Teen Wolf
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2018 - Now  •  12:00 AM on Adult Swim
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Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
A series of shorts from a wide variety of creators.
  Previously Aired Episode
Providence 2201 Aired on 06/11/2021
Providence 2201
Season 2021: Episode 39
Season 2018 2019 2020 2021
Season 2018
S2018 E01
When You Die
S2018 E02
Mischief (1): Stranger Danger
S2018 E03
Important Songs (1): Seagulls
S2018 E04
Clown Core (1): Scheduled Diarrhea
S2018 E05
Clown Core (2): Witch Pussy
S2018 E06
Clown Core (3): Toilet
S2018 E07
Algorithm (1): Ear Wind
S2018 E08
Pawn (1): Instant Delivery
S2018 E09
Thought Diary (1): Cactus
S2018 E10
Star Boat (1): Incoming Teleportation
S2018 E11
Clown Core (4): Hell
S2018 E12
Thought Diary (2): Caterpillar
S2018 E13
Pawn (2): Threedee
S2018 E14
Star Boat (2): Alien King
S2018 E15
Star Boat (3): Essence
S2018 E16
Algorithm (2): Dog Autographs
S2018 E17
Jamir at Home (1): Dog
S2018 E18
Mischief (2): A Christmas Stalking
S2018 E19
Thought Diary (3): Brushing Duel
S2018 E20
Shapes 01
S2018 E21
Thought Diary (4): Benches
S2018 E22
Mask Dog
S2018 E23
S2018 E24
Mischief (3): Open Wide Up
S2018 E25
First Person Salad
S2018 E26
Wishing Apple
S2018 E27
Star Boat (4): Therapy
S2018 E28
Freeway (1): Accident
S2018 E29
Desperation (1): A Time to Kill
S2018 E30
Jamir at Home (2): Cheese
S2018 E31
Domo (1): Domo is Late for Work
S2018 E32
Dr. Pat (1)
S2018 E33
Important Songs (2): Brush Your Teeth
S2018 E34
Domo (2): Domo is Smoked
S2018 E35
Freeway (2): Hey
S2018 E36
Freeway (3): Fresh Air
S2018 E37
Star Boat (5): Babysitting
S2018 E38
What Matters
S2018 E39
My Best Friend (1): Ends
S2018 E40
Jamir at Home (3): Bugs
S2018 E41
Success (1): Job Interview
S2018 E42
My Best Friend (2): Rewinds
S2018 E43
Star Boat (6): Fired
S2018 E44
Thought Diary (5): Shampoo
S2018 E45
Cool 3D World (1): Spurt (Pilot)
S2018 E46
Star Boat (7): VR Sandwich
S2018 E47
May I please enter (Pilot)
S2018 E48
Success (2): Team Building
S2018 E49
Success (3): Public Speaking
S2018 E50
Clown Core (5): Google your Own Death
S2018 E51
Pawn (3): Promise the Moon
S2018 E52
Pawn (4): Those Gorgeous Doors
S2018 E53
My Best Friend (3): Explodes
S2018 E54
Thought Diary (6): Video Game
S2018 E55
Star Boat (8): Star Date
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Shop - A Pop Opera (1): Coffee
S2019 E02
Shop - A Pop Opera (2): Paper Towels
S2019 E03
Shop - A Pop Opera (3): Oatmeal
S2019 E04
Keyword Dumb
S2019 E05
Shop - A Pop Opera (4): Bread
S2019 E06
Cool 3D World (2): Beetle Belly
S2019 E07
Gunno, Hit 01: The Candidate
S2019 E08
Jamir at Home (4): Cereal
S2019 E09
Shop - A Pop Opera (5): Milk
S2019 E10
Shop - A Pop Opera (6): Cheese
S2019 E11
Spooky Dreams (1): Mixtape
S2019 E12
Jonathan Pillows (1): Plant Funeral
S2019 E13
Jonathan Pillows (2): Dollar Store
S2019 E14
Quartet (1): Places, everyone
S2019 E15
Space Man (1): The Trick
S2019 E16
Space Man (2): The Button
S2019 E17
Quartet (2): Intermission
S2019 E18
S2019 E19
Important Songs (3): Browsing for Swords
S2019 E20
Spooky Dreams (2): Dream Gurl
S2019 E21
Scooting Song
S2019 E22
Success (4): The Office
S2019 E23
Important Songs (4): Stock Man
S2019 E24
Jamir at Home (5): Finger Puppets
S2019 E25
Jonathan Pillows (3): Paper Towels
S2019 E26
Mr. Madila (1): Death
S2019 E27
A Peek of the Nightmare (A)
S2019 E28
A Peek of the Nightmare (B)
S2019 E29
A Peek of the Nightmare (C)
S2019 E30
Dr. Pat (2): Ben Franklin
S2019 E31
Important Songs (5): Raw Chicken
S2019 E32
Mr. Madila (2): Love
S2019 E33
Jamir at Home (6): Gum
S2019 E34
Jamir at Home (7): Toilet
S2019 E35
Jamir at Home (8): Baby
S2019 E36
Mischief (4): A Striking Ball
S2019 E37
Thought Diary (7): Letter to God
S2019 E38
Jamir at Home (9): Bump
S2019 E39
Jonathan Pillows (4): Frog Advice
S2019 E40
Thought Diary (8): Human Compost
S2019 E41
S2019 E42
Inertstitials: Crust
S2019 E43
Whenever (1): Harvest
S2019 E44
Robo Shinto
S2019 E45
Star Boat (9): Meat Hole (Pilot)
S2019 E46
Whenever (2): Pestilence
S2019 E47
Whenever (3): War
S2019 E48
Thought Diary (9): Enjoying Stuff
S2019 E49
Man's Best Friend
S2019 E50
Current Mood (1): Peas on a Plate
S2019 E51
Cooking (1)
S2019 E52
S2019 E53
Cockroach Carnival
S2019 E54
Spooky Dreams (3): Wake Up
S2019 E55
Spooky Dreams (4): Pretty
S2019 E56
Current Mood (2): Anger
S2019 E57
Casino of Earthly Delights (1)
S2019 E58
Current Mood (3): Doing What I Should Be Doing
S2019 E59
1 Minute Academy
S2019 E60
Domo (3): Is Put in the Mail
S2019 E61
Spooky Dreams (5): Datenight
S2019 E62
S2019 E63
Use Cups
S2019 E64
Domo (4): Dreams of Ocean
S2019 E65
Metolius (1): 3D House
S2019 E66
Shoosh & Hammy
S2019 E67
Metolius (2): Sick Horse
S2019 E68
S2019 E69
Wally Winter: Firewood
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Current Mood (4): Grey Spot
S2020 E02
Quartet (3): Prodigy
S2020 E03
Quartet (4): Motel
S2020 E04
Casino of Earthly Delights (2): The Buford Lounge
S2020 E05
Current Mood (5): Invisible Fence
S2020 E06
Current Mood (6): Giving Up is Good
S2020 E07
Work (1): New Hire
S2020 E08
Fart Spangled
S2020 E09
Work (2): The Hook
S2020 E10
Work (3): Retirement
S2020 E11
Cool 3D World (3): Track 1 Ver 2
S2020 E12
S2020 E13
S2020 E14
S2020 E15
Ice Cubes (1)
S2020 E16
S2020 E17
Thought Diary (10): No Fomo
S2020 E18
Space Man (3): Previously on
S2020 E19
Space Man (4): The Cloud
S2020 E20
Space Man (5): The Hat
S2020 E21
Space Man (6): The Cupboard
S2020 E22
Space Man (7): The Song
S2020 E23
Space Man (8): Pilot
S2020 E24
Stock Pile (1): Stake Out
S2020 E25
Cat Chow Face
S2020 E26
S2020 E27
Stock Pile (2): Doctors
S2020 E28
Spooky Dreams (6): Math
S2020 E29
Spooky Dreams (7): Pilot
S2020 E30
Use: Tantrum
S2020 E31
Cooking (2)
S2020 E32
Metolius (3): How to make a Brother
S2020 E33
Thought Diary (11): Be Tahini
S2020 E34
Metolius (4): Boil
S2020 E35
Bacteria Town
S2020 E36
Stock Pile (3): Date Night
S2020 E37
Swams (1)
S2020 E38
Zim Zam (1): Road
S2020 E39
How I Got Applauded
S2020 E40
Zim Zam (2): Farmer
S2020 E41
S2020 E42
Zim Zam (3): Church
S2020 E43
S2020 E44
Domo (5): Sings
S2020 E45
What Codec Should I Use?
S2020 E46
Like A Rabbit
S2020 E47
Luxury (1): Food
S2020 E48
A Night at the Orca-stra
S2020 E49
Luxury (2): Cars & Boats
S2020 E50
Grilled Cheese
S2020 E51
Luxury (3): Dogs
S2020 E52
Lucky Feet
S2020 E53
Sticky Jingles (1): Funny
S2020 E54
The Non-Essentials (1): Sorting
S2020 E55
The Non-Essentials (2): Grillin'
S2020 E56
The Non-Essentials (3): Croissant
S2020 E57
Sticky Jingles (2): Bubble Gum
S2020 E58
The Non-Essentials (4): Mushroom
S2020 E59
Thought Diary (12): Perfection
S2020 E60
The Non-Essentials (5): Dog
S2020 E61
Turtling Bones
S2020 E62
Metolius (5): How to Relink Footage
S2020 E63
I Ride My Bike when the Air is Crispy
S2020 E64
Spooky Dreams (8): Prank
S2020 E65
S2020 E66
S2020 E67
The Non-Essentials (6): Zoom
S2020 E68
Five Seven Five
S2020 E69
The Non-Essentials (7): Dad
S2020 E70
S2020 E71
The Non-Essentials (8): Haircut
S2020 E72
S2020 E73
The Non-Essentials (9): Sourdough
S2020 E74
Chunky Chunk
S2020 E75
S2020 E76
The Non-Essentials (10): Birthday
S2020 E77
S2020 E78
Ember's Etiquette (1): Shaking Hands
S2020 E79
Stock Pile (4): M₵ Taxe$$$
S2020 E80
Ember's Etiquette (2): Getting Dressed
S2020 E81
Swams (2)
S2020 E82
Ember's Etiquette (3): Table Manners
S2020 E83
X-Mas is cancelled
S2020 E84
The Fae
S2020 E85
We are the future
Season 2021
S2021 E01
Domo (6): Gets a Tatoo
S2021 E02
Bobo the Monkey
S2021 E03
Tucker: Takes a walk
S2021 E04
S2021 E05
Villa Fiori
S2021 E06
Current Mood (7): Nature
S2021 E07
Ice Cubes (2)
S2021 E08
Current Mood (8): Chairs
S2021 E09
S2021 E10
Wally Winter (2): The Race
S2021 E11
Inside Voices (1): Shelf Life
S2021 E12
Inside Voices (2): Blow-out
S2021 E13
Big Crunch
S2021 E14
Inside Voices (3): Blander
S2021 E15
Spooky Dreams (9): Candimane
S2021 E16
Stock Pile (5): Banana
S2021 E17
Paper People
S2021 E18
Current Mood (9): Birthdays
S2021 E19
Lithium (1): Art Project
S2021 E20
Lithium (2): Skate Park
S2021 E21
Lithium (3): School Bus
S2021 E22
Small Talk
S2021 E23
Baby Dad (1): Bathtime
S2021 E24
Baby Dad (2): Breakfast
S2021 E25
Baby Dad (3): Playdate
S2021 E26
Dress is my Shirt
S2021 E27
Virtual Prison
S2021 E28
Message in a Bottle
S2021 E29
Dance Away the Pain
S2021 E30
Metolius (6): Virtual Babysitter
S2021 E31
Planet Space Man (1): The Nothing
S2021 E32
Planet Space Man (2): The Something
S2021 E33
Planet Space Man (3): The Planet
S2021 E34
March of the Ding Dings
S2021 E35
Stock Pile (6): Office Talk
S2021 E36
Catering but Jacuzzi
S2021 E37
Swipe Together
S2021 E38
Space Man Saga
S2021 E39
Providence 2201
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