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2015 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube  •  670 episodes
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Hey everyone! My name is Dave and I make quality videos about useful tech.
  Previously Aired Episode
Cheap Laptops Right Now Aired on 11/24/2022
Cheap Laptops Right Now
Season 2022: Episode 48
Season 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Season 2015
S2015 E01
Secret Hidden Feature iOS 11 - Night Mode!
S2015 E02
Dell Venue 8 7000 Review
S2015 E03
Using old SD Cards on the Panasonic GH4!
S2015 E04
Dell XPS 13 Review - 2015
S2015 E05
Moto360 Review - 4 Months Later
S2015 E06
Kamerar Slider S23 Review - MKII
S2015 E07
How to change the back cover on the Nexus 6 and Moto X
S2015 E08
2015 Razer Blade Review - (GTX 970M)
S2015 E09
2015 Dell Inspiron 7000 Review - 15" - 4K Display
S2015 E10
Is the Inspiron 7000 Aluminum or Plastic?
S2015 E11
2015 HP Omen Review - A Well Built Gaming Laptop
S2015 E12
Why the hype? - Samsung S6 and S6 Edge
S2015 E13
13" Retina Macbook Pro Review - Force Touch Trackpad (2015)
S2015 E14
USB Drives with UASP - Speed up your video editing workflow
S2015 E15
2015 Monoprice Wireless Headphones Review
S2015 E16
Asus UX305 Review - 12" Macbook Challenger
S2015 E17
A month with the Apple Watch - My 4 week "review"
S2015 E18
6-Core Setups - Mac vs PC
S2015 E19
2015 Alienware 13 Review - Gaming Laptop (GTX 960M)
S2015 E20
Strength training with the Apple Watch
S2015 E21
Microsoft Surface 3 Review - Worth the money?
S2015 E22
12" Macbook Review - One month with one hole
S2015 E23
Asus UX501 Review - A 4K Gaming Laptop?
S2015 E24
2015 - 15" Macbook Pro Review: Is it worth the money? (750M vs M370X)
S2015 E25
Thoughts on iOS9 and WWDC
S2015 E26
How To Buy The "Best" Laptop!
S2015 E27
Limited Edition Batman PS4 - Unboxing & SSD Install
S2015 E28
HP Spectre X360 Review - A Powerful 2-in-1 Hybrid
S2015 E29
Alienware 15 Review - (GTX 970M) Gaming Laptop
S2015 E30
Asus T300 Chi Review - A detachable 2-in-1
S2015 E31
Dave2D - Ultimate Setup Tour 2015
S2015 E32
Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen) Review - The Best Smartphone Under $200?
S2015 E33
ASUS ZenFone 2 Review - Can it beat the 2015 Moto G?
S2015 E34
ASUS G501 Review - Better than the UX501 for Gamers?
S2015 E35
OnePlus 2 Review - Was it worth the #HYPE​?
S2015 E36
Galaxy Note 5 Review - The best Phablet of 2015?
S2015 E37
Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro (2015) Review - A Proper Hybrid
S2015 E38
Millennium Falcon vs. X-Wing - Star Wars Drones Review
S2015 E39
MSI PE60 (2015) Review - Is it a Good Gaming Laptop?
S2015 E40
Aerelight Review - Are OLED lamps worth it?
S2015 E41
Moto X Pure (Style) Review - The Best Valued Smartphone of 2015?
S2015 E42
IPhone 6s and 6s+ Review - The Best Phones of 2015?
S2015 E43
ASUS TP200 Review - A Budget 2-in-1 Laptop (2015)
S2015 E44
LG Gram Review -The Lightest Laptop
S2015 E45
Nexus 5X and 6P Review - The Best Android Phone of 2015?
S2015 E46
Surface Book Review - The Almost Perfect 2 in 1
S2015 E47
First Look: Alienware Steam Machine - Giveaway!
S2015 E48
Surface Pro 4 Review - The Best 2-in-1 for College Students
S2015 E49
iPad Pro Review - Is it worth buying?
S2015 E50
Dell XPS 15 9550 Review - The Macbook Pro Killer?
S2015 E51
ASUS GL752 Review - 17" Budget Gaming Laptop (Late 2015)
S2015 E52
Dell Inspiron 7559 Review - A Budget 15" Gaming Laptop
S2015 E53
Alienware Steam Machine Review - One month later. Is it worth it?
S2015 E54
Acer V15 Nitro 592G (Skylake) Review - Still a Good Laptop?
S2015 E55
Lumia 950 + 950XL Review - A Month with the New Windows Phones and Contin...
S2015 E56
Dell XPS 13 9350 Review (Skylake) - Is it still the Best 13" Ultrabook?
S2015 E57
ASUS GL552 Review - Mid Tier 15" Gaming Laptop
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Lenovo Yoga 700 Review - A Hybrid Laptop for Gaming
S2016 E02
My First CES - An Awesome Experience!!!
S2016 E03
Lenovo Y700 (14") Review - AMD M375 vs GTX960M
S2016 E04
ASUS G752 Review - Is the Asus Flagship Worth It?
S2016 E05
Sony MDR-100 Review - Better than the Audio Technica M50X?
S2016 E06
Razer Blade Stealth (2016) Review - An Ultrabook for Gaming?
S2016 E07
Gaming PCs: Lenovo Ideacentre Y900 + Alienware Area-51
S2016 E08
HP Envy 13 Review - A well priced ultraportable
S2016 E09
Nextbit Robin Review - The First Cloud Phone
S2016 E10
Top 5 - Thin and Light Laptops
S2016 E11
Origin Evo 15S (MSI GS60) Review - A Thin and Premium Gaming Laptop
S2016 E12
Galaxy S7 Edge Review - 2 Things I Hate. 7 Things I Love.
S2016 E13
Acer Predator 15 + 17 Review - Powerful Gaming Laptops
S2016 E14
Gold Dell XPS 13 (Iris 540) Review - Worth the Upgrade?
S2016 E15
Top 5 - $1000 Gaming Laptops (Mid 2016)
S2016 E16
9.7" iPad Pro vs. iPad Air 2 - Worth the $150?
S2016 E17
Tesla Model 3 vs Model S - 5 Things Before Buying
S2016 E18
Lenovo Y700 15" Long-term Review - Build Quality?
S2016 E19
Quip Toothbrush Review - Much Improved
S2016 E20
2016 Macbook Review - Get the Old One!
S2016 E21
MSI Vortex - The Ultimate Mac Pro for VR Gaming!
S2016 E22
Razer Core - Things You Need to Know
S2016 E23
HTC 10 Review - Better than the Galaxy S7?
S2016 E24
OMG Setup #1 - Overwatch!
S2016 E25
2016 Razer Blade Review - The Best Gaming Laptop?
S2016 E26
2016 HP Spectre Review - Is This Laptop TOO Thin?!
S2016 E27
Razer Core Review - The Best External GPU?
S2016 E28
ASUS Strix GL502 Review - A Thin and Powerful 15" Gaming Laptop!
S2016 E29
Alienware Alpha R2 Review (GTX 960) - A Super Tiny Gaming PC!
S2016 E30
Top 5 - Best 15" Gaming Laptops (Mid 2016)
S2016 E31
Huawei Matebook Review - The Best Windows Tablet?
S2016 E32
Lenovo Ideapad 710S Review - A Cheap and Thin Laptop!
S2016 E33
HP Omen Laptop Review - Cheaper... But is it Better?
S2016 E34
Moto Z Review - The Best Modular Phone!
S2016 E35
ASUS Zenbook UX306 Review - Better Than The UX305?
S2016 E36
OMG Setup #2 - No Man's Sky!
S2016 E37
My Laptop Setup #1 - Dave2D
S2016 E38
Best Laptop for Students!
S2016 E39
GTX 10-Series for Laptops - 5 Things To Know
S2016 E40
My Laptop Setup #2 - Photographers!
S2016 E41
My Laptop Setup #3 - 3D Artists!
S2016 E42
ASUS GL502 (GTX 1060) Review - 45% Better Performance?!
S2016 E43
MSI GS63 (GTX 1060) Review - Desktop Gaming and VR in a Thin Laptop
S2016 E44
My Laptop Setup #4 - Music Producers!
S2016 E45
Asus G752 (GTX 1070) Review - The Best Gaming Laptop with G-Sync?
S2016 E46
My Laptop Setup #5 - Gamers!
S2016 E47
MSI GE62 VR (GTX 1060) Review - A Powerful Gaming Laptop
S2016 E48
Which iPhone 7 Color is the Best?... Giveaway Time!
S2016 E49
New Razer Blade Stealth Review (Kaby Lake) - Is it Much Better?
S2016 E50
My Laptop Setup #6 - Illustrators!
S2016 E51
ASUS GL702 Review (GTX 1060) - Is This Gaming Laptop Too Hot?!
S2016 E52
ASUS Zenbook 3 (UX390) Review - The REAL Macbook Killer?
S2016 E53
Can You Replace a Laptop With a Tiny Computer?!
S2016 E54
Aorus X7 V6 (GTX 1070) Review - The Best Thin 17" Gaming Laptop?!
S2016 E55
My Laptop Setup #7 - Web Developers!
S2016 E56
iPhone 7 Review - One Month Later!
S2016 E57
MacBook Pro Preview - Apple's New Laptop Predictions!
S2016 E58
Lenovo Yoga Book Review - Who is This For?!
S2016 E59
Acer Swift 7 Review - The Thinnest Laptop Ever!
S2016 E60
Alienware 13 R3 Review (GTX 1060) - They Finally Did It.
S2016 E61
GTX 1060 Laptop Performance Benchmarks
S2016 E62
2016 13" Macbook Pro Review - How is This a Pro Laptop?!
S2016 E63
Alienware 15 R3 Review (GTX 1070) - 25% Thinner!!
S2016 E64
Razer Blade (GTX 1060) Review - Does it Get Too Hot?!
S2016 E65
MacBook Pro vs XPS 13 vs Razer Blade Stealth - Which is the Best Laptop?
S2016 E66
2016 15" Macbook Pro Review - Disappointed.
S2016 E67
Lenovo Y910 Review - The Ultimate Gaming Setup!
S2016 E68
VR One Review - Virtual Reality in a Backpack?!
S2016 E69
GTX 1070 Laptop Performance Benchmarks
S2016 E70
Aero 14 Review (GTX 1060) - The Lightest Gaming Laptop!
S2016 E71
Razer Blade Pro Review (GTX 1080) - The Best Laptop for Pros?
S2016 E72
The Best Laptop to Buy Instead of the New MacBook Pro
S2016 E73
SUPERCHARGE your New MacBook Pro !!!
Season 2017
S2017 E01
GTX 1080 Laptop Performance Benchmarks!
S2017 E02
The Best Laptops of CES - GTX 1050 vs GTX 960M!
S2017 E03
Gaming on a Tablet using a GTX 1080!!
S2017 E04
Which MacBook to Buy in 2017?
S2017 E05
Asus GL553 / GL753 Review (GTX 1050 TI) - 25% Faster!
S2017 E06
Dell Inspiron 7567 Review - $800 GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop!
S2017 E07
The Best Laptop GPU - GTX 1050 vs 1050 TI vs 1060 vs 960M vs 970M
S2017 E08
Dell XPS 15 Review (9560) - GTX 1050 + Kaby Lake =
S2017 E09
Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Review - Their Best Laptop... Made Worse?
S2017 E10
Venom BlackBook Zero 14 Review
S2017 E11
Top 5 Free Mac Apps You Should Be Using! (2017)
S2017 E12
Top 5 Free Windows Apps You Should Be Using! (2017)
S2017 E13
$12 Hack To Boost Your Laptop Performance!
S2017 E14
LG Gram 15 Review - The Lightest 15" Laptop Made Much Better!!
S2017 E15
Acer VX15 Review - What's Wrong With This $800 Gaming Laptop?
S2017 E16
Nintendo Switch - So You Finished Zelda... Now What?
S2017 E17
The Best Keyboard + Mouse Combo
S2017 E18
Corsair One Review
S2017 E19
This is The Best Chromebook
S2017 E20
Galaxy S8 / S8+ Mini "Review" - Should You Buy It?
S2017 E21
Legion Y520 Review - Lenovo's Best Laptop For $850
S2017 E22
The Best Laptops for Editing - Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut!
S2017 E23
Gigabyte Sabre 15 Review - The $999 Gaming Laptop That Isn’t Red!
S2017 E24
I like the LG G6 more than the Galaxy S8
S2017 E25
The World's Most Powerful Laptop!
S2017 E26
Best Gaming Laptops for $1000 - Which Ones to Buy? Which to Avoid?
S2017 E27
Gigabyte Aero 15 Review - Better than the XPS 15?!
S2017 E28
Are There Problems With The Surface Laptop?
S2017 E29
MSI Trident 3 - Smallest Gaming PC With A Core i7
S2017 E30
Alienware 17 (2017) Review - The Ultimate Gaming Laptop
S2017 E31
Top 10 - The Best Thin and Light Laptops! (2017)
S2017 E32
The Exploding Drone!
S2017 E33
The $500 "MacBook"
S2017 E34
Asus Zephyrus + ZenBook Pro
S2017 E35
Is the Surface Laptop Too Expensive?!
S2017 E36
iMac Pro + MacBooks + iPad Pro - Hardware Refresh!
S2017 E37
2017 MacBook and MacBook Pro Reviews - 12 / 13 / 15 Inch
S2017 E38
Eve V - Cheaper And Better Than The Surface Pro?
S2017 E39
$5300 27" iMac (2017) - Can It Play Games Well?
S2017 E40
Surface Laptop Review - Is 4 GB RAM Enough??
S2017 E41
OnePlus 5 Review - Is This The Best $500 Phone?
S2017 E42
2017 13" Razer Blade Stealth - The Perfect Laptop?
S2017 E43
Acer Helios 300 Review - A Cheap Gaming Laptop with a GTX 1060!
S2017 E44
ASUS Zephyrus - The Perfect Gaming Laptop?
S2017 E45
Apple iPad Pro 10.5" Review - It's a TRAP!
S2017 E46
My Dream Setups!
S2017 E47
MacBook vs Surface Pro - The Best Laptop for Students 2017!
S2017 E48
Is Nvidia Max-Q A Scam?!
S2017 E49
MacBook Gaming Still Sucks - GTX 1080 + macOS
S2017 E50
This Cheap Electric Skateboard Is AWESOME!
S2017 E51
The Best Tech Essentials for Students!
S2017 E52
A GOOD $600 Gaming Laptop! FINALLY!!!
S2017 E53
The Cheapest Gaming Laptop GPU - How Good Is It?
S2017 E54
HP Omen 2017 Review - Don't Buy The Wrong One.
S2017 E55
The Best Mouse for Laptops!
S2017 E56
An UltraWide Gaming Setup For YOU!!
S2017 E57
Super Clean Gaming Setup!!
S2017 E58
AMD Mini PC - Vega 64 Liquid + Ryzen 1700X
S2017 E59
Essential Phone Review - The Hype Is Real.
S2017 E60
Dell Inspiron 7775 - Most Powerful All In One PC!
S2017 E61
The Samsung Note 8 Is Probably Not For You.
S2017 E62
Lenovo Y720 Review - Their Cheapest Gaming Laptop with a GTX 1060!
S2017 E63
Top 3 Cheap Laptops for Students!
S2017 E64
My Favorite Backpacks for Tech
S2017 E65
The 43" Mega Monitor - Size DOES Matter!
S2017 E66
iPhone X + iPhone 8 - First Impressions!
S2017 E67
ASUS GL503 ROG Strix - Best Gaming Laptop Screen for $1000
S2017 E68
Acer Nitro 5 Review - 2017
S2017 E69
MSI GE63 Raider - 120 Hz Gaming Laptop
S2017 E70
iPhone 8 - Why Did Apple Even Make This?
S2017 E71
Acer Predator Triton 700 Review - My FAVORITE Gaming Laptop!
S2017 E72
Asus UX550 - Don’t Buy This For Gaming!
S2017 E73
Google Pixel 2 XL + PixelBook - First Impressions!
S2017 E74
Dell Inspiron 7577 Review - $999 Gaming Laptop with GTX 1060 Max-Q!
S2017 E75
Google Home Mini VS Amazon Echo Dot - Who gets your 50 dollars?
S2017 E76
Don't Buy The Pixel 2 XL Just Yet.
S2017 E77
Upgrade your Trackpad for FREE!
S2017 E78
XPS 13 (2017) Review - 60% Faster!!!
S2017 E79
Pixel 2 XL - Does The Screen REALLY Suck?
S2017 E80
Google Pixelbook - Why Is This So Expensive?!
S2017 E81
Razer Phone - The Ultimate Gaming Phone!
S2017 E82
The Worst iPhone X Unboxing EVER!
S2017 E83
New Razer Blade Stealth - Huge CPU Upgrade!
S2017 E84
ASUS GL703 VM SCAR - Gaming Laptop for Pros!
S2017 E85
ASUS GL702ZC - 8 Core Beast!
S2017 E86
OnePlus 5T - Bigger IS Better!
S2017 E87
Surface Book 2 Review - The Most Powerful 2 in 1 Laptop!
S2017 E88
Razer Phone Review - Who Is This For?
S2017 E89
Best Tech Gift Ideas - Under $100!
S2017 E90
Best Tech Gift Ideas - Smart Home Tech!
S2017 E91
Yoga 920 Review - One Big Problem!
S2017 E92
Buying A Gaming Laptop for 2018 - What to Avoid?
S2017 E93
LG Gram - The Lightest Quad-Core Laptops!
S2017 E94
My Favorite Phone of 2017!
S2017 E95
Don't Buy This Phone - Doogee Mix 2
S2017 E96
Wireless Earbuds That Don't Suck!
S2017 E97
The $900 "MacBook" - Buy at Your Own Risk!
S2017 E98
Samsung Galaxy S9 - Nine Things To Know!
S2017 E99
The SUPREME Custom PC!
Season 2018
S2018 E01
iMac Pro vs. Alienware Threadripper!
S2018 E02
XPS 13 (2018) Review - The World's Smallest 13" Laptop!
S2018 E03
CES 2018 - The Thinnest Laptop + MONSTER Displays!
S2018 E04
The Razer Phone Turns Into A Laptop... What?!
S2018 E05
Awesome Laptops and Tech from CES 2018!
S2018 E06
I Bought The $80 Starbucks Mug...
S2018 E07
Office Setup Tour 2018
S2018 E08
This Laptop Has EVERYTHING You Want For Gaming!
S2018 E09
Killer Audio from Razer for $99
S2018 E10
The Mini PC with a REAL GTX 1080!
S2018 E11
How to Be Unbox Therapy! - Deepfakes
S2018 E12
This Laptop Feels Really Good
S2018 E13
An Ultrabook For Gaming! FINALLY!!!
S2018 E14
A Movie Theater in a CAN!
S2018 E15
Don't Buy The Wrong Gaming Laptop CPU in 2018!
S2018 E16
Top Tech I Use - Spring 2018
S2018 E17
MateBook X Pro + Galaxy S9 - First Impressions!
S2018 E18
Samsung S9 - I'm Switching Phones
S2018 E19
The Problem with the LG Gram (2018)
S2018 E20
The Vacuum That Saved My Condo!
S2018 E21
A Wireless Mouse with Unlimited Power!!! - Razer Hyperflux
S2018 E22
Apple’s NEW MacBooks for 2018 - My Predictions!
S2018 E23
A Convertible GAMING Laptop! - Acer Nitro Spin 5
S2018 E24
Can the Galaxy S9 Save Lives?
S2018 E25
This Is the OnePlus 6... I Think.
S2018 E26
5 MacBook Upgrades from Amazon!
S2018 E27
Xiaomi Gaming Laptop - Worth the Risk?
S2018 E28
New KILLER Mini Gaming PC from Intel - RX Vega M !!!
S2018 E29
These New Gaming Laptops are 50% Faster!
S2018 E30
MSI GS65 Review
S2018 E31
Aero 15X - An AWESOME Gaming Laptop For Creators
S2018 E32
Beat Saber - This Game is AWESOME!
S2018 E33
Asus GM501 Zephyrus M - Cheaper AND Better!
S2018 E34
How to Win Fortnite on a MacBook Pro
S2018 E35
XPS 15 2-in-1 Review - Thinner, Lighter... Better?
S2018 E36
Buying a Cheaper Gaming Laptop in 2018
S2018 E37
LG G7 - The Phone I WANT to Love
S2018 E38
P20 Pro - Baited by the “Best” Camera
S2018 E39
Dell G7 Review
S2018 E40
The Ultra Clean Laptop Setup
S2018 E41
What Makes the OnePlus 6 So Special?
S2018 E42
The Best Wireless Earphones Under $70 - Bullets Wireless
S2018 E43
Razer Blade 15 + Core X - First Impressions!
S2018 E44
Dell Alienware 17 R5 Review - The Most Powerful Alienware Laptop!
S2018 E45
Razer Blade 15 Review - The Smallest Gaming Laptop!
S2018 E46
ASUS Strix II Review - The Fastest Gaming Laptop Screen
S2018 E47
Zenbook Pro UX580 Review - TWO SCREENS!
S2018 E48
Why I Like The OnePlus 6
S2018 E49
Alienware Wireless Headset AW988 Review
S2018 E50
Top 3 Performance Laptops
S2018 E51
Laptops & Phones - Who’s the Worst for Customer Service?
S2018 E52
Lenovo Y530 Review - Thin Bezel Gaming For $930
S2018 E53
Are Blackberry Keyboards ACTUALLY Faster?
S2018 E54
Razer Huntsman Elite Keyboard Review
S2018 E55
Dell G3 15" (3579) Review
S2018 E56
Asus ZenBook S 13" Review
S2018 E57
I'm Starting to Hate Apple
S2018 E58
Microsoft Surface Go - $400?!
S2018 E59
Acer Helios 300 Review - The Cheapest Gaming Laptop with a 144 Hz Screen
S2018 E60
Dell XPS 15 (9570) Review - The Problem Persists
S2018 E61
MacBook Pro 15 (2018) - Beware the Core i9
S2018 E62
Core i9 Done Right! - Acer Helios 500
S2018 E63
Core i9 MacBook Pro - After the Patch
S2018 E64
The Most Improved MacBook Pro!
S2018 E65
Acer Swift 7 Review 2018
S2018 E66
Surface Go Review - It’s Awesome
S2018 E67
Are RAZER Products Junk???
S2018 E68
There's Too Much Hype Over the Note 9
S2018 E69
HP OMEN Review - Their Best Gaming Laptop (2018)
S2018 E70
World’s Thinnest Gaming Laptop!!
S2018 E71
Chinese Laptops Worth Buying
S2018 E72
Nvidia RTX for Laptops
S2018 E73
Lenovo Smart Display Review
S2018 E74
Eluktronics Mech-15 G2 Review
S2018 E75
Dear Tech YouTubers… Please Stop.
S2018 E76
The OnePlus 6T is Looking Awesome
S2018 E77
Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Review
S2018 E78
I Found the Perfect Keyboard
S2018 E79
RTX Review - The BEST... At What Cost?
S2018 E80
Legion Y730 Review - Lenovo Nailed It
S2018 E81
iPhone XS Max - I’m not Switching
S2018 E82
Razer Nari Ultimate Gaming Headset Review
S2018 E83
iPhone XR - Better Than It Seems
S2018 E84
Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Review
S2018 E85
LG V40 - Are 5 Cameras Useful?
S2018 E86
Asus Zephyrus S GX531 Review
S2018 E87
Pixel 3 XL - The Notch Is Real
S2018 E88
WHITE Razer Blade + Razer Phone 2!!
S2018 E89
S2018 E90
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review - 60% Faster!
S2018 E91
Acer Predator Helios 500 Review
S2018 E92
Are Gaming Phones A Ripoff?
S2018 E93
Pixel 3 Review - Two Weeks Later
S2018 E94
Alienware M15 Review - How Did They Do This?
S2018 E95
OnePlus 6T Review - REAL Changes
S2018 E96
NEW MacBook Air - Finally!
S2018 E97
Walmart OP Gaming Laptop Review
S2018 E98
MacBook Air Review - The Magic is Gone
S2018 E99
iPad Pro 2018 Review
S2018 E100
The $999 MacBook Air Alternative
S2018 E101
Is Apple Making a SECRET MacBook?
S2018 E102
Vega 20 MacBook Pro Review
S2018 E103
The Phone of the Year Is Now $500
S2018 E104
Samsung Galaxy S10 - Early Look
S2018 E105
My Personal Setup from 2018
S2018 E106
Razer Blade Stealth 2019 Review
S2018 E107
2019 Gaming Laptops - RTX!
S2018 E108
Is OnePlus WARP Charge Special?
S2018 E109
The Problem with a 5G Phone
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Apple Doesn't Feel So Good
S2019 E02
The Crazy Mothership Laptop!
S2019 E03
CES Laptops - Winners and Losers
S2019 E04
My Custom Mac Pro
S2019 E05
This Ultrabook Has No Chill
S2019 E06
The Cheaper Pixel 3 "Lite"
S2019 E07
The OnePlus 7 looks SO CLEAN
S2019 E08
What’s the 16✗16✗16 Laptop?
S2019 E09
MSI GS75 - RTX 2080 Super Thin
S2019 E10
Aero 15 - RTX Laptop for Creators
S2019 E11
Don't Buy 2019 Gaming Laptops Yet
S2019 E12
The Galaxy S10 Hole - Actually Better?
S2019 E13
The RTX Razer Blade (2019)
S2019 E14
Avoid These Keyboards!
S2019 E15
The Cheapest RTX Laptop on Amazon
S2019 E16
16” MacBook Pro - Apple’s Last Chance
S2019 E17
3 Days with the Galaxy S10
S2019 E18
XPS 13 (2019) Review - 9380 Model
S2019 E19
Folding Phones - I Now Believe
S2019 E20
Galaxy S10E - Cheaper AND Better
S2019 E21
Legion Y740 Gaming Laptop Review
S2019 E22
Make the MacBook THICC Again
S2019 E23
Triton 500 - So Thin Yet So Good
S2019 E24
The Alienware BEAST
S2019 E25
The Modular Mac Pro Concept
S2019 E26
About That Pixel 4...
S2019 E27
Apple's Sorry... But Not Really
S2019 E28
Chinese Laptops Are Getting TOO Good
S2019 E29
The LEGENDARY Gaming Setup
S2019 E30
The Next Cheap Gaming Laptop
S2019 E31
A Week with the P30 Pro
S2019 E32
"Every Laptop Sucks"
S2019 E33
Galaxy Fold with Unbox Therapy
S2019 E34
The Razer Blade Pro Is FINALLY Ready
S2019 E35
Galaxy Fold - A Mistake Only Samsung Could Make
S2019 E36
Are 2019 Gaming Laptops Worth It Yet?
S2019 E37
The NEW Folding Flip Phone
S2019 E38
The Endgame is Near for Phones
S2019 E39
What Makes The $400 Pixel So Unique?
S2019 E40
Zephyrus G - Did Asus Deliver?
S2019 E41
Underwater OnePlus 7 Pro Review
S2019 E42
ZenFone 6 - $500 + All Screen + CLEAN Android
S2019 E43
Razer Blade Pro (2019) - The 17" King
S2019 E44
The Best $500 Phones Right Now
S2019 E45
the 2019 macbook pro is perfect
S2019 E46
Amazing Laptops Coming Soon!
S2019 E47
Invisible Phone Cameras Are Here
S2019 E48
The $12,000 Apple Mac Pro Setup
S2019 E49
What's Missing from iPad OS?
S2019 E50
The OnePlus We Loved Is Dead
S2019 E51
The Double Screen Laptop Review
S2019 E52
If You Want to Buy a Macbook…
S2019 E53
Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Phones!
S2019 E54
A mini iPhone is coming
S2019 E55
The OLED Razer Blade Has a Secret
S2019 E56
Helios 300 (2019) - The Best $1200 Gaming Laptop
S2019 E57
This Will Fix Apple’s Macbook
S2019 E58
I’ve Escaped from Apple
S2019 E59
Let’s Look At The iPhone 11
S2019 E60
Prime Day Laptops (Sold Out)
S2019 E61
Helios 700 - Hyper Drift is Fast & Furious
S2019 E62
ASUS ROG Phone 2 - ULTRA Fast!
S2019 E63
My Gaming Desktop!
S2019 E64
HP Omen X 2S - Double Screen Gaming
S2019 E65
Razer VIPER - Their Lightest Gaming Mouse!
S2019 E66
Lenovo Y540 - Pick the Right Gaming Laptop!
S2019 E67
XPS 15 (2019) - The Best They Can Do
S2019 E68
Galaxy Note 10
S2019 E69
K20 Pro - How is this Phone SO Cheap?!
S2019 E70
Alienware M15 R2 - Let's see dem upgrades
S2019 E71
A REAL Back to School Laptop Guide.
S2019 E72
The Laptop Guide for Creators
S2019 E73
The IMPOSSIBLE Gaming Laptop
S2019 E74
The DOUBLE Screen Smartphone!
S2019 E75
The Supreme Phone is So Stupid, but…
S2019 E76
Before You Buy the iPhone 11 Pro...
S2019 E77
Let's Talk About That $699 iPhone 11
S2019 E78
But Can Your iPhone 11 Do THIS?!! - The NEW Galaxy Fold
S2019 E79
About That NEW 15" Surface Device...
S2019 E80
iPhone 11 Pro - The Cycle Ends
S2019 E81
OnePlus 7T - A Tougher Choice
S2019 E82
The Mystery of the 2019 iPad Pro
S2019 E83
The New Surface Lineup Looks AMAZING
S2019 E84
The OnePlus 8 has a HOLE?!
S2019 E85
200 IQ MacBook Hack
S2019 E86
What Makes The Pixel 4 Special?
S2019 E87
I Found the Best Gaming Mouse
S2019 E88
A Different Kind of Pixel 4 Video
S2019 E89
Razer’s TINY Gaming Laptop
S2019 E90
Don’t Buy the Wrong Surface Laptop!
S2019 E91
My AirPods Pro Review
S2019 E92
The 6-Core XPS 13
S2019 E93
Surface Pro X Doesn’t Give It to You
S2019 E94
Apple Has the Best Old Phones
S2019 E95
16 Inch MacBook Pro - Fixed!
S2019 E96
MSI Prestige 14 - Every Inch Matters
S2019 E97
16” MacBook Pro Review - Real Talk
S2019 E98
Google Stadia Is Dead to Me
S2019 E99
My Personal Setup from 2019
S2019 E100
You Have 1 Day To Get This Deal
S2019 E101
XPS 13 2-in-1 vs HP Spectre X360
S2019 E102
Awesome Tech in 2020!
S2019 E103
If Apple Kills the Port ...
S2019 E104
The 3 Most Important Phones of 2019
S2019 E105
Let’s Talk About THICC Laptops
S2019 E106
The Mac Pro 2019 is Extra AF
Season 2020
S2020 E01
About That Pixel 4a...
S2020 E02
You NEED to See This Laptop
S2020 E03
Are the New AMD Laptops ACTUALLY Good?
S2020 E04
NEW Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse
S2020 E05
I Broke My Razer Blade
S2020 E06
Let’s talk about the Surface Duo
S2020 E07
8 Months with a OnePlus Phone
S2020 E08
What Makes the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Special?
S2020 E09
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - Thicker Than Your Wallet
S2020 E10
2020 LG Gram Review - So Much Better
S2020 E11
“Flagship Killer” Phones in 2020
S2020 E12
NZXT H1 - This Case
S2020 E13
This Laptop Is A Creators Dream!
S2020 E14
XPS 13 (2020) Review - Dell Nailed It
S2020 E15
$1400 vs $250 - Samsung S20 Ultra Camera
S2020 E16
Xbox Series X - "pC GaMiNg Is dEaD!"
S2020 E17
2020 - The Year the iPad Got Good
S2020 E18
MSI GS66 - Gaming at 300Hz
S2020 E19
2020 MacBook Air vs. The Rest
S2020 E20
ASUS Zephyrus G14 Gaming Laptop Review
S2020 E21
Intel Responds - 2020 Razer Blade + Zephyrus Duo
S2020 E22
OnePlus 8 Pro - Faster is Better… Right?
S2020 E23
OnePlus 8 Pro Review - The Better S20
S2020 E24
Aorus 15G - The Best Mechanical Gaming Laptop Keyboard
S2020 E25
iPhone SE 2020 - The Way it Should Be
S2020 E26
MSI GS66 Stealth Review
S2020 E27
The Next Apple Macbook
S2020 E28
My iPhone SE Review
S2020 E29
OnePlus 8 Review - The Master Plan to OnePlus Z
S2020 E30
13” MacBook Pro 2020 - About That CPU…
S2020 E31
The Cheap AMD Ryzen Laptop
S2020 E32
The NEW XPS 17 and XPS 15!
S2020 E33
The Razer Glass Box PC
S2020 E34
Surface Book 3 + Surface Headphones 2
S2020 E35
Buying a MacBook in 2020...
S2020 E36
The Best Cheap Gaming Laptop
S2020 E37
2020 Razer Blade 15 Review
S2020 E38
The First Mini-LED isn’t a 14” MacBook
S2020 E39
Razer Blade Stealth 2020 - Cursed by Intel
S2020 E40
XPS 17 + XPS 15 Review
S2020 E41
Lenovo Legion 5 Review - So Good
S2020 E42
This Laptop Has a TWIST
S2020 E43
iOS 14 - Early Impressions
S2020 E44
Apple Silicon - Let's Talk
S2020 E45
OnePlus Nord - Something NEW
S2020 E46
The $670 Ryzen Gaming Laptop
S2020 E47
iPhone 12 - Let's Talk
S2020 E48
The Best Gaming Laptops from Asus
S2020 E49
HP Omen 15 Review - Victory!
S2020 E50
ASUS Strix G15 - The GLOWING Gaming Laptop
S2020 E51
OnePlus Nord + Buds - Value Returns!
S2020 E52
ASUS ROG Phone 3 - Let's Talk...
S2020 E53
Before you Buy a OnePlus Nord…
S2020 E54
The NEW Alienware Gaming Laptop
S2020 E55
Google Pixel 4a - $349? WHAT?!!
S2020 E56
The NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
S2020 E57
My Google Pixel 4a Review!
S2020 E58
Note 20 Ultra - Let’s Talk
S2020 E59
My Super Weird iMac "Review"
S2020 E60
Something LEGENDARY from OnePlus!
S2020 E61
Microsoft Surface Duo - An Early Look!
S2020 E62
Lenovo Legion 7i Review
S2020 E63
The NEW ASUS ZenFone 7 Pro!
S2020 E64
My Cleanest Setup - RGB Free
S2020 E65
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - It’s Ripe!
S2020 E66
$299 Xbox Series S - Let's Talk
S2020 E67
The $200 Poco X3
S2020 E68
My Nvidia RTX 3080 Review!
S2020 E69
Intel Sent Their Secret Weapon
S2020 E70
I Noticed Something About The Pixel 5
S2020 E71
RTX 3090 Review - 33 Million Pixel Gaming
S2020 E72
We Need to Talk About The Apple Watch
S2020 E73
The New Google Pixel 5!
S2020 E74
My thoughts on the S20 FE & Pixel 5
S2020 E75
Thoughts on the PS5 Teardown
S2020 E76
The Secret Laptop Club
S2020 E77
The NEW Apple iPhone 12
S2020 E78
My Google Pixel 5 Review!
S2020 E79
My OnePlus 8T Review!
S2020 E80
iPhone 12 - Unboxing + Early Impressions!
S2020 E81
The NEW iPad Air (2020)
S2020 E82
Apple iPhone 12 (Pro) Review
S2020 E83
RTX 3070 Review - A New Killer Among Us?
S2020 E84
What Makes The PS5 So Special?
S2020 E85
Razer Book 13 - MacBook and XPS Competition
S2020 E86
PlayStation 5 Review - With Great Power...
S2020 E87
My iPhone 12 Mini Review!
S2020 E88
My iPhone 12 Pro Max Review!
S2020 E89
MacBooks with M1 Chips!
S2020 E90
M1 MacBook + Mac Mini Review
S2020 E91
The NEW Logitech G Pro X - C L E A N
S2020 E92
NEW Gaming Laptops - 78% More Pixels!
S2020 E93
Cyberpunk 2077 Loot Unboxing
S2020 E94
The Next Android Smartphones
S2020 E95
Best Gaming Mouse Tier List 2020
S2020 E96
My Personal Setup from 2020
S2020 E97
The Best Laptops - 2020 Picks!
S2020 E98
AirPods Max Review - Perfectly Apple
S2020 E99
The Invisible Phone Camera
S2020 E100
Samsung Galaxy S21 - What Is Going On?
Season 2021
S2021 E01
A Fresh Setup for the New Studio
S2021 E02
Xiaomi Mi 11 With The Snapdragon 888
S2021 E03
NEW AMD + RTX 3080 Gaming Laptops From Asus
S2021 E04
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - First Look!
S2021 E05
Samsung Galaxy S21 (Ultra) Review
S2021 E06
Be Careful Buying a Gaming Laptop...
S2021 E07
Asus Flow X13 Review - AMD + RTX 3080!
S2021 E08
The Gaming Laptop Trap
S2021 E09
The Most Powerful Gaming Laptop Right Now
S2021 E10
OnePlus 9 Pro - An Early Look
S2021 E11
The Prometheus Gaming Laptop
S2021 E12
ASUS G15 Review - The King
S2021 E13
Nvidia RTX 3060 - $329 Gaming
S2021 E14
LG Gram Review (2021) - REAL Upgrades!
S2021 E15
The MacBook Is Getting Too Good.
S2021 E16
Asus ROG Phone 5 - It has EVERYTHING
S2021 E17
The OnePlus 9 Hasselblad Camera
S2021 E18
Asus SCAR 15 - A Premium Upgrade
S2021 E19
The Cheaper Samsung Galaxy Phone!
S2021 E20
OnePlus 9 Pro Review - Camera ClickBait?
S2021 E21
The $350 POCO F3
S2021 E22
OnePlus 9 - The Crippled Camera
S2021 E23
This Gaming Phone is a MONSTER!!!
S2021 E24
The NEW Surface Laptop - M1 MacBook Competition!
S2021 E25
iMacs + AirTags - Let’s Talk
S2021 E26
Apple Air Tags vs. Thieves
S2021 E27
"the best laptop mouse" - Razer Orochi V2
S2021 E28
The MECHANICAL Alienware Laptop!
S2021 E29
Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Review
S2021 E30
Intel Responds - New MSI Laptops!
S2021 E31
ZenFone 8 + Flip - SO GOOD!
S2021 E32
ASUS M16 + S17: Better than AMD
S2021 E33
M1 iMac Review - Better and Worse
S2021 E34
2021 iPad Pro Review - M1 + Mini LEDs!
S2021 E35
The NEW Alienware R5/R6 Gaming Laptops
S2021 E36
Nvidia Gaming Laptops Just Got Beat.
S2021 E37
The Next MacBook
S2021 E38
How I Set Up a Clean Laptop
S2021 E39
Asus M16 - The Cost of Using Intel...
S2021 E40
The Impossible Razer Laptop
S2021 E41
MSI GE76 - The Fastest
S2021 E42
My Thoughts on Windows 11!
S2021 E43
"oneplus sucks now"
S2021 E44
We Gotta Talk About This Laptop.
S2021 E45
About The OLED Nintendo Switch...
S2021 E46
Steam Deck... Valve Made WHAT?!
S2021 E47
Questioning OnePlus About The Nord 2
S2021 E48
iPhone 13 - Let's Talk
S2021 E49
Acer Triton 500 SE Review
S2021 E50
NOTHING ear(1) - Let's Talk
S2021 E51
S2021 E52
XPS 17 (9710) Review - Dell PLEASE Fix This
S2021 E53
A REAL Back to School Laptop Guide (2021)
S2021 E54
Samsung Fold 3 + Flip 3 - Cheaper & Better!
S2021 E55
The Pixel 6 Needs to be Awesome.
S2021 E56
The Framework Laptop is a Risky Gamble... But I Love It.
S2021 E57
The Best $150 Custom Keyboard
S2021 E58
This $650 Laptop is AMAZING!
S2021 E59
The New StudioBook has a DIAL!
S2021 E60
Alienware X17 Review - New EVERYTHING!
S2021 E61
This is NOT an Alienware Laptop!
S2021 E62
The NEW Apple iPhone 13 Pro + iPad Mini
S2021 E63
Apple AirPods vs Ridiculous Fakes
S2021 E64
iPhone 13 Unboxing + My Thoughts
S2021 E65
iPad Mini 2021 Review - So Small & So Good!
S2021 E66
Surface Laptop Studio - My Thoughts!
S2021 E67
iPhone 13 Pro Max and My Pokemon Addiction!
S2021 E68
The Alienware X15 is Too Thin
S2021 E69
Apple Watch Series 7 Review - Bigger Screen, Faster Charging
S2021 E70
The TEAL Gaming PC
S2021 E71
The New MacBook Pro - M1 Max/Pro
S2021 E72
M1 Max MacBook Pro Review! (14" + 16")
S2021 E73
My Pixel 6 Pro Review
S2021 E74
My Setup Got A MASSIVE Upgrade!
S2021 E75
Buying a MacBook in 2021 is VERY Different.
S2021 E76
Apple Doesn’t Care About “Gaming”
S2021 E77
What if the Surface Pro 8 was $600?
S2021 E78
The Best Laptops - 2021 Picks!
S2021 E79
Oppo Find N - Folding a Phone Better than Samsung
S2021 E80
How Has Nobody Made This Before?
Season 2022
S2022 E01
2022 Laptops Are Gonna Be AWESOME!!!
S2022 E02
ASUS Is Already Killing It!
S2022 E03
S21 FE - The Unpopular Opinion
S2022 E04
This Laptop Is Faster Than Your Desktop
S2022 E05
The CRAZIEST Way to Cool a Laptop
S2022 E06
Do New Android Phones Suck?
S2022 E07
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs S22 - Unboxing + Impressions
S2022 E08
The Mini Alienware Laptop.
S2022 E09
2022 Asus G14 Review - 6900HS + 6800S
S2022 E10
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Review!
S2022 E11
Steam Deck Review - I Love This Thing!
S2022 E12
The Best Gaming Laptop Was Dethroned!
S2022 E13
Apple's NEW Mac Studio!
S2022 E14
2022 iPad Air 5 (M1) Review
S2022 E15
Mac Studio Review - The Need for SPEED
S2022 E16
You’ve Gotta See This FOLDING Laptop!
S2022 E17
Lenovo Legion 5i Pro Review
S2022 E18
MSI Stealth GS77 + Z16P Review
S2022 E19
The Mystery Of MacBook Speakers
S2022 E20
XPS 13 Plus - Cleaner And Faster Than A MacBook!
S2022 E21
Incredible Laptops from ASUS - Flow X16 + Strix SE
S2022 E22
The Fastest Android Phone - ASUS ROG
S2022 E23
The “New” iPhone 14 - LOL?
S2022 E24
My Thoughts on M2 MacBook Air + iOS 16
S2022 E25
The Old / New M2 MacBook Pro
S2022 E26
Nothing Phone - Early Impressions
S2022 E27
ROG Phone 6 Pro - The COOLEST Phone
S2022 E28
Razer vs Alienware Gaming Laptops
S2022 E29
Apple's New iPhone Trick Seems Impossible
S2022 E30
Before You Buy an AMD Gaming Laptop...
S2022 E31
M2 MacBook Air Review - Needs More Air
S2022 E32
Nothing Phone Exposed
S2022 E33
AMD's God Tier Gaming Laptop
S2022 E34
M2 MacBook Air vs. The Rest
S2022 E35
ASUS Zenfone 9 Review - Built For Battery Life!
S2022 E36
OnePlus 10T - Is This What We Wanted?
S2022 E37
The Mini “Steam Deck”
S2022 E38
The NEW Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 and Flip 4!
S2022 E39
A New Kind of Gaming Laptop from Corsair!
S2022 E40
iPhone 14/Pro + Apple Watch Ultra
S2022 E41
iPhone 14 Pro Review - The Small Details
S2022 E42
The Intel Arc GPU
S2022 E43
My Pixel 7 Pro Review
S2022 E44
Google has "Gaming" Laptops... WHAT?!!
S2022 E45
The new iPad and iPad Pro (2022)
S2022 E46
The USB-C iPhone Won’t Happen
S2022 E47
RTX 4090 Laptops Look INSANE
S2022 E48
Cheap Laptops Right Now
Episode 1
Update No. 1 - Dell Venue 8 7840 Giveaway
Episode 2
Giveaway No. 1 - [Over]
Episode 3
Update No. 2
Episode 4
Update No. 3 - Giveaway closed
Episode 5
Update No. 4 - Q&A
Episode 6
Update No. 5 - 50K Giveaway!
Episode 7
International Gaming GIVEAWAY for the Holidays!
Episode 8
Update No. 6 - 100K Giveaway!
Episode 9
Dave2D - Q&A 2017
Episode 10
iPhone 8 - A Painful Camera Test in 240 FPS
Episode 11
Episode 12
1 Million - THANK YOU!
Episode 13
End of Year Q&A!
Episode 14
Dave2D - Your Questions Answered!
Episode 15
Dave2D - The Next Thing
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