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The Proper People

The Proper People

2014 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube  •  72 hours  •  217 episodes
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Documentary, Travel, History
We are two friends, Bryan and Michael, who travel in search of abandoned buildings to explore and photograph. We film our adventures to share with the world.
  Previously Aired Episode
Exploring an Abandoned Seaside Prison in Spain Aired on 08/12/2022
Exploring an Abandoned Seaside Prison in Spain
Season 2022: Episode 11
Season 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Season 2014
S2014 E01
Exploring the Abandoned Southeastern Academy
S2014 E02
Abandoned Public School Number 4 (Cinematic)
S2014 E03
Abandoned Phosphate Factory (Cinematic)
S2014 E04
Exploring an Abandoned Phosphate Plant
S2014 E05
The Abandoned Glass Bank Exploration
S2014 E06
Exploring an Abandoned Tuberculosis Sanitarium
S2014 E07
The Abandoned Penthouse (Cinematic)
S2014 E08
Abandoned Jungleland Zoo Exploration
S2014 E09
Abandoned Sugarloaf Mountain Golf & Country Club
S2014 E10
Abandoned Orange Packing Plant (Cinematic)
S2014 E11
Abandoned Dinner Show Arena Exploration
S2014 E12
Exploring a Massive Abandoned Mine Facility
Season 2015
S2015 E01
Inside an Abandoned Prison
S2015 E02
Climbing an Abandoned Roller Coaster
S2015 E03
Exploring an Abandoned Mall - Miracle City Mall
S2015 E04
Abandoned Haunted House in an Abandoned High School
S2015 E05
Urbex Gear - What We Bring With Us (and Abandoned Cement Plant)
S2015 E06
Inside an Abandoned Megachurch
S2015 E07
Abandoned Megachurch (Cinematic)
S2015 E08
Climbing an Abandoned Water Tower
S2015 E09
Abandoned Missile Control Base Exploration at Night
S2015 E10
Exploring a Rusty Abandoned Factory and Quarry
S2015 E11
Abandoned Beach Resort Exploration
S2015 E12
The Abandoned Echo Domes - Insane Reverb!
S2015 E13
Exploring an Abandoned Movie Theater
S2015 E14
Exploring an Abandoned Hospital
S2015 E15
Abandoned Places Roadtrip Movie - JAXTRIP
S2015 E16
Abandoned Haunted Hotel Exploration
S2015 E17
Exploring an Abandoned Bowling Alley
S2015 E18
Abandoned Haunted Hotel AT NIGHT - Homeless Encounter
S2015 E19
Abandoned Outdoor Shopping Mall Exploration
S2015 E20
Steel Wool in an Abandoned Factory (+Giant Fireballs!)
S2015 E21
Questions and Answers - Thanks for 100k Subscribers!
S2015 E22
Exploring an Abandoned 200 ft. Tall Factory - Climbed to the Top!
S2015 E23
Huge Abandoned Phosphate Mine Exploration
S2015 E24
Exploring an Abandoned Prison Complex
S2015 E25
Road to New Orleans: 700 Miles, 1 Day - SE Expedition Vlog 1
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Checking out Abandoned Places in New Orleans - SE Expedition Vlog 2
S2016 E02
Exploring an Abandoned Theme Park: Six Flags New Orleans Part 1
S2016 E03
Tarp Time - SE Expedition Vlog 3
S2016 E04
Exploring in the ATL - SE Expedition Vlog 4
S2016 E05
Exploring an Abandoned Theme Park: Six Flags New Orleans Part 2
S2016 E06
Going to a Non-Abandoned Six Flags! - SE Expedition Vlog 5
S2016 E07
Locked Out of the Truck! - SE Expedition Vlog 6
S2016 E08
Exploring an Abandoned Textile Mill
S2016 E09
360° Abandoned Mill Exploration
S2016 E10
Abandoned Jai Alai Stadium Exploration - Bat Infested!
S2016 E11
Abandoned Insane Asylum Exploration (Part 1)
S2016 E12
Abandoned Insane Asylum Exploration (Part 2)
S2016 E13
Abandoned Coaling Tower/Zombie Defense Fortress (Mini-Explore)
S2016 E14
Abandoned Renaissance Festival in the Woods
S2016 E15
Abandoned Lube Factory Exploration (Mini-Explore)
S2016 E16
Exploring an Abandoned Neighborhood
S2016 E17
Exploring an Abandoned Funeral Home with Power Still On
S2016 E18
Abandoned Historic Armory (Mini-Explore)
S2016 E19
Abandoned Mental Hospital with Power Still On
S2016 E20
Abandoned Historic Cadillac Dealership (Mini-Explore)
S2016 E21
Abandoned Haunted Dam - Found Tunnel System
S2016 E22
Exploring a Massive Abandoned Pipe Factory
S2016 E23
S2016 E24
Exploring an Abandoned Ship + Funeral Home and Echo Dome Revisit
S2016 E25
Exploring an Abandoned Rocket Testing Facility
S2016 E26
Baltimore and More - NY Road Trip Ep. 1
S2016 E27
Drone Crash! - NY Road Trip Ep. 2
S2016 E28
The Big Apple - NY Road Trip Ep. 3
S2016 E29
Fixing the Drone & Exploring Long Island - NY Road Trip Ep. 4
S2016 E30
Abandoned Disneyland Knock-Off - Nara Dreamland Theme Park Exploration
S2016 E31
The Quest for Pizza - NY Road Trip Ep. 5
S2016 E32
Caught by Police - NY Road Trip Ep. 6
S2016 E33
Exploring a Massive Abandoned Kirkbride Asylum
S2016 E34
Inside Eastern State Penitentiary - NY Road Trip Ep. 7
S2016 E35
Clinton Road - The Most TERRIFYING Road in America?
S2016 E36
LIVE Q+A, Patreon Raffle, and Giveaway!
S2016 E37
Abandoned Mental Asylum with Underground Fallout Shelter
S2016 E38
Abandoned Asylum Children's Ward - Creepy Toys Everywhere
S2016 E39
Exploring a HUGE Tunnel System at an Abandoned Asylum
S2016 E40
Exploring a Creepy Abandoned Mansion (Found Knives!)
S2016 E41
Abandoned Hospital with Amazing Domed Ceiling
S2016 E42
Exploring an Abandoned Chemical Research Lab (Superfund Site)
S2016 E43
Exploring an Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant
S2016 E44
Exploring the Abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center
S2016 E45
Inside an Abandoned Boxing Venue - Blue Horizon
S2016 E46
Abandoned HAUNTED Mental Hospital AT NIGHT w/ Dan Bell (Pt. 1)
S2016 E47
Abandoned Bowling Alley Exploration
S2016 E48
Exploring a Huge Abandoned Prison (Pt. 1)
S2016 E49
Exploring a Huge Abandoned Prison (Pt. 2)
S2016 E50
Exploring an Abandoned Juvenile Detention Center
S2016 E51
Abandoned UNTOUCHED House Full of Vintage Belongings (Cinematic)
S2016 E52
Exploring an Abandoned Vintage House - Everything Left Behind
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Huge Abandoned Death-Trap Factory Exploration
S2017 E02
Exploring an Abandoned Iron Ore Mine
S2017 E03
Abandoned College Campus - Chemicals and Specimens Left Behind
S2017 E04
Abandoned College Campus - Dorms and Student Union
S2017 E05
Creepy Abandoned Girl's Reformatory At Night
S2017 E06
Exploring a Massive Abandoned Hospital - Pt. 1
S2017 E07
Massive Abandoned Hospital - Found Radiation Therapy Room - Pt. 2
S2017 E08
Exploring an Abandoned Power Plant with Crazy Control Room
S2017 E09
Exploring an Abandoned State Mental Hospital - Are We Alone?
S2017 E10
Exploring an Abandoned Mental Hospital - Dangerous Collapses Everywhere
S2017 E11
Exploring an Abandoned Mental Hospital - Chased by Bats
S2017 E12
Abandoned Historic Elementary School Exploration
S2017 E13
Exploring an Incredible Abandoned Cathedral
S2017 E14
Exploring an Abandoned Farm School
S2017 E15
Abandoned Asylum Exploration in the Snow
S2017 E16
Abandoned Asylum - Tunneling through Active Areas
S2017 E17
Sneaking Inside an Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant!
S2017 E18
Abandoned Sanitarium - Haunted by Evil Doctor?
S2017 E19
Exploring a Huge Abandoned Mall - 1 Million Sq Ft!
S2017 E20
America's Largest Abandoned Subway - Cincinnati Subway Explored!
S2017 E21
Exploring an Abandoned Temple - Ancient Order of the Mystic Shrine
S2017 E22
Largest Abandonment in America - WWII Ammo Factory
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Exploring the Abandoned Hotel Grim
S2018 E02
Set Off Loud Alarms at Abandoned Power Plant
S2018 E03
Abandoned Horror Hospital - Paranormal Dungeon?
S2018 E04
Abandoned School - Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina
S2018 E05
Exploring an Abandoned Prison Farm - Central Unit Prison
S2018 E06
Camping on Top of an Abandoned Cold War Radar Base!
S2018 E07
Creepy Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital Exploration
S2018 E08
Exploring the Abandoned Baker Hotel - 1920's Hotel in Decay
S2018 E09
The Arlington Hotel - What If the Baker Hotel Was Never Abandoned?
S2018 E10
Exploring an Abandoned Navy Base - NSA New Orleans
S2018 E11
Exploring an Abandoned Middle School
S2018 E12
Apocalyptic Mall Exploration
S2018 E13
Almost Busted Exploring a Huge Abandoned Hospital
S2018 E14
Massive Abandoned Steelworks - Sealed Inside by Security
S2018 E15
Insanely Huge Abandoned Steel Mill Exploration - Making Our Escape
S2018 E16
Exploring an Italian Asylum With Dark History - Filled with Old Stuff!
S2018 E17
Old Abandoned German Prison Exploration
S2018 E18
Miles Deep in an Abandoned Iron Mine - Day 1
S2018 E19
Exploring a Huge Abandoned Iron Mine - Day 2
S2018 E20
Abandoned Dark School of Arts - Religious Boarding School Exploration
S2018 E21
Largest Abandoned Machine in the World! - Dangerous Exploration
S2018 E22
Extremely Creepy Abandoned Asylum - Skull X-Rays, Medicine, and Power!
S2018 E23
Huge Abandoned Clothing Factory - Found Vintage Computers!
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Largest Abandoned Factory We've Ever Explored! - Steel Mill Blast Furnace
S2019 E02
Dangerous Structural Collapse! - Abandoned School of Physiotherapy
S2019 E03
Amazing Abandoned Asylum - Creepy Medical Room & Beautiful Architecture
S2019 E04
Found Abandoned Power Plant with Chandeliers!
S2019 E05
Exploring the Abandoned Peppermint Power Plant - 1950's Industry in Decay
S2019 E06
Exploring Huge French Manors - Vintage Belongings Left Behind
S2019 E07
Rare Abandoned Double Decker Theater - Built in 1915
S2019 E08
Abandoned Asylum With Power - How Does This Still Work!?
S2019 E09
Huge Abandoned Coal Mine with Cart Roller Coaster!
S2019 E10
Exploring an Abandoned Religious School - Beautiful Victorian Architectur...
S2019 E11
Creepy Sounds at Abandoned Asylum at Night - Is It Haunted?
S2019 E12
Caught by Security at Huge Abandoned Steel Factory
S2019 E13
Exploring Detroit's Abandoned Car Factories
S2019 E14
Exploring Detroit's Largest Abandoned High School
S2019 E15
Exploring an Abandoned Detroit College
S2019 E16
Exploring a Huge Abandoned Art Deco Power Plant
S2019 E17
We Found 1940s Medical Equipment in an Abandoned Sanatorium!
S2019 E18
Exploring the Abandoned Northridge Mall
S2019 E19
Abandoned Daytona Beach Hospital at 1 AM - Closed Since Hurricane!
S2019 E20
Huge Abandoned Theme Park Exploration - Sino Wonderland
S2019 E21
Exploring an Abandoned Power Plant - MASSIVE Turbine Hall!
S2019 E22
Exploring an Abandoned Movie Theater - Incredible Ornate Design!
S2019 E23
Exploring an Abandoned Hospital Filled with Thousands of Patient Files
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Exploring an Abandoned Chinese Ghost City
S2020 E02
Exploring the Abandoned Royal Hotel-Hachijo Island
S2020 E03
Exploring a Huge Abandoned DC High School
S2020 E04
Exploring an Abandoned Water Park in China
S2020 E05
Exploring an Abandoned Navy Research Lab - Jet Engine Testing Center
S2020 E06
Q&A - Thanks for 1 Million Subscribers!
S2020 E07
Abandoned Theme Park on Top of a Mountain - Ghost Town in the Sky
S2020 E08
Abandoned Mental Institution with Dark History - They Experimented on Chi...
S2020 E09
Abandoned 1920's Department Store - Found Dog Inside
S2020 E10
Exploring the Massive Nevele Grande Ski Resort
S2020 E11
Return to the Abandoned Power Plant Where We Set Off Alarms
S2020 E12
Exploring an Abandoned Streetcar Graveyard
S2020 E13
Exploring an Abandoned Prison Hospital - Medical Equipment Left Behind (P...
S2020 E14
Biohazardous Samples Left Behind - Exploring an Abandoned Prison Hospital...
S2020 E15
Exploring an Abandoned Hospital Morgue - Power Still On
S2020 E16
Exploring a Massive Abandoned Research Laboratory
S2020 E17
Abandoned High School with Power - Everything Left Behind
S2020 E18
Exploring an Abandoned Japanese Clinic - Untouched for 40 Years
S2020 E19
Exploring the Abandoned Allentown State Hospital - Amazing Asylum Archite...
S2020 E20
Exploring an Abandoned Chinese Resort - Untouched Decay
S2020 E21
Abandoned Mid-Century Hospital - Found Morgue and Bone Stretcher
S2020 E22
Exploring the Cincinnati Mills Mall - Abandoned Yet Still Open
S2020 E23
Abandoned Century Old Power Plant - Found Control Rooms!
S2020 E24
Exploring a Huge Indoor Water Park and Hotel - Caught by Police!
Season 2021
S2021 E01
Exploring an Abandoned Asylum - Found Bowling Alley and Padded Room!
S2021 E02
Exploring the Abandoned Hotel Atlantis - 20 Years of Decay!
S2021 E03
Exploring an Abandoned Mid-Century Power Plant - Retro Control Room!
S2021 E04
Exploring an Abandoned County Hospital - Found Operating Rooms
S2021 E05
Exploring the Abandoned Forest Haven Asylum
S2021 E06
Exploring an Abandoned Soviet Military Base - Found Amazing Murals!
S2021 E07
Exploring an Abandoned Time Capsule Movie Theater
S2021 E08
Found Fully Stocked Fallout Shelter while Exploring a Massive Asylum Comp...
S2021 E09
Old Medical Equipment Left Behind in Massive Abandoned Asylum - Found Pow...
S2021 E10
Exploring a 14th Century Abandoned Mansion - Filled with Vintage Belongin...
S2021 E11
Exploring an Abandoned Children’s Asylum - Found Amazing Chapel!
S2021 E12
Exploring the Abandoned Knoxville Center Mall (East Towne Mall)
S2021 E13
Exploring an Abandoned Children’s Asylum - Found Restraints and Old Ele...
S2021 E14
Exploring an Abandoned Gilded-Age Mansion with a Titanic Connection! - Ly...
S2021 E15
Inside America’s Largest Gilded-Age Mansion- Lynnewood Hall - Pt. 2
S2021 E16
Abandoned Italian Monastery Turned into a Sanitarium - Filled with X-Rays...
S2021 E17
Exploring a Massive Catskills Resort Ravaged by Fire - The Brown’s Hote...
S2021 E18
Abandoned Asylum Decaying for 25 Years - Found Morgue and Theater!
S2021 E19
Exploring a Massive Abandoned Hotel During a Hurricane
S2021 E20
Exploring a Massive Kirkbride Asylum - Amazing 19th Century Architecture
S2021 E21
Exploring an Abandoned Mall with Power - Neon Still On!
S2021 E22
Exploring an Abandoned Holiday Resort in the Italian Mountains - Found In...
S2021 E23
Powering Up an Abandoned 1920s Theater
S2021 E24
Abandoned Power Plant Decaying for 20 Years - Vintage Time Capsule Explor...
S2021 E25
Exploring an Abandoned Doctor’s Villa
Season 2022
S2022 E01
New Orleans’ Abandoned Prison - Closed Since Hurricane Katrina
S2022 E02
Caught at the Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans
S2022 E03
Rainbow Asylum Abandoned For Decades with Morgue and Barber Shop
S2022 E04
We Found the Smile Room in an Abandoned Asylum
S2022 E05
Evading Security at Abandoned Research Hospital - Found Autopsy Theater a...
S2022 E06
Exploring Abandoned Portugal - Water Park and Sanatorium in the Mountains
S2022 E07
Exploring the Palace of Patriarchs - Amazing 18th Century Estate!
S2022 E08
Abandoned Tunnel Boring Machine - Exploring an Unfinished Metro Tunnel
S2022 E09
Exploring the Abandoned Landmark Mall - Just Days Before Demolition
S2022 E10
Exploring Abandoned Spain - Spa Resort and Power Plant
S2022 E11
Exploring an Abandoned Seaside Prison in Spain
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