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2020 - Now  •  Saturday 10:00 PM on Hulu  •  8 days  •  583 episodes
1 vote
2028 votes
# 21078
Drama, Soap, Family, Musical
Despite the many challenges thrown her way, Anupama begins a new chapter in her life post divorce. Head always held high, what's waiting for her next?
  Previously Aired Episode
Anupama's Bidaai Ceremony Aired on 05/21/2022
Anupama's Bidaai Ceremony
Season 1: Episode 583
Season 1
S01 E01
Meet Anupama
S01 E02
Samar Stands by Anupama
S01 E03
Anupama's Special Day
S01 E04
Vanraj Insults Anupama
S01 E05
Anupama to Showcase Her Skills
S01 E06
Vanraj's Scathing Remarks
S01 E07
Anupama Wins the Trophy
S01 E08
Vanraj Gets a Shock
S01 E09
A Job Offer for Anupama
S01 E10
Anupama Takes the Job!
S01 E11
Samar's Unexpected Proposition
S01 E12
Anupama's First Day at Work!
S01 E13
Anupama's First Salary!
S01 E14
Vanraj Celebrates His Success
S01 E15
Anupama Signs Her First Cheque!
S01 E16
Anupama Gets Late for School
S01 E17
Anupama Loses Her Job!
S01 E18
Kinjal's Parents Pay a Visit
S01 E19
Challenging Times for Anupama
S01 E20
Anupama Speaks Out!
S01 E21
Samar Is in Love?
S01 E22
Raksha Bandhan with the Shahs!
S01 E23
Vanraj's Drastic Move
S01 E24
Kinjal Supports Anupama
S01 E25
Devika Is All Praise for Anupama
S01 E26
Anupama Showcases Her Talent
S01 E27
Is Vanraj in Trouble?
S01 E28
Anupama, Devika at Loggerheads
S01 E29
Nandini Meets the Shahs
S01 E30
Anupama Prepares for Janmashtami
S01 E31
Kavya Feels Insecure
S01 E32
Vanraj Dances with Anupama
S01 E33
Vanraj Takes a Stand
S01 E34
Anupama Is on a Mission
S01 E35
Paritosh Is in Danger?
S01 E36
Paritosh Leaves the House!
S01 E37
Vanraj Gets Teary-eyed
S01 E38
Anupama's Horrible Nightmare
S01 E39
Anupama's New Mission
S01 E40
Vanraj Crosses the Line?
S01 E41
Vanraj Gets Caught?
S01 E42
Sanjay Visits the Shahs
S01 E43
Vanraj Is at His Boiling Point
S01 E44
Anupama Fears the Worst
S01 E45
Paritosh Crosses a Line!
S01 E46
Vanraj Learns the Truth
S01 E47
Anupama's Toughest Challenge Yet
S01 E48
Vanraj, Anirudh at Loggerheads
S01 E49
Anupama Faces Rakhi's Mind Games
S01 E50
Anupama Is Appreciated
S01 E51
Kavya Eyes Anupama's Position
S01 E52
Anupama Talks Her Heart Out
S01 E53
Vanraj Charms Anupama
S01 E54
Vanraj Feels Uncomfortable!
S01 E55
Anupama's Big Dilemma
S01 E56
Anupama Gets the Ring?
S01 E57
Anupama Is in Trouble
S01 E58
Kavya's Desperate Move
S01 E59
Will Vanraj, Kavya Get Caught?
S01 E60
Anirudh Blackmails Vanraj
S01 E61
Vanraj in Trouble?
S01 E62
Anupama Faces Vanraj's Fury!
S01 E63
Kavya's Petty Act
S01 E64
Rakhi Creates a Scene
S01 E65
Anupama's Clever Plan
S01 E66
Anupama Targets Kavya
S01 E67
Kavya Cooks For the Family
S01 E68
Kinjal's Mischievous Prank
S01 E69
A Shocker for Pakhi
S01 E70
Anupama Exposes Siddharth
S01 E71
A Shocker for Anupama
S01 E72
Kavya's Deplorable Act
S01 E73
Dejection Strikes Anupama
S01 E74
Vanraj Has a Change of Heart?
S01 E75
Anupama Forgives Vanraj
S01 E76
Kavya's Shocking Revelation
S01 E77
Kavya's Fake Apology
S01 E78
Anupama's Mehendi Ceremony
S01 E79
Anupama Is Distraught
S01 E80
Anupama, Vanraj's Haldi Ceremony
S01 E81
Kavya Fears the Worst
S01 E82
Paritosh Wants Answers!
S01 E83
A Joyous Day for Anupama
S01 E84
Kavya Fumes in Anger
S01 E85
Kavya Tells the Truth?
S01 E86
Kavya's Wicked Move
S01 E87
Anupama Witnesses the Truth?
S01 E88
Vanraj Is Caught?
S01 E89
Anupama's Unexpected Reaction
S01 E90
Devika Vents Her Frustration
S01 E91
Reality Strikes Anupama
S01 E92
A New Start for Anupama
S01 E93
Anupama Demands the Truth!
S01 E94
Anupama Confronts Paritosh
S01 E95
Samar Confronts Vanraj
S01 E96
Anupama's Day Out
S01 E97
Reality Strikes Anupama
S01 E98
Vanraj Confronts Anupama
S01 E99
Anupama Takes a Stand
S01 E100
Vanraj Gets a Letter
S01 E101
Vanraj's Outrageous Outburst
S01 E102
Anupama Begins Her Rebellion
S01 E103
Hasmukh Suffers a Heart Attack!
S01 E104
A Shocker for Vanraj
S01 E105
Anupama to Learn Driving
S01 E106
Anupama's Turbulent Driving Class
S01 E107
Vanraj's Unthinkable Clause!
S01 E108
A Surprise for Anupama
S01 E109
Vanraj Berates Kavya
S01 E110
Bad News for Vanraj
S01 E111
Anupama Takes a Stand
S01 E112
Rakhi's Outrageous Act
S01 E113
Vanraj, Kavya's Honeymoon
S01 E114
Anupama's Unique Experience
S01 E115
Vanraj, Kavya Get Romantic
S01 E116
Vanraj's Surprise for Kavya
S01 E117
Rakhi's Shocking Decision
S01 E118
Vanraj Faces Leela's Rage
S01 E119
Vanraj Humiliates Anupama
S01 E120
Hasmukh's Shocking Decision
S01 E121
Anupama's Shocking Decision
S01 E122
Anupama to Divorce Vanraj?
S01 E123
Vanraj to Leave the House?
S01 E124
Kavya Loses Her Cool
S01 E125
Vanraj's Unexpected Arrival
S01 E126
Kavya Confronts Vanraj
S01 E127
Kavya Creates a Scene
S01 E128
Kavya's Alternative Plan
S01 E129
Kavya's Diabolical Ploy
S01 E130
Pakhi Is Heartbroken
S01 E131
Anupama Seeks Vanraj's Help
S01 E132
Paritosh Breaks Down
S01 E133
Anirudh Creates Trouble
S01 E134
What is Paritosh Upto?
S01 E135
Kinjal, Paritosh Get Married
S01 E136
Rakhi Is Vindictive
S01 E137
Kavya Confronts Vanraj
S01 E138
Rakhi's Shocking Revelation
S01 E139
Things Turn around for Anupama?
S01 E140
Paritosh, Kinjal's, Alone Time
S01 E141
Kinjal Takes a Stand
S01 E142
Rakhi's Plan Goes Awry
S01 E143
Vanraj Confronts Anupama
S01 E144
Vanraj Is Suspicious
S01 E145
Anupama Stops the Varmala Ceremony
S01 E146
Kinjal, Paritosh Get Hitched
S01 E147
Kavya Creates a Scene
S01 E148
Is it over between Kavya, Vanraj?
S01 E149
A Shocker for Anupama
S01 E150
Kavya Feels Guilty
S01 E151
Anupama's Benevolent Decision
S01 E152
A Shocker for Kavya
S01 E153
Has Vanraj Changed?
S01 E154
Anupama's Indifferent Behaviour
S01 E155
Kinjal's Firm Decision
S01 E156
Will Kavya's Efforts Bear Fruit?
S01 E157
Anupama's Assurance to Kavya
S01 E158
Pakhi Humiliates Kinjal
S01 E159
What's on Kavya's Mind?
S01 E160
Vanraj Cares for Anupama?
S01 E161
Sankranti with the Shahs
S01 E162
Vanraj Ignores Kavya?
S01 E163
Vanraj Proposes to Anupama
S01 E164
Vanraj Defends Anupama
S01 E165
Vanraj Decides to Confess His Feelings
S01 E166
Anupama's Stern Refusal
S01 E167
Vanraj's Unexpected Verdict
S01 E168
Anupama Files for Divorce
S01 E169
Pakhi's Shocking Decision
S01 E170
Anupama to Leave the House?
S01 E171
Vanraj Receives Bad News
S01 E172
Vanraj Loses His Cool
S01 E173
The Truth about Kinjal's Job
S01 E174
Kinjal's Stern Refusal
S01 E175
Anupama Visits Kinjal's Office
S01 E176
Anupama Faces Accusation
S01 E177
Vanraj's Shocking Refusal
S01 E178
Vanraj Stoops Low
S01 E179
Anupama Feels Helpless
S01 E180
Samar Gets Arrested?
S01 E181
Kavya Withdraws the Complaint
S01 E182
Will Anupama Survive?
S01 E183
Anupama Faces a Tough Decision
S01 E184
Anupama Stands Her Ground
S01 E185
Vanraj's Challenge To Anupama
S01 E186
Anupama Takes a Stand
S01 E187
Kavya Slaps Pakhi?
S01 E188
Anupama Signs the Divorce Papers
S01 E189
Kavya's Shocking Request
S01 E190
Vanraj Faces a Dilemma
S01 E191
Pakhi Returns Home
S01 E192
Leela Gets Emotional
S01 E193
Vanraj Is in a Tough Spot
S01 E194
Anupama Offers Friendship!
S01 E195
Kavya Gets Pakhi In Trouble
S01 E196
Anupama Defends Pakhi
S01 E197
A Shocker for the Shahs
S01 E198
Anupama, Vanraj on a Mission
S01 E199
Anupama, Vanraj Come Closer
S01 E200
An Emotional Moment for Anupama
S01 E201
Anupama, Vanraj's Lovely Journey
S01 E202
Nandini Confesses Her Love
S01 E203
Vanraj Is Furious
S01 E204
Anupama's Efforts Go in Vain
S01 E205
Kavya Breaks Down
S01 E206
Vanraj's Unexpected Decision
S01 E207
Samar Stands up to Vanraj
S01 E208
Vanraj's Furious Outburst
S01 E209
Vanraj's Stern Warning
S01 E210
Samar Takes a Stand
S01 E211
Vanraj's Emotional Outburst
S01 E212
Vanraj's Shocking Announcement
S01 E213
Anupama Rebukes Samar
S01 E214
Anupama to Leave the House?
S01 E215
Kavya's Wicked Plan
S01 E216
Vanraj Has a Realization
S01 E217
Pakhi's Emotional Breakdown
S01 E218
Pakhi's Shocking Condition
S01 E219
Anupama Teases Vanraj
S01 E220
Kavya's Shocking Accusation
S01 E221
Vanraj Refuses Kavya's Request
S01 E222
Rakhi's Cunning Plan
S01 E223
Anupama Turns Unmanageable
S01 E224
Anupama Stuns the Shahs
S01 E225
Anupama Expresses Her Love
S01 E226
Anupama, Vanraj Get Emotional
S01 E227
Vanraj, Anupama Recall the Past
S01 E228
Kavya Learns the Truth
S01 E229
Anirudh Consoles Kavya
S01 E230
Leela Creates a Ruckus
S01 E231
Pakhi Expresses Her Remorse
S01 E232
Leela's Unexpected Decision
S01 E233
Kinjal Is Pregnant?
S01 E234
Pakhi Warns Kavya
S01 E235
Nandini, Samar in Danger?
S01 E236
Pakhi's Sneaky Escape
S01 E237
Hasmukh Grows Tensed!
S01 E238
Kavya's Shocking Revelation
S01 E239
Vanraj Confronts Kavya
S01 E240
Samar Supports Anupama
S01 E241
Dolly Pleads before Kavya
S01 E242
Anupama Warns Kavya
S01 E243
Kavya Accuses Anupama
S01 E244
A Shocker for Anupama
S01 E245
Anupama Meets Dr. Advait Khanna
S01 E246
Anupama's Emotional Outburst
S01 E247
Kavya's Appeal to Vanraj
S01 E248
Vanraj Is Shattered
S01 E249
Anupama Becomes Suspicious
S01 E250
Anupama Learns the Truth
S01 E251
Anupama Confronts Her Family
S01 E252
Anupama Gets Angry
S01 E253
Vanraj Loses His Patience
S01 E254
Anupama Is Elated
S01 E255
Vanraj Acknowledges Anupama
S01 E256
Vanraj, Anupama Perform Ritual
S01 E257
Vanraj's Shocking Decision
S01 E258
Kavya Attempts Suicide
S01 E259
Anupama Gives an Ultimatum
S01 E260
Vanraj's Emotional Plea
S01 E261
Anupama Loses Consciousness
S01 E262
Anupama, Vanraj Leave for Court
S01 E263
Vanraj has Second Thoughts
S01 E264
Anupama, Vanraj Sign Papers
S01 E265
Anupama's Emotional Farewell
S01 E266
Anupama's Positive Attitude
S01 E267
Samar and Nandini's Engagement
S01 E268
Nandini's Unexpected Confession
S01 E269
Anupama Supports Nandini and Samar
S01 E270
Vanraj Grows Jealous
S01 E271
Anupama's Shocking Disclosure
S01 E272
Vanraj Faces Anirudh
S01 E273
Kavya Makes Wedding Plans
S01 E274
Rakhi Arrives at the Resort
S01 E275
Kavya Faces Humiliation
S01 E276
Kavya Warns Vanraj
S01 E277
Kavya Longs for Vanraj
S01 E278
Anupama Gets Furious
S01 E279
Kavya and Vanraj Tie the Knot
S01 E280
Kavya and Vanraj Face Humiliation
S01 E281
Kavya, Vanraj's Big Night
S01 E282
Vanraj Donates Blood
S01 E283
Anupama is Out of Danger
S01 E284
Paritosh to Help Vanraj
S01 E285
The Shahs Bid Adieu
S01 E286
Anupama Gets Emotional
S01 E287
Anupama's Final Verdict
S01 E288
Kavya Faces Humiliation
S01 E289
Anupama Thanks the Shahs
S01 E290
Anupama's Brave Move
S01 E291
Vanraj Faces Rejection
S01 E292
Kavya Upsets Vanraj
S01 E293
Anupama Warns Kavya
S01 E294
Samar, Nandini Make a Plan
S01 E295
Kavya Opposes Vanraj
S01 E296
Anupama Fires Geeta
S01 E297
Anupama Feels Unfortunate
S01 E298
Vat Savitri with the Shahs
S01 E299
Vanraj Surprises Kavya
S01 E300
Kinjal Faces Pressure
S01 E301
Rakhi Warns the Shahs
S01 E302
Anupama Advises Leela
S01 E303
Kavya Instigates Kinjal
S01 E304
Anupama Offer to Help
S01 E305
Kavya's Demand to Vanraj
S01 E306
Samar's Birthday Bash
S01 E307
Samar and Nandini on Cloud 9
S01 E308
Samar's Surprise for Anupama
S01 E309
Tough Times for Kavya and Vanraj
S01 E310
Kavya and Vanraj Turn Emotional
S01 E311
A New Beginning for Vanraj
S01 E312
Leela and Kavya Bond
S01 E313
Paritosh's Sudden Outburst
S01 E314
A Fresh Start for Anupama, Vanraj
S01 E315
Kavya Challenges Anupama
S01 E316
Anupama Gets Emotional
S01 E317
Vanraj and Samar to the Rescue!
S01 E318
Anupama's Unique Idea
S01 E319
Anupama Saves the Day!
S01 E320
Vanraj's Huge Sacrifice
S01 E321
Anupama Teaches a Lesson
S01 E322
Rakhi Infuriates Vanraj
S01 E323
Anupama Faces Criticism
S01 E324
Rakhi's Surprise Visit
S01 E325
Anupama Saves the Day
S01 E326
A Special Guest at the Cafe
S01 E327
Vanraj Feels Insecure
S01 E328
Anupama, Vanraj Face Hindrance
S01 E329
Kavya blames Hasmukh
S01 E330
Nandini and Pakhi's Heated Dispute
S01 E331
Pakhi Offends Anupama
S01 E332
Samar Consoles Nandini
S01 E333
Anupama Enters the Competition
S01 E334
A Big Day for Anupama
S01 E335
Anupama Rocks the Stage
S01 E336
Pakhi to Perform with Kavya
S01 E337
Anupama to Pakhi's Rescue
S01 E338
Vanraj and Paritosh's Heated Debate
S01 E339
Vanraj Slaps Paritosh
S01 E340
Kinjal and Paritosh Leave the House
S01 E341
Kinjal and Paritosh Separate
S01 E342
Vanraj Defends Samar
S01 E343
Kinjal Reveals the Truth
S01 E344
Anupama to Punish Dholakia
S01 E345
The Shahs Expose Dholakia
S01 E346
Independence Day with the Shahs
S01 E347
Kavya Gets a Job Offer
S01 E348
Anupama Gets Cheated
S01 E349
Anupama to Find a Solution
S01 E350
Rakhi Helps Anupama
S01 E351
Raksha Bandhan with the Shahs
S01 E352
Rakhi's Shocking Revelation
S01 E353
Anupama Stands her Ground
S01 E354
A Relief for Vanraj
S01 E355
Kavya Turns Impatient
S01 E356
Kinjal's Daring Act
S01 E357
Anupama Meets Anuj Kapadia
S01 E358
Anupama and Anuj Shake a Leg
S01 E359
Anuj Longs for Anupama
S01 E360
Kavya is Thrilled
S01 E361
Samar's Life in Peril
S01 E362
The Shahs Meet Anuj
S01 E363
Anuj Reminisces the Past
S01 E364
Anupama Attends the Meeting
S01 E365
Samar, Nandini Get Romantic
S01 E366
Anuj Visits the Cafe
S01 E367
Anuj's Strange Dream
S01 E368
Anuj's Offer to Anupama
S01 E369
Anupama Feels Humiliated
S01 E370
Devika Motivates Anupama
S01 E371
Anupama Stands Strong
S01 E372
Anupama's Second Innings
S01 E373
Anuj's Festive Plan
S01 E374
The Shahs Meet Anuj
S01 E375
Vanraj Vs Anuj
S01 E376
Anupama is Enthralled
S01 E377
Anupama's First Flight Experience
S01 E378
Anupama's Unforgettable Experience
S01 E379
Anupama, Anuj Arrive at Mumbai
S01 E380
Vanraj Confesses to Anupama
S01 E381
Anuj, Vanraj Shake a Leg
S01 E382
Vanraj Offends Anupama
S01 E383
Anupama Returns Rakhi's Money
S01 E384
A Big Day for Anupama
S01 E385
Vanraj Berates Anupama
S01 E386
Vanraj Confronts Anuj
S01 E387
Vanraj Humiliates Anuj
S01 E388
Anupama Vs Vanraj
S01 E389
Vanraj is Questioned
S01 E390
Vanraj is in Trouble
S01 E391
Vanraj Gets Furious
S01 E392
Pakhi Has a Breakdown
S01 E393
Nandini's Drastic Step
S01 E394
Anuj Grows Restless
S01 E395
Anupama Shares her Story
S01 E396
Anuj Helps Samar
S01 E397
Samar, Rohan Exchange Blows
S01 E398
Anuj's Romantic Dream
S01 E399
Anuj Threatens Rohan
S01 E400
Anupama Gets Rebuked
S01 E401
Leela Insults Anupama, Anuj
S01 E402
Anupama's Classic Justification
S01 E403
Anuj Fires Kavya
S01 E404
Anupama Does the Unthinkable
S01 E405
Anupama, Anuj in a Crisis
S01 E406
Anupama, Anuj's Memorable Night
S01 E407
Anupama to Leave Home?
S01 E408
Anupama Leaves the House
S01 E409
Anupama's New Home
S01 E410
Anupama to Move On
S01 E411
Anupama Praises Anuj
S01 E412
Kavya to Gain Trust?
S01 E413
Anupama's Special Diwali
S01 E414
Vanraj Rebukes Dolly
S01 E415
Paritosh Crosses the Line
S01 E416
Anuj to Convince Vanraj?
S01 E417
Anuj's Emotional Outburst
S01 E418
Samar Confronts Anupama
S01 E419
Anupama Confronts Anuj
S01 E420
Leela's Sudden Outburst
S01 E421
Anuj's Drastic Step
S01 E422
Hasmukh is Devastated
S01 E423
Anupama's Futile Efforts
S01 E424
Trouble for Kavya, Leela
S01 E425
Anupama Consoles Leela
S01 E426
Hasmukh Returns Home?
S01 E427
Kavya, Vanraj to Leave?
S01 E428
Anupama's Unbelievable Act
S01 E429
Anupama Back at Shah House?
S01 E430
Leela's Humble Request
S01 E431
Vanraj Desires Success!
S01 E432
Anupama Feels Guilty
S01 E433
Kavya Brainwashes Paritosh
S01 E434
Anupama to Stay with the Shahs
S01 E435
The Shahs Welcome Anuj
S01 E436
An Evening with the Shahs
S01 E437
Leela, Hasmukh's Golden Jubilee
S01 E438
Vanraj's Fearless Step
S01 E439
Kavya's Desperate Plea
S01 E440
Kavya Threatens Vanraj
S01 E441
A Close Call for Anuj
S01 E442
Anupama Turns Saviour
S01 E443
Vanraj Comforts Anupama
S01 E444
A Shocker for Kavya
S01 E445
Vanraj Supports Anupama
S01 E446
Anuj is Out of Danger
S01 E447
Anupama to Confess her Love?
S01 E448
Anupama Dreams of a New Life
S01 E449
Vanraj Organises a Party
S01 E450
Vanraj and Malvika Join Hands
S01 E451
Malvika, Anuj's Equation
S01 E452
Anupama in a Dilemma
S01 E453
Anuj Recollects the Past
S01 E454
Malvika Questions Anupama
S01 E455
Paritosh Offers to Help
S01 E456
Malvika Visits the Shahs
S01 E457
Malvika Stays with the Shahs
S01 E458
Malvika, Vanraj's dispute
S01 E459
Malvika Turns Curious
S01 E460
Vanraj Encourages Anupama
S01 E461
Christmas with the Shahs
S01 E462
Anupama to Accept Anuj?
S01 E463
Malvika Creates a Scene
S01 E464
The Kapadias Reunite
S01 E465
Vanraj Questions Malvika
S01 E466
Anupama Admits Her Feelings
S01 E467
Vanraj Gets Ready for the Presentation
S01 E468
Malvika to Change her Mind?
S01 E469
Anupama Learns Malvika's Truth
S01 E470
Anupama Comforts Malvika
S01 E471
Kavya Leaves the House?
S01 E472
Anuj to Join Vanraj's Meeting
S01 E473
Pakhi's Appeal to Anupama
S01 E474
Samar, Nandini's Heated Debate
S01 E475
Anuj, Anupama Make a Promise
S01 E476
Nandini Questions Vanraj
S01 E477
Samar Does the Unthinkable
S01 E478
Anupama, Vanraj Advise Samar
S01 E479
Malvika, Vanraj's Growing Bond
S01 E480
Anupama Exposes Pakhi's Truth
S01 E481
Makar Sankranti with The Shahs
S01 E482
The Return of Kavya
S01 E483
Malvika Defends Vanraj
S01 E484
A Fresh Start For Kavya
S01 E485
Anupama Objects to Vanraj's Proposal
S01 E486
Nandini, Smaar Patch Up
S01 E487
Anuj Doubts Vanraj
S01 E488
Malvika Shocks Anupama
S01 E489
Hasmukh Warns Vanraj
S01 E490
Anuj's Warning to Malvika
S01 E491
Anupama Warns Vanraj
S01 E492
Malvika Turns on Anuj
S01 E493
Anuj's Shocking Decision
S01 E494
Anupama's Big Decision
S01 E495
Vanraj Mocks Anuj
S01 E496
Anuj's Emotional Goodbye
S01 E497
Anupama Reassures Anuj
S01 E498
Anupama's Kind Words
S01 E499
Anupama Cheers up Anuj
S01 E500
Anuj's Big Declaration
S01 E501
Anupama Celebrates Valentine's Day
S01 E502
Shah's Celebrate Valentine's Day
S01 E503
Anupama Pours Her Heart Out
S01 E504
Anupama Confesses Her Love
S01 E505
Vanraj Humiliates Anupama
S01 E506
Anupama Defends Her Choice
S01 E507
Pakhi Feels Offended
S01 E508
Anuj Accepts a Challenge
S01 E509
Anuj's Proposal to Anupama
S01 E510
Hasmukh's Advice to Anupama
S01 E511
Vanraj Faces Disgrace
S01 E512
A surprise for Anupama
S01 E513
Anupama's Birthday Bash
S01 E514
Anupamaa is Thrilled
S01 E515
Anupama Proposes to Anuj
S01 E516
Good Times for Anupama
S01 E517
Rakhi enters the Shah House
S01 E518
Parithosh is Against Fatherhood
S01 E519
Paritosh's Shocking Confession
S01 E520
Rakhi Senses Trouble
S01 E521
Anupama Guides Kinjal
S01 E522
Anupama, Anuj’s Dinner Date!
S01 E523
Anuj Supports Anupama
S01 E524
Mahashivratri with the Shahs
S01 E525
Paritosh Gets Slapped
S01 E526
Bad Luck Strikes Vanraj
S01 E527
Anuj Takes on Vanraj
S01 E528
Anuj's Holi Attire
S01 E529
Holi ka Dhamaka with the Shahs!
S01 E530
Anuj's Drunk Act
S01 E531
Leela Raises an Objection
S01 E532
Anupama Receives Suggestions
S01 E533
Anuj's Race Against Time
S01 E534
Anupama Performs Brilliantly!
S01 E535
Anupama to Wed Anuj
S01 E536
Paritosh Pakhi Feel Disheartened
S01 E537
Anupama's Open Challenge
S01 E538
Anupama Turns Defensive
S01 E539
Anupama Makes a Strong Point
S01 E540
Hasmukh Cheers Anupama!
S01 E541
Anupama and Anuj's Pre-Wedding Ritual
S01 E542
Anupama, Anuj Plan Their Wedding
S01 E543
Paritosh 's Rash Outburst
S01 E544
Malvika's Unexpected Decision
S01 E545
Anupama Lifts Paritosh's Spirits
S01 E546
Rakhi Encourages Kavya
S01 E547
Anupama, Anuj's Wedding Planning
S01 E548
Hasmukh's Advice to Vanraj
S01 E549
Anuj's Promise to Kanta
S01 E550
Paritosh Belittles Vanraj
S01 E551
Good News for Anupama
S01 E552
Anupama is Filled with Joy
S01 E553
Hasmukh Gets Emotional
S01 E554
Vanraj's Suggestion to Paritosh
S01 E555
Anupama, Anuj Recieve Surprises
S01 E556
Anuj's Pre-Wedding Rituals
S01 E557
Anuj's Special Moment
S01 E558
Anuj Surprises Anupama
S01 E559
Anupama, Anuj's Special Shopping
S01 E560
Vanraj Feels Nostalgic
S01 E561
Vanraj Warns Anupama
S01 E562
Hasmukh Loses Consciousness
S01 E563
Hasmukh 's Request to GK
S01 E564
Anupama, Anuj's Big Day!
S01 E565
MaAn's Engagement Ceremony
S01 E566
Anupama, Anuj's Special Moment
S01 E567
A Suggestion for Anupama
S01 E568
Anuj, Anupama's Fun Time
S01 E569
Vanraj Gets Suspicious
S01 E570
Vanraj Feels Left Out
S01 E571
Anuj's Surprise for Anupama
S01 E572
Anupama Gets Tensed
S01 E573
MaAn's Sangeet Ceremony
S01 E574
Vanraj Blames Anupama Anuj
S01 E575
Hasmukh is Stubborn
S01 E576
Dolly Pleads with Leela
S01 E577
Anupama is Moved to Tears
S01 E578
Anupama, Anuj Feel Blessed!
S01 E579
Malvika Departs for USA
S01 E580
MaAn's Grand Day!
S01 E581
Anupama, Anuj tie the knot
S01 E582
MaAn's Successful Wedding!
S01 E583
Anupama's Bidaai Ceremony
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