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Comic Drake

Comic Drake

2014 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube  •  237 episodes
0 vote
Action, Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Adventure
You know TrailerDrake as the creator of Smash History, Crossover, Unpopular Opinions, and more! You've seen him on Game Theory, you've seen him on ScrewAttack, but did you know that he knew THIS MUCH about DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Darkhorse Comics, and more?!
  Previously Aired Episode
Vision: Uncanny Marvel Creepiness [WandaVision] Aired on 01/12/2021
Vision: Uncanny Marvel Creepiness [WandaVision]
Season 2021: Episode 1
Season 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Season 2014
S2014 E01
Superior Iron Man, Thor, and the NEW Captain America - First Issue Impres...
S2014 E02
Why I Don't Enjoy Deadpool
S2014 E03
Who is Invincible? (Mark Grayson)
Season 2015
S2015 E01
Agent Phil Coulson is in the Comics
S2015 E02
EVERY Lantern Corps Origins Explained
S2015 E03
EVERY Ant-Man Origin & History Explained
S2015 E04
History of Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom/Eobard Thawne)
S2015 E05
History of Daredevil! (Matt Murdock)
S2015 E06
Booster Gold: Best Obscure Hero! (Michael Jon Carter)
S2015 E07
Marvel/DC Crossover (Amalgam Comics Explained)
S2015 E08
Batman is an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
S2015 E09
EVERY Robin's Origin & History Explained!
S2015 E10
Iron Man Was a Green Lantern
S2015 E11
History of Nova! (Sam Alexander)
S2015 E12
Superboy Fused With a Spider-Man Clone? (Spider-Boy)
S2015 E13
History of Ultron! [The Avengers]
S2015 E14
History of The Vision! [The Avengers]
S2015 E15
What Are the Green Lantern Corps Divisions?
S2015 E16
ALL of Iron Man's Buster Suits Explained
S2015 E17
The Speed Force Explained
S2015 E18
Nightwing: The First Robin! (Dick Grayson)
S2015 E19
History of Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinnzel)
S2015 E20
History of Red Hood! (Jason Todd)
S2015 E21
History of Tim Drake! (Red Robin)
S2015 E22
Robin: The Son of Batman! (Damian Wayne)
S2015 E23
Where to Start Reading Batman!
S2015 E24
Good Guy Hobgoblin (Axis: The Whole Story)
S2015 E25
Good Guy Carnage (Axis: The Whole Story)
S2015 E26
Hank Pym: The First Ant-Man! (Yellowjacket/Giant Man/Goliath)
S2015 E27
Who is Ant-Man? (Scott Lang)
S2015 E28
Who is the MANGA Goku? (Dragon Ball Z)
S2015 E29
History of the Scumbag Ant-Man: Eric O'Grady
S2015 E30
History of Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)
S2015 E31
Why Booster Gold is My FAVORITE Super Hero!
S2015 E32
History of Miles Morales [Ultimate Spider-Man]
S2015 E33
10 Unpopular Spider-Man Opinions
S2015 E34
EVERY Flash Origin & History Explained!
S2015 E35
History of Spider-Man 2099! (Miguel O'Hara)
S2015 E36
Jem & The Holograms: Movie Sucks, Comic is Great!
S2015 E37
Who is Old Man Logan?
S2015 E38
History of Jessica Jones! (Jewel)
S2015 E39
Batman FUSED WITH Wolverine?! (Logan Wayne: Dark Claw)
S2015 E40
History of Purple Man! (Zebediah Killgrave)
S2015 E41
Batman's Anti-Superman Armor Explained!
S2015 E42
History of Captain Cold! (Leonard Snart)
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Hawkman: The CRAZIEST DC Character EVER!
S2016 E02
Hawkgirl's CRAZY History
S2016 E03
History of the REAL White Canary!
S2016 E04
Who is Heat Wave (Mick Rory)
S2016 E05
Theory: Does Deadpool REALLY Break the Fourth Wall?
S2016 E06
The 2nd MOST POWERFUL DC Entity: Lucifer Morningstar
S2016 E07
History of Rip Hunter!
S2016 E08
History of Elektra Natchios!
S2016 E09
Japan's Greatest Superhero: Rai
S2016 E10
Mario's BANNED Comic Book!
S2016 E11
Where to Start Reading Daredevil!
S2016 E12
EVERYONE Who Has EVER Used Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir)
S2016 E13
History of The Punisher! (Frank Castle)
S2016 E14
History of Lex Luthor!
S2016 E15
Complete History of The Crimson Chin
S2016 E16
Where to Start Reading Spider-Man!
S2016 E17
Why Gwenpool is WAY BETTER Than Deadpool!
S2016 E18
Spider-Man Takes on Weed!
S2016 E19
History of Falcon/Captain America (Sam Wilson)
S2016 E20
History of Black Panther! (T'Challa)
S2016 E21
History of Preacher! (Jesse Custer)
S2016 E22
Theory: The Joker is Watchmen's Comedian?!
S2016 E23
Vibranium's Secrets REVEALED!
S2016 E24
Theory: Is Garfield Dead?
S2016 E25
DC Comics' Hell Explained!
S2016 E26
EVERY Avengers Team EVER!
S2016 E27
Marvel's Pinup Swimsuit Special
S2016 E28
The BEST Superhero Legacies in Comics!
S2016 E29
History of Luke Cage! (Power Man)
S2016 E30
History of The Riddler! (Edward Nigma)
S2016 E31
History of Doctor Strange! (Stephen Strange)
S2016 E32
History of the DC Animated Universe (Earth 12)
S2016 E33
History of Batman Beyond! (Terry McGinnis)
S2016 E34
Theory: Why Clark Kent’s Glasses Are Brilliant!
S2016 E35
How The Flash Became a GHOST RIDER!
S2016 E36
What Makes Someone Worthy of Thor's Hammer?
S2016 E37
Theory: Can Goku Lift Thor's Hammer?
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Top 10 Hottest Comic Girls!
S2017 E02
10 Obscure Batman Facts!
S2017 E03
Marvel's Illuminati Explained!
S2017 E04
Batman's Power Rings!
S2017 E05
History of Iron Fist! (Danny Rand)
S2017 E06
History of One-Punch Man! (Saitama/Bald Cape)
S2017 E07
History of Captain Underpants!
S2017 E08
Why Invincible is THE BEST Comic EVER!
S2017 E09
History of Rocket Raccoon!
S2017 E10
History of Mantis!
S2017 E11
History of Drax!
S2017 E12
History of Gamora!
S2017 E13
History of Yondu!
S2017 E14
History of Star-Lord!
S2017 E15
How is DC's Flintstones Comic SO GOOD?!
S2017 E16
The WORST Super Team EVER!
S2017 E17
Overpowered DC Comics Heroes!
S2017 E18
Theory: Is Superman Faster Than The Flash?
S2017 E19
Theory: Is The Flash Faster than Shazam?!
S2017 E20
Underrated Wonder Woman Villains!
S2017 E21
EVERY MEMBER of the Guardians of the Galaxy!
S2017 E22
Is Nick Fury Black or White in the Comics?
S2017 E23
The Truth About Gwenpool EXPOSED!
S2017 E24
Spider-Man Got Organic Webs From a Kiss?!
S2017 E25
What Can Comics Learn From Manga?
S2017 E26
Surprising Marvel Comics Hookups!
S2017 E27
7 Celebrities Who Wrote Comics!
S2017 E28
How Did the Sonic Comic Last So Long?
S2017 E29
Where Was Krypton's Green Lantern When it Exploded?
S2017 E30
How Punisher and Wonder Woman GOT MARRIED!
S2017 E31
Can Magneto Lift Thor's Hammer?
S2017 E32
Is The Flash FASTER Than Instant Teleportation?
S2017 E33
Hidden Symbolism/Meaning of the DC Comics Multiverse
S2017 E34
Comic Theory: Would Superman Be Stronger With Darker Skin?
S2017 E35
Marvel's Vampires: The Forgotten Creatures of Comics!
S2017 E36
Is Marvel's Thor REALLY a God, Alien, or Both?
S2017 E37
Alternate Universe Marvel Comics Hookups!
S2017 E38
Who Were the First Green Lanterns?
S2017 E39
Complete History of the Runaways!
S2017 E40
History of Nico Minoru! (Sister Grimm)
S2017 E41
What Was ALL of Batman's Training?
S2017 E42
That Time Supergirl Dated A HORSE!
S2017 E43
History of Chase Stein!
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Punisher Once Became Black... Because Comics.
S2018 E02
Heartbreaking Marvel Comics Breakups!
S2018 E03
History of Alex Wilder!
S2018 E04
Unpopular Batman Opinions!
S2018 E05
4 Times Deadpool ACTUALLY Died!
S2018 E06
The WORST '90s Comic Costumes!
S2018 E07
Secrets of the Infinity Stones: What They Are & How They Work!
S2018 E08
Why Miles Morales is Loved and Riri Williams is Hated
S2018 E09
DC Comics Grim Reapers Explained!
S2018 E10
How Superman Shaves & Cuts His Hair!
S2018 E11
History of Japanese Spider-Man! (Supaidāman)
S2018 E12
Why Iceman Being Gay Kind of Works!
S2018 E13
Complete History of the Iron Spider Suit!
S2018 E14
Marvel's Darkforce and Lightforce Explained!
S2018 E15
10 Superman RIP OFFS!
S2018 E16
How to Start Reading Marvel/DC Comics!
S2018 E17
Deadpool is LGBT?!
S2018 E18
Theory: Can The Flash Phase Through Vibranium?
S2018 E19
Theory: Can The Flash Outrun the Infinity Gauntlet?
S2018 E20
What Does Poison Ivy Even Eat?!
S2018 E21
What is Bat Burger?!
S2018 E22
What's the Deal With Arcade, Marvel's Riddler?
S2018 E23
The Batman and X-Men Weddings Bother Me
S2018 E24
Cyclops' Punch Dimension Explained!
S2018 E25
Problems With the Comic Book Industry
S2018 E26
Was There a Symbiote in Thor Ragnarok?
S2018 E27
How The Avengers Teaches Creation Myths
S2018 E28
So How Is DC's New Streaming Service?
S2018 E29
Does YouTuber Themed Manga Work?
S2018 E30
Psylocke's Weird History and Character Tweaks
S2018 E31
History of Gorr: The God Butcher
S2018 E32
The Philosophy of Sidekicks, What Even ARE They?
S2018 E33
The Death of the Titans Hurts Me as a Fan
S2018 E34
The BEST Elseworlds Books
S2018 E35
Aunt May's Surprisingly Huge Love Life
S2018 E36
The Sonic Reboot is Actually Good?
S2018 E37
History of Spider-Ham
S2018 E38
The Green Lantern Story DC Wanted You to Forget About
S2018 E39
Stuff People Get WRONG About Batman!
S2018 E40
What if Jason Todd Lived?
Season 2019
S2019 E01
The BEST Marvel Comics of 2018!
S2019 E02
The BEST DC Comics of 2018!
S2019 E03
Would the Punisher Back the Blue?
S2019 E04
Can RWBY and gen:LOCK Save DC Comics?
S2019 E05
When Batman Was a Caveman
S2019 E06
Is Elsa an Omega Level Mutant?
S2019 E07
The PROBLEMS With Riri Williams vs. Miles Morales
S2019 E08
Pre-Disney Big Hero 6 Was Weird
S2019 E09
The WORST Superman Costumes!
S2019 E10
The Bionicle Comics Were Weird
S2019 E11
Why Did Bowsette Get So Popular?
S2019 E12
One of DC's STRONGEST Weapons is a Phone Dial?!
S2019 E13
The Teen Titans Drug and Cookie War
S2019 E14
Who is the Fastest Flash Villain?
S2019 E15
The Secrets of Spider-Man's Web-Shooters
S2019 E16
Surprising Marvel Comics Hookups! (Pt. 2)
S2019 E17
The Captain Britain Controversy!
S2019 E18
The BADASS History of Iron Fist!
S2019 E19
Batman's STRONGEST Armors!
S2019 E20
Patsy Walker is Weird! (Hellcat)
S2019 E21
The MOST POWERFUL Realm in the Marvel Multiverse!
S2019 E22
The Female Thor Controversy!
S2019 E23
"Female Thor Flopped" DEBUNKED!
S2019 E24
The Flash's OTHER Forces
S2019 E25
The GOD Avengers Explained (League of Realms)
S2019 E26
ISSUES With the Comic Industry!
S2019 E27
ALL of Spider-Man's Girlfriends!
S2019 E28
We Found the LOST Venom Suit!
S2019 E29
Wolverine's STRONGEST Weapon
S2019 E30
Top 10 Uncle Ben Deaths
S2019 E31
DC Comics' INSANE KFC Trilogy!
S2019 E32
The Problem With Gwenpool
S2019 E33
Captain America Was a Werewolf?!
S2019 E34
RWBY / DC Comics Fan Art Theft Controversy!
S2019 E35
Scooby Apocalypse Was Weird
S2019 E36
History of Groot!
S2019 E37
Can You Live Entirely Off of Marvel Merchandise?
S2019 E38
Debunking Flashpoint!
S2019 E39
EVERY DC Comics Crisis Explained!
S2019 E40
How the Internet Made Deadpool
S2019 E41
DC Comics' Santa is Weird
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Reading Comics on a Budget
S2020 E02
We Were WRONG About Gwenpool!
S2020 E03
Finding the MOST POWERFUL DC Entity!
S2020 E04
Kite Man: How Batman's DUMBEST Villain Was Redeemed!
S2020 E05
EVERY Job That Spider-Man Has EVER Worked!
S2020 E06
Death Note Sequel & What it Could Mean for the Future
S2020 E07
Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy LGBT Controversy!
S2020 E08
Who is THE BEST Harley Quinn?
S2020 E09
Marvel's OFFICIAL Pope Comic: The Weird History
S2020 E10
How Evil Iron Man Took Over!
S2020 E11
Can You Live Entirely Off Spider-Man Merchandise?
S2020 E12
Safespace and Snowflake are Insulting, Not Inclusive
S2020 E13
Storytelling in Comic Video Games vs. Comic Books
S2020 E14
The Spider-Man Sushi Roll Conspiracy
S2020 E15
The DC Vs Marvel Crossover Was Weird
S2020 E16
How Inhumans Became the BIGGEST FLOP of the MCU!
S2020 E17
The Power Rangers Comic is Weird...
S2020 E18
Luke Cage, Hoodies, and Black Lives Matter
S2020 E19
How Power Rangers Was Shattered!
S2020 E20
Why Thanos is a Total Simp
S2020 E21
The Dark Fall of Harley Quinn!
S2020 E22
Avatar's Most Overlooked Lore!
S2020 E23
One X-Cellent Scene - Magneto's PERFECT Introduction!
S2020 E24
The Endless: DC's MOST POWERFUL Family!
S2020 E25
How Avatar Tackles Cultural Appropriation
S2020 E26
Why I'm Bored of High School Spider-Man
S2020 E27
Fortnite's Marvel Crossover Broke Me...
S2020 E28
EVERY Iron Man Suit NOT For Tony Stark!
S2020 E29
The Struggles of Running a Comic Shop in 2020
S2020 E30
The REAL Point of Black Panther
Season 2021
S2021 E01
Vision: Uncanny Marvel Creepiness [WandaVision]
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