41 E13
Eltham Palace 2
S41 E14
Crathes Castle 1
S41 E15
Aerospace Bristol 2
S41 E16
Erddig 2
S41 E17
Buckfast Abbey 2
S41 E18
Piece Hall 2
S41 E19
Wrest Park 2
S41 E20
MediaCityUK 2
S41 E21
Cromer Pier 1
S41 E22
Eltham Palace 3
S41 E23
Compilation 2
Season 42
S42 E01
Morden Hall Park 1
S42 E02
Second World War Special
S42 E03
Salisbury Cathedral 1
S42 E04
V&A Dundee 1
S42 E05
Lytham Hall 1
S42 E06
Compton Verney 1
S42 E07
Morden Hall Park 3
S42 E08
Battle Abbey 2
S42 E09
Castle Ward 1
S42 E10
Battle Abbey 1
S42 E11
Salisbury Cathedral 2
S42 E12
V&A Dundee 2
S42 E13
National Botanic Garden of Wales 1
S42 E14
Morden Hall Park 2
S42 E15
Lytham Hall 2
S42 E16
Compton Verney 2
S42 E17
Castle Ward 2
S42 E18
National Botanic Garden of Wales 2
S42 E19
VE Day Special
S42 E20
The Best of the Summer
S42 E21
The Battle of Britain and the Blitz
S42 E22
The Best of the Summer Part 2
S42 E23
The Best of the Summer Part 3
Episode 1
25 Years On
Episode 2
Greatest Finds
Episode 3
Diamond Jubilee Special
Episode 4
Entertainment Special
Episode 5
What Happened Next
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