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H3 After Dark

H3 After Dark

2020 - Now  •  Fridays 06:00 PM on YouTube  •  16 days  •  1 season  •  130 episodes
1 vote
Comedy, Podcast
The third weekly episode
  Previously Aired Episode
New Boogie2988 Drama Is So Good, Roman Atwood Deep Dive ft. Whitney Cummings - After Dark #128 Aired on 11/17/2023
New Boogie2988 Drama Is So Good, Roman Atwood Deep Dive ft. Whitney Cummings - After Dark #128
Season 1: Episode 128
  New Episode Air Date
Airs on Friday 12/01/2023
After Dark #129
Season 1: Episode 129
Season 1
S01 E01
H3 After Dark - #1
S01 E02
H3 After Dark - #2
S01 E03
H3 After Dark - #3
S01 E04
H3 After Dark - #4
S01 E05
H3 After Dark - #5 (James Charles vs Teddy Fresh)
S01 E06
H3 After Dark - #6
S01 E07
H3 After Dark - #7
S01 E08
H3 After Dark - #8
S01 E09
H3 After Dark - #9
S01 E10
H3 After Dark - #10
S01 E11
H3 After Dark - #11
S01 E12
H3 After Dark - #12
S01 E13
H3 After Dark - #13
S01 E14
H3 After Dark - #14
S01 E15
H3 After Dark - #15
S01 E16
H3 After Dark (Talking About The Trisha Thing) - #16
S01 E17
H3 After Dark (Defending Trisha From The Wicked David Portnoy) - #17
S01 E18
Was James Charles Inside The Capitol Building? - H3 After Dark #18
S01 E19
Trisha Paytas, Jeffree Star, Hair By Jay, D'Angelo Wallace, Cr1TiKaL - H3...
S01 E20
These Are My Enemies Now - H3 After Dark #20
S01 E21
Logan Paul Says Ethan Is Scum Of The Internet - H3 After Dark #21
S01 E22
David Dobrik Is A Bully & Gorilla Glue Gone Wrong - H3 After Dark #22
S01 E23
David Dobrik's Assault Victim Calls In & Trisha VS AB - H3 After Dark #23
S01 E24
Everybody Hates Ethan’s New Diet - H3 After Dark #24
S01 E25
It Keeps Getting Worse For David Dobrik - H3 After Dark #25
S01 E26
The Vlog Squad Responds - H3 After Dark #26
S01 E27
Tom Cruise Calls In - H3 After Dark #27
S01 E28
President Trump Calls In - H3 After Dark #28
S01 E29
FaZe Banks, Jeff Wittek, James Charles, David Dobrik - H3 After Dark #29
S01 E30
James Charles' Apology (aka Confession) - H3 After Dark #30
S01 E31
Jake Paul, Wendy Williams, Bhad Bhabie & Dr. Phil - H3 After Dark #31
S01 E32
Morphe & YouTube Finally Drop James Charles - H3 After Dark #32
S01 E33
Jake Paul Exposed By Bombshell New York Times Article - H3 After Dark #33
S01 E34
Twitch Hot Tubs & Bitconnect Carlos Calls In - H3 After Dark # 34
S01 E35
Jake Paul & Triller Are Suing Me - H3 After Dark # 35
S01 E36
James Charles Is Being Sued & Bill Gates Calls In - H3 After Dark # 36
S01 E37
Joe Rogan Trashed Hila On His Podcast - H3 After Dark # 37
S01 E38
We're Pregnant! - H3 After Dark # 38
S01 E39
We're Having Twins Or Triplets! - H3 After Dark # 39
S01 E40
And The Number Of Babies Is... - H3 After Dark # 40
S01 E41
The Real Reason Frenemies Broke Up - H3 After Dark # 41
S01 E42
The Birthday Roast Of Ethan Klein - H3 After Dark # 42
S01 E43
James Charles Returns & Baby Update - H3 After Dark # 43
S01 E44
Hila's Final Episode - H3 After Dark # 44
S01 E45
Hila Is Back... And She's Being Sued - H3 After Dark # 45
S01 E46
Trisha VS Keemstar - H3 After Dark #46
S01 E47
Not Talking About Trisha Paytas - H3 After Dark #47
S01 E48
Fortnite Fail, Crate Challenge, Mr Verified Winner - H3 After Dark #48
S01 E49
Joe Rogan Is A Giant Hypocrite - H3 After Dark #49
S01 E50
We Need To Talk... - H3 After Dark #50
S01 E51
And The Gender Is... - H3 After Dark #51
S01 E52
Shane Dawson, Jason Nash, Britney Freed - H3 After Dark #52
S01 E53
Shane Dawson IS BACK - H3 After Dark #53
S01 E54
Shane Dawson Is 100% Canceled After This - After Dark #54
S01 E55
James Charles Enablers & Keemstar Is Obsessed With Me - After Dark #55
S01 E56
I'm Retiring - After Dark #56
S01 E57
Please Take Me Back - After Dark #57
S01 E58
David Dobrik Busted Again & We Went To Britney Spears Conservatorship Tri...
S01 E59
Nikocado Avocado Called Me Ugly - After Dark #59
S01 E60
Nikocado ATTACKS Ethan & MrBeast Sued By Netflix - After Dark #60
S01 E61
ACE Family, Ryan Kavanaugh, SteveWillDoIt - After Dark #61
S01 E62
Pewdiepie DEFENDS me, Nikocado Update, Ace Family NEW Mansion Tour - Afte...
S01 E63
The FBI Raided My House This Morning - After Dark #63
S01 E64
The Real Reason Nikocado Avocado Cancelled - After Dark #64
S01 E65
Kanye vs Pete Davidson, Wendy Williams, Euphoria - After Dark #65
S01 E66
David Dobrik Is About To Lose Everything - After Dark #66
S01 E67
My Biggest Fear Came True - After Dark #67
S01 E68
Kim, Kanye, And Pete - After Dark #68
S01 E69
Why I Panicked & Deleted A Ton Of Videos - After Dark #69
S01 E70
We Share Crazy Family Stories & Eat Beans On Toast, Johnny Depp vs. Amber...
S01 E71
Crazy Myths We Believed As Kids, Fresh & Fit Cringe - Afterdark #71
S01 E72
TikTok Lawyer Calls In, Fresh & Fit Are Panicking, New Kendrick Lamar Alb...
S01 E73
Keemstar Sued For Defamation, Elon Musk Allegations, Dogecoin Founder Cal...
S01 E74
Welcome Back Olivia, Ricky Gervais, Drake Loses $20M, Flaming Hot Mountai...
S01 E75
Women's Rights Stripped Away, David Dobrik Hires Johnny Depp's Lawyer - A...
S01 E76
Doja Cat vs Stranger Things Kids & Bobby Lee Hates Ethan - After Dark #76
S01 E77
Teddy Fresh Controversy, Man vs Machine Game, Howie Mandel Meme Competiti...
S01 E78
We Try A Period Pain Simulator, Hasan Owns Andrew Tate, Ace Family Friend...
S01 E79
S01 E80
Andrew Tate Banned From Facebook, Instagram & Twitter - After Dark #80
S01 E81
Andrew Tate Cries And Begs For Forgiveness, Ethan Enters The Metaverse - ...
S01 E82
Andrew Tate Is Suing Me (Ft. Pokimane) - After Dark #82
S01 E83
RIP Queen Elizabeth, Keffals vs Kiwi Farms, Harry Styles vs Chris Pine - ...
S01 E84
We messed up - After Dark #84
S01 E85
hila, if youre watching
S01 E86
The Worst Pain Of My Life - After Dark #86
S01 E87
It's Frenemies All Over Again - After Dark #87
S01 E88
We Made Wax Figures Of Ethan, Hila Responds To Haters, Overwatch 2 Is A D...
S01 E89
Ethan Does Our Makeup, Nikita Dragun Arrested, David Dobrik Vandalized - ...
S01 E90
Hila Got Banned On Twitter - After Dark #90
S01 E91
You Laugh, You Eat! (Disgusting Thanksgiving Dishes) - After Dark #91
S01 E92
The 2022 Sound Bite Tournament - After Dark #92
S01 E93
Big big huge announcement massive announcement - After Dark #93
S01 E94
Ethan Banned On TikTok & Jeffree Starr Is Dating Tom Brady Power Point - ...
S01 E95
We're Having A Third Baby & Greenscreen Tournament - After Dark #95
S01 E96
Green Screen Tournament - After Dark #96
S01 E97
We Act Out Fanfictions - After Dark #97
S01 E98
We Get Trashed For St. Paddy's Day - After Dark #98
S01 E99
Ethan Is TikTok's New Alpha God, Guessing What Women's Beauty Products Do...
S01 E100
Andrew Tate Released, Donald Trump Arrested , Gwyneth Paltrow Acquitted -...
S01 E101
Chris, MrBeast, and H3 are SunnyV2's Worst Nightmare - After Dark #101
S01 E102
Guess Who's High & How To Spend The $620,000 - After Dark #102
S01 E103
Ok wait Crowder is an actual demon - After Dark #103
S01 E104
Ethan Trains With An Accent Coach - After Dark #104
S01 E105
Hila Starts An OnlyFans - After Dark #105
S01 E106
iDubbbz Apology To Tana & Alyx Weiss Cult PowerPoint - After Dark #106
S01 E107
Martin The Water Sommelier & Dr. Idz (Tasting Watertok & Debating Diet Dr...
S01 E108
Olivia Explains Faze Rain vs Grace Van Dien Drama via PowerPoint - After ...
S01 E109
New Alien Footage Turns Ethan Into A Believer, Donald Trump Is Going To J...
S01 E110
Pearl Coping Hard, The Crew Styles Hila - After Dark #110
S01 E111
Colleen Ballinger's Lawyer Sent Me A Cease & Desist - After Dark #111
S01 E112
Colleen Ballinger Finally Responded & Fousey Got Banned - After Dark #112
S01 E113
Ariana Grande Divorce Scandal PowerPoint - After Dark #113
S01 E114
Sour Candy Tier List, Kai Cenat Starts A Riot In NYC - After Dark #114
S01 E115
xQc Is Still A Loser, Ethan's First Thirst Trap, Logan Paul Indicted - Af...
S01 E116
Trying Weird Pregnancy Craving Combos, Love Makes An Ethan Sculpture - Af...
S01 E117
We Play The Baby Photo Guessing Game - After Dark #117
S01 E118
Family Vlogger 8 Passengers Arrested & War With Streamys & Jay Shetty Con...
S01 E119
Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Divorce PP, Gay Obama Scandal, Dillon Danis & L...
S01 E120
The Crew Paints Ethan, We Take A Red Flag Dating Test, We Ruin Howie Mand...
S01 E121
Russell Brand Is A Weird Freak Loser & We Never Liked Him Anyway - After ...
S01 E122
Oliver Tree Back In The Studio For A Serious Interview - After Dark #122
S01 E123
The 2023 Sub-a-thon Bonanza! - After Dark #123
S01 E124
SSSniperwolf Cancelled & Demonetized, Crew Writes Ethan Poems, Dishwasher...
S01 E125
MrBeast Called Out For Faking Video, New David Dobrik Clip Is Horrifying ...
S01 E126
Dream Confronts Us For Stealing His Song, New Evidence In The MrBeast Sca...
S01 E127
Dream Song Remix Tournament - After Dark #127
S01 E128
New Boogie2988 Drama Is So Good, Roman Atwood Deep Dive ft. Whitney Cummi...
S01 E129
After Dark #129
S01 E130
After Dark #130
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