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Midway to Main Street

Midway to Main Street

2017 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube
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A YouTube show largely focused on Disney history and interesting facts.
  Previously Aired Episode
The Real Fort Behind The Pirates of the Caribbean Aired on 06/09/2021
The Real Fort Behind The Pirates of the Caribbean
Season 5: Episode 20
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
Why isn't the Matterhorn in Disney World?
S01 E02
Why Disney Water Rides Smell Different
S01 E03
Would EPCOT Have Worked?
S01 E04
The Muppet Studios: The Land That Never Was
S01 E05
How Chinatown Became the Tiki Room
S01 E06
What is the Disney Vault?
S01 E07
What is a Disney Weenie?
S01 E08
The Magic Kingdom "Poop River"
S01 E09
Changing the Law for Disneyland
S01 E10
How Singles & Doubles Saved Disney
S01 E11
A Defense for IPCOT: The New Future World
S01 E12
The Making of Disneyland: How Television Made It All Possible
S01 E13
Why isn't Beast's Castle in Disneyland Paris?
S01 E14
My D23 2017 News Reactions!
S01 E15
The History of the Disney Dole Whip
S01 E16
Is Disney More Original Today?
S01 E17
Why was Disney-MGM Studios Renamed?
S01 E18
What Makes a Disney Ride a Classic?
S01 E19
What Did a Walt Disney World Trip Cost in 1971?
S01 E20
When Disney Disappoints
S01 E21
The History of Date Nite at Disneyland
S01 E22
Walt Disney: One Man's Dream - We Can Do Better
S01 E23
The Rise and (Semi) Fall of The Disney Store
S01 E24
Five Great Disney History Books!
S01 E25
Captain EO: The Most Expensive Film Ever
S01 E26
What to do with Discovery Island at Disney World (ft. Wotso Videos)
S01 E27
The Disneyland Hotel Wasn't Always Owned by Disney
S01 E28
30 Stays in 30 Days: How Much Would It Cost?
S01 E29
Why Did Epcot Open with Five Rides?
S01 E30
Disney Should Buy Ubisoft (and Make Video Games Again)
S01 E31
Where Did the Orange Bird Come From?
S01 E32
How Can Disney Improve Their Lines?
S01 E33
Western River Expedition
S01 E34
My Idea for a Disney Ride Box Set
S01 E35
Disney's Persian, Asian, & Venetian Resorts: Cancelled Seven Seas Hotels
S01 E36
4 Unusual Disney Book Recommendations
S01 E37
The Disney Institute: The Disney School That Failed
S01 E38
Why Are Disney Traffic Signs Purple?
S01 E39
The Reedy Creek Improvement District: Disney's Government
S01 E40
5 Examples of Disney Ride "Sequels"
S01 E41
5 Rushed Disney Projects
S01 E42
Failure of the Go Network: A Two Billion Dollar Mistake
S01 E43
There Should Be Disney Escape Rooms
S01 E44
Did Poor Layout Help Close Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World?
S01 E45
An Idea for Immersive Theater at Walt Disney World
S01 E46
Why is Walt Disney World So Expensive?
S01 E47
How Disney Rides Know Our Names
S01 E48
Paradise Pier vs Dinoland USA: Why do I like one and hate the other?
S01 E49
The Disneyland Monorail Opening: Nixon's Joyride
S01 E50
Ajax and ACME: Fake Cartoon Companies
S01 E51
Why Did Disney Stop Selling Ticket Books?
S01 E52
Why Did George Lucas Sell Star Wars to Disney?
S01 E53
Roy Disney Considered Buying Disney & Selling the Parks
S01 E54
Disney Buying 21st Century Fox: My Thoughts
S01 E55
Where Did Club 33 Come From?
S01 E56
San Francisco & Disneyland 2017 Montage
S01 E57
Club 22 - The Disneyland Strike of 1984
S01 E58
Disneyland, New Year's Eve, and Y2K
Season 2
S02 E01
The History of Pressed Pennies
S02 E02
How Much Would Every Pressed Penny at Disney World Cost?
S02 E03
How Disney Spent $180,000 on "Free" Advertising
S02 E04
What Lands Would a NEW Disneyland Get?
S02 E05
Walt Disney's Name Was Sold For $42 Million
S02 E06
The Origin of Grad Nite at Disneyland
S02 E07
Why is a fish on Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel?
S02 E08
The Hidden Tile at The Land in Epcot
S02 E09
How Disney's Anniversary Made "Something out of Nothing"
S02 E10
My Hollywood Studios Theory: Goodbye Tower of Terror
S02 E11
5 Failed & Abandoned Eisner-Era Disney Ideas
S02 E12
A Brief History of Rose Gold
S02 E13
The Ultimate Disney Pass (That Never Happened)
S02 E14
Why Does Disney World Take Your Fingerprint?
S02 E15
How Futuristic was the Monsanto House of the Future?
S02 E16
The Tower of Terror is a Bad Twilight Zone Ride
S02 E17
The Military's Disney Hotel: Shades of Green
S02 E18
Disney’s Magical Express: Simple Idea, Not-So-Simple Beginnings
S02 E19
The Time Comcast Tried to Buy Disney
S02 E20
The Universal Film Shot at Disneyland: 40 Pounds of Trouble
S02 E21
What If: Disney Still Used Ticket Books?
S02 E22
What Does Disney World Do With Leftover Food?
S02 E23
The Disneyland Khrushchev Story: A "Propaganda Masterstroke"
S02 E24
The Disney Vacation Club: A Quick History
S02 E25
The Origins of Disney Pin Trading
S02 E26
Why Are There No Mosquitoes at Disney World?
S02 E27
What is Walt Disney World's Electric Bill?
S02 E28
Epcot's Ripple Effect: How the Opening of EPCOT Center Doomed Two Amuseme...
S02 E29
The Origins and History of the Disney College Program
S02 E30
Behind the Grand Floridian: The Hotel del Coronado
S02 E31
How Much Garbage Does Walt Disney World Produce?
S02 E32
The Origins of Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings
S02 E33
Disney Cruise History - The Big Red Boat and Premier Cruise Lines
S02 E34
The Disney Cruise Line History
S02 E35
Disney Cruise Line: The History of Castaway Cay
S02 E36
How Much Water is Used at Walt Disney World?
S02 E37
Behind the Tiki Room: The Origins of Tiki Culture (feat. Disney Dan!)
S02 E38
Alcohol at Disneyland: The Letter vs Spirit of Walt's Wishes
S02 E39
Disney's Failed Trash Plant: The Solid Waste Energy Conversion Plant
S02 E40
The Goofy Games: Disney's Clever Theme Park Marketing
S02 E41
The Origins of Beverly: The Soda People Love To Hate
S02 E42
When Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade Came to NYC
S02 E43
How Did the Walt Disney World Marathon Begin?
S02 E44
Celebration Florida: Building Disney's Perfect Town
S02 E45
Celebration Florida: Disney's Not So Perfect Town
S02 E46
Rides with Screens and How to Improve Them (Opinion)
S02 E47
The Blockbuster Theme Park That Almost Happened
S02 E48
Barbie at Epcot: The Magical World of Barbie
S02 E49
Disney's Failed State Fair
S02 E50
What Was The Disney Stop?
S02 E51
Why Aren't There More Monorails at Walt Disney World?
S02 E52
Goosebumps' Short-Lived Show at Walt Disney World
S02 E53
Epcot's Short-Lived Splashtacular
S02 E54
Birthday Parties at Disney World: Mickey's Magical Birthday Bash
Season 3
S03 E01
Disney's Failed Sci-Fi Convention: Contact '96
S03 E02
The Mutoscopes of Walt Disney World
S03 E03
Disney's High-Speed Railroad Stop That Never Happened
S03 E04
What Does a YEAR on a Disney Cruise Cost?
S03 E05
POGs at Disneyland
S03 E06
The Case of the Missing Dolphin Light (Part 1?)
S03 E07
Disneyland's 25th Anniversary - 25 Hours of Disneyland
S03 E08
Disney's No-Fly Zone
S03 E09
When Do Marvel and Star Wars Belong at Disney?
S03 E10
Disney World's Nuclear Power Options
S03 E11
Disney's Energy Crisis of 1973
S03 E12
Disney's Energy Crisis of 1979
S03 E13
How Much Would It Cost to Visit EVERY Disney Park Back to Back?
S03 E14
Disney's Failed Cycling Event: The Tour 'D' Fun
S03 E15
Disney's CMO: Chief Magic Official
S03 E16
Mickey and Minnie Moo
S03 E17
Disneyland's Failed Parade: Light Magic
S03 E18
Disney's 100,000 Guest Movie Premiere: Pocahontas
S03 E19
How Much Would The Cinderella Castle Suite Cost for One Night?
S03 E20
Epcot's First Festival: WorldFest
S03 E21
The Lack of Losing at Walt Disney World (Opinion)
S03 E22
Disney, Burger King, and McDonald's in the 1990's
S03 E23
The President’s Inaugural Bands Parade at EPCOT Center
S03 E24
Why Does Disney World Water Taste Bad?
S03 E25
What Did Toy Story Land Cost Andy To Build?
S03 E26
EPCOT Center's Honor Roll
S03 E27
How Crowded is the Haunted Mansion?
S03 E28
Flying Saucers & Dancing Soda: A Brief History of Sci-Fi and Drive-Ins
S03 E29
Carousel of Progress: Who Was Little Egypt?
S03 E30
Disney's Boardwalk Resort: The Elephant in the Room
S03 E31
How Much Food Does Disney World Sell?
S03 E32
The Two Times Disney World Almost Lost Their Powers
S03 E33
How Long Would The Jungle Cruise Really Take?
S03 E34
Hope: The History of Black Spire Outpost
S03 E35
Lawless: The History of Black Spire Outpost
S03 E36
The Failed Disney Mobile Phone Service
S03 E37
The Walt Disney World Speedway and the Indy 200
S03 E38
The Short-Lived EPCOT Magazine (The TV Show)
S03 E39
How Fast Does Spaceship Earth Travel Through Time?
S03 E40
Losing at Galaxy's Edge: The Datapad & Smuggler's Run (Opinion)
S03 E41
Cleaning Disney's Water with Plants: The Water Hyacinth Project
S03 E42
How Much Candy is a Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Ticket Worth?
S03 E43
How Long Would It Take To Watch EVERYTHING on Disney Plus? (Launch Day)
S03 E44
History of the Vibrating Exercise Belt: Didn't Work Then, Doesn't Work No...
S03 E45
Mickey Mouse vs The Rockettes: Disney Summer Magic
S03 E46
Hulk Hogan's TV Show at Disney World: Thunder in Paradise
S03 E47
Racing with the Sun at EPCOT Center: GM's Sunrayce 1990
S03 E48
Why Are Disney Turkey Legs So Big?
S03 E49
What is Spaceship Earth Made Of?
S03 E50
Disney's Unofficial Flags on Main Street USA
S03 E51
Disney World and Drones
S03 E52
A Look at Give Kids The World Village (Interview with Pam Landwirth)
Season 4
S04 E01
Why Do We Throw Coins in Fountains?
S04 E02
Searching for America's First Monorail
S04 E03
The Carousel of Progress: Lumbago and Predicting Weather
S04 E04
Disney's Two Cities: The History of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista
S04 E05
What Would Walt Do? - The 1984 Disney Hostile Takeover Attempt Part 1
S04 E06
Saul Steinberg, Disney's Worst Enemy - The 1984 Disney Hostile Takeover A...
S04 E07
The Disney of Boca Raton - The 1984 Disney Hostile Takeover Attempt Part ...
S04 E08
Disney's $300 Million Showdown - The 1984 Disney Hostile Takeover Attempt...
S04 E09
Disney's New Prince -The 1984 Disney Hostile Takeover Attempt Part 5
S04 E10
Radio Disney & Radio Aahs: Battle for the Airwaves
S04 E11
Estimating How Many Photos Disney Takes at Walt Disney World
S04 E12
Disney's Fast Food Venture: Mickey's Kitchen
S04 E13
The Boardwalk Incubator Babies of Coney Island and Atlantic City
S04 E14
Buying the Magic Kingdom: A Look At Disney World's Market Value
S04 E15
A Brief History of Gondolas and Cable Propelled Transit
S04 E16
The History of Mel's Drive-In
S04 E17
Disney's Recycled Soap
S04 E18
Florida's Mermaids: The History of Weeki Wachee Springs
S04 E19
Florida's Wild West Amusement Park That Is No More
S04 E20
How Large is Disney World's Bus Fleet?
S04 E21
Men in Black's Flying Saucers: The New York State Pavilion
S04 E22
How BINGO Saved Boardwalk Games
S04 E23
How Much Food is Grown at Epcot?
S04 E24
How Much Laundry Does Disney Do?
S04 E25
Why We Eat Ice Cream Out Of A Dinosaur: Programmatic Architecture
S04 E26
The Man Behind Disney's Most Famous Parade Music
S04 E27
Florida's Gas Station Amusement Park: Super-Test
S04 E28
A Christmas Story: Why is the Lamp a Leg?
Season 5
S05 E01
Disney World’s Fourth Park: Splash
S05 E02
What Was The Real Futurama?
S05 E03
The Disney Drive-In Theater That Never Happened
S05 E04
The Original Universal Studios Tour of 1915
S05 E05
The Origin of the Super Bowl Disney World Commercial
S05 E06
The Royal Origins of Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament
S05 E07
Disney World and The Case of the Stolen Sports Complex
S05 E08
The Fate of The Florida Fun-Train
S05 E09
The Disneyfication of Times Square
S05 E10
Florida's Pirates World and it's Rock and Roll Downfall
S05 E11
How Many Bodies of Water are at Disney World?
S05 E12
The Many Lives of North Carolina's Land of Oz
S05 E13
Mowing Lawns at Disney World
S05 E14
Predicting Disney's Impact in the '80s
S05 E15
How Much Disney's Utilities Changed During the Shutdown
S05 E16
How Big is the 'Rise of the Resistance' Star Destroyer at Disney?
S05 E17
How Much Solar Energy Does Disney World Generate?
S05 E18
More Than Hot Dogs: The Story of Casey's Corner
S05 E19
The Inspirations Behind The Tower of Terror
S05 E20
The Real Fort Behind The Pirates of the Caribbean
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