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Expedition Theme Park

Expedition Theme Park

2017 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube  •  60 hours  •  7 seasons  •  242 episodes
0 vote
Documentary, Travel, History
A web series cataloging Theme Park attractions from all over the world
  Previously Aired Episode
Florida’s WEIRD Controversial Theme Park - Nightmare Films, God’s World & Rock’n’Roll Pirates World Aired on 07/16/2023
Florida’s WEIRD Controversial Theme Park - Nightmare Films, God’s World & Rock’n’Roll Pirates World
Season 7: Episode 10
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Season 1
S01 E01
The History of Spaceship Earth | Expedition Epcot
S01 E02
The History of The Universe of Energy | Expedition Epcot
S01 E03
The History of CommuniCore | Expedition Epcot
S01 E04
The History of World of Motion | Expedition Epcot
S01 E05
The Abandoned History of The American Adventure Theme Park (Old Version) ...
S01 E06
The History of Test Track | Expedition Epcot
S01 E07
The Extinct History of Walt Disney World's Christmas Experiences | Expedi...
S01 E08
The History of the Living Seas | Expedition Epcot
Season 2
S02 E01
The Abandoned History of Camelot Theme Park | Expedition Extinct
S02 E02
The History of Mission Space | Expedition Epcot
S02 E03
The History of Odyssey Center | Expedition Epcot
S02 E04
The Closed History of Wet N' Wild Orlando | Expedition Extinct
S02 E05
The History of the Magic Eye Theater | Expedition Epcot
S02 E06
The Closed History of Cypress Gardens - Florida's First Theme Park | Expe...
S02 E07
The History of Journey Into Imagination | Expedition Epcot
S02 E08
The Creation of MGM Hollywood Studios | Expedtiion Hollywood Studios
S02 E09
The Closed History of MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park | Expedition Extinc...
S02 E10
The Abandoned History of Pleasure Island Cleethorpes | Expedition Extinct
S02 E11
The Closed History Of The Great Movie Ride Expedition Hollywood Studios
S02 E12
The Abandoned History of The Mystery Fun House - Orlando | Expedition Ext...
S02 E13
The History of Hyperion Superstar Theater | Expedition Hollywood Studios
S02 E14
The Abandoned History of Ghost Town in the Sky | Expedition Extinct
S02 E15
The Closed History of Terror on Church Street Orlando | Expedition Haunts
S02 E16
The History of The Land Pavilion | Expedition Epcot
S02 E17
The History of Kitchen Kabaret and Food Rocks | Expedition Epcot
S02 E18
The History of Soarin | Expedition Epcot
S02 E19
The Abandoned History of Crinkley Bottom Blobbyland | Expedition Extinct
S02 E20
The History of Listen Living With The Land | Expedition Epcot
S02 E21
The Abandoned History of Splendid China Florida | Expedition Extinct
S02 E22
The Historic Tibidabo Amusment Park - Barcelona Spain | Expedition Theme ...
S02 E23
The History of the Harvest Theatre | Expedition Epcot
S02 E24
The Historic Leap The Dips - World's Oldest Roller Coaster | Expedition T...
S02 E25
The Abandoned History of Disney's River Country | Expedition Extinct
S02 E26
The Historic Disney Hoop De Doo Revuew - Fort Wilderness Resort | Expedit...
S02 E27
The Historic Walt Disney's Great Moments With Mr Lincoln | Expedition The...
S02 E28
The History of Halloween Horror Nights Orlando - The Early Years 1 - 9 | ...
S02 E29
The Closed History of Horizons | Expedition Epcot
S02 E30
The History of Hex Legend of the Towers | Expedition Alton Towers
S02 E31
The Closed Six Gun Territory Florida | Expedition Extinct
S02 E32
The Closed Curse of DarKastle - Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Expedition T...
S02 E33
The Closed History of Back to the Future: The Ride | Expedition Universal...
S02 E34
The History of Muppet*Vision 3D and the Cancelled Muppets Land | Expediti...
S02 E35
The History of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party | Expedition Magic K...
S02 E36
The History of Tweetsie Railroad - NC Mountain's Wild West Theme Park | E...
S02 E37
The History of Halloween Horror Nights Orlando - The Icon Years 10 - 15 |...
S02 E38
The History of Efteling - Netherlands | Expedition Efteling
S02 E39
The History of Epcot International Food & Wine Festival | Expedition Epco...
S02 E40
The Abandoned Rhino Rally | Expedition Busch Gardens Tampa
S02 E41
The Abandoned.. Dreamland Margate - England | Expedition Extinct
S02 E42
The History of Halloween Horror Nights Oraldno - The Icon Years 16 - 21 |...
S02 E43
The History of the Wild Wild Wil West Stunt Show | Expedition Universal S...
S02 E44
The Abandoned History of Circus World and Boardwalk and Baseball Florida ...
S02 E45
Howl-O-Scream 2018 - Busch Gardens Tampa | Expedition Haunts
S02 E46
The Abandoned Nemesis: Sub-Terra | Expedition Alton Towers
S02 E47
The New infinity Falls and Future of Seaworld Orlando | Expedition Theme ...
S02 E48
The History of Valhalla - Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Expedition Theme Par...
S02 E49
The History of Saw The Ride - Thorpe Park | Expedition Theme Park
S02 E50
The History of Halloween Horror Nights Orlando - The IP Years 22-24 | Exp...
S02 E51
The History of Halloween Horror Nights Orlando - The IP Years 25-27 | Exp...
S02 E52
The History of Halloween Horror Nights 28 - Scarezones and Shows | Expedi...
S02 E53
The History of Wonders of Life | Expedition Epcot
S02 E54
The History of Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Simulators | Expedition Weekl...
S02 E55
The History of Halloween Horror Nights 28 - The Houses | Expedition Haunt...
S02 E56
The History of Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure | Expedition ...
S02 E57
The History of The Amazing Sipder-Man Show and Thorpse Arena - Thorpe Par...
S02 E58
The Abandoned History of Hard Rock Park Freestyle Music Park | Expedition...
S02 E59
The History of Nemesis - Secret Weapon 3 | Expedition Alton Towers
S02 E60
The Closed History of The Ghostbusters Spooktacular Show | Expedition Uni...
S02 E61
The Closed History of Skull Kingdom Orlando | Expedition Haunts
S02 E62
The History of Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy | Expedition Efteling
S02 E63
The History of The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights | Expeditio...
S02 E64
The Abandoned History of Albanoel Santa Theme Park - Brazil | Expedition ...
S02 E65
The Abandoned History of Santa's Villages - The First Theme Park Franchis...
S02 E66
The History of Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy | Expedition Efteling
S02 E67
The History of The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights | Expeditio...
S02 E68
The Abandoned History of Albanoel Santa Theme Park - Brazil | Expedition ...
S02 E69
The Abandoned History of Santa's Villages - The First Theme Park Franchis...
Season 3
S03 E01
The History of Derren Brown's Ghost Train - Thorpe Park | Expedition Them...
S03 E02
The Abandoned History of Cranium Command | Expedition Epcot
S03 E03
The Closed History of Gremlins Invasion - Warner Bros. Movie World | Expe...
S03 E04
The Closed History of the Studio Backlot Tour and Catastrophe Canyon | Ex...
S03 E05
The Closed History of Backdraft - Universal Studios Hollywood | Expeditio...
S03 E06
The Closed History Of The Millennium Dome Experience - London, UK Expedit...
S03 E07
Steel Phantom and The Phantom's Revenge - Kennywood, USA | Expedition The...
S03 E08
The Story of Bloody Mary - Halloween Horror Nights Icons | Expedition Hau...
S03 E09
The Abandoned History of Jazzland Six Flags New Orleans | Expedition Exti...
S03 E10
The History of Villa Volta - Efteling | Expedition Efteling
S03 E11
The Troubled History of the Smiler - Secret Weapon 7 | Expedition Alton T...
S03 E12
The Closed History of Volcano: The Blast Coaster - Kings Dominion | Exped...
S03 E13
The Abandoned History of Body Wars - Wonders of Life | Expedition Epcot
S03 E14
The History of The New Texas Giant: The First RMC - Six Flags Over Texas ...
S03 E15
The Abandoned History of Loudoun Castle Theme Park - Scotland | Expeditio...
S03 E16
The Closed history of PokePark - The First Pokemon Theme Park | Expeditio...
S03 E17
The History of Alton Towers and the Corkscrew | Expedition Alton Towers
S03 E18
The History of The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror | Expedition Hollywood ...
S03 E19
The History of the Calico Mine Ride | Expedition Knott's Berry Farm
S03 E20
The History of the Horror Make Up Show | Expedition Universal Studios Flo...
S03 E21
The New Sesame Street - Seaworld Orlando | Expedition Theme Park
S03 E22
The History of Oblivion - Secret Weapon 4 | Expedition Alton Towers
S03 E23
The Closed History of Spider-Man Rocks! - Universal Studios Hollywood | E...
S03 E24
The Creation of Universal's Islands of Adventure | Expedition Islands of ...
S03 E25
The Creation of Tigris - Florida's Tallest Launch Coaster | Expedition Bu...
S03 E26
The Creation of Disney's Animal Kingdom | Expedition Animal Kingdom
S03 E27
The Abandoned Charles Dickens Theme Park - Kent, UK | Expedition Extinct
S03 E28
The Troubled Battlestar Galatica: Human Vs Cylon - Universal Singapore | ...
S03 E29
Remembering The Roaring 20's | Expedition Knotts Berry Farm
S03 E30
The Marketing Failure of Th13teen - Secret Weapon 6 | Expedition Alton To...
S03 E31
Kings Island and the Failed Arrow Swinging Bat | Expedition Theme Park
S03 E32
A Taste of History, Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant | Expedition K...
S03 E33
The Opening of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - Disneyland | Expedition Theme Pa...
S03 E34
The Closed History of Dueling Dragons and Merlinwood | Expedition Islands...
S03 E35
The Abandoned Alien War: A Total Reality Experience - London, UK | Expedi...
S03 E36
The History of The Swarm - Thorpe Park | Expedition Theme Park
S03 E37
The Closed History of Earthquake: The Big One and Disaster! | Expedition ...
S03 E38
The Disaster of Fast & Furious - Supercharged | Expedition Universal Stud...
S03 E39
The Closed History of Opryland USA - A Theme Park Replaced By a Mall | Ex...
S03 E40
The History of SheiKra - The First US Dive Coaster | Expedition Busch Gar...
S03 E41
The History of Baron 1898 - The World's Best Themed Dive Coaster | Expedi...
S03 E42
The History of Yukon Striker - The World's Tallest Dive Coaster | Expedit...
S03 E43
The History of Rita: The So Called Queen of Speed | Expedition Alton Towe...
S03 E44
Halloween Horror Nights and The Troubled Town of Carey, Ohio - Universal ...
S03 E45
The Terror of Guardians Of The Galaxy - Mission breakout! | Expedition Th...
S03 E46
The Extinct History of Kingdom of the Dinosaurs | Expedition Knotts Berry...
S03 E47
The Abandoned History of G Force: The First X-Car Coaster - Drayton Manor...
S03 E48
The Rough History of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit | Expedition Universal Stu...
S03 E49
The History of The First Flying Roller Coasters - Firehawk & Nighthawk | ...
S03 E50
The History of The most hated Flying Coaster - Hero Tomb Raider | Expedit...
S03 E51
The History of Air and Galactica - Secret Weapon 5 | Expedition Alton Tow...
S03 E52
Dark Arts at Hogwarts and The Death eater Scare Zone | Expedition Scream ...
S03 E53
Howl-O-Scream 2019 - 20 years of Fear - busch Gardens Tampa | Expedition ...
S03 E54
The Closed History of the Goosebumps HorrorLand Fright Show | Expedition ...
S03 E55
The History of Knott's Scary Farm: A Sinister Start | Expedition Knott's ...
S03 E56
The Fast & Furious History of Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue | Expedition ...
S03 E57
The Scarezones and Shows of Halloween Horror Nights 29 - Taking Fear to t...
S03 E58
The Houses of Halloween Horror Nights 29 - Maximum Screamage | Expedition...
S03 E59
The Closed History of Rameses Revenge & Ripsaw - Chessington & Alton Towe...
S03 E60
The Abandoned History of The American Adventure - The UK's First Theme Pa...
S03 E61
The History of Cedar Point and The World's First Hypercoaster Magnum XL-2...
S03 E62
The Opening of Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance | Expedition Hollywood S...
S03 E63
The Complete History of Star Tours - The Original Star Wars Ride | Expedi...
S03 E64
The Nearly Abandoned History of Desperado - Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casin...
S03 E65
The Closed History Of The Millennium Dome Experience - London, UK Expedit...
Season 4
S04 E01
The Really Rough History of Manhattan Express Big Apple Coaster - Las Veg...
S04 E02
The Final Frontier of Star Trek The Experience - Las Vegas | Expedition E...
S04 E03
The First Contact of Universal Studios Star Trek Adventure | Expedition U...
S04 E04
Montezooma's Revenge, The Last American Schwarzkopf Looper | Expedition K...
S04 E05
The Troubled Journey of Posiedon's Fury, Escape From The Lost City | Expe...
S04 E06
The History of Universal Studios Mardi Gras and the 25th Anniversary | Ex...
S04 E07
The Abandoned Nickelodeon: Outta Control and the UK Home of Barney | Expe...
S04 E08
The Troubled History of The Ultimate - Europe's Longest Roller Coaster | ...
S04 E09
The Abandoned Mystery of Orphan Rocker - The Lost Roller Coaster | Expedi...
S04 E10
The History of The Beast - The World's Longest Wooden Rollercoaster | Exp...
S04 E11
The Extinct History of the Alton Towers Beast & Every Beast Rollercoaster...
S04 E12
The Potato Chip Theme Park & Cu Chulainn - Ireland's Only Rollercoaster |...
S04 E13
The Abandoned Speed The Ride - the Best roller Coaster In Las Vegas | Exp...
S04 E14
The Closed History of Virtual Magic Kingdom - Disney Parks Online MMO | E...
S04 E15
The Troubled History of The World's Most Forceful Rollercoaster - Shaft T...
S04 E16
The Unsealed History of the Timber Mountain Log Ride | Expedition Knott's...
S04 E17
The Terminated History of T2 3-D: Battle Across Time | Expedition Univers...
S04 E18
The Closed History of the Flume: The Path to Secret Weapon 8 | Expedition...
S04 E19
The Extinct Busch Gardens California - A Theme Park Replaced by Bud Light...
S04 E20
The Closed History of De Bob - An Efteling Classic | Expedition Efteling
S04 E21
The Troubled History of Universal Studios Europe: Port Aventura | Expedit...
S04 E22
Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure - The Worst GameCube Game | Exped...
S04 E23
The Rough & Rocky History of the Rattler - Once The Tallest Wooden Coaste...
S04 E24
The Failure Of Busch Gardens Houston - A Short Lived Theme Park | Expedit...
S04 E25
The Troubled Tale of Universal's Creature From The Black Lagoon: The Musi...
S04 E26
The Failure Of Windjammer Surf Racers: The End Of TOGO International | Ex...
S04 E27
The Rough History Of Son Of Beast - The Troubled Sequel | Expedition King...
S04 E28
The Creation & Closure of Disney's Abandoned MMO - Toontown Online | Expe...
S04 E29
The Abandoned History of Ultra Twister - TOGO's Weirdest & Unique Coaster...
S04 E30
The Rad History of Tony Hawk's Big Spin - The Skateboarding Themed Coaste...
S04 E31
The History of a Forgotten Icon: Fear - The Master of Halloween Horror Ni...
S04 E32
The Abandoned History of Slammer - The Last Sky Swatter | Expedition Thor...
S04 E33
The History of The Italian Job: Stunt Track - A Themed Regional Coaster |...
S04 E34
The History of Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure - A Trouble...
S04 E35
The Rough History of Submission - The Closed Painful Double Inverter
S04 E36
The History of Wicker Man: Secret Weapon 8 - The World's First Coaster of...
S04 E37
The Abandoned History of Z-Force/Flashback - One of the Worst Roller Coas...
S04 E38
The Stand Up History of Iron Wolf: Creating Bollinger & Mabillard | Exped...
S04 E39
The Closed History of Batman: The Ride - The First Inverted Roller Coaste...
S04 E40
The Rough History of The Largest TRAVELING Inverted Roller Coaster: Euros...
S04 E41
The Rough History of The Largest TRAVELING Inverted Roller Coaster: Euros...
Season 5
S05 E01
The Bankruptcy of Giovanola: Anaconda, Goliath & Titan - The Final Coaste...
S05 E02
The Abandoned History of Universal Studios London: Approved yet Unbuilt |...
S05 E03
The Extinct History of Nickelodeon Flying Super Saturator & Roller Soaker...
S05 E04
The Troubled History of High Roller & Stratosphere’s Cancelled Rides - ...
S05 E05
The Abandoned History of Water Mania - Orlando’s Forgotten Water Park |...
S05 E06
The Unique History of Wonder Mountain’s Guardian - Canada’s Weird Hyb...
S05 E07
The Troubled History of Superman: The Escape - The DELAYED First Coaster ...
S05 E08
The Extinct History of Tower of Terror: Australia’s Most Iconic Coaster...
S05 E09
The Abandoned History of Xanadu: The House of the Future - Orlando’s Ex...
S05 E10
The Troubled History of The Only Theme Park in Vegas - The Adventuredome:...
S05 E11
The Extinct History of Metroland: Europe’s Largest a indoor Amusement P...
S05 E12
The Vanished History of The Haunted Shack: Adding the Ghost into Ghost To...
S05 E13
The Abandoned & Dangerous Water Park in the Desert: Lake Dolores/Rock-A-H...
S05 E14
The Abandoned History of Ontario Place - A Troubled Futuristic World’s ...
S05 E15
The Troubled History of Hypersonic XLC: The Scrapped Launch Coaster Proto...
S05 E16
The History of Expedition Everest & The Troubled Yeti: Disney's Most Expe...
S05 E17
The Troubled SeaWorld Copycat Park Built by Six Flags: Seven Seas Texas -...
S05 E18
The Troubled History of Spider-Man: The Ultimate Ride - A Rip-Off Spider-...
S05 E19
The Abandoned History of Akbar’s Adventure Tours - Busch Gardens Forgot...
S05 E20
The History of Jack The Clown: Halloween Horror Nights First Original Ico...
S05 E21
The Troubled History of Universal’s Abandoned Triceratops Encounter: Ev...
S05 E22
The Creation & Evolution of Universal’s Jurassic World VelociCoaster - ...
S05 E23
The Abandoned History of Wet 'n Wild Las Vegas: Closed for No Reason | Ex...
S05 E24
The Troubled History of the Only WWE Ride: Piledriver - WWE Niagara Falls
S05 E25
The UK’s Space Mountain: The Closed History of Alton Towers Black Hole ...
S05 E26
The History of Shockwave - The UK’s Only Stand Up Rollercoaster: Evolvi...
S05 E27
The Extinct Pirate Battle on the Vegas Strip: Treasure Island & The Battl...
S05 E28
The 30th Anniversary of Halloween Horror Nights - Inside All 10 Houses & ...
S05 E29
The First Ever Howl-O-Scream Orlando - Horror Comes To SeaWorld: Inside a...
S05 E30
The Extinct History of Rebel Railroad: Creating Dollywood - Civil War & D...
S05 E31
The Cursed & Dangerous History of Sand Blaster: 4 Defunct Parks & A Derai...
S05 E32
The Lost History of Florida’s First Rollercoaster & Two Abandoned Mirac...
S05 E33
The History Of Saw: The Ride - The First Horror Movie Based Rollercoaster...
S05 E34
The Troubled History of the Topple Tower/Timber Tower - The Weird Failed ...
S05 E35
The Troubled History of Six Flags Atlantis: Florida's Forgotten Water Par...
S05 E36
The History of The Weird Construction Theme Park Diggerland Expedition Ne...
S05 E37
The History of The Weird Construction Theme Park Diggerland Expedition Ne...
Season 6
S06 E01
The Abandoned Roller Coaster on a Formula 1 Track - The Troubled History ...
S06 E02
The Troubled History of Sledge Hammer - A Unique, One of a kind Weird Fla...
S06 E03
The Troubled History of Gwazi: Abandoned, Yet Reborn in Iron
S06 E04
The Troubled History of The Vampire: The UK’s First Iconic Rollercoaste...
S06 E05
The Story of Iron Gwazi: Creating A New Beast - Florida’s Best Roller C...
S06 E06
The Abandoned History of Granada Studios Tour : Aliens, RoboCop The Ride ...
S06 E07
The History of Sonic Spinball/Spinball Whizzer: Alton Towers’ Scariest ...
S06 E08
The Controversial History of The Holy Land Experience: Orlando’s Abando...
S06 E09
The Abandoned History of The Dania Beach Hurricane - A Coaster Left to Ro...
S06 E10
The Rollercoaster That Saved The Efteling - The History of Python: Iconic...
S06 E11
The Controversial History of The Director (Lil Boo)
S06 E12
The “Abandoned & Creepy” Wizard of Oz Theme Park: Land of Oz
Season 7
S07 E01
SeaWorld’s Forgotten First Ever Ride - The Extinct History of Mission: ...
S07 E02
The Troubled & Once Dangerous Largest Indoor Rollercoaster: Mindbender & ...
S07 E03
Orlando’s Extinct Six Flags: The History of Movieland/Stars Hall of Fam...
S07 E04
The Bankrupt Creation of Carowinds: One Carolina Man’s Dream
S07 E05
The Spooky History of Halloween (Horror Nights 31) & What Comes Next? | E...
S07 E06
Kumba Means ROAR… Or DOES It? The Legendary History of Kumba: 30 Years
S07 E07
SeaWorld’s Failed VR Rollercoaster Experiment: The Legendary History of...
S07 E08
Las Vegas “Failed” Most Immersive Attraction Ever - The Extinct Histo...
S07 E09
Clowns, Queens & Lego Theme Parks: The Troubled History of Royal Windsor ...
S07 E10
Florida’s WEIRD Controversial Theme Park - Nightmare Films, God’s Wor...
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