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2014 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube  •  65 hours  •  355 episodes
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This guy is hilarious, his acting is on point and he's just a great guy. He also likes talking about himself in the third person, he thinks third person means 3 times as many people like his stuff. Oh you.
  Previously Aired Episode
Japan $1000 Crane Game Challenge Ft. @Emirichu Aired on 07/27/2022
Japan $1000 Crane Game Challenge Ft. @Emirichu
Season 2022: Episode 13
Season 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Season 2015
S2015 E01
Omegle Adventures
S2015 E02
Black Butler's Sebastian Prank Calls
S2015 E03
Black Butler's Sebastian Calls Fangirls
S2015 E04
Black Butler's Sebastian Prank Calls - Ep. 2
S2015 E05
Black Butler's Sebastian Calls Fangirls - Ep. 2 (Includes a Rap battle)
S2015 E06
A Complete Beginners Guide To: Voice Acting Online
S2015 E07
Reading Comments
S2015 E08
Reading Fanfiction: Dora Gets Decapitated (18+)
S2015 E09
Reading Fanfiction: MeyRin x Dominos Oreo Dessert Pizza
S2015 E10
The World's Scariest Games
S2015 E11
Black Butler's Sebastian Calls A Very Special Fan
S2015 E12
YouTube Comments: The Abridge
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Undertale: The True Story
S2016 E02
Dub Vs Sub: Which Is better?
S2016 E03
Claude Disappoints Fans
S2016 E04
5 Misconceptions About Voice Acting
S2016 E05
S2016 E06
Mettaton Prank Calls
S2016 E07
Sebastian Fan Calls - The Original Gangsta (Fanboys and Rap battles)
S2016 E08
The Most Mediocre Reaction Video Ever Made
S2016 E09
Claude Disappoints Fans - The True Pimp
S2016 E10
League Of Legends Champion Impressions
S2016 E11
YouTube Comments Against Humanity
S2016 E12
S2016 E13
Black Butler's Sebastian Fan Calls - Dank Poems
S2016 E14
Anime-Play: Yandere Simulator (Ft. Senpai)
S2016 E15
Claude Disappoints Fans - Ep. 3
S2016 E16
OURAN IS OVER - AniPlay Yandere Simulator
S2016 E17
Totally Honest Impressions: Summer Anime Season 2016
S2016 E18
Sebastian Fan Calls - A Hero Returns
S2016 E19
TERRIBLE YANDERES - AniPlay Yandere Simulator
S2016 E20
WET DREAMS!? - YouTube Comments Against Humanity
S2016 E21
Black Butler Voice Impressions
S2016 E22
Sebastian The 'Manwhore' - Black Butler's Sebastian Fan Calls
S2016 E23
ACCURATE STEREOTYPES - AniPlay Yandere Simulator
S2016 E24
Tokyo Ghoul Voice Impressions
S2016 E25
SHIZUO VS IZAYA - Prop Hunt AniPlay
S2016 E26
5 EASY Tips To Becoming A Better Voice Actor
S2016 E27
HOST CLUB HORROR! - AniPlay Yandere Simulator
S2016 E28
SellOutVA - Arrow Zoom Acoustic Foam
S2016 E29
Loot Anime Egg Shower Unboxing - SellOutVA
S2016 E30
WORLDS HOTTEST PIZZA!!! - Loot Anime Impression Challenge
S2016 E31
S2016 E32
Sebastian Michaelis - ROASTING COMMENTS!
S2016 E33
ROASTING COMMENTS AGAIN! - Sebastian Michaelis
S2016 E34
S2016 E35
S2016 E36
Sebastian Calls - A Year Later
S2016 E37
S2016 E38
Yuri On Ice Voice Impressions!
Season 2017
S2017 E01
S2017 E02
S2017 E03
OURAN HIGH SCHOOL ROAST CLUB! - Tamaki & Kyoya Fan Calls
S2017 E04
S2017 E05
Ouran High School Host Club Voice Impressions
S2017 E06
THE HOST QUIZ! - Ouran High School Host Club Fan Calls
S2017 E07
S2017 E08
S2017 E09
S2017 E10
CDawgVA x Reader - Lemon Fanfic Readings
S2017 E11
S2017 E12
ARE WE SOULMATES?! - Wattpad Adventures!
S2017 E13
S2017 E14
S2017 E15
TRASH LORD! -Tsukiyama Fan Calls
S2017 E16
J Michael Tatum's Disturbing Interview With Crazy Fan
S2017 E17
Attack On Titan Voice Impressions
S2017 E18
S2017 E19
Sebastian Vs Sebastian - Playground Insults
S2017 E20
MOST ADORABLE CALLER - Sebastian Fan Calls
S2017 E21
S2017 E22
DADDY ISSUES!? - Ouran High School Host Club Fan Calls
S2017 E23
THE FINALE? - AniPlay Yandere Simulator
S2017 E24
S2017 E25
HOSTPUKKU! - Ouran High School Host Club Fan Calls
S2017 E26
S2017 E27
These 5 Anime Changed My Life
S2017 E28
TOKYO GHOUL - Anime Fan Calls!
S2017 E29
S2017 E30
THE BUTLER QUIZ - Sebastian Fan Calls
S2017 E31
S2017 E32
Sebastian FACE REVEAL!? - Sebastian Fan Calls
S2017 E33
My Hero Academia Voice Impressions
S2017 E34
S2017 E35
Levi's Attack On Titan Fan Calls
S2017 E36
Knock-Knock Jokes! - SEBASTIAN ROASTS!
S2017 E37
S2017 E38
COMMONER BATTLES?! - Ouran High School Host Calls
S2017 E39
RAP BATTLING CALLERS - Sebastian Fan Calls!
S2017 E40
SASSY CALLER?! - Levi's Attack On Titan Fan Calls
S2017 E41
Cross The Road Jokes!? - SEBASTIAN ROASTS!
S2017 E42
PUN-TASTIC! - Levi's Attack On Titan Fan Calls!
S2017 E43
S2017 E44
Hetalia Fan Calls!
Season 2018
S2018 E01
S2018 E02
Killing Stalking... but it's Family Friendly.
S2018 E03
S2018 E04
S2018 E05
Anime Prank Calls
S2018 E06
How To Hire Voice Actyng
S2018 E07
SCARING Callers! - Levi's Attack On Titan Fan Calls!
S2018 E08
Computer Generated Anime Raps
S2018 E09
S2018 E10
Bad Anime Raps (Ft. Akidearest, TheAnimeMan, Gigguk, Sydsnap & BakaShift)
S2018 E11
Finding Love On An Anime Dating Website
S2018 E12
Free! Voice Impressions
S2018 E13
ANGRY LEVI!? - Levi's Attack On Titan Fan Calls
S2018 E14
2 Voice Actors - 1 Voice Prank Calls (Sebastian's Black Butler)
S2018 E15
MORE! Anime Prank Calls
S2018 E16
S2018 E17
2 Voice Actors - 1 Voice Prank Calls (Kyoya's Ouran High School Host Club...
S2018 E18
POEM BATTLE!? - Ouran High School Host Club Fan Calls
S2018 E19
CDawg VS J. Michael Tatum - Playground Insults Panel
S2018 E20
MEMES!? - Ouran High School Host Club Fan Calls
S2018 E21
Dubbing Over An Old Video I Messed Up
S2018 E22
LIGHTBULB JOKES! - Sebastian Roasts!
S2018 E23
SINGING BATTLE?! - Black Butler Fan Calls
S2018 E24
Why I Only Call Fangirls?
S2018 E25
Anime Prank Calls - SCAMMERS!
S2018 E26
I Bought $10 "Cosplays" From China
S2018 E27
S2018 E28
Anime Bingo Challenge! - Omegle
S2018 E29
KARAOKE?! - Levi's Attack On Titan Fan Calls
S2018 E30
Death Note Voice Impressions
S2018 E31
7 Types Of Fangirls
S2018 E32
BEST PICK UP LINES! - Ouran High School Host Club Fan Calls
S2018 E33
I Downloaded The WORST Anime Apps
S2018 E34
Facebook Anime Reviews Are HILARIOUS!
S2018 E35
Anime Prank Calls - SALTY SCAMMERS!
S2018 E36
Intelligent Comments - SEBASTIAN ROASTS!
S2018 E37
The WORST Anime Drawings (Ft. Emirichu)
S2018 E38
The Killing Stalking Challenge!
S2018 E39
THE WURST PUNS!? - Ouran High School Host Club Fan Calls
S2018 E40
This Yaoi Test Is CRAZY!?
S2018 E41
I Bought $15 "Cosplays" From China
S2018 E42
Sebastian's Guide To Picking Up Girls
S2018 E43
Reacting To My Old Voice Acting Auditions
S2018 E44
Can You Guess The Anime Drawing!? (Ft. Akidearest)
S2018 E45
CLEANING GOD - Levi's Attack On Titan Fan Calls
S2018 E46
A Company Paid Me To Read Yaoi
S2018 E47
The CREEPIEST Fan Call I Experienced!
S2018 E48
CRAZY Anime Prank Calls!
S2018 E49
The WORST Anime Dub Of All Time
S2018 E50
Durarara!! 100% Accurate Impressions
S2018 E51
This Webtoon Is DARK!?
S2018 E52
Levi Prank Calls Microsoft Scammers ANIMATED!
S2018 E53
"Anime" Creepypasta
S2018 E54
None Of You Are Smooth - Sebastian Roasts!
S2018 E55
This Website Will Write Raps For You?!
S2018 E56
Free! Fan Calls!
S2018 E57
I'm Being Paid To Read MORE Yaoi
S2018 E58
The IMPOSSIBLE Yaoi Shipping Quiz!?
S2018 E59
Anime Pumpkin Carving Challenge!
S2018 E60
This Needs To Stop.
S2018 E61
I Bought $20 "Cosplays" From China
S2018 E62
S2018 E63
Pictionary BATTLE! (Ft. Emirichu)
S2018 E64
My Honest Opinions On Black Butler...
S2018 E65
I Made Tinder Accounts For Anime Characters
S2018 E66
This Company Won't Stop Paying Me To Read Yaoi
S2018 E67
My Viewers Made Tik Toks Of Me...
S2018 E68
6 Types Of Fanboys
S2018 E69
Gucci Hosts! - Ouran High School Host Club Fan Calls
S2018 E70
Do These YouTubers Know Their Comments?!
S2018 E71
S2018 E72
Facts About Me According To The Internet
S2018 E73
Anime Prank Calls - THE SCAMMERS!
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Where is the 'Hit or Miss Girl' Now?
S2019 E02
This Company is STILL Paying Me To Read Yaoi
S2019 E03
Remaking Tik Toks That I Made Fun Of
S2019 E04
I Bought $25 "Cosplays" From China
S2019 E05
The Anime Crunchyroll Awards Forgot
S2019 E06
My Viewers Paid Me To Read This...
S2019 E07
I Did ANYTHING My Viewers Wanted For Charity Donations
S2019 E08
This Weeaboo Dating App Is Embarrassing...
S2019 E09
Why Can You Buy This Stuff On Fiverr?!
S2019 E10
I Tried Explaining YouTube's Broken Copyright System To My Mum
S2019 E11
Only The Worst Jokes - Sebastian Roasts!
S2019 E12
Anime Boy Does ASMR
S2019 E13
The Fake Yaoi Challenge (Ft. Gigguk)
S2019 E14
I Made Grindr Accounts For Anime Characters
S2019 E15
Tik Tok Memes Have Gone Too Far...
S2019 E16
Two Hosts One Caller
S2019 E17
This Company Paid Me To Voice Yaoi
S2019 E18
Are Chinese Cosplay Garbage?!
S2019 E19
Can YOU Guess How Popular These Anime Are?!
S2019 E20
This Company Keeps Paying Me To Read Yaoi
S2019 E21
Going UNDERCOVER On A Voice Acting Website
S2019 E22
I Spent $500 On Fiverr For Memes
S2019 E23
Scammer Wants Me DEAD!? - Anime Prank Calls
S2019 E24
I Bought $30 "Cosplays" From China
S2019 E25
How Anime Changed My Life
S2019 E26
Emirichu Roasts My Drawings...
S2019 E27
This Company Is Holding Me Hostage To Read Yaoi
S2019 E28
S2019 E29
Becoming A Cosplay Icon On Omegle
S2019 E30
I Called A Fan's Mom...
S2019 E31
The RETURN Of Modest D*ck
S2019 E32
Fiverr Gigs That Shouldn't Exist
S2019 E33
Questionable Facebook Anime Reviews
S2019 E34
2 Voice Actors - 1 Prank Call
S2019 E35
Buying A Girlfriend On Fiverr
S2019 E36
Voice Actor Reviews Bad Voice Acting
S2019 E37
I Bought $35 "Cosplays" From China
S2019 E38
Voice Acting Over Cat Videos
S2019 E39
Reading That Type Of Manga YouTube Doesn't Like Me To Name
S2019 E40
Replying To My Instagram Message Requests
S2019 E41
Reacting To My Old Videos
S2019 E42
Rating TikTok Trends ft. Hit Or Miss Girl
S2019 E43
Voice Actor Reviews MORE Bad Voice Acting
S2019 E44
Voice Acting Over Dog Videos
S2019 E45
Sebastian Roasts
S2019 E46
I Buy The WORST Wish Products
S2019 E47
I Paid Someone To Breakup With Me On Fiverr
S2019 E48
This Company Paid Me To Sleep With Anime Boys
S2019 E49
I Donated $1 To Random Twitch Streamers
S2019 E50
Voice Actor Reviews GOOD Voice Acting
S2019 E51
Reading My Girlfriend Applications (I'm Serious)
S2019 E52
Calling My Girlfriend Applicants
S2019 E53
Voice Acting MORE Cat Videos!
S2019 E54
I Went On A Date With A Fan (Not Clickbait)
S2019 E55
How I Lost $10,000 To YouTube Copyright
S2019 E56
I Bought $40 "Cosplays" From China
S2019 E57
Voice Actor Reviews YOUR Voice Acting
S2019 E58
I Am Sick Of Reading Yαoi
S2019 E59
Going Undercover On My Discord Server
S2019 E60
I Auctioned My Budget Cosplays
S2019 E61
I Hired Fiverr Voice Actors To Impersonate Me
S2019 E62
STOP! Sending Me These Emails
S2019 E63
Anime Prank Calls - Pick Up King ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
S2019 E64
I Paid Voice Actors To Dub JoJo Scene's With No Context
S2019 E65
Voice Actor Reviews GOOD & BAD Voice Acting
S2019 E66
I Went To Japan's Yαoi Cafe...
S2019 E67
Proving With DNA That I Am Very White
S2019 E68
These Are The WORST Anime Ships
S2019 E69
Guess My TERRIBLE Drawings (Ft. @Emirichu​ & @Daidus​)
S2019 E70
I Paid Voice Actors To Dub Iconic JoJo Scene's With No Context
S2019 E71
I Bought $45 "Cosplays" From China
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Deku's My Hero Academia Workout Is Impossible
S2020 E02
Why Did I Do This Last Year...
S2020 E03
Wish Products That Shouldn't Exist
S2020 E04
Voice Actor Reviews MORE GOOD Voice Acting
S2020 E05
This Yαoi Is Too much...
S2020 E06
I Paid Voice Actors to Dub Dragonball Screaming!
S2020 E07
I Joined A Japanese Host Club (And Failed)
S2020 E08
I Paid For A Boyfriend On Fiverr
S2020 E09
I Fixed The Worst Voice Acting In Video Games
S2020 E10
I Tried To Do Cosplay Makeup...
S2020 E11
I Bought $50 "Cosplays" From China
S2020 E12
I Worked At Japan's Biggest Airport (And Failed)
S2020 E13
Voice Actor Dubs Cat Videos
S2020 E14
Roblox JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Games Are BIZARRE
S2020 E15
I Tried Dating In Japan With ZERO Japanese
S2020 E16
I Paid Fiverr Voice Actors To Dub Iconic Anime Scenes
S2020 E17
I Went To A Cat Cafe In Japan
S2020 E18
I Spent $2000 On Making A Yαoi
S2020 E19
Voice Actor Reviews The WORST Voice Acting
S2020 E20
I Paid Fiverr Voice Actors To Dub Hҽntai
S2020 E21
What Is Wrong With This Yαoi...
S2020 E22
I Fixed The Worst Voice Acting In Anime
S2020 E23
I Bought $55 "Cosplays"
S2020 E24
I Spent $10,000 on JoJo Merch
S2020 E25
I Hosted A Voice Acting Talent Show
S2020 E26
We Voice Our Drawings! (Ft. @Emirichu & @Daidus)
S2020 E27
I Paid Fiverr Voice Actors To MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!
S2020 E28
I Voice Act Google Translated Anime
S2020 E29
I Found The Worst Knock-Off Anime Merch
S2020 E30
I Fixed The Worst Voice Acting In Hҽntai
S2020 E31
Buying $500 Anime Figures In Japanese Stores
S2020 E32
I Spent $800 On This Anime Game...
S2020 E33
This Yαoi Made Me CRY!
S2020 E34
Yandere ASMRs Exist and I Hate it
S2020 E35
I Wore CURSED Cosplay On Omegle
S2020 E36
Anime Dating Websites Are AWFUL
S2020 E37
I Joined Japan's #1 Butler Cafe
S2020 E38
I Hired A PRO Voice Acting Coach and Pretended to be a BEGINNER...
S2020 E39
We Voice Our WORST Drawings (Ft. @Emirichu & @Daidus )
S2020 E40
Yαoi Has Gone TOO FAR...
S2020 E41
I Bought $60 "Cosplays"
S2020 E42
I Fixed The Worst Voice Acting In Anime AGAIN!
S2020 E43
My Rent-A-Boyfriend Applications (I'm serious)
S2020 E44
Speed DATING As Rent-A-Boyfriend
S2020 E45
Do I HATE living in Japan?
S2020 E46
I Paid $500 For AWFUL Knock-Off Anime Merch
S2020 E47
I Became the #1 Voice Actor On Fiverr
S2020 E48
ROASTING My Fan's Voice Acting
S2020 E49
Japan's 3D Latte Art Cafe Is AMAZING!
S2020 E50
I Bought $65 "Cosplays"
S2020 E51
Pro Vs Noob ASMR (Ft.@Gibi ASMR )
S2020 E52
Guess That Meme (Ft. @Emirichu & @Daidus )
S2020 E53
I Spent $1500 on Fiverr VTuber Models
S2020 E54
I Joined A Japanese Pole Dancing Club
S2020 E55
I Spent $500 On Japanese Crane Games
S2020 E56
SPEED Dating My Fans On Discord
S2020 E57
I Went To Japan's Ear Cleaning Salon
S2020 E58
I Teach Twomad How To Voice Act
Season 2021
S2021 E01
I Tried Being In A Japanese Band For A Day
S2021 E02
I Paid $700 For FAKE Anime Merch
S2021 E03
I Held The Worst Discord Talent Show
S2021 E04
I Bought $69 "Cosplays"
S2021 E05
I Tried EVERY Japanese Tea
S2021 E06
Guess That Anime Meme (Ft. @Emirichu​ ​& @Daidus​)
S2021 E07
I Tried Joining Japan's Cross Dressing Café
S2021 E08
I Fixed Horrible Voice Acting In Hҽntai
S2021 E09
I Tried Japan's HARDEST Sport
S2021 E10
I Try EVERY Japanese Ramen
S2021 E11
I Wasted All My Money On Japan's Crane Games
S2021 E12
I Spent $1000 On Fiverr Cosplays
S2021 E13
I Try EVERY Japanese Alcohol Ft. @Abroad in Japan​
S2021 E14
I Tried Japan's PIG Cafe
S2021 E15
I Bought $70 "Cosplays"
S2021 E16
I Tried Japan’s Secret British Town Ft.@Abroad in Japan​
S2021 E17
I Became Fiverr's WORST Art Seller Ft. @Emirichu​ & @Daidus​
S2021 E18
I Try EVERY Japanese Coffee
S2021 E19
Guess The Video Game Character (Ft. @Emirichu &@Daidus )
S2021 E20
I Paid $750 For CURSED Knock-Off Anime Merch
S2021 E21
I Tried Japan's JoJo World
S2021 E22
I Try EVERY Japanese Kit Kat Ft. Shibuya Kaho
S2021 E23
I Rented A Japanese Boyfriend For A Day
S2021 E24
I Stayed in Japan’s WORST Love Hotel For a Night | Ft @Abroad in Japan
S2021 E25
Japan $500 Crane Game Challenge Ft. @Gigguk
S2021 E26
My Hentai Tag Tier List
S2021 E27
I Bought $75 "Cosplays"
S2021 E28
I Tried Japan's Craziest Girl's Bar
S2021 E29
I Tried Reading Yaoi Manga For $5000
S2021 E30
Guess The Waifu (Ft. @Emirichu & @Daidus)
S2021 E31
I Moved...
S2021 E32
I Tried Working In A Japanese Gay Bar
S2021 E33
Monkey Tier List
S2021 E34
I Try EVERY Japanese Potato Chip Ft. @Abroad in Japan
S2021 E35
Is My Mum Embarrassed By My YouTube channel?
S2021 E36
Inside Osaka's WORST Love Hotels Ft. @Abroad in Japan
S2021 E37
I Spent 72 Hours Locked in a Japanese Hotel Room
S2021 E38
When Will I Leave Japan?
S2021 E39
Drawing Pokémon From Memory! (Ft. @Emirichu & @Daidus )
S2021 E40
Japan $1000 Crane Game Challenge Ft. @Abroad in Japan
S2021 E41
This Is My New Studio In Japan
S2021 E42
I Gave My Viewers $1500 To Spend On Wish
S2021 E43
I Tried Becoming A Pro Cosplayer In Japan
S2021 E44
Inside Japan’s FIRST Class Ferry | $1000 Royal Suite Ft. @Abroad in Jap...
S2021 E45
I Tried Spending $10,000 On Anime Figures In Japan
S2021 E46
Japan $1000 Crane Game Challenge Ft. @The Anime Man
Season 2022
S2022 E01
I Tried Becoming A Pro Voice Actor In Japan
S2022 E02
I Tried Becoming A Pro Japanese Wrestler
S2022 E03
I Rented A Japanese Mom For A Day
S2022 E04
Inside Japan's BIGGEST British Town Ft. @Abroad in Japan
S2022 E05
Guess The Husbando (Ft. @Emirichu & @Daidus )
S2022 E06
Japan $1000 Crane Game Challenge Ft. Shibuya Kaho
S2022 E07
I Tried Japan's $500 Anime Lucky Bags Ft. Shibuya Kaho
S2022 E08
I Tried Working In A Japanese Strip Club Ft. Shibuya Kaho
S2022 E09
Japan $1000 Crane Game Challenge Ft. My Boss Meilyne
S2022 E10
$10 Vs $100 Japanese Capsule Hotels Ft. @Abroad in Japan
S2022 E11
I Bought $100 "Cosplays"
S2022 E12
I Tried Japan's IMPOSSIBLE Food Challenge Ft. Shibuya Kaho
S2022 E13
Japan $1000 Crane Game Challenge Ft. @Emirichu
Episode 1
Do You Even Voice Act Podcast #1: Casting
Episode 2
Do You Even Voice Act Podcast #2 Auditions
Episode 3
CDawg Q&A (3,000 Sub Special)
Episode 4
Tokyo Ghoul AMV: Call me Kaneki (Call Me Maybe Parody)
Episode 5
Speed Drawing Sebastian Michaelis - By SMARTART
Episode 6
BROFORCE! w/ TheAnimeMan
Episode 7
24 HOUR CHARITY STREAM HIGHLIGHTS - Games, Fan Calls & YouTubers!
Episode 8
London MCM Comic Con Vlog: May 2016
Episode 9
Opening Fan Mail - I SAY ADORABLE A LOT
Episode 10
Questions & Moderately Acceptable Answers
Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
Sebastian Rap God Animated [FanCall] - By Leharc BlueHeart
Episode 15
I'm Really Sorry - Fan Mail Time
Episode 16
Episode 17
Sebastian Meets his 2nd BIGGEST FAN ANIMATED! - By Leharc BlueHeart
Episode 18
Episode 19
Episode 20
Episode 21
Episode 22
CDawg Meets Sebastian (J Michael Tatum)
Episode 23
Episode 24
Simply One Hell Of A Tatum Knock Off - BLOOPERS!
Episode 25
Episode 26
My Favourite Anime Impression? - #QDawgNA​
Episode 27
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - #QDawgNA​
Episode 28
Episode 29
My YouTube Experience
Episode 30
Sweet Home Comic Dub - Prologue.
Episode 31
My WHOLE channel got Copyright Claimed
Episode 32
My WHOLE channel got Copyright Claimed AGAIN!?
Episode 33
So... I Moved To Japan.
Episode 34
My V-TUBER Debut!
Episode 35
Connor's IMPOSSIBLE Genshin Luck
Episode 36
Befriending Salarymen with Broken Japanese
Episode 37
Is Connor Monkey Brained?! - Human Benchmark
Episode 38
Using JoJo Memes To Make Japanese Friends
Episode 39
Learning Japanese in 1 HOUR
Episode 40
Ruining My Own Podcast
Episode 41
Forcing Friendship on Japanese Businessmen
Episode 42
Speedrunning Losing Weight
Episode 43
Letting Down My Japanese Salaryman
Episode 44
Speedrunning Japanese Duolingo!
Episode 45
I Try To Figure Out My Personality
Episode 46
I Held The Internet's Worst Painting Class
Episode 47
I’m the Laughingstock of Japanese Salarymen
Episode 48
Asuna 100% Speedrun World Record Run
Episode 49
Apes Together Strong!
Episode 50
I Try the Hardest Real-Time Strategy Game
Episode 51
Proving That I'm a GOD-TIER Gamer
Episode 52
I Am Mr. World WIDE
Episode 53
Fast food in UK vs USA
Episode 54
I Wasted $500 On Bloons Tower Defense
Episode 55
I Use Broken Japanese To Get My Friend A Win
Episode 56
My Amazon Affiliate Link is Being Misused
Episode 57
I’m Smarter Than Twitch Chat
Episode 58
Episode 59
Losing $$$ Every Time I Laugh
Episode 60
I Bet $100 On Every Game
Episode 61
My First Ever Pokemon Nuzlocke
Episode 62
I Tried Teaching VTubers How To Defuse A Bomb
Episode 63
Monkey Brains Discover Halo 3
Episode 64
How Much Money to get into Voice Acting?
Episode 65
I became a Japanese Businessman
Episode 66
I Tried Hunting Ghosts With A Vtuber
Episode 67
A JoJo Voice Actor Beat the S*** Out Of Me
Episode 68
I Tried Competing In A Chess Tournament
Episode 69
I Met a Professional Japanese Beatboxer
Episode 70
I’m moving out of Japan
Episode 71
I Tried Hunting A Cult With A VTuber
Episode 72
My Divorce from a VTuber
Episode 73
0 Death Sekiro Speedrun
Episode 74
Impressing A Japanese Girl With My Gamer Skills
Episode 75
I Gathered Every JoJo Voice Actor
Episode 76
I took couples counselling with a VTuber
Episode 77
5D Chess Is TOO EASY.
Episode 78
I'm Addicted and Need Help!
Episode 79
Proving that I’m smarter than a 5th Grader
Episode 80
We Made up
Episode 81
My Biggest Investment Thus Far...
Episode 82
How popular am I?
Episode 83
Playing Apex on Switch is PAIN
Episode 84
Taking Pictures of Lewd Pokémon
Episode 85
Trash Taste is Being Stolen by Garnt
Episode 86
A Pro Chess Player Tried To Teach Me
Episode 87
Taking Care Of A VTuber Is STRESSFUL
Episode 88
Portal with VTubers is STRESSFUL
Episode 89
Training a VTuber to be a Pro Gamer
Episode 90
Selling My Most CURSED Knock-Off Anime Merch.
Episode 91
I Try Teaching Welsh to a VTuber
Episode 92
Carrying My Editors
Episode 93
Losing $100 Every Time My Pokémon Dies
Episode 94
How I Met Your Mother
Episode 95
I Made a VTuber Cry
Episode 96
They Ruined my Dream Woman.
Episode 97
I Got Blocked by a VTuber
Episode 98
I Voice Acted For This Game
Episode 99
Losing $150 Every Time I Laugh
Episode 100
Impressing My Japanese Friends
Episode 101
Don't Partner Up with this VTuber
Episode 102
Why Would I Spend Money To Beat Children?
Episode 103
Spending 4 Days with a VTuber to Finish This Game
Episode 104
I Went Against The Biggest Twitch Streamer
Episode 105
I Got Blocked By Another VTuber
Episode 106
Extorting a VTuber out of $250
Episode 107
Deadmau5 Almost Made Me Cry In Uno
Episode 108
Ironmouse Showed Me Her Face
Episode 109
I Beat Up a VTuber for 47 Minutes
Episode 110
I Moved in with a VTuber
Episode 111
We Finished Playing Together
Episode 112
Don't Say This in my CHAT!
Episode 113
I Got the Trash Taste Boys into Runescape
Episode 114
Why I Refuse to name this VTuber in my Titles
Episode 115
I Tried Giving Emergency Care with a VTuber...
Episode 116
I Rank Every Episode of Trash Taste...
Episode 117
The Games Developer Came in my Chat
Episode 118
This VTuber Tried To Get Her Revenge on Me...
Episode 119
The ULTIMATE Starter Pokémon Tier List
Episode 120
I Spent HOURS on This Game and STILL LOST...
Episode 121
So I Tried Jump King...and I Regret It!
Episode 122
I'm Never Taking Game Recommendations Again...
Episode 123
Can I Conquer My Fear Over Horror Games?
Episode 124
My First Time Trying Minecraft in a VTuber Server
Episode 125
I Need to Pay $100 a Day to Keep My Family
Episode 126
I Opened $1500 Worth Of Scam Items
Episode 127
Chat Made Me Try Five Nights at Freddy's
Episode 128
I Couldn't Survive The Cave Exploration...
Episode 129
Winning The ULTIMATE YouTuber Crab Games
Episode 130
I Got a Gift From IronMouse
Episode 131
Winning Money by Being Carried in Fall Guys
Episode 132
I Did The Worst Thing To IronMouse...
Episode 133
I Went Hunting For Some Ducks and NOTHING Went Wrong...
Episode 134
Our Minecraft Diamond Challenge went HORRIBLY WRONG...
Episode 135
Pokémon Nuzlocke but EVERYTHING IS RANDOM
Episode 136
I Try To NOT Be Toxic For 20 Minutes Straight
Episode 137
Pewdiepie Feels "Weird" Around Me
Episode 138
Should I Pull The Lever?
Episode 139
How Am I The One Being Carried?
Episode 140
Who Can Get To The Top First?
Episode 141
Showing Her The Power of Monkey!
Episode 142
This Video Never Happened!
Episode 143
Trying To Convert My Friends Into Addicts...
Episode 144
Loser Has To Cosplay The Winner
Episode 145
I Had To Play a Scary VR Game With Ironmouse
Episode 146
What Do You Mean These Aren't WORDS?!
Episode 147
Ironmouse Shares Weird Christmas Stories
Episode 148
Am I a Joke To These VTubers?
Episode 149
I Went To An Amusement Park With Ironmouse
Episode 150
Celebrating Ironmouse's Birthday!
Episode 151
Reacting to Garnts Biggest Streaming Fail
Episode 152
This Game Should've Only Taken 30 Minutes...
Episode 153
These VTubers Keep Blaming Me For Everything!
Episode 154
Asking JoJo Voice Actors YOUR Questions
Episode 155
They Doubted That I Could Finish This In One Sitting!
Episode 156
$500 Online Crane Game Challenge Ft. @Ludwig
Episode 157
I Underestimated Ironmouse's Skills...Again
Episode 158
VR With Ironmouse is MADDENING!
Episode 159
I Bought The New Pokémon Game...
Episode 160
I Should've Waited For Ironmouse...
Episode 161
Emirichu Made Me Wake Up At 5AM...
Episode 162
I was Put in a Romance Dating Game
Episode 163
Don't Pick This Pokémon!
Episode 164
I Got a Personal Tour from @Abroad in Japan
Episode 165
I Taught Ironmouse How To Play League of Legends
Episode 166
Finishing The Hardest Pokémon Game...
Episode 167
She Challenged Me To Beat The Jump King DLC...
Episode 168
I Can't Deal With VTubers Anymore...
Episode 169
The Hardest Jump King DLC Was Actually The Easiest
Episode 170
And I Still Failed...
Episode 171
How I Became One Of The Top Jump King Players in the World
Episode 172
@Corpse Husband Challenged Me To Beat His Favorite Rage Game
Episode 173
Beating Jump King Blindfolded with @Ludwig
Episode 174
I Discovered The Most Pathetic VTuber
Episode 175
I'd Love To Collab With This VTuber!
Episode 176
Getting Lost In The Backrooms With @ironmouse
Episode 177
Connor Fights The First Elden Ring Boss for 4 Hours Straight
Episode 178
I Wasted 10 Days On Jump King DLC
Episode 179
I Have The Godliest Elden Ring Build
Episode 180
Connor Is An Intellectual!
Episode 181
The Most Annoying Thing About Elden Ring
Episode 182
Every Time I Die In Game, I Spin The Wheel...
Episode 183
The Game That Finally Broke Me
Episode 184
I Am No Longer Maidenless!
Episode 185
I Was Forced To Make a Presentation About Ironmouse
Episode 186
Connor Discovers The Jump King Section in Elden Ring
Episode 187
Connor Beats The Meme Game
Episode 188
Connor Finally Completed Elden Ring
Episode 189
Why Is Everyone In This Game British?
Episode 190
Losing $200 Every Time I Laugh
Episode 191
Connor Challenged Ironmouse In Japanese Crane Games
Episode 192
I Attempted The Ultimate Nuzlocke (Soul Link ft. Ironmouse)
Episode 193
Camping With Ironmouse Is STRESSFUL
Episode 194
Connor Shows Emirichu And Daidus Around Tokyo
Episode 195
I'm Going To End These VTubers!
Episode 196
Connor and Chris Visit Bars in Tokyo
Episode 197
This Game Was Rigged From The Start
Episode 198
Drowning Has Never Been This Scary
Episode 199
Ironmouse Actually Gives Good Advice
Episode 200
I Became A Barista
Episode 201
Looking For a New Apartment in Tokyo
Episode 202
Testing The Limits of my Heart...
Episode 203
I Have Never Experienced Anything Like This
Episode 204
Could I Become a Millionaire?
Episode 205
Ruining My Friendship With VTubers
Episode 206
How Am I Friends With These VTubers...
Episode 207
I Got Lost In The Sewers With Ironmouse
Episode 208
I Rate EVERY Ironmouse VTuber Model
Episode 209
She Can't Hide From Me!
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