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All Saints

All Saints

1998 - 2009  •  Seven Network  •  20 days  •  493 episodes
6 votes
1305 votes
# 6644
All Saints is a popular Australian medical drama which airs on the Seven Network, and various international networks. The programme debuted on 24 February 1998 and soon became one of Australia's highest-rating dramas. All Saints also achieved popularity overseas, particularly in Ireland and the United ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Aired on 10/27/2009
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Season 12: Episode 37
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
493 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Season 1
S01 E01
Body and Soul
S01 E02
Everybody's Human
S01 E03
Gut Feeling
S01 E04
A Question of Strength
S01 E05
Night Shift
S01 E06
Give and Take
S01 E07
Combat Zone
S01 E08
Think Positive
S01 E09
Forget Me Not
S01 E10
A Little Magic
S01 E11
Terminal Speed
S01 E12
Heart to Heart
S01 E13
The Hard Yards
S01 E14
Goodnight Sweetheart
S01 E15
Crimes of the Heart
S01 E16
Nothing but the Truth
S01 E17
Babes in the Woods
S01 E18
Sounds of Silence
S01 E19
A Hard Day's Night
S01 E20
S01 E21
Smooth Operator
S01 E22
Truth or Dare
S01 E23
S01 E24
The Price You Pay
S01 E25
A Mother's Love
S01 E26
Touch and Go
S01 E27
Yesterday's News
S01 E28
Family Feud
S01 E29
Little White Lies
S01 E30
Best Laid Plans
S01 E31
Parting Friends
S01 E32
Cards on the Table
S01 E33
Boys Will Be Boys
S01 E34
Live Now, Pay Later
S01 E35
Out of Control
S01 E36
Mirror Mirror on the Wall
S01 E37
The Price of Love
S01 E38
Happy Death Day
S01 E39
Moment of Truth
S01 E40
Hard Rain
S01 E41
Christmas Spice
Season 2
S02 E01
Truth & Consequence (1)
S02 E02
Truth & Consequence (2)
S02 E03
S02 E04
The Longest Day
S02 E05
If These Walls Could Talk
S02 E06
Getting to Know You
S02 E07
Dependence Day
S02 E08
S02 E09
More Things in Heaven and Earth
S02 E10
Pushed to the Limit
S02 E11
Friends and Lovers
S02 E12
Judgement Day
S02 E13
Roll the Dice
S02 E14
My Mother, Myself
S02 E15
Get A Life
S02 E16
An Irish Lullaby
S02 E17
Head to Head
S02 E18
Desperate Remedies
S02 E19
The Human Touch
S02 E20
Disaster Plan
S02 E21
S02 E22
Shoot the Messenger
S02 E23
In With the New
S02 E24
Second Chance
S02 E25
S02 E26
Behind Closed Curtains
S02 E27
Lesser of Two Evils
S02 E28
A Whole Lot to Loose
S02 E29
Just Like A Woman
S02 E30
Three's A Crowd
S02 E31
Time Bombs
S02 E32
Memories by Moonlight
S02 E33
True Love and the Blues
S02 E34
Knowing Me, Knowing You
S02 E35
When Duty Calls
S02 E36
The Ties that Bind
S02 E37
Lost and Found
S02 E38
The Stuff of Dreams
S02 E39
Outside the Square
S02 E40
Everyone Loves a Winner
S02 E41
Blood and Water
S02 E42
Life Class
S02 E43
Ghosts of Christmas Past
Season 3
S03 E01
Valley of the Shadow (1)
S03 E02
Valley of the Shadow (2)
S03 E03
Bending and Breaking
S03 E04
Eye of the Beholder
S03 E05
First Do No Harm
S03 E06
After the Ball
S03 E07
Command and Control
S03 E08
A Fraction Too Much Friction
S03 E09
A Fine Balance
S03 E10
In the Blood
S03 E11
Hearts and Minds
S03 E12
Food for Thought
S03 E13
Blessed Release
S03 E14
Rush to Judgement
S03 E15
Judge Not... (1)
S03 E16
...Lest Ye Be Judged (2)
S03 E17
Duty of Care
S03 E18
Beyond All Praise
S03 E19
Out of Nowhere
S03 E20
Frozen in Time
S03 E21
Girl of the Moment
S03 E22
Dead on Time
S03 E23
Blood, Sweat and Tears
S03 E24
Twentieth Century Blues
S03 E25
Into the Unknown
S03 E26
Promise of Things to Come
S03 E27
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?
S03 E28
The Cost of Living
S03 E29
One for the Road
S03 E30
Another Place, Another Time
S03 E31
Bosom of the Family
S03 E32
Duty Bound
S03 E33
Tender Loving Care
S03 E34
S03 E35
More than Life
S03 E36
The Best Laid Plans
S03 E37
Lottery of Life
S03 E38
Fate Dances with Lady Luck
S03 E39
Me, Myself and I
S03 E40
Heart and Soul
S03 E41
Stolen Moments
Season 4
S04 E01
The Heat is On
S04 E02
What Katie Did Next
S04 E03
Happy Birthday
S04 E04
Bend Till You Break
S04 E05
A Matter of Choice
S04 E06
Mixed Messages
S04 E07
Defiance and Denial
S04 E08
Secrets and Lies
S04 E09
Changing Places
S04 E10
Too Little, Too Late
S04 E11
Night Terrors
S04 E12
Lest We Forget
S04 E13
Lost Boys
S04 E14
You Do Me Wrong
S04 E15
All the Sons and Daughters
S04 E16
To Be or Not To Be
S04 E17
Growing Pains
S04 E18
Bed of Roses
S04 E19
Can You Hear Me
S04 E20
Close to Home
S04 E21
Skeletons in the Closet
S04 E22
The Sign
S04 E23
Maiden's Revenge
S04 E24
Chains of Love
S04 E25
Reality Bites
S04 E26
Law of the Jungle
S04 E27
Private Lives
S04 E28
Empty Nest
S04 E29
Poles Apart
S04 E30
Delicate Matters
S04 E31
Look into My Eyes
S04 E32
Wild Justice
S04 E33
Life As We Know It
S04 E34
S04 E35
Crictical Pressure
S04 E36
Bitter Medicine
S04 E37
S04 E38
Where There's Smoke
S04 E39
Child's Play
S04 E40
Behind Closed Doors
S04 E41
A Little Death
S04 E42
The Other Side of Perfection
S04 E43
Falling Down
Season 5
S05 E01
Opening Night (1)
S05 E02
The Show Must Go On (2)
S05 E03
The Lap of the Gods
S05 E04
Slings and Arrows
S05 E05
Private Affairs
S05 E06
Loose Lips
S05 E07
Invisible Things
S05 E08
All Choked Up
S05 E09
Flaws in the Glass
S05 E10
Only Human
S05 E11
S05 E12
No Respite
S05 E13
Thicker Than Water
S05 E14
Pride & Prejudice
S05 E15
S05 E16
Swept Away
S05 E17
All The Right Reasons
S05 E18
Coming Clean
S05 E19
S05 E20
White Noise
S05 E21
Personal Matters
S05 E22
M For Memory
S05 E23
Running On Empathy
S05 E24
First Steps
S05 E25
Judgement Day
S05 E26
Due Diligence
S05 E27
In The Family Way
S05 E28
An Itch To Scratch
S05 E29
No Expectations
S05 E30
The Untouchables
S05 E31
Where The Heart Is
S05 E32
S05 E33
Bedtime Stories
S05 E34
When All Is Lost
S05 E35
Into The Light
S05 E36
Big Kids
S05 E37
You Should've Said
S05 E38
Hear Me, Touch Me, Heal Me
S05 E39
Down To Earth
S05 E40
Consuming Passions
S05 E41
Musical Beds
S05 E42
Twice The Fun
S05 E43
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Season 6
S06 E01
S06 E02
Heroic Measures
S06 E03
Destiny's Child
S06 E04
Broken English
S06 E05
All Our Tomorrows
S06 E06
Older and Wiser
S06 E07
Separation Pains
S06 E08
The Last Supper
S06 E09
Only the Good Die Young
S06 E10
S06 E11
The Art of Flowers
S06 E12
Fanning the Flames
S06 E13
Breathing Space
S06 E14
Past Tense
S06 E15
Seeking Asylum
S06 E16
In Control
S06 E17
Best Intentions
S06 E18
Night Moves
S06 E19
Sins of the Past
S06 E20
No Place Like Home
S06 E21
Presumption of Guilt
S06 E22
A Rock and A Hard Place
S06 E23
The Things We Do For Love
S06 E24
Suspicious Minds
S06 E25
Now You See Me
S06 E26
A Second Look
S06 E27
Some You Win
S06 E28
Eyes Wide Open
S06 E29
Friends in Need
S06 E30
Too Close For Comfort
S06 E31
S06 E32
The Devil To Pay
S06 E33
Wrong Call
S06 E34
To Forgive, Divine
S06 E35
Question of Guilt
S06 E36
Safety Net
S06 E37
Look Before You Leap
S06 E38
Doctor of Choice
S06 E39
Harm's Way
S06 E40
Other People's Business
S06 E41
The Right Thing
S06 E42
Loser Pays
S06 E43
Never Forget
Season 7
S07 E01
One Day At A Time
S07 E02
Opening Up
S07 E03
Happy Families
S07 E04
S07 E05
In Too Deep
S07 E06
Peripheral Vision
S07 E07
Fight or Flight
S07 E08
Prison Walls
S07 E09
S07 E10
A Place In The Heart
S07 E11
Brave New World
S07 E12
Bad Pennies
S07 E13
Ground Zero
S07 E14
Life After Death
S07 E15
Zero Tolerance
S07 E16
S07 E17
Into The Fire
S07 E18
S07 E19
Under The Skin
S07 E20
Feet Of Clay
S07 E21
Pecking Order
S07 E22
Luck of the Draw
S07 E23
S07 E24
When Worlds Collide
S07 E25
Mind Over Matter
S07 E26
Falling from Grace
S07 E27
Bad Seed
S07 E28
Out of Focus
S07 E29
Odd Couples
S07 E30
Benefit of the Doubt
S07 E31
Don't Look Back
S07 E32
S07 E33
Panic Stations
S07 E34
Three Strikes
S07 E35
Out On A Limb
S07 E36
The Extra Mile
S07 E37
On the Brink
S07 E38
The Last Resort
S07 E39
Cries for Help
S07 E40
The Season To Be Jolly
Season 8
S08 E01
Happy New Year
S08 E02
Outside Looking In
S08 E03
Sins of the Mothers
S08 E04
Begging For It
S08 E05
Lost and Found
S08 E06
S08 E07
Letting Go
S08 E08
S08 E09
Funny Games
S08 E10
Boys Will Be Boys
S08 E11
Time Bomb
S08 E12
While You Were Sleeping
S08 E13
S08 E14
Innocent Until...
S08 E15
False Convictions
S08 E16
Maternal Instinct
S08 E17
Double Lives
S08 E18
New Beginnings
S08 E19
S08 E20
In The Name of Love
S08 E21
S08 E22
Right To Life
S08 E23
Divide and Conquer
S08 E24
Love Me, Love Me Not
S08 E25
S08 E26
Moving On
S08 E27
Frozen Moments
S08 E28
Room for Improvement
S08 E29
S08 E30
Spinning Out
S08 E31
Honourable Things
S08 E32
A Lonely Road
S08 E33
Time and Tide
S08 E34
One Of Those Days
S08 E35
Life's Lottery
S08 E36
Out Of Darkness
S08 E37
Taking The Plunge
S08 E38
Thicker Then Water
S08 E39
S08 E40
Season of Change
S08 E41
In Sickness and In Health
Season 9
S09 E01
Till Death Do Us Part
S09 E02
The Real Thing
S09 E03
Moment of Truth
S09 E04
No Way Out
S09 E05
The Things We Do
S09 E06
Facing the Music
S09 E07
Behind Closed Doors
S09 E08
The Mercy Seat
S09 E09
Shadows of the Heart
S09 E10
Just Desserts
S09 E11
Brothers in Arms
S09 E12
Wait and See
S09 E13
Getting To Know You
S09 E14
Sink Or Swim
S09 E15
An Apple a Day
S09 E16
The Way of It
S09 E17
A Rock and A Hard Place
S09 E18
One For the Road
S09 E19
By Choice, Or By Chance
S09 E20
Tough Love
S09 E21
When Duty Calls
S09 E22
Two by Two
S09 E23
Drawing the Line
S09 E24
Truth Hurts
S09 E25
Extreme Measures
S09 E26
Mind Games
S09 E27
One Wrong Step
S09 E28
Private Lives
S09 E29
The Other Man's Shoes
S09 E30
To The Ends of the Earth
S09 E31
Ain't Love Grand
S09 E32
Happy Returns
S09 E33
Dead Girl Walking
S09 E34
S09 E35
Where the Truth Lies
S09 E36
Jaws of Death
S09 E37
Love, Pain & The Whole Damn Thing
S09 E38
Breaking Point
S09 E39
Love and Hate
S09 E40
Judgement Day
Season 10
S10 E01
Family Matters
S10 E02
The Hardest Word
S10 E03
S10 E04
Smoke and Mirrors
S10 E05
The Hearts of Men
S10 E06
A Fresh Start
S10 E07
Back on Track
S10 E08
What Lies Beneath
S10 E09
The Blink Of An Eye
S10 E10
Life's Little Miracles
S10 E11
Life Interrupted
S10 E12
Choices Of The Heart
S10 E13
Balancing Act
S10 E14
S10 E15
Some Kinds of Love
S10 E16
End Game
S10 E17
The Trust Game
S10 E18
Precious Moments
S10 E19
The Pain Of It
S10 E20
S10 E21
Bodies In Motion
S10 E22
One Moment In Time
S10 E23
Bad Blood
S10 E24
Push Me, Pull Me
S10 E25
Pressure Point
S10 E26
Under The Skin
S10 E27
Mixed Blessings
S10 E28
Nowhere To Hide
S10 E29
Persona Non Grata
S10 E30
Running on Impulse
S10 E31
Reality Check
S10 E32
If Only
S10 E33
Lost And Found
S10 E34
No Stranger
S10 E35
Throw Your Arms Around Me
S10 E36
Open Hearts
S10 E37
True Confessions
S10 E38
Precious Time
S10 E39
Cutting Free
S10 E40
Thin Ice
S10 E41
Against The Wall (1)
Season 11
S11 E01
Against the Wall (2)
S11 E02
The Simple Things
S11 E03
Comfort Zone
S11 E04
Event Horizon
S11 E05
Caught in a Trap
S11 E06
Careful What You Wish For
S11 E07
Little Decisions
S11 E08
S11 E09
When Tomorrow Comes
S11 E10
Out of the Fire
S11 E11
It Ain't Necessarily So
S11 E12
The Hand You're Dealt
S11 E13
Stepping Up
S11 E14
The Circle of Life
S11 E15
That Window in Time
S11 E16
Never Tell
S11 E17
Risky Business
S11 E18
Under My Skin
S11 E19
Blind Faith
S11 E20
Torn Apart
S11 E21
Justice for None
S11 E22
Fearless and Searching
S11 E23
Blood Lines
S11 E24
Sons and Lovers
S11 E25
Horses for Courses
S11 E26
Wish List
S11 E27
Best Laid Plans
S11 E28
S11 E29
Solitary Confinement
S11 E30
Better Safe Than Sorry
S11 E31
Not What You'd Expect
S11 E32
Training Wheels
S11 E33
When The Party's Over
S11 E34
Out on a Limb
S11 E35
Running for Cover
S11 E36
Reality Check
S11 E37
Secrets and Lies
S11 E38
A Safe Place
S11 E39
Spinning Out
S11 E40
Time Bomb
Season 12
S12 E01
Out of the Ashes
S12 E02
Dreams and Nightmares
S12 E03
Day One
S12 E04
Sins of the Past
S12 E05
Evil Is As Evil Does
S12 E06
Facing the Music
S12 E07
Awake in Fright
S12 E08
Behind Closed Doors
S12 E09
Danger Zone
S12 E10
Pushed Too Far
S12 E11
Handle with Care
S12 E12
The Devil Within
S12 E13
Give and Take
S12 E14
When the Bough Breaks
S12 E15
Seeing the Light
S12 E16
We All Fall Down
S12 E17
Bodies in Motion
S12 E18
On Second Thoughts...
S12 E19
Starting Over
S12 E20
Curve Balls
S12 E21
Test of Faith
S12 E22
Blood is Thicker
S12 E23
Out of Control
S12 E24
In Trust
S12 E25
In Duty Bound
S12 E26
The Waiting Game
S12 E27
A Precious Waste
S12 E28
Tell-Tale Hearts
S12 E29
Moving On
S12 E30
Safe Haven
S12 E31
Win Some, Lose Some
S12 E32
What It Takes
S12 E33
Too Close for Comfort
S12 E34
Damned If You Do
S12 E35
The Two of Us
S12 E36
Reality Check
S12 E37
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
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