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Dave's World

Dave's World

1993 - 1997  •  CBS  •  40 hours  •  4 seasons  •  98 episodes
1 vote
793 votes
# 11899
Comedy, Family
Dave Barry, a Pulitzer prize winning columnist is dealing with his life in the suburbs together with his wife and two sons. Also starring in the series are Dave's amazingly stupid next door neighbors Eric and Mia and Dave's two close friends: Kenny and Shel.
  Previously Aired Episode
The Creeping Peril Aired on 06/27/1997
The Creeping Peril
Season 4: Episode 24
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
98 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4
Season 1
S01 E01
S01 E02
The Insecurity System
S01 E03
Martian Death Flu
S01 E04
The Anniversary Schmaltz
S01 E05
The Great Mandala of Life
S01 E06
I Sort of Saw What You Did
S01 E07
It's a Small Van After All
S01 E08
S01 E09
Writer's Block
S01 E10
Educating Rita
S01 E11
Death and Mom Take a Holiday
S01 E12
Exorcising with Dave Barry
S01 E13
I Saw Mommy Kicking Santa Claus (1)
S01 E14
I Saw Mommy Kicking Santa Claus (2)
S01 E15
Just Kidding
S01 E16
The Road Taken
S01 E17
Shel in Love
S01 E18
Four Characters in Search of a Ring
S01 E19
Lost Weekend
S01 E20
Rat Story
S01 E21
Six Years Old and All Washed Up
S01 E22
The Funeral (a.k.a.) Funeral Episodes
S01 E23
Saved By Estelle
Season 2
S02 E01
I Lost It at the Movies
S02 E02
The Last Auction Hero
S02 E03
A Room With a View
S02 E04
Please Won't You Be My Neighbor
S02 E05
You Can't Always Get What You Want
S02 E06
Gone with the Wind (1)
S02 E07
Gone with the Wind (2)
S02 E08
Lobster Envy
S02 E09
Family Membership
S02 E10
One Mump or Two?
S02 E11
The Donor Party
S02 E12
How Long Has This Been Going On?
S02 E13
Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
S02 E14
Dis Who's Coming to Dinner?
S02 E15
A Pool's Paradise
S02 E16
Bear With Me
S02 E17
A Cut Above the Rest
S02 E18
The Country Girl
S02 E19
The Accidental Tourists
S02 E20
The Joint Venture
S02 E21
Those Wedding Shel Blues
S02 E22
Nightmare on Maple Street
S02 E23
The Mommies
S02 E24
Piano, No Strings
S02 E25
Tommy Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Season 3
S03 E01
Cleanliness is Next to Nakedness
S03 E02
It's Not About That...
S03 E03
You Must(ang) Remember This
S03 E04
What the Early Bird Gets
S03 E05
Do the Write Thing
S03 E06
Death of a Saleswoman
S03 E07
Writing Wrongs
S03 E08
Catch of the Day
S03 E09
Health Hath No Fury
S03 E10
Leave a Mystery at the Beep
S03 E11
The Green-Eyed Monster
S03 E12
Working Stiffs
S03 E13
Pardon My Nuptuals
S03 E14
Gator Bait
S03 E15
Those Who Do Be Do Be Do
S03 E16
S03 E17
Loves Me Like a Rock
S03 E18
Nuts and Bolts
S03 E19
My Girl
S03 E20
Stayin' Alive
S03 E21
Do You Want to Know a Secret?
S03 E22
Double Fault
S03 E23
Don't Blame Me
S03 E24
The Good Doctor
S03 E25
L.A. Times
S03 E26
It's Not About That, Either
Season 4
S04 E01
Based on a True Story
S04 E02
S04 E03
Missed Manners
S04 E04
Crime and Coconuts
S04 E05
Miami Beached
S04 E06
Daveberry, RFD
S04 E07
A Very Barry Pumpkin Show
S04 E08
S04 E09
S04 E10
Starr Tours
S04 E11
The Importance of Missing Earnest
S04 E12
Does the Whale Have to Be White?
S04 E13
Playdate With a Playmate
S04 E14
Spontaneous Combustion
S04 E15
Dave Barry, Call Your Agent
S04 E16
Touched By an Agent
S04 E17
Bad News Barry's
S04 E18
Liar's Poker
S04 E19
Testing . . . Testing . . .
S04 E20
Tropical Depression
S04 E21
Oh Dad, Poor Dad
S04 E22
A Woman of Independent Seams
S04 E23
Let Simmer, Then Grill
S04 E24
The Creeping Peril
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