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How to Adult

How to Adult

2014 - 2014   •  YouTube
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We're an edutainment channel dedicated to teaching everything you need to know as an adult that school never taught you.
  Previously Aired Episode
How to Say Goodbye Aired on 04/11/2018
How to Say Goodbye
Season 2018: Episode 15
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Series ended
150 episodes total
Season 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Season 2014
S2014 E01
Welcome to How to Adult!
S2014 E02
How to Ask Someone Out On a Date
S2014 E03
How to Make New Friends As an Adult
S2014 E04
Q&A #1: Advice on Roommates, Landlords, Love, and Jennifer Lawrence
S2014 E05
How to Do Your Taxes EXPLAINED!
S2014 E06
More of Your Taxes Explained (with Hank Green)!
S2014 E07
Recommended Reads for Surviving Adulthood
S2014 E08
How to Do Laundry
S2014 E09
How to Make a Kitchen from Scratch
S2014 E10
How to Cook Spaghetti
S2014 E11
How to Write a Resumé (...Like a Wizard)!
S2014 E12
20 Tips to Ace Any Job Interview!
S2014 E13
6 Surprising Tips for Getting a Job Promotion (ft. Hank Green)!
S2014 E14
Living at Home? 6 Simple Ways to Make It AWESOME!
S2014 E15
3 Ways to Make Your Internship or Summer Job CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
S2014 E16
The 7 Habits of Highly Happy Roommates!
S2014 E17
How to Adult BLOOPERS!
S2014 E18
Q&A #2: Advice on Doctors, Break-Ups, and Ice Cream Breakfasts!
S2014 E19
5 Crazy Simple Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done!
S2014 E20
4 YouTubers Share Their Best Adulthood Advice (ft. Rafi Fine, MinutePhysi...
S2014 E21
How to Tie a Tie, Kiss, Flirt, & More! (Top 10 Google "How To"s Explained...
S2014 E22
Dorm Life Essentials: What to Pack for College Dorms!
S2014 E23
6 Simple Steps to Opening a Bank Account!
S2014 E24
How to Drive a Manual Transmission!
S2014 E25
5 Life-Changing Ways to Get an Education Without Going Broke!
S2014 E26
To REALLY Save Money, Do These 5 Things (How to Save Money & Budget)!
S2014 E27
How to Get Your Dream Job (ft. Emily Graslie)!
S2014 E28
How to Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies (ft. Emily Graslie)!
S2014 E29
Renters Survival Guide: How to Find an Apartment/Flat (ft. Liam Dryden)!
S2014 E30
How to Start an Awesome Business (ft. Alan Lastufka)!
S2014 E31
What If Depression Followed You Online?
S2014 E32
How to Adult Bloopers #2!
S2014 E33
Master Your Cards in 4 Minutes: Debit Vs Credit EXPLAINED!
S2014 E34
10 Cheap & Easy Halloween LIFE HACKS!
S2014 E35
LET IT GO: 8 SIMPLE Ideas to Declutter & Organize Your Life!
S2014 E36
Cheap Flights, Packing Lists, & Suitcase Hacks: 21 ESSENTIAL Travel Tips!
S2014 E37
Secrets for Self-Confidence, Friendship, Homesickness, & OTPs: Q&A #3!
S2014 E38
S2014 E39
THAT'S IT, I QUIT: How to Quit Your Job!
S2014 E40
THE WORST ROOMMATE: P4A 2014 - Cancer Research Institute
S2014 E41
S2014 E42
9 Beautifully Simple Ways to Be More Grateful...and Happy
S2014 E43
To REALLY Keep Your New Year's Resolutions, Do These 6 Things!
Season 2015
S2015 E01
How to Get Published! (featuring Josh Sundquist!)
S2015 E02
How to Do ALL THE THINGS (ft. Hank Green)!
S2015 E03
The Number That Changes Your Life: CREDIT SCORES EXPLAINED!
S2015 E04
How to Write a Cover Letter!
S2015 E05
How to Tip!
S2015 E06
One Year of HOW TO ADULT!
S2015 E07
3 Secrets for BREAKING BAD Habits (& Making Awesome Ones)!
S2015 E08
S2015 E09
How to Beat Stress & Be a Pixar-Style Success: Q&A #4!
S2015 E10
10 Simple Tips to Be a Professional Networking Superstar!
S2015 E11
NO BAD APPLES: How to Select Fresh & Ripe Produce!
S2015 E12
8 Tips for Spring Cleaning & Getting Organized!
S2015 E13
On Being an Adult and Dealing with Identity (ft. Ashley Mardell!)
S2015 E14
Food Poisoning & Dead Batteries: Expiration Dates for Everything EXPLAINE...
S2015 E15
EVERYBODY SCREWS UP! :D (or, How to Blooper #3!)
S2015 E16
Don't Panic: A Message to Graduates
S2015 E17
Decisions, Decisions: How to Make Hard Choices! (ft. Dr. Lindsey Doe!)
S2015 E18
How to Break Up with Someone the RIGHT Way (ft. Dr. Lindsey Doe!)
S2015 E19
Make Adulthood Awesome: Become a How to Adult Patron!
S2015 E20
5 Steps to Surviving a Quarter-Life Crisis (ft. Caitlin Hofmeister!)
S2015 E21
3 Tips to Overcome Stress & Anxiety!
S2015 E22
How the Stock Market Works... EXPLAINED!
S2015 E23
How to Drink Alcohol (Responsibly), ft. Wheezy Waiter!
S2015 E24
How to Buy a Car!
S2015 E25
How YOU Can Vacation (Without Going Broke)!
S2015 E26
How Student Loans Work...EXPLAINED!
S2015 E27
How to Write Personal & Professional Thank You Notes!
S2015 E28
How to Learn New Skills Quickly (ft. Thomas Frank!)
S2015 E29
How to Decide What to Do With Your Life
S2015 E30
Impostor Syndrome & Clinging Parents: Q&A #5!
S2015 E31
Study Tips, Motivation, & Money: 9 College Hacks You Should Know!
S2015 E32
Stain Removal 101: How to Clean Common Stains
S2015 E33
Adulthood Survival Manuals: Great Books for Being a Grown-Up!
S2015 E34
5 Most TERRIFYING Myths About Adulthood
S2015 E35
Sexual Consent 101 (ft. Hannah Witton)
S2015 E36
Renting Vs. Homeownership: Which Is Better for YOU?
S2015 E37
3 Tips to Deal With Rejection (& Become Stronger Than Ever)
Season 2016
S2016 E01
7 Steps to Buying a House!
S2016 E02
Car Insurance Explained, & What to Do After a Car Accident!
S2016 E03
9 Essential Job Interview Tips - Job Interview Questions and Answers!
S2016 E04
10 Surprising Life Hacks to Save (and Make) You Money!
S2016 E05
7 Adulthood Myths You (Probably) Believe!
S2016 E06
11 Surprising Tax Deductions You Should Be Using!
S2016 E07
Making Money, Emergency Funds, & How to Stay Motivated: Q&A #6!
S2016 E08
How to Embrace Your Inner Child (ft. Jonathan Carlin)!
S2016 E09
5 Steps to REALLY Achieve Your Childhood Dreams!
S2016 E10
7 Food Hacks to Make Life Easier!
S2016 E11
HOW TO MAKE HILARIOUS MISTAKES! (or, How to Blooper #4!) :D
S2016 E12
6 Essential Job Hunting Tips!
S2016 E13
How to Use Your Social Media to Get a Job!
S2016 E14
12 Simple Steps to Change a Tire!
S2016 E15
Cats Vs Dogs, And Other Important Questions: Q&A #7!
S2016 E16
Emma & Mike Say Goodbye
Season 2017
S2017 E01
How to Adult Returns
S2017 E02
Starting a New Job!
S2017 E03
What You Need to Do Your Taxes
S2017 E04
NerdCon Nerdfighteria: Interviews About Community
S2017 E05
How to Make Coffee
S2017 E06
The Informational Interview: Researching a Career
S2017 E07
A Self-Care Action Plan
S2017 E08
How to Get Involved in Your Local Community
S2017 E09
Ways to Build Better Body Image with Social Media
S2017 E10
How to Meditate
S2017 E11
How to Meal Plan
S2017 E12
Wedding Showers and Bachelor/ette Parties Explained
S2017 E13
How to Choose Wine
S2017 E14
Cooking Glossary
S2017 E15
6 Tactics to Combat Work Stress
S2017 E16
How To Clean a Car's Interior
S2017 E17
Beer Quiz Show: A Primer on Beer Styles
S2017 E18
Car Maintenance Pt. 1: Before You Pop the Hood
S2017 E19
11 Tips Before You Get a Tattoo
S2017 E20
How to Host a Party!
S2017 E21
Pregnancy & Healthcare: Interview with a Midwife
S2017 E22
Car Maintenance Part 2: Under the Hood
S2017 E23
How to (Gracefully) Say No
S2017 E24
How to Speak or Interact with Children
S2017 E25
How to Choose a Doctor (in the U.S.)
S2017 E26
How to Effectively Run a Meeting
S2017 E27
How to Be More Confident
S2017 E28
Health Insurance Terms You Need to Know (in the U.S.)
S2017 E29
How to Wake Up Early
S2017 E30
How to Library
S2017 E31
Halloween: Choose Your Own Adventure
S2017 E32
6 Steps to Freelancing Like a Boss
S2017 E33
How to Save on Heating Costs
S2017 E34
Grief and the Death of a Loved One
S2017 E35
How to Mail a Thank You Card
S2017 E36
How to Use a Fire Extinguisher
S2017 E37
A Conversation About Budgeting ft. The Financial Diet
S2017 E38
How to Tie a Necktie
S2017 E39
How to Winter Holiday on a Budget
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Debt Pt. 1: A Primer on Borrowing Money
S2018 E02
Debt Pt. 2: Paying It Back
S2018 E03
5 Things to Know when you Turn 18
S2018 E04
Healthcare Q&A Ft. Dr. Aaron Carroll
S2018 E05
How to Journal
S2018 E06
How to Use Public Transportation
S2018 E07
Communicating in a Romantic Relationship Ft. Stevie Boebi
S2018 E08
How to Seek Therapy
S2018 E09
6 Tips on Remembering to Do Things!
S2018 E10
How to Slow Cooker
S2018 E11
How to Unclog a Toilet
S2018 E12
How to Clean a Car's Exterior
S2018 E13
How to Take Care of Yourself When You're Sick
S2018 E14
How to Install Drivers
S2018 E15
How to Say Goodbye
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