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Marble Machine X

Marble Machine X

2017 - Now  •  12:00 PM on YouTube  •  139 episodes
0 vote
Documentary, Home and Garden
Series of videos following Wintergatan's Martin Molin as he, and a variety of skilled collaborators, make Martin's original Marble Machine a fully functional musical instrument.
  Previously Aired Episode
Testing the Marble Module & Introducing the MMX CAD Team! - Marble Machine X #139 Aired on 08/26/2020
Testing the Marble Module & Introducing the MMX CAD Team! - Marble Machine X #139
Season 2020: Episode 28
Season 2017 2018 2019 2020
Season 2017
S2017 E01
First Sketches - Marble Machine X #1
S2017 E02
S2017 E03
Revisiting the First Machine
S2017 E04
How to hit Bass strings with Marbles
S2017 E05
3D Printed Drums
S2017 E06
Testing 3D Printed Drums
S2017 E07
3 Days in Provence
S2017 E08
Using a CNC Machine
S2017 E09
MMX VS The First Marble Machine
S2017 E10
Moving to a New Workshop!
S2017 E11
Welding the Steel Frame - Marble Machine X Goes Metal
S2017 E12
Plywood Gears
S2017 E13
Lifting Marbles With Magnets
S2017 E14
Programming Wheel Skeleton
S2017 E15
Marble Tracks
S2017 E16
158 Plywood Parts
S2017 E17
Trigger Mechanism
S2017 E18
I Moved to France!
S2017 E19
Programming Wheel Skeleton
Season 2018
S2018 E20
Making a Lazy Susan Turntable
S2018 E21
Marble Divider
S2018 E22
Dream Workshop Build
S2018 E23
Marble Demagnetizer - it's Mechanical!
S2018 E24
Plywood Gears with Precision
S2018 E25
Magnet "Midi" Music System
S2018 E26
Rhythm Machine and 5 Other New Features
S2018 E27
Darth Marius Returns
S2018 E28
Divide by 8 Marble Divider
S2018 E29
Fish Stair Evolution
S2018 E30
Spring Tension Beam CAD
S2018 E31
Is Fusion 360 Unable to Handle Large Assemblies?
S2018 E32
Ratchet Marble Lifting System
S2018 E33
Conveyor Belt Marble Lift
S2018 E34
3D Printed Marble Lift
S2018 E35
3D Printer Calibration
S2018 E36
Making the Planetary Gears
S2018 E37
CNC Plasma Cut Magnet Levers
S2018 E38
TIG Welding for the First Time
S2018 E39
Marble Demagnetizer 2
S2018 E40
Marble Divider FAIL
S2018 E41
Muting System Assembly
S2018 E42
Do you want to Make This Part for The Marble Machine X?
S2018 E43
It's been a journey but we're now on our Way
S2018 E44
Bistable Mechanism
S2018 E45
Marble Divider SUCCESS
S2018 E46
S2018 E47
Top Metal Frame Assembly
S2018 E48
S2018 E49
Making a Crank Handle without a Lathe
S2018 E50
Workshop Tour with the Build Team
S2018 E51
Muting Levers & 23 other new parts
S2018 E52
Dropping the Ball - PRECISELY
S2018 E53
Marble Divider Completion
S2018 E54
Do You want to help me finish the Marble Machine X?
S2018 E55
Testing the Mechanical Rhythm Machine
S2018 E56
Designing New Parts in Fusion 360
S2018 E57
How to Organize Your Project with a PBS System
S2018 E58
Marble Gear Lift Entrance
S2018 E59
Making the Music Programming Plates
S2018 E60
Magnet Polarity Switch
S2018 E61
Marble Conveyor Belt 2.0
Season 2019
S2019 E62
Marble Demagnetizer V3
S2019 E63
The Marble Machine X Engineering Team 2019
S2019 E64
Vibraphone Movement Test
S2019 E65
Music Programming Plates Part 3
S2019 E66
Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole
S2019 E67
S2019 E68
Marble Divider Transport Tracks
S2019 E69
Marble Release Pivot Arms
S2019 E70
Instrument Dummy Assembly
S2019 E71
Making the Drum Bodies
S2019 E72
Cross Bracing
S2019 E73
Sizzle Cymbal Soundcheck
S2019 E74
Kick Drum Soundcheck
S2019 E75
Tig Welding Marathon
S2019 E76
Simple way to Make Complex Shapes on CNC
S2019 E77
Testing the Music Timing Clutch
S2019 E78
Marble Conveyor Belt Completed!
S2019 E79
How To Bend Acrylic Pipe PERFECTLY
S2019 E80
Snare Drum Experiments
S2019 E81
Treadle Pedal Completed
S2019 E82
Kinetic Fingers Prototype
S2019 E83
Instrument Support Assembly
S2019 E84
Tweaks & FixesTweaks & Fixes
S2019 E85
Marble Loop Completed
S2019 E86
Marble Machine X Plays Drums!
S2019 E87
Marble Funnel Design Test
S2019 E88
Vibraphone Design Test 1
S2019 E89
38 Is a Magic Number
S2019 E90
Flywheel Torque Limiter
S2019 E91
Marble Gates Design
S2019 E92
One Day Build: Cymbal Hitter/Damper
S2019 E93
Vibraphone Bar Holders
S2019 E94
Vibraphone Sustain Control
S2019 E95
Liquid Latex - Vibraphone Sound Fix
S2019 E96
Vibraphone Experiments / Microphone Types
S2019 E97
Polishing 3D Printed Metal
S2019 E98
Cymbal Marble Drop
S2019 E99
Vibraphone Marble Drops
S2019 E100
CNC Machining Plywood Parts
S2019 E101
Music Harmonics Jig (To Hit The Sweetspots)
S2019 E102
My Best Design Yet
S2019 E103
Vibraphone Height Adjustment
S2019 E104
Vibrato Experiments
S2019 E105
La valse d'Amelie - Vibraphone Test Melody
S2019 E106
My Dream Snare Drum Sound
S2019 E107
Rhythm Machine Experiments
S2019 E108
I Made a Hi-Hat Machine - Will it Work?
S2019 E109
Custom Bass Guitar
S2019 E110
How To Hit Bass Strings With Marbles
S2019 E111
Ondophone - A New Music Instrument
Season 2020
S2020 E01
How the Muting System Works - Marble Machine X #112
S2020 E02
New parts New workbench New start - Marble Machine X #113
S2020 E03
Electric Motor? - Marble Machine X #114
S2020 E04
Playing Tight Music? - Marble Machine X #115
S2020 E05
Marble Catcher! - Marble Machine X #116
S2020 E06
Playing the CYBER BASS
S2020 E07
Marble Race on the Marble Machine X! Who will Win?
S2020 E08
Acoustic Panels from Plywood Scraps - Music Studio Build
S2020 E09
Cyber Bass Marble Drops
S2020 E10
Cyber Funnel
S2020 E11
Learning How To Focus and Achieve My Goals
S2020 E12
Vibraphone Funnels Completed
S2020 E13
S2020 E14
Engaging the Wintergatan Community
S2020 E15
109 Things To Do
S2020 E16
Music Studio Acoustic Measurements - Marble Machine X Episode 127
S2020 E17
Building My Dream Music Studio - Step 1 of 3 - Marble Machine X Episode 1...
S2020 E18
Saving the Marble Funnels with Rubber Coating? - Marble Machine X Episode...
S2020 E19
Marble Conveyor Belt Repair - Marble Machine X #130
S2020 E20
Marble Demagnetizer 2.0 and More! - Marble Machine X #131
S2020 E21
Marble Tracks Completed! - Marble Machine X #132
S2020 E22
28 Audio Channels in One Cable! - Marble Machine X #133
S2020 E23
Feels Like Home - Marble Machine X #134
S2020 E24
Candy Dip for Marble Funnels - Marble Machine X135
S2020 E25
Marble Divider Redesign? - Marble Machine X #136
S2020 E26
Cyber Bass with Rubber Wheels! - Marble Machine X #137
S2020 E27
Hi-Hat Machine End Stops and More - Marble Machine X #138
S2020 E28
Testing the Marble Module & Introducing the MMX CAD Team! - Marble Machin...
Episode 1
Self-Playing Banjo?! - Marble Machine X Inspiration
Episode 2
Channel Update - 2020 Plans for Wintergatan Wednesdays & Marble Machine X
Episode 3
Channel Update: The Plan for Completion of the Marble Machine X and Trans...
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