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2011 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube
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Tributes to Theme Park Rides
  Previously Aired Episode
Spaceship Earth 1982 Martins 2020 Edit Aired on 09/05/2020
Spaceship Earth 1982 Martins 2020 Edit
Season 8: Episode 9
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Season 1
S01 E01
Fantasy in The Sky 1990
S01 E02
Alien Encounter Tribute
S01 E03
American Adventure 82 Tribute HQ
S01 E04
Disneyland Paris Fantasy in the Sky 2002
S01 E05
Tower of Terror WDW
S01 E06
Kitchen Kabaret Tribute
S01 E07
Tokyo Disneyland Blazing Rhythms
S01 E08
Tokyo DisneySea Symphony
S01 E09
Timekeeper HQ
S01 E10
Spaceship Earth 94 & DisneyVision VR Global Neighborhood
S01 E11
Tokyo Disneyland Starlight Magic
S01 E12
Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights
S01 E13
Disney MGM Studios History - Part 1 of 2
S01 E14
Tokyo DisneySea BraveSeaMo!
S01 E15
Splash Mountain TDL
S01 E16
Tapestry of Nations
S01 E17
Splash Mountain WDW Tribute
S01 E18
China at Epcot Center
S01 E19
Dinosaur2 at DAK
S01 E20
Rock'n'RollerCoaster WDW
S01 E21
Soarin At Epcot Tribute
S01 E22
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
S01 E23
Fantasy in the Sky 1990 Patriotic
S01 E24
Captain EO - Widescreen
S01 E25
Muppet Vision 3D Ultimate Tribute
S01 E26
Fantasyland WDW - A History - part 1 of 3
S01 E27
Fantasyland WDW - A History - part 2 of 3
S01 E28
Fantasyland WDW - A History - part 3 of 3
S01 E29
Wishes - Disneyland Paris
S01 E30
Disneyland Paris FantIllusion
S01 E31
Walt Disney Studios Moteurs Action! Stunt Show Spectacular
S01 E32
Walt Disney Studios Disney Cinema Parade
S01 E33
Space Mountain Disneyland Paris
S01 E34
Autopia Disneyland Paris
S01 E35
Tarzan The Encounter Disneyland Paris
S01 E36
Caribbean Beach Resort
S01 E37
Legend of the Lion King Disneyland Paris
S01 E38
The Story of Phantom Manor
S01 E39
Disneyland Paris WDSP Armageddon Special Effects
S01 E40
Mysteries of the Nautilus Disneyland Paris
S01 E41
Star Tours A Tribute HQ
S01 E42
Peter Pans Flight Disneyland Paris
S01 E43
Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland Paris
S01 E44
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Disneyland Paris
S01 E45
Pinocchios Fantastic Journey Disneyland Paris
S01 E46
it's a Small World Disneyland Paris
S01 E47
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
S01 E48
Light Magic
S01 E49
Walt Disney World Railroad 1989-1991
S01 E50
WEDWay Peoplemover and Star Jets
S01 E51
France at Epcot
S01 E52
HalloWishes 2005
S01 E53
Fantasy in the Sky 1991 Patriotic
S01 E54
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the Disney MGM Studios
S01 E55
Mickey Mouse Birthday Parade 1989
S01 E56
Original Theatre of the Stars at the Disney MGM Studios
S01 E57
Fantasy in the Sky WDW 2001 - 2nd edit
S01 E58
Best of Disney 1990
S01 E59
Disney Mania 1993
S01 E60
Rap'n'Roll - Walt Disney World
S01 E61
Spirit of America Parade (1987) & Stage Show (1990)
S01 E62
Disney Character Hit Parade
S01 E63
Mickey Mania WDW - One Take
S01 E64
Surprise Birthday Celebration Parade
S01 E65
WorldKey Information at Epcot Center
S01 E66
Walt Disney World's Tencennial Parade
S01 E67
Laserphonic Fantasy
S01 E68
Carousel of Progress 1993
S01 E69
Spaceship Earth 82
S01 E70
Mission to Mars - a history
S01 E71
Listen to the Land - a 2nd tribute
S01 E72
Main Street Electrical Parade Disneyland Paris
S01 E73
Liberty Square - a history part one
S01 E74
Liberty Square - a history part two - The Haunted Mansion
S01 E75
The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Disney MGM Studios 2nd edit
S01 E76
Ellens Energy Part One - Crisis
S01 E77
Ellens Energy Part Two - Adventure
S01 E78
Symbiosis at EPCOT Center
S01 E79
The Rivers of America WDW - a History
S01 E80
DLC Peoplemover & Rocket Rods - A History
S01 E81
World of Motion - Ultimate Tribute
S01 E82
Back to Neverland
S01 E83
The Lottery at Disney-MGM Studios
S01 E84
Horizons - Ultimate Tribute
S01 E85
Journey into Imagination - Ultimate Tribute
S01 E86
If You Had Wings and Dreamflight - Ultimate Tribute
S01 E87
Universe of Energy - Ultimate Tribute
S01 E88
Spaceship Earth 86 and Communicore - Ultimate Tribute
S01 E89
Phantom Manor with Vincent Price audio
S01 E90
The Living Seas - Ultimate Tribute
S01 E91
Tomorrowland WDW - Ultimate History 1 of 3
S01 E92
Tomorrowland WDW - Ultimate History 2 of 3
S01 E93
Tomorrowland WDW - Ultimate History 3 of 3
S01 E94
IllumiNations - The original - Ultimate Tribute
S01 E95
Illuminations 25B - a tribute
S01 E96
Reflections of Earth - Ultimate Tribute
S01 E97
WDW Transport - A History
S01 E98
Disneyworld is Your World Tencennial Stage Show
S01 E99
Disneyworld Is Your World
S01 E100
SSE 86 180top re creation
S01 E101
Disney in the Stars - Hong Kong Disneyland
S01 E102
Magic, Music and Mayhem
S01 E103
Canada - Ultimate Tribute v2
S01 E104
Cinemagique at Walt Disney Studios Paris
S01 E105
Japan at EPCOT - Ultimate Tribute
S01 E106
HalloWishes 2007
S01 E107
Villians Mix and Mingle - MNSSHP 2007
S01 E108
Boo to You Parade 2007
Season 2
S02 E01
EPCOT's 25th Anniversary (Part 1 of 2)
S02 E02
EPCOTs 25th Anniversary (Part 2 of 2)
S02 E03
The Haunted Mansion WDW 2007
S02 E04
Wishes Ultimate Tribute
S02 E05
WDSP Tower of Terror Grand Press Spectacular
S02 E06
Mission: SPACE Ultimate Tribute
S02 E07
The Seas with Nemo and Friends Ultimate Tribute
S02 E08
Imagination 1999 and 2002 Ultimate Tribute
S02 E09
Golden Dreams at DCA
S02 E10
Mexico at Epcot Ultimate Tribute
S02 E11
Dream along with Mickey
S02 E12
True Colors
S02 E13
Spectromagic Ultimate Tribute
S02 E14
Spaceship Earth 2007 Ultimate Tribute
S02 E15
Wonders of Life Ultimate Tribute 1 of 2
S02 E16
Wonders of Life Ultimate Tribute 2 of 2
S02 E17
China at Epcot Updated Tribute
S02 E18
O'Canada 2007 Updated Tribute
S02 E19
Wishes from Fantasyland
S02 E20
Blast at Epcot
S02 E21
Holiday Wishes 2008
S02 E22
Space Mountain WDW 2008
S02 E23
Remember Dreams Come True 2008
S02 E24
Communicore to Innoventions Ultimate Tribute 1 of 2
S02 E25
Communicore to Innoventions Ultimate Tribute 2 of 2
S02 E26
Test Track Ultimate Tribute
S02 E27
Kilimajaro Safaris Ultimate Tribute
S02 E28
Pirates of the Caribbean & Big Thunder Mountain WDW Ultimate Tribute
S02 E29
The Haunted Mansion WDW 2009 HD
S02 E30
Reflections of Earth Mega Edit
S02 E31
Imagination 82: The original Imageworks and Magic Eye Theatre
S02 E32
Villains Mix & Mingle 2009 HD
S02 E33
Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Boo To You 2009 HD
S02 E34
HalloWishes 2009 HD
S02 E35
Celebrate the Season 2009 HD
S02 E36
Illuminations: Reflections of Earth HD & 'Peace On Earth' Holiday Tag
S02 E37
Once Upon a Christmastime Parade 2009 HD
S02 E38
Space Mountain WDW 2009 HD
S02 E39
Wishes HD
S02 E40
Ellens Energy Adventure HD Ultimate Tribute
S02 E41
The Hall of Presidents 2009 HD
S02 E42
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror WDW HD Ultimate Tribute
S02 E43
Celebrate a Dream Come True HD
S02 E44
Magical Disneyland 2009
S02 E45
Block Party Bash DHS HD
S02 E46
Dinosaur at DAK Ultimate Tribute
S02 E47
Dream Along with Mickey HD
S02 E48
Honey I Shrunk the Audience
S02 E49
The Land 1 of 3 1982 Ultimate Tribute
S02 E50
The Land 3 of 3 2005 Ultimate Tribute
S02 E51
Summer Nightastic Fireworks Spectacular HD
S02 E52
Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! HD
S02 E53
Star Tours HD Ultimate Tribute
S02 E54
Magical HD 2010
S02 E55
World of Color HD
S02 E56
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
S02 E57
Magic Journeys 2D
S02 E58
Celebrate! A Street Party HD
S02 E59
Rhino Rally BGT 2007
S02 E60
Pixar Play Parade DCA HD
S02 E61
Fantasmic! DL2010 HD
S02 E62
Disneys Electrical Parade 2010 HD Ultimate Tribute
S02 E63
The Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management HD
S02 E64
Tiana's Showboat Jubilee HD
S02 E65
The Magic The Memories and You HD
S02 E66
Walt Disney World's 40th Anniversary HD
S02 E67
Villain's Mix n Mingle 2011 HD
S02 E68
HalloWishes 2011 HD
S02 E69
The Enchanted Tiki Room WDW 2011 HD
S02 E70
Jaws at Universal Orlando HD
S02 E71
Reflections of China 2011 HD
S02 E72
Test Track 2012 HD Ultimate Tribute
S02 E73
Impressions de France 2011 HD
S02 E74
Snow White's Scary Adventures WDW HD
S02 E75
O'Canada! 2011 HD
S02 E76
Disney Dreams! DLP HD
S02 E77
Fantillusion DLP HD
S02 E78
EPCOTs 30th Anniversary HD
S02 E79
Festival of the Lion King DAK HD
S02 E80
Enchanted Tales with Belle HD
S02 E81
Celebrate America 2013 HD
S02 E82
Sequoia Lodge DLP 2012 HD
S02 E83
Unleash the Villains Night 2013 WDW HD
S02 E84
Universals Cinematic Spectacular HD
S02 E85
Test Track 2 Ultimate Tribute
S02 E86
Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage DHS 2013
S02 E87
WDW Main Street USA Entertainment 2013
S02 E88
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular HD
S02 E89
The Water Engine at EPCOT Center Full Show
S02 E90
Symphony in the Stars DHS 2014 HD
S02 E91
Splash Mountain WDW Ultimate HD Tribute
S02 E92
DLP Pirates of the Caribbean Ultimate HD Tribute
S02 E93
Reflections of Earth 2014 HD
S02 E94
Festival of Fantasy Parade HD
S02 E95
Frozen Fireworks DHS 2014 HD
Season 3
S03 E01
The American Adventure HD
S03 E02
Jungle Cruise WDW Ultimate HD Tribute
S03 E03
Disney MGM Studios - The Tours history 1 of 3
S03 E04
Disney MGM Studios - The Tours History 2 of 3
S03 E05
Disney MGM Studios The Tours History 3 of 3 HD
S03 E06
Mission to Mars WDW - Ultimate Anniversary Tribute
S03 E07
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea WDW Ultimate Tribute
S03 E08
DLP Fantasyland - Complete HD Tour
S03 E09
Reflections of Earth 2015
S03 E10
Carousel of Progress WDW - Martins Ultimate Tribute
S03 E11
Twister at Universal HD by Martin
S03 E12
The Timekeeper WDW Martins Ultimate Tribute
S03 E13
Captain EO (2010 Tribute) by Martin
S03 E14
Haunted Mansion Holiday 2015 1080p by Martin
Season 4
S04 E01
Country Bear Jamboree WDW Martins Ultimate Tribute
S04 E02
Lights Motors Action DHS by Martin
S04 E03
Disney Hollywood Studios 2015 - a walking tour by Martin
S04 E04
Voyage of the Little Mermaid DHS by Martin
S04 E05
Muppet*Vision 2D by Martin
S04 E06
WEDWay to Peoplemover Martins Ultimate Tribute
S04 E07
New Fantasyland WDW - Martins Ultimate Tribute - Part One of Two
S04 E08
New Fantasyland WDW - Martins Ultimate Tribute - Part Two of Two
S04 E09
Star Wars a Galactic Spectacular DHS
S04 E10
Animal Kingdom at night with Kilimanjaro
S04 E11
Frozen Ever After at Epcot by Martin
S04 E12
Disney Fantasy September 2016 by Martin
Season 5
S05 E01
Tower of Terror from DCA to WDSP Martins Ultimate Tribute
S05 E02
Stitch's Great Escape HD by Martin
S05 E03
Spaceship Earth 1982 & 86 Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S05 E04
Spaceship Earth 1994 Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S05 E05
Spaceship Earth 2007 FullHD - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S05 E06
Wishes 2017 - Martins Ultimate Tribute
S05 E07
Universe of Energy - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S05 E08
Horizons - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S05 E09
World of Motion - Martin's Complete Ultimate Tribute
S05 E10
Journey into Imagination - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S05 E11
Journey into Your Imagination - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S05 E12
Epcots 35th Anniversary by Martin
S05 E13
Journey into Imagination with Figment - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S05 E14
Ellen's Energy Adventure - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S05 E15
The Country Bear Christmas Special by Martin
Season 6
S06 E01
Fantasmic! Disney Hollywood Studios 2017 by Martin
S06 E02
Happily Ever After 2017 by Martin
S06 E03
The Land part one of three - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S06 E04
The Land - part two 1993 - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S06 E05
The Land - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute - Three of Three 2005-2018
S06 E06
Communicore - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S06 E07
The Living Seas - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S06 E08
Wonders of Life - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S06 E09
Mexico - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S06 E10
China - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S06 E11
France at Epcot - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
S06 E12
Canada at Epcot - Martins Complete Ultimate Tribute
Season 7
S07 E01
Tomorrowland Speedway - a 2019 history by Martin
S07 E02
Its Tough to be a Bug DCA by Martin
S07 E03
One Mans Dream at DHS by Martin
S07 E04
The Hall of Presidents 1971 by Martin
S07 E05
The Hall of Presidents 1993 by Martin
S07 E06
The Hall of Presidents 2001 by Martin
S07 E07
The Hall of Presidents 2009 by Martin
S07 E08
The Hall of Presidents 2017 by Martin
S07 E09
Phantom Manor 2019 by Martin
S07 E10
Reflections of Earth - a farewell by Martin
S07 E11
Halloween Screams 2019 by Martin
S07 E12
Alien Encounter - Martins 2019 Ultimate Tribute
S07 E13
Disneyland Paris Illuminations by Martin
S07 E14
Seaworld Orlando’s Ignite by Martin
Season 8
S08 E01
Space Mountain WDW - Martins 1975-2020 Ultimate Tribute
S08 E02
If You Had Wings to Dreamflight - Martins 2020 Ultimate Tribute
S08 E03
Fantasmic! Disneyland 2019 by Martin
S08 E04
WDSP Behind the Magic Tram Tour by Martin
S08 E05
Radiator Springs Racers - Martins Ultimate Tribute
S08 E06
World of Color 2020 by Martin
S08 E07
Jungle Cruise at Disneyland by Martin
S08 E08
Stars on Parade DLP
S08 E09
Spaceship Earth 1982 Martins 2020 Edit
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