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Real Life, Real Law Reviews

Real Life, Real Law Reviews

2018 - Now  •  YouTube  •   24 hours
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Documentary, Special Interest
Your favorite Real Lawyer tackles the pressing legal issues of the day.
  Previously Aired Episode
What If President Trump Won’t Leave the White House? Aired on 11/16/2020
What If President Trump Won’t Leave the White House?
Season 2020: Episode 40
Season 2018 2019 2020
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Kavanaugh v. Ford Hearing
S2018 E02
Why Stormy Daniels Must Pay Donald Trump’s Attorneys’ Fees
S2018 E03
Discord and BetterHelp Hurting Users? (New Terms of Service)
S2018 E04
Manafort Plea Explodes, Attorney Privilege Breached, Pardon?
S2018 E05
Carlton v. Fortnite — Copyright Dance-Off!
Season 2019
S2019 E01
LegalEagle v. GameTheorists - Did MatPat Plagiarise My Fortnite Analysis?
S2019 E02
Is President Trump's National Emergency Declaration Legal?
S2019 E03
A Rhetorical and Legal Analysis of Michael Cohen's Testimony Before Congr...
S2019 E04
Aunt Becky’s College Admission Scandal (Wait, It’s RICO?)
S2019 E05
Mueller Report: The 9 Things That Don't Make Sense About the Barr Letter
S2019 E06
Mueller Report: A Lawyer's Analysis
S2019 E07
Mueller Report: Open Questions, Bad Decisions, Next Steps
S2019 E08
Kim Kardashian Attorney At Law???
S2019 E09
T-Series v. PewDiePie - 100 Million Subs & A Defamation Lawsuit
S2019 E10
This Lawsuit Could Change eSports Forever - Tfue v. FaZe Clan
S2019 E11
Are Fetal Heartbeat Laws Constitutional? (and the History of Roe v. Wade)
S2019 E12
The Most Important Supreme Court Cases of 2019
S2019 E13
Census Citizenship Chaos & Can the President Defy the SCOTUS
S2019 E14
Jeffrey Epstein's Multiple Prosecutions & The Fall of Alex Acosta
S2019 E15
Area 51 Raid: What would happen, legally speaking?
S2019 E16
Can You Trademark That?
S2019 E17
The World's First Space Crime? IN SPACE!
S2019 E18
Helping Hbomberguy Avoid Defamation
S2019 E19
Ukraine Whistleblower, Transcript, Complaint & Impeachment
S2019 E20
Is the Whistleblower Complaint HEARSAY?
S2019 E21
Quid Pro Quo? Taylor and Vindman testify
S2019 E22
Lawyer Responds: John Oliver SLAPPs Back?
S2019 E23
Lawyer Examines Impeachment Defenses
S2019 E24
You're Wrong About COPPA
S2019 E25
Impeached for THAT? (Comparing the Trump Articles of Impeachment)
S2019 E26
What Will the Senate Impeachment Trial Look Like? & Will It Happen?
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Lawyer Ruins TLC’s 90 Day Fiance
S2020 E02
YouTuber Extortion? MxR Plays v. Jukin
S2020 E03
Impeachment Bombshells and Fireworks
S2020 E04
Real Lawyer Reacts to Democrat’s EMOTIONAL Closing - INSANE!
S2020 E05
SHATTERED Impeachment Precedent? Bolton to Testify? Witnesses?
S2020 E06
Hillary Clinton Defames Tulsi Gabbard or SLAPP LOLsuit?
S2020 E07
Bloodbath at the DOJ - Roger Stone Sentenced
S2020 E08
Can the USA Legally Quarantine the Coronavirus?
S2020 E09
How to Serve Three Terms as President
S2020 E10
How the Government Botched the Coronavirus Response
S2020 E11
Coronavirus Refunds & Cancellations: How to Get One
S2020 E12
How to Illegally Profit From a Pandemic: Insider Trading!
S2020 E13
How Led Zeppelin Saved Katy Perry and Extinguished Flame
S2020 E14
Can the President Cancel The Election & What Would Happen?
S2020 E15
Suing China, President Trump, and Fox News Over The Coronavirus
S2020 E16
Spreading Coronavirus: Crime?
S2020 E17
Fake Coronavirus Cure Liability
S2020 E18
DOJ Dismisses Flynn? Not So Fast.
S2020 E19
Ahmaud Arbery: A “Citizen’s Arrest” Gone Wrong?
S2020 E20
George Floyd: 3rd or 2nd Degree Murder?
S2020 E21
Platforms, Publishers, and Presidents
S2020 E22
Troops Deployed Under Posse Comitatus and The Insurrection Act?
S2020 E23
How to Reform the Police
S2020 E24
The Case Against John Bolton & My Lawsuit Against the White House
S2020 E25
How Cops Get Away With Murder: Qualified Immunity
S2020 E26
President Trump Loses the Tax Return Battle
S2020 E27
Roger Stone Goes Free
S2020 E28
Portland Occupied by Secret Federal "Police"?
S2020 E29
Did We Give Away Half of Oklahoma?
S2020 E30
Can the President Ban TikTok?
S2020 E31
Is the NRA Being Sued Out of Existence?
S2020 E32
The Truth About Voting By Mail & Election Fraud
S2020 E33
Something Rotten at the Postal Service
S2020 E34
Who Can We Sue for the California and Oregon Fires?
S2020 E35
Masks Are Legal, Dummy
S2020 E36
Donald Trump, Tax Fraud?
S2020 E37
What Happens If a Presidential Candidate Dies Before the Election? (and t...
S2020 E38
Problems with the Electoral College ft. Extra Credits
S2020 E39
Will the President’s Lawsuits Overturn the Election?
S2020 E40
What If President Trump Won’t Leave the White House?
Episode 1
George Floyd: 3rd or 2nd Degree Murder? UPDATED
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