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Judy Justice

Judy Justice

2021 - Now  •  Monday 12:00 AM on Amazon Freevee  •  73 hours  •  2 seasons  •  210 episodes
1 vote
3398 votes
# 7899
The Honorable Judy Sheindlin, retired Judge of the Manhattan family Court, brings her signature blend of sharp wit and wisdom, hilarious candor and unwavering honesty that has made her America’s favorite judge for over 25 years, as she presides over real cases, arbitrates binding decisions and delivers ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Dumbest Move for Unmarried Couples Aired on 03/24/2023
Dumbest Move for Unmarried Couples
Season 2: Episode 80
  New Episode Air Date
Airs on Monday 03/27/2023
Episode 81
Season 2: Episode 81
Judy Justice | Judy Justice | First Look Trailer | IMDb TV
Season 1 2
Season 1
S01 E01
Girlfriend Demands Payback
S01 E02
Sister Feud/Driver in Disguise
S01 E03
Road Rage Heart Attack
S01 E04
Fighting while Driving
S01 E05
Backyard Fist Fight
S01 E06
Co-Signing Exes/Suspected Check Fraud
S01 E07
Star Athlete's Tragic Accident
S01 E08
Child's Stimulus Check Tug-of-War/Cleaning-Business Payback
S01 E09
Tween Braces
S01 E10
Flipping and Fighting/Amusement Park Drama
S01 E11
Tween's Controversial Phone Use
S01 E12
Newlywed's Make-Up Artist
S01 E13
Father and Son Payback
S01 E14
Teen Beach House Birthday Fail
S01 E15
Mother/Daughter Cosmetic Surgery
S01 E16
Gold Pocket-Watch Mystery
S01 E17
Mother Caught in the Middle
S01 E18
Co-Parenting Nightmare
S01 E19
Ex-Lover Payback
S01 E20
Neighbor Nightmare (Part 1)
S01 E21
Neighbor Nightmare (Part 2)
S01 E22
COVID and College Coeds/Car Vandalism and Jealousy
S01 E23
Wrought-Iron Rage
S01 E24
Pit Bull Attack
S01 E25
Family In Crisis (Part 1)
S01 E26
Family In Crisis (Part 2)
S01 E27
Car Title Takeover/Vegas Drinking Binge
S01 E28
Assault with a Deadly Hedge Clipper?
S01 E29
Missing Trailer Mystery
S01 E30
Trail Ride Disaster
S01 E31
COVID Wedding Upset
S01 E32
Storage Container Wars
S01 E33
Dog Breeding Side Hustle
S01 E34
Spiritual Health Coach Dispute/$20K Business Loan Debate
S01 E35
Birthday Influencer or Personal Loan/Deer in the Headlights
S01 E36
Unfit Wedding Ring
S01 E37
Family, Furniture and the Fallout
S01 E38
Single Mother Struggle
S01 E39
Caregiver Boyfriend/Shih Tzu Custody Battle
S01 E40
Body Reshaping Gone Bad
S01 E41
Attorney/Mechanic Face-Off
S01 E42
Hollywood Collectibles Controversy
S01 E43
COVID Infection Controversy/Music Video Fail
S01 E44
Horse Care Barter Battle
S01 E45
Teen Drives Truck Into Tree; Hair Extension/Defamation Fight
S01 E46
Bride's Cable Car Calamity/Apartment Up in Flames
S01 E47
Good Samaritan Teen Rip-Off
S01 E48
Beauty Salon Brawl
S01 E49
Unwanted Dog Pregnancy/Divorced Parents' Dispute
S01 E50
Lipo-Surgery Sister Care
S01 E51
Fine Lines and Fire Arms
S01 E52
Error Code Car Alert/Feuding Cousins
S01 E53
Teen Drivers and Collisions and Guns... Oh My!
S01 E54
When Roosters Attack
S01 E55
For Love or Money
S01 E56
Hijacked Packages/Fighting and Forgiving
S01 E57
Drinking Problem
S01 E58
Playing-Card Club Controversy
S01 E59
Neighborhood Dog Attack/Cancun Vacation Drama
S01 E60
Hookah Headache
S01 E61
Fight Night and Sideswipes
S01 E62
Remodeling & Eviction Nightmare
S01 E63
Car-Slam Into Cyclist
S01 E64
Wedding Planner Drama
S01 E65
Retaliatory Vandalism (Part 1)
S01 E66
Retaliatory Vandalism (Part 2)/Playing House Together
S01 E67
Daycare Dilemma
S01 E68
Bed Breakup / Music Video Dispute
S01 E69
Teens Accused of Collision
S01 E70
Death of a Puppy
S01 E71
Motorcycle Mishap / Fire Lane Fiasco
S01 E72
Bourbon Street Break-Up
S01 E73
Magnet Madness / Wellness Center Controversy
S01 E74
Friends with Benefits Fail Part 1
S01 E75
Friends with Benefits Fail Part 2
S01 E76
Sick Kitties
S01 E77
Recreational Disaster / Coin Collection Collateral
S01 E78
Nasty Breakup / Flipping Twins
S01 E79
Sisters Roommate Nightmare
S01 E80
Chihuahua vs. Pit Bull
S01 E81
The Missing Engagement Ring; Car Accident Payback
S01 E82
Dog Show Drama
S01 E83
California Wildfire Payout; Quinceanera and COVID
S01 E84
Motor Bike Blues
S01 E85
Ghosted Tickets / Staged Furniture Fail
S01 E86
Dog Breeding Battle
S01 E87
Buyer Beware
S01 E88
Ski Snafu
S01 E89
Doggy Door War / Charity Motorcycle Riders
S01 E90
Relationship Vacation Fail
S01 E91
Bitter Break-Up / Dissatisfied Tenants
S01 E92
Pit Bull on the Prowl
S01 E93
Car Repo Breakdown
S01 E94
Credit Score Kill
S01 E95
Pet Adoption Fail / Texas Natural Disaster Repair
S01 E96
Unwed Parents Feud
S01 E97
School District Desirability
S01 E98
Pit Bull Puppy Attack
S01 E99
My Ex... Con Owes Me
S01 E100
Life in a Condemned Warehouse
S01 E101
Case of the Missing Yorkie / Boyfriend or Deposit
S01 E102
Vandalism Therapy
S01 E103
Fool the Judge Once...
S01 E104
Dog Breeding Battle; Deceased Father's Estate Debate
S01 E105
35K Labor Dispute
S01 E106
Minnesota Car Misha; Flipping Cars and Vandalism
S01 E107
Rescue Dog Drama
S01 E108
Dating with Children
S01 E109
You Jumped On My Car! / Last Will and Testament Strife
S01 E110
Restaurant Nightmare
S01 E111
Shared Driveway Destruction
S01 E112
Dog-Watching Nightmare / Ex-Fiancée Fight
S01 E113
Remains of a 15-Year Relationship
S01 E114
From Puppy to Protective Order / Motorcycle Brothers' Payback
S01 E115
ATV Crash / Relationship Phone Slam
S01 E116
Puppy Injury
S01 E117
Friendly Car Crashing; Friends No More
S01 E118
Tickets and Titles Between Friends / Star-Studded Keytar Crisis
S01 E119
Cat/Dog Fight Caught on Tape / Online Dating Gone Wrong
S01 E120
Emotional Title War; Tenant/ Landlord Drama
Season 2
S02 E01
Dog Gone Wild
S02 E02
Pedestrians Struck by Car
S02 E03
Jailhouse Affair and Stitchly Situation
S02 E04
Drunk Driving Collision
S02 E05
Slander on the Movie Set
S02 E06
Mother's Day Grief and Personal Trainer in the Hotseat
S02 E07
Fighting While High
S02 E08
Grand Theft Lizard
S02 E09
Sword-Wielding Tenant
S02 E10
Modern Love Mayhem and Frenchie Fiasco
S02 E11
Photoshop Fiasco or Social Media Misfortune?
S02 E12
Truck Fight
S02 E13
Checks and Balances and Roommate Fallout
S02 E14
Pit Bull Kennel Fail
S02 E15
Wedding Planner Problem
S02 E16
Sister vs. Brother
S02 E17
Washed Up Friendship and Time to Pay the Toll
S02 E18
Phone a Friend
S02 E19
Brawl for Dogs
S02 E20
Family Woes
S02 E21
High Security Break-Up
S02 E22
Funeral Feud
S02 E23
Don't Bully Me
S02 E24
Minor Crash and Trade Me Back
S02 E25
Don't Go Fund Me
S02 E26
Three's a Crowd
S02 E27
Rag Doll Dog and Hairy Situation
S02 E28
Guns Between Friends
S02 E29
T-Shirt Throw Down
S02 E30
Holiday Dog Attack
S02 E31
Cross Country Rescue and Wedding Debt Denied
S02 E32
To Lease or Not to Lease
S02 E33
Family Divided
S02 E34
Romantic Reunion Fail and Wolfdog
S02 E35
The Unseen Roommate
S02 E36
Wig Out in ATL
S02 E37
Sisters No More and The Fix Is In
S02 E38
Tough Love Dad
S02 E39
Roommate Hell
S02 E40
Side Hustle Fail and Truck-Astrophe
S02 E41
That's a Wrap! and Ex-Con/Author Seeks the Sentimental
S02 E42
Water Damage Control
S02 E43
Chihuahua Fright
S02 E44
Music Video Conflict and Family Overstays Welcome
S02 E45
Parking Spot Assault Caught on Tape
S02 E46
Stop Scrolling!
S02 E47
Dueling Evictions and Baby Shoes Biz
S02 E48
When Parked Cars Attack and Lane-Split Decision Collision
S02 E49
Teen Tread Lightly
S02 E50
From Flip to Flop
S02 E51
Trespassing Husband and Cat Lover Chaos
S02 E52
Graphic Email Revenge
S02 E53
Dash-Cam Collision and Drug Test Danger
S02 E54
Minors and Majors Slander (1)
S02 E55
Minors and Majors Slander (2)
S02 E56
Roommate Crosses the Line and Podcast Me Out
S02 E57
Hijacked Harmony
S02 E58
Business Review Bombshell
S02 E59
DUI Slam into House and Covid Cancel
S02 E60
Caught in a Blind Spot and Luxury Car Chew Toy
S02 E61
Pool Rules Fail
S02 E62
Brews and Bruise
S02 E63
Dance No More and Three's a Crowd
S02 E64
Short-Term Job Trauma
S02 E65
Sisters Cry Neglect!
S02 E66
Underage Rage and Pet Debt Relief
S02 E67
Business Is Only Skin Deep
S02 E68
Restrained Grandfather
S02 E69
Unlicensed Teen Accident and Don't Pocket My Profit
S02 E70
Powerless Landlord
S02 E71
Pay to Play and Contract Controversy
S02 E72
Bobcat Bitterness
S02 E73
Kindness or Kidnapping?
S02 E74
Post-Funeral Property Fail and Not a Pleasure Doing Business
S02 E75
Mini Schnauzer vs. Pit Bull
S02 E76
Look Out for That Cone!
S02 E77
One-Wheel Whammy and All Bets Are Off
S02 E78
Sort of Married
S02 E79
World's Worst Intervention
S02 E80
Dumbest Move for Unmarried Couples
S02 E81
Episode 81
S02 E82
Episode 82
S02 E83
Episode 83
S02 E84
Episode 84
S02 E85
Episode 85
S02 E86
Episode 86
S02 E87
Episode 87
S02 E88
Episode 88
S02 E89
Episode 89
S02 E90
Episode 90
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