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Man v. Food

Man v. Food

2008 - Now  •  Tuesday 10:00 PM on Cooking Channel  •   56 hours
11 votes
6184 votes
# 2499
Reality, Food, Travel
Every region has its own local culture and flavor. One of the best ways for a traveler to immerse him or herself in new destinations is to taste these unique dishes. This taste exploration allows even the strictest of dieters the freedom to indulge. In the new series, Travel Channel's Man v. Food, host ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Providence, Rhode Island Aired on 08/20/2019
Providence, Rhode Island
Season 8: Episode 8
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1
S01 E01
Amarillo, TX
S01 E02
Memphis, TN
S01 E03
Pittsburgh, PA
S01 E04
Columbus, OH
S01 E05
Austin, TX
S01 E06
Chicago, IL
S01 E07
Atlanta, GA
S01 E08
Boston, MA
S01 E09
New York, NY
S01 E10
New Orleans, LA
S01 E11
Portland, OR
S01 E12
Seattle, WA
S01 E13
Los Angeles, CA
S01 E14
St. Louis, MO
S01 E15
San Jose, CA
S01 E16
Denver, CO
S01 E17
Raleigh, NC
S01 E18
Minneapolis, MN
Season 2
S02 E01
San Antonio, TX
S02 E02
Las Vegas, NV
S02 E03
Charleston, SC
S02 E04
San Francisco, CA
S02 E05
Durham, NC
S02 E06
Honolulu, HI
S02 E07
Sarasota, FL
S02 E08
Philadelphia, PA
S02 E09
Baseball Special
S02 E10
Springfield, IL
S02 E11
Boise, ID
S02 E12
Washington, DC
S02 E13
Baltimore, MD
S02 E14
Detroit, MI
S02 E15
Brooklyn, NY
S02 E16
Anchorage, AK
S02 E17
Little Rock, AR
S02 E18
Tucson, AZ
S02 E19
New Brunswick, NJ
S02 E20
Hartford, CT
Season 3
S03 E01
San Diego, CA
S03 E02
Boulder, CO
S03 E03
Cleveland, OH
S03 E04
Richmond, VA
S03 E05
Salt Lake City, UT
S03 E06
Phoenix, AZ
S03 E07
Puerto Rico
S03 E08
Long Island, NY
S03 E09
Oklahoma City, OK
S03 E10
Kansas City, MO
S03 E11
Indianapolis, IN
S03 E12
Jersey Shore
S03 E13
Syracuse, NY
S03 E14
Portland, ME
S03 E15
Niagara Falls
S03 E16
Butte, MT
S03 E17
Sacramento, CA
S03 E18
Des Moines, IA
S03 E19
Knoxville, TN
S03 E20
Ann Arbor, MI
Season 4
S04 E01
New Haven, CT
S04 E02
Tampa, FL
S04 E03
Nashville, TN
S04 E04
Tulsa, OK
S04 E05
Albuquerque, NM
S04 E06
Mobile, AL
S04 E07
Florida Keys
S04 E08
Gulf Coast
S04 E09
Portsmouth, NH
S04 E10
Louisville, KY
S04 E11
Milwaukee, WI
S04 E12
Providence, RI
S04 E13
Dallas, TX
S04 E14
Route 66
S04 E15
Harlem, NY
S04 E16
Pacific Coast Highway
S04 E17
Street Eats Special
S04 E18
St. Paul, MN
S04 E19
Cincinnati, OH
S04 E20
S04 E21
Omaha, NE
S04 E22
Green Bay, WI
S04 E23
Savannah, GA
S04 E24
Feast Special
S04 E25
Oahu, HI
S04 E26
Charlotte, NC
S04 E27
Jackson, MS
Season 5
S05 E01
New York City, NY
S05 E02
Milwaukee, WI
S05 E03
Charleston, SC
S05 E04
New Orleans, LA
S05 E05
Sleepy Hollow, NY
S05 E06
Houston, TX
S05 E07
Portland, OR
S05 E08
Chicago, IL
S05 E09
Des Moines, IA
S05 E10
Billings, MT
S05 E11
Boise, ID
S05 E12
Ozark Mountains
S05 E13
Nashville, TN
S05 E14
Grand Rapids, MI
Season 6
S06 E01
Los Angeles, CA
S06 E02
Boston, MA
S06 E03
Louisville, KY
S06 E04
St. Louis, MO
S06 E05
Seattle, WA
S06 E06
Burlington, VT
S06 E07
Pittsburgh, PA
S06 E08
San Diego, CA
S06 E09
Daytona Beach, FL
S06 E10
Philadelphia, PA
S06 E11
Boise, ID
S06 E12
Ozark Mountains
S06 E13
Nashville, TN
S06 E14
Grand Rapids, MI
Season 7
S07 E01
Jersey Shore, NJ
S07 E02
Minneapolis, MN
S07 E03
Atlanta, GA
S07 E04
Worcester, MA
S07 E05
Savannah, GA
S07 E06
Palm Springs, CA
S07 E07
Baltimore, MD
S07 E08
Orange County, CA
S07 E09
Duluth, MN
S07 E10
Phoenix, AZ
S07 E11
Saint Paul, MN
S07 E12
Cincinnati, OH
S07 E13
Indianapolis, IN
S07 E14
Maui, HI
Season 8
S08 E01
Sacramento, California
S08 E02
Wilmington, North Carolina
S08 E03
Hoboken, New Jersey
S08 E04
Charlotte, North Carolina
S08 E05
Kansas City, Missouri
S08 E06
Omaha, Nebraska
S08 E07
Columbus, Ohio
S08 E08
Providence, Rhode Island
Episodes 1
A Side of City: New Haven, CT
Episodes 2
A Side of City: Nashville, TN
Episodes 3
A Side of City: Tampa, FL
Episodes 4
Season 1: Deleted Scenes
Episodes 5
A Side of City: Gulf Coast
Episodes 6
World's Best Places to Pig Out
Episodes 7
A Side of City: Florida Keys
Episodes 8
Season 1: TV Spots
Episodes 9
A Side of City: Louisville, KY
Episodes 10
A Side of City: San Antonio, TX
Episodes 11
A Side of City: Dallas, TX
Episodes 12
A Side of City: Charleston, SC
Episodes 13
A Side of City: Savannah, GA
Episodes 14
A Side of City: Sarasota, FL
Episodes 15
A Side of City: Street Eats Special (Oak Park, CA)
Episodes 16
A Side of City: Brooklyn, NY
Episodes 17
A Side of City: Cincinnati, OH
Episodes 18
A Side of City: Springfield, IL
Episodes 19
Man v. Food Presents: Carnivore (Volume I)
Episodes 20
Man v. Food Presents: Carnivore (Volume II)
Episodes 21
Man v. Food Presents: Carnivore (Volume IV)
Episodes 22
Man v. Food Presents: Carnivore (Volume III)
Episodes 23
Man v. Food Presents: Breakfast
Episodes 24
Man v. Food Presents: Dessert
Episodes 25
The Quest Begins
Episodes 26
Live in Miami
Episodes 27
Episodes 28
Carnivore Chronicles: Meat is King
Episodes 29
Carnivore Chronicles: Welcome to Jurassic Pork
Episodes 30
Carnivore Chronicles: Delicious and Slightly Historical
Episodes 31
Carnivore Chronicles: Meat is Still Awesome
Episodes 32
Carnivore Chronicles: Sacrilicious
Episodes 33
Carnivore Chronicles: Meat Glorious Meat
Episodes 34
Carnivore Chronicles: Meat, My Love
Episodes 35
Carnivore Chronicles: Magnificence of Meatiness
Episodes 36
Carnivore Chronicles: Meat With the Most
Episodes 37
Carnivore Chronicles: Meaty Memories
Episodes 38
Carnivore Chronicles: Hail to the Beef
Episodes 39
Carnivore Chronicles: Beefin’ Up
Episodes 40
Carnivore Chronicles: Don’t Let Your Meat Loaf
Episodes 41
Carnivore Chronicles: Remember the Carnivore
Episodes 42
Carnivore Chronicles: Meaty Milestones
Episodes 43
Carnivore Chronicles: The Meat Shall Inherit the Earth
Episodes 44
Carnivore Chronicles: Adventures with Pork
Episodes 45
Carnivore Chronicles: It's a Meat Meat Meat Meat World
Episodes 46
Carnivore Chronicles: Carnivore Country
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