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AH Animated

AH Animated

2016 - Now  •  12:00 AM on Rooster Teeth  •  7 seasons  •  227 episodes
1 vote
Your favorite Achievement Hunter moments assorted into a two-dimensional format, somewhat like a cartoon. An animation if you will.
  Previously Aired Episode
Your Performance Review, but Your Boss is the Lich King Aired on 04/26/2023
Your Performance Review, but Your Boss is the Lich King
Season 7: Episode 3
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Season 1
S01 E01
Gavin Explains "The Star War"
S01 E02
Popping Hydrants
S01 E03
Mountain Monsters
S01 E04
Choose Your Pokémon
S01 E05
Bread Leg Toaster
S01 E06
Compass Problems
S01 E07
Aladdin's Chopping Wood
S01 E08
Gavin Gets Robbed
S01 E09
Jeremy's Secret Room
S01 E10
Ryan's Culling Trolling
S01 E11
A Ruthless Killer
S01 E12
Our Nugs Combined
S01 E13
The Animal Lover
S01 E14
Ryan the Fish n' Chips man
S01 E15
Jeremy Does A Magic
S01 E16
Geoff Kills Mike
S01 E17
The Salt Raid
S01 E18
What's a FUPA?
S01 E19
Gavin's Tiny Squirtle
S01 E20
Gavin's Pathetic Death
S01 E21
Secret Santa Jones
S01 E22
Michael Makes a Munchdew
Season 2
S02 E01
Geoff Gets Warped
S02 E02
Ryan the Fire Guy
S02 E03
The Garbo Family
S02 E04
Michael Marries Gavin
S02 E05
Jack's Pirate Parking System
S02 E06
Horror Movie Michael
S02 E07
Serial Killossus
S02 E08
"Pirate" Geoff
S02 E09
The Golf Ball Swap
S02 E10
Lindsay Wins, Right?
S02 E11
Resurrecting Brandeen
S02 E12
The Gang Does a Mario
S02 E13
Blue Shell Salad
S02 E14
Totally Accurate Indy Wall
S02 E15
Seedy Shenanigans
S02 E16
The Lava Pit Termination
S02 E17
Garboman Man
S02 E18
The Rimmy Tim Sheep
S02 E19
The Shark Mage
S02 E20
The Elusive Yeti
S02 E21
Alfredo Enters The Nether
S02 E22
Weekend at Gavvie's
S02 E23
FUPA 2: Electric FUPA-Loo
S02 E24
Harry Potter Pedantry
S02 E25
Peter Parker's Secret
S02 E26
Super Bunny Manimated
Season 3
S03 E01
Pimping 101
S03 E02
The Judgy Thieves
S03 E03
Gambling With Gerki
S03 E04
The Elements of Sucking
S03 E05
Ryan's Missile Misfire
S03 E06
Mini-Matt's Resurrection
S03 E07
The Angsty Killers
S03 E08
The Death of Innocence
S03 E09
The Dark Zone Bully
S03 E10
We'll Be Right Back!
S03 E11
The Dynamic Detective Duo
S03 E12
The Belly Shovel
S03 E13
Sekiro: Chickens Bock Twice
S03 E14
Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie: The Animation
S03 E15
Gerki's Secret Poison
S03 E16
The Airport Security Freakout
S03 E17
I Choose You. MYATT!
S03 E18
Punchy Prankin'
S03 E19
Perfectly Normal British Conversation
S03 E20
Mike and Mike's First Mission
S03 E21
Deadpool, Bane and Cats!
S03 E22
My Better Neighbor Catbus
S03 E23
The Cow King: Circle of 2%
S03 E24
Just Shoot Me
S03 E25
I Am a Bananaman
S03 E26
Lies and Lollipops (Jackbox)
S03 E27
Undercover Raccoon (Off Topic)
S03 E28
Two Hands Geoff: Ghost Hunter
S03 E29
Who's The Henchman? (Let's Roll)
S03 E30
Out In the Grapes (GTA V)
S03 E31
What Does an Orca Sound Like? (GTA V)
S03 E32
The Most Bloodthirsty Coup Yet
S03 E33
Dorks Ruin Austin
S03 E34
Bootleg Chicken Sandwich
Season 4
S04 E01
Gavin Explains "The Star War" Part 2
S04 E02
Pokemon Loot Unboxing
S04 E03
Fredo Fires First
S04 E04
Lindsay's Microwave Mishap
S04 E05
What Happens When We Actually Find Ghosts
S04 E06
Watching Bees Mate In Minecraft
S04 E07
You and Your Friends Are Dead!
S04 E08
Singing Madonna or Evanescence
S04 E09
Waluigi Launcher
S04 E10
Teletubby Fiona is Losing. Her. Mind.
S04 E11
The Great Snail-Off
S04 E12
Pot, Eggs, and an Uber Driver
S04 E13
That Time Raft Got Weird
S04 E14
Quest For The Purple Sword
S04 E15
OK Doomer
S04 E16
Extra salty fishing
S04 E17
Could You Fight 20 Cows With Your Bare Hands?
S04 E18
Animal Crossing Fashion Show
S04 E19
Pirate Pegpecker Has an Important Announcement
S04 E20
Sky High Alfredo
S04 E21
Mourning the Dead Through Song
S04 E22
Lindsay's Arrowmazing Combo
S04 E23
Lindsay's Clumsey Moments
S04 E24
He's Got The Waluigi Cannon!
S04 E25
Jeremy and the Mysterious Cube
S04 E26
The Many Lives Of Phantom Free
S04 E27
Are There Ghost Dinosaurs?
S04 E28
Subway Is A Pizza Restaurant!
S04 E29
Tevy Fonda
S04 E30
The McMuffin Fantasy
S04 E31
Grab City
S04 E32
Jack Takes His Idiot Children to Disney
S04 E33
Chariot Pile Up
S04 E34
Poop + Proximity = Science
S04 E35
The Chungus Alarm
S04 E36
Alfredo Learns About WAP
S04 E37
Is Jack My Father?
S04 E38
Rocks or Cakes?
S04 E39
Imagine If You Had My Fish
S04 E40
Taking the Piss
S04 E41
Not the Happiest Hag
S04 E42
Antagonizing Ghosts
S04 E43
Coach Jeremy
S04 E44
A Wrestler's Favorite Game Console
S04 E45
We Are All Alfredo
Season 5
S05 E01
How Would You Handle a Ripped Wolf?
S05 E02
History’s Very First School
S05 E03
My First Gerk
S05 E04
Jeremy Marries Michael?
S05 E05
Everyone is Tinkerbell
S05 E06
Irrational Invites
S05 E07
Alf in a Pod
S05 E08
Is Mothman a Vigilante?
S05 E09
When Did Pokemon Get So Dark?
S05 E10
Proximity Blames
S05 E11
Dehydrated Matt
S05 E12
Mount Cheddar Bay Biscuit
S05 E13
Starting Fashion Trends
S05 E14
Ify's Top-Secret Recipe
S05 E15
Weeping Angels Gmod Funeral Speech
S05 E16
The 10 Year Tree Story
S05 E17
Newspapers are Weapons in Hitman 3
S05 E18
Pears are Just Okay
S05 E19
Roller Coaster Scares
S05 E20
Heart Guard
S05 E21
Among Us Murder Mystery
S05 E22
What's Inside a Magical Tree?
S05 E23
Stranger Than Pizza
S05 E24
Big Man, Tiny Voice
S05 E25
Crushing On Lady Dimitrescu
S05 E26
What's It Like to Have a Beard?
S05 E27
S05 E28
The Origin of Cedders
S05 E29
A Time Gun is Just a Gun
S05 E30
You Can't Fight Lava
S05 E31
The Los Angeles Troll
S05 E32
When Pilots Drink White Claws
S05 E33
When 1 Ups Chase YOU
S05 E34
How the Jersey Devil SHOULD Look
S05 E35
Is Chuck E Cheese a Rat or Mouse?
S05 E36
Messing with Denise
S05 E37
The Baseball Lag Hustle
S05 E38
Why Crocs Are Back
S05 E39
S05 E40
Tom Holland Signed Spider-Man Poster Prank
S05 E41
What if Jigsaw Was Bad at Making Traps?
S05 E42
Why James (& James) is Unstoppable
S05 E43
These Ghost Stories Are NOT for Kids
S05 E44
Why Do the Tree People Do This?
S05 E45
Can Greek Help You Diffuse Bombs?
S05 E46
Mandela Effect Pokemon Card Prank
S05 E47
Minecraft Weather Report: We're F*cked
S05 E48
If You Were a Foot What Would You Taste Like?
S05 E49
Minecraft Memories
S05 E50
Yeehaw! It's Achievement Hunter
Season 6
S06 E01
The Great AH Cook-Off
S06 E02
What Is a Borc?
S06 E03
Opening Pokémon Packs with MAX Excitement
S06 E04
What If You Could Regrow Limbs?
S06 E05
Using Our Friends as Shark Bait!
S06 E06
Remember When We Destroyed the Ship?
S06 E07
Deer Are F*cking Idiots
S06 E08
The Most Ridiculous Standoff
S06 E09
Our Audience Tattles on Us Stealing in Minecraft
S06 E10
The 5k That Could Kill Us All
S06 E11
Performing in Front of 50 Cats
S06 E12
A Steak Made of Gum SHOULD NOT EXIST
S06 E13
Stop Making Pokémon Look Human!
S06 E14
Discovering Cursed Halo's UNCONTROLLABLE Ghost
S06 E15
The Secrets of Being a Pro Wrestler
S06 E16
An Ugly Cryptid That Feels Shame: Squonk
S06 E17
Disney Custom Crocs Are Magical
S06 E18
How Much to Change Your GTA Name?
S06 E19
Off Topic Got Trapped in a Time Loop
S06 E20
The World's Worst Pirates
S06 E21
This Is Why We Don't Go Outside
S06 E22
The Son of Bigfoot
S06 E23
Tiny Meal Prank War
S06 E24
A $1,000 per Hour Tiny Heart Doctor
S06 E25
Always Snitch On Kids
S06 E26
Joe's Last Stand
S06 E27
Becoming a Cat Person
S06 E28
Can I Get a Death Claw To Kill Itself?
S06 E29
The Ultimate Team Name: BETRAY
S06 E30
Werner Herzog's March of the Deranged Penguins
S06 E31
Clogging My Girlfriend's Toilet
S06 E32
Cursed Halo Flying Warthog
S06 E33
Infamous Ify 'Baby Tossing' Hugs
S06 E34
When Your Friends "Help" You in Video Games
S06 E35
A Slow and Absurd Death
S06 E36
Beam Me Up! No Not Like That!
S06 E37
Why Time is the Way it Is
S06 E38
Saving Big Man
S06 E39
Michael's New Supplements
S06 E40
BK VS Cars
S06 E41
Where's All The Cavemen Ghosts?
S06 E42
Making the Strongest (Looking) Dark Souls Character
S06 E43
Fire Safety 101
S06 E44
When Your Friend Names Alien Animals
S06 E45
Is WW3 a Big Deal (Theoretically)?
S06 E46
The Jones Become Soccer Parents
S06 E47
Alfredo Learns A Valuable Lesson
Season 7
S07 E01
Achievement Hunter Home Improvement
S07 E02
When the Barnacles from Gmod Revolt
S07 E03
Your Performance Review, but Your Boss is the Lich King
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