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2020 - Now  •  Sunday 08:00 PM on YouTube  •  27 hours  •  2 seasons  •  152 episodes
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In his personal vlog, WONHO shows WENEE differents sides of his persona, taking his fans to day to day activities, such as gym, trips, behind the scenes, photoshoots, and free time.
  Previously Aired Episode
HAPPY WENEE DAY: 4 Photoshoot for the 2nd Anniversary Aired on 06/29/2022
HAPPY WENEE DAY: 4 Photoshoot for the 2nd Anniversary
Season 2022: Episode 28
Season 1 2 2020 2021 2022
Season 1
S01 E01
밀키트로 밀푀유나베 만들기 + 처음 먹어본 밀푀유나베...
S01 E02
원호 솔로 데뷔! 앨범 준비 과정 part.1
S01 E03
원호 솔로 데뷔! 앨범 준비 과정 part.2
S01 E04
원호 첫 솔로 앨범! 앨범 언박싱
S01 E05
고양이 간식 수제 츄르 만들기 + 츄르 먹방
S01 E06
운동갈 때 원호의 가방 속 리얼 아이템 대공개! (What's in...
S01 E07
한우 부위별 먹방 l oh트러플 오일oh
S01 E08
복근 집중 홈트레이닝 l 배 찢어짐 주의
S01 E09
치킨 리얼사운드 먹방 ASMR l 광희나는 치킨 & 치즈볼 3종...
S01 E10
미식축구 선수가 된 원호의 우당탕탕 할로윈 케이크 만...
S01 E11
요거트 아이스크림 리얼사운드 먹방 ASMR l '스쿱스 아호...
S01 E12
서린이 원호의 좌충우돌 서핑 도전기 l 서핑 초보 탈출
S01 E13
S01 E14
10만 기념 LIVE
S01 E15
무작정 떠난 캠핑 #1 l 드라이브 / 장보기???? / 글램핑
S01 E16
무작정 떠난 캠핑 #2 l 글램핑 / 고기파티 / 불멍
S01 E17
이게 가능하다고? 생애 첫 필라테스 도전
S01 E18
Study With Me l 원호랑 같이 공부해요 l 스터디윗미
S01 E19
폼롤러 사용법! 폼롤러 스트레칭 필라테스
S01 E20
붕어빵에 군밤까지 겨울 간식 만들기
S01 E21
집에서 할 수 있는 근력 운동 l 홈트 l 필라테스
S01 E22
S01 E23
원호의 하루 VLOG 2020.12.11 l 데이즈드 1월호 l 데뷔 100일
S01 E24
크리스마스 나홀로 집콕 홈파티‍ l 트리 만들기 l 홈레...
Season 2
S02 E01
S02 E02
S02 E03
S02 E04
1st Look 퍼스트룩 204호 화보 촬영 비하인드
S02 E05
The Star 10월 호 화보 촬영 비하인드
S02 E06
BEAUTY+ 뷰티쁠 11월 호 화보 촬영 비하인드
S02 E07
DAZED 1월 호 화보 촬영 비하인드
S02 E08
팀 원호와 함께하는 해피 발렌타인데이
S02 E09
WONHO 원호 'WENEED' Special Clip
S02 E10
WONHO 원호 'WENEED' Special Clip (Only WONHO ver.)
S02 E11
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Making Milfeu Yunabe with a Milk Kit
S2020 E02
WONHO's Solo Debut + Album Preparation Process, Part.1
S2020 E03
WONHO's Solo Debut + Album Preparation Process, Part.2
S2020 E04
Unboxing WONHO's First Solo Album!
S2020 E05
Cat Snack Homemade Churros + Churr Mukbang
S2020 E06
What's In My Bag?
S2020 E07
Mukbang by Part of Korean beef
S2020 E08
Abdominal Intensive Home Training
S2020 E09
Chicken Real Sound Mukbang ASMR
S2020 E10
Football Player WONHO Makes a Halloween Cake
S2020 E11
"Scoups Ahoy": Yogurt Ice Cream Real Sound Mukbang ASMR
S2020 E12
WONHO's Stumbling Block Surfing Challenge
S2020 E13
Jjapaguri Real Sound Mukbang ASMR
S2020 E14
Commemorative 100,000
S2020 E15
Reckless Camping #1
S2020 E16
Reckless Camping #2
S2020 E17
My First Pilates Challenge
S2020 E18
Study With Me
S2020 E19
Foam Roller Stretching Pilates
S2020 E20
Making Winter Snacks From Bungeoppang
S2020 E21
Strength Exercises You Can Do at Home
S2020 E22
Chicken Real Sound Mukbang ASMR Review
S2020 E23
"DAZED" Shoot + 100 Days of Debut
S2020 E24
Christmas Alone at Home Party
Season 2021
S2021 E01
High Protein Low Calorie Diet
S2021 E02
Outdoor Camping, Pt. 1
S2021 E03
Outdoor Camping, Pt. 2
S2021 E04
Behind the Scenes of "1st Look" Shoot
S2021 E05
Behind the Scenes of "The Star" Shoot
S2021 E06
Behind the Scenes of "BEAUTY+" Shoot
S2021 E07
Behind the Scenes of "DAZED" Shoot
S2021 E08
Happy Valentine's Day with Team Wonho
S2021 E09
"WENEED" Special Clip
S2021 E10
"WENEED" Special Clip (Only WONHO ver.)
S2021 E11
Teaching the "Ain't About You" TikTok Challenge Choreography
S2021 E12
Behind the Scenes of "Men's Health" Shoot
S2021 E13
Behind the Scenes of "LOSE"
S2021 E14
Behind the Scenes of "BEST SHOT"
S2021 E15
DJ WONHO's Special Radio with Hoxy
S2021 E16
DJ WONHO's Special Radio with Team WONHO Dancers
S2021 E17
DJ WONHO's Special Radio with ENAN from "SAVAGE HOUSE GANG"
S2021 E18
WONHO Comeback Preparation, Part.1
S2021 E19
WONHO Comeback Preparation, Part.2
S2021 E20
Exercise VLOG: Back Workout Day
S2021 E21
Behind the Scenes of "MAPS" Shoot
S2021 E22
Workout VLOG: Lower Body Workout Day + Gym ASMR
S2021 E23
First Face-to-Face Fan Signing After Debut
S2021 E24
What is WONHO's Body Analyzed with a 3D Body Analyzer?
S2021 E25
Behind the Scenes of "#WENEEDLOVE" Special Online Concert
S2021 E26
Workout VLOG: Arm Workout Day
S2021 E27
Conditioning Before and After Stage
S2021 E28
Exercise Game "Ring Fit Adventure" Challenge
S2021 E29
"Just Dance" Challenge with Team WONHO's Dancers
S2021 E30
Flying Yoga Challenge, Part 1
S2021 E31
Flying Yoga Challenge, Part 2
S2021 E32
Rice Thief 3 Piece Set Mukbang ASMR
S2021 E33
Bungee Physio Challenge
S2021 E34
First Climbing Challenge
S2021 E35
WENEE 1st Anniversary
S2021 E36
Watermelon For Summer ASMR
S2021 E37
Diet Management
S2021 E38
VLOG: Preparing for WENEE's Day
S2021 E39
VLOG: Shoulder Workout Day
S2021 E40
Sharpshooter in This Area
S2021 E41
Freediving Challenge: Naked Into the Sea!
S2021 E42
Freediving Challenge: Marine Sports
S2021 E43
Freediving Challenge: To The Rescue
S2021 E44
Behind the Scenes: DELING Magazine
S2021 E45
"BLUE": Comeback Preparation Part.1
S2021 E46
"BLUE": Comeback Preparation Part.2
S2021 E47
MBTI Test: What is WONHO's personality type?
S2021 E48
"BLUE" Comeback: Behind the Scenes of the First Week
S2021 E49
"it's LIVE": Live Performance With the Band
S2021 E50
"BLUE" Suit Dance + "NOW." Diary
S2021 E51
"WE ARE YOUNG": Concert Ticketing Challenge
S2021 E52
"Come Over Tonight": Comeback Preparation + Choreography Practice with Ho...
S2021 E53
"Come Over Tonight" Activities
S2021 E54
Halloween Harley Quinn Costume + Makeup & Hair Q&A
S2021 E55
"Blue Letter" Lucky Draw Album Gang + Poca Review
S2021 E56
Behind the Scenes of Esquire "No Text No Call" LIVE
S2021 E57
Behind-the-scenes Photoshoot for the October Issue of BEAUTY+
S2021 E58
'Blue Letter' face-to-face fan signing
S2021 E59
"WE ARE YOUNG": Concert MD & VCR Filming Day
S2021 E60
"WE ARE YOUNG": Concert Preparation Process + Choreography Practice + Cos...
S2021 E61
"WE ARE YOUNG": Taking the Subway + Concert Rehearsal
S2021 E62
"WE ARE YOUNG": First Offline Concert + Behind the Scenes + Surprise Part...
S2021 E63
AAA 2021: "Best Musician" + First Awards Ceremony
S2021 E64
PARCO Photobook 'FEEL WONHO' Filming Site
S2021 E65
Gift Prepared by WONHO Santa: Drawing a Christmas Card with Oil Pastels
Season 2022
S2022 E01
Acrylic Painting: New Year's Black Tiger + Drawing a Sheep
S2022 E02
SUPER73 Direct Purchase: Unboxing The Electric Bike
S2022 E03
Jeju Island Winter Travel Vlog: Part 1
S2022 E04
Jeju Island Winter Travel Vlog: Part 2
S2022 E05
Jeju Island Winter Travel Vlog: Part 3
S2022 E06
2022 Jeju Island Travel Vlog: Part 1
S2022 E07
2022 Jeju Island Travel Vlog: Part 2
S2022 E08
"EYE ON YOU": Comeback Preparation, part.1
S2022 E09
"EYE ON YOU": Comeback Preparation, part.2
S2022 E10
[Wenee-log] Birthday Cafe Minicon
S2022 E11
"EYE ON YOU": Behind the First Week of Comeback
S2022 E12
The Return of Pokemon Bread Tibutibukan
S2022 E13
'Somebody': Practice with HolyBang + It's Live
S2022 E14
Body Profile Shoot
S2022 E15
ASMR: Oksu-dong Kimchi Steamed Mukbang
S2022 E16
February Vlog: Lunar New Year Holiday, Outlet Shopping, Banksy Exhibition...
S2022 E17
Making Pancakes Tastier Than Selling
S2022 E18
Diet Mukbang
S2022 E19
Tufting One-Day Class: Making Rugs
S2022 E20
First Vacation Vlog: Incheon Paradise City Hotel
S2022 E21
WONHO's Ramen World Cup
S2022 E22
Making Toast That is Hot on Social Media
S2022 E23
Vlog: 1 Night 2 Days Gapyeong Trip
S2022 E24
Musical 'Equal' Poster Shooting
S2022 E25
DAZED X Calvin Klein Campaign Shooting
S2022 E26
Pokemon Bread in Japan
S2022 E27
"CRAZY": Comeback Preparation
S2022 E28
HAPPY WENEE DAY: 4 Photoshoot for the 2nd Anniversary
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