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2020 - Now  •  Monday 12:00 AM on STAR Plus  •  6 days  •  1 season  •  314 episodes
1 vote
1147 votes
# 28525
Drama, Soap, Family, Romance
All Imlie wanted was to create a name for herself in the city. But upon her arrival, she finds herself caught in the middle of Aditya and Malini's love story.
  Previously Aired Episode
Imlie's Brilliant Move Aired on 06/25/2022
Imlie's Brilliant Move
Season 1: Episode 505
Season 1
S01 E01
Meet Imlie
S01 E02
Episode 2
S01 E03
Episode 3
S01 E04
Episode 4
S01 E05
Episode 5
S01 E06
Episode 6
S01 E07
Episode 7
S01 E08
Episode 8
S01 E09
Episode 9
S01 E10
Episode 10
S01 E11
Episode 11
S01 E12
Episode 12
S01 E13
Episode 13
S01 E14
Episode 14
S01 E15
Episode 15
S01 E16
Episode 16
S01 E17
Episode 17
S01 E18
Episode 18
S01 E19
Episode 19
S01 E20
Episode 20
S01 E21
Episode 21
S01 E22
Episode 22
S01 E23
Episode 23
S01 E24
Episode 24
S01 E25
Episode 25
S01 E26
Episode 26
S01 E27
Episode 27
S01 E28
Episode 28
S01 E29
Episode 29
S01 E30
Episode 30
S01 E31
Episode 31
S01 E32
Episode 32
S01 E33
Episode 33
S01 E34
Episode 34
S01 E35
Episode 35
S01 E36
Episode 36
S01 E37
Episode 37
S01 E38
Episode 38
S01 E39
Episode 39
S01 E40
Episode 40
S01 E41
Episode 41
S01 E42
Episode 42
S01 E43
Episode 43
S01 E44
Episode 44
S01 E45
Episode 45
S01 E46
Episode 46
S01 E47
Episode 47
S01 E48
Episode 48
S01 E49
Episode 49
S01 E50
Episode 50
S01 E51
Episode 51
S01 E52
Episode 52
S01 E53
Episode 53
S01 E54
Episode 54
S01 E55
Episode 55
S01 E95
Episode 95
S01 E96
Episode 96
S01 E97
Episode 97
S01 E98
Episode 98
S01 E99
Episode 99
S01 E100
Episode 100
S01 E101
Episode 101
S01 E102
Episode 102
S01 E255
Imlie Wins Her Chance
S01 E256
Malini's Cunning Plan
S01 E257
Imlie Is Devastated!
S01 E258
Imlie Blames Malini
S01 E259
Dulari Catches Anu
S01 E260
Imlie Leaves Aditya
S01 E261
Imlie Finds The Accused!
S01 E262
Imlie Is Adamant
S01 E263
Malini's Odd Request
S01 E264
The Tripathis Are Clueless
S01 E265
Imlie Uses Malini's Trick
S01 E266
Aditya Loses His Job
S01 E267
Aditya Accuses Imlie
S01 E268
Aditya Learns The Truth
S01 E269
Anu's Strange Condition
S01 E270
Malini's Truth Is Out
S01 E271
Aditya Admits The Truth
S01 E272
Imlie Gets Captured
S01 E273
Imlie Tries To Escape
S01 E274
Imlie's Smart Move
S01 E275
Imlie's Suspension Gets Revoked
S01 E276
Imlie Wins The Competition
S01 E277
Horrible Experience For Imlie
S01 E278
Malini's Plan Works?
S01 E279
Malini's Devious Plan
S01 E280
Anu Loses Her Mind
S01 E281
Anu's Funny Antics
S01 E282
Imlie Grows Determined
S01 E283
Imlie Outsmarts Malini
S01 E284
Malini Ruins Imlie's Dream
S01 E285
Imlie Gets The Internship
S01 E286
Imlie Accepts The Challenge!
S01 E287
Imlie's Idol Is Missing
S01 E288
Aditya Faces Danger
S01 E289
Big Task For Imlie
S01 E290
A Surprise Visitor!
S01 E291
Pranav's Cunning Move
S01 E292
Imlie Tests Pranav
S01 E293
Imlie Exposes Pranav
S01 E294
Imlie Loses The Evidence
S01 E295
Aditya Gets Arrested
S01 E296
Aditya Learns Pranav's Truth
S01 E297
Imlie Defeats Pranav
S01 E298
Good News For Imlie
S01 E299
Imlie Saves The Day
S01 E300
Malini Interrupts Imlie's Ritual
S01 E301
Aditya's Gift For Imlie
S01 E302
Imlie, Aditya's Trust Issues
S01 E303
Imlie's Shocking Demand
S01 E304
Imlie's First Karwa Chauth
S01 E305
Aditya Wants Satyakaam Arrested
S01 E306
Aditya Goes After Satyakaam
S01 E307
Luck Favours Malini Again
S01 E308
Imlie Gets Questioned
S01 E309
Tripathis Search For Imlie
S01 E310
Aparna Says The Harsh Truth
S01 E311
Aditya Finds Imlie
S01 E312
Imlie's New Beginning
S01 E313
Imlie Saves Arpita
S01 E314
Aryan Accuses Imlie
S01 E315
Imlie Gets A Job!
S01 E316
Aryan Punishes Imlie
S01 E317
Aryan Brings Imlie Home
S01 E318
Aryan Refuses To Apologise
S01 E319
Imlie Gets Punished
S01 E320
Aryan Rebukes Imlie
S01 E321
Imlie Trusts Her Intuition
S01 E322
Imlie Is Delighted
S01 E323
Aditya Expresses His Objection
S01 E324
Imlie Becomes Homeless
S01 E325
Imlie Gets Caught
S01 E326
Imlie Is Caught!
S01 E327
Imlie Is In Trouble!
S01 E328
Aryan Helps Imlie
S01 E329
Aditya Invades Rathod Mansion
S01 E330
Imlie's New Accomplishment
S01 E331
Imlie To Assist Aditya
S01 E332
Imlie Interviews Pooja
S01 E333
Aditya Gets An Ultimatum
S01 E334
Aryan Refuses Malini's Offer
S01 E335
Aryan's Emotional Outburst
S01 E336
Aditya Is Shattered
S01 E337
Aryan Pacifies Imlie
S01 E338
Aditya's Shocking Move
S01 E339
Aditya Announces His Decision
S01 E340
Imlie's Stern Reply
S01 E341
Anu's Nefarious Act
S01 E342
Imlie Gets Cold Feet
S01 E343
A Shocker For Malini
S01 E344
Aparna Boycotts The Wedding
S01 E345
Imlie And Aditya's Emotional Battle
S01 E346
Aryan Is Captivated
S01 E347
Malini Is Confused
S01 E348
Aryan Learns A Shocking Truth
S01 E349
Aryan Dances With Imlie
S01 E350
Aparna's Request To Aditya
S01 E351
Aryan Saves The Day
S01 E352
Aryan Takes Imlie's Side
S01 E353
Aditya Breaks Malini's Heart
S01 E354
Aditya Waits For Imlie
S01 E355
Aditya's Disrespectful Act!
S01 E356
End Of The Road For Imlie
S01 E357
Imlie Shocks Aryan
S01 E358
Imlie's Superb Reply
S01 E359
Imlie Loses Control!
S01 E360
Imlie Makes A Choice
S01 E361
Aditya Returns To Pagdandia
S01 E362
Aditya In Danger?
S01 E363
Imlie's Heartfelt Performance
S01 E364
Aryan Is Disappointed By Imlie
S01 E365
Imlie Gets Drunk
S01 E366
Imlie Is Determined
S01 E367
Arpita Conquers Her Phobia
S01 E368
Imlie Convinces Aryan
S01 E369
Anu Offers To Help
S01 E370
Satyakaam Helps Imlie
S01 E371
Imlie Heads Towards Her Village
S01 E372
Malini Throws A Fit
S01 E373
Imlie Is Worshipped
S01 E374
Aryan Stops Imlie
S01 E375
Aryan Saves Imlie
S01 E376
Imlie's Desperate Move
S01 E377
Anu Leaves With Malini
S01 E378
Imlie And Aryan's Stormy Trip
S01 E379
Imlie Faces An Angry Crowd
S01 E380
Imlie Takes An Oath
S01 E381
Imlie Departs From Pagdandiya
S01 E382
Aditya Returns Safely
S01 E383
Imlie The New CEO?
S01 E384
Imlie's New Beginning
S01 E385
Aditya Hates Imlie?
S01 E386
Aditya Banishes Imlie
S01 E387
Aryan Gets His Revenge
S01 E388
Imlie's Soothing Decision
S01 E389
Aparna Gets A Heart Attack
S01 E390
Imlie Confronts Malini
S01 E391
Malini Insults Imlie
S01 E392
Can Imlie Unveil Malini's Truth?
S01 E393
Aryan Saves Imlie
S01 E394
Imlie And Aryan Trick Malini
S01 E395
Imlie Gets Trapped In A Brothel
S01 E396
Imlie's Sting Operation
S01 E397
Imlie And Aryan Rescue The Girls
S01 E398
Imlie's Heroic Move
S01 E399
Will Malini Kill Imlie?
S01 E400
Imlie Reveals Malini's Deeds
S01 E401
Imlie Ignores Aditya's Apology
S01 E402
Aditya Throws Malini Out
S01 E403
Anu Gets Arrested
S01 E404
Aditya's Promise To Aryan
S01 E405
Aryan And Imlie Have An Accident
S01 E406
Aditya Learns Aryan's Truth
S01 E407
Aditya's Shocking Revelation
S01 E408
Aryan Gains Consciousness
S01 E409
Aryan And Imlie Break Ties
S01 E410
Aditya Gets Arrested
S01 E411
Aryan Reveals Aditya's Truth
S01 E412
Aryan Worries About Imlie's Future
S01 E413
A Shocker For Aditya
S01 E414
Aditya In Disbelief
S01 E415
Imlie Jumps Out Of A Car
S01 E416
Aryan Confides In Arpita
S01 E417
Aryan Goes Against Badi Maa
S01 E418
Imlie Gets Abducted
S01 E419
Aryan And Imlie Get Engaged
S01 E420
Imlie And Aryan Challenge Each Other
S01 E421
Badi Maa's Evil Scheme
S01 E422
Imlie And Aryan Express Their Feelings
S01 E423
Aditya Loses Control
S01 E424
Imlie And Aryan's Wishes
S01 E425
Imlie Confronts Aryan
S01 E426
Imlie Finds The Video
S01 E427
Imlie Makes Aryan Suspicious
S01 E428
Imlie Pairs Up With Gudiya
S01 E429
Aryan Opens Up To Imlie
S01 E430
Badi Maa's Evil Plan
S01 E431
Aryan's Dramatic Wedding!
S01 E432
Aryan Lets Imlie Go
S01 E433
Imlie Returns To Aryan
S01 E434
Imlie And Aryan's Mutual Decision
S01 E435
Aryan Confronts Imlie
S01 E436
Aryan Gets Hurt
S01 E437
Aryan Warns Imlie
S01 E438
Aditya's Act Of Vengeance
S01 E439
Imlie Interrogates Aryan
S01 E440
Imlie Seeks Aditya's Help
S01 E441
Imlie Attends A Party
S01 E442
Imlie's Startling Move
S01 E443
Imlie Uncovers The Truth
S01 E444
Imlie's Bold Move
S01 E445
Imlie And Aryan's Life In Danger
S01 E446
Aryan Comes To Imlie's Aid
S01 E447
Aditya Saves Imlie And Aryan
S01 E448
Aryan Sets Imlie Free
S01 E449
Aryan And Imlie Go On A Date
S01 E450
Imlie And Aryan Edge Closer
S01 E451
Imlie's New Mission
S01 E452
Aryan Rejects Sundar
S01 E453
Aryan Misunderstands Imlie
S01 E454
Aryan Cooks For Imlie
S01 E455
Imlie Makes A Plan For Uday
S01 E456
Imlie Exposes Uday
S01 E457
Imlie Gets Emotional
S01 E458
Meethi Forgives Imlie
S01 E459
Aryan's Emotional Turmoil
S01 E460
Imlie Takes A Stand
S01 E461
Sundar And Arpita Get Married
S01 E462
Imlie And Aryan Meet An Old Friend
S01 E463
A Happy Feeling For Imlie
S01 E464
Imlie Encounters A Mishap
S01 E465
Aryan Worries About Imlie
S01 E466
Aryan Gets Attacked
S01 E467
Badi Maa Instigates Narmada
S01 E468
Narmada Blames Imlie
S01 E469
Narmada Gets Manipulated
S01 E470
Narmada's Shocking Condition
S01 E471
Aryan To Express His Love
S01 E472
Aryan Surprises Imlie
S01 E473
Jyoti's Heinous Act
S01 E474
Aryan And Imlie In A Tough Spot
S01 E475
Imlie And Aryan's Romantic Moment
S01 E476
Jyoti Grows Envious
S01 E477
Imlie Is Pregnant!
S01 E478
Jyoti's Villainous Move
S01 E479
A Shocker For Imlie
S01 E480
Narmada Criticises Imlie
S01 E481
Aryan Takes A Stand For Imlie
S01 E482
Aryan Stands Up To Narmada
S01 E483
Imlie Gets Ecstatic
S01 E484
Aryan Gets His Report
S01 E485
Jyoti Provokes Aryan
S01 E486
Jyoti Plans A Devious Plot
S01 E487
Imlie Gets An Award
S01 E488
Imlie And Aryan's Tiff
S01 E489
Aryan Is On A Mission
S01 E490
Aryan Interrogates Madhav
S01 E491
Imlie Is Determined
S01 E492
Jyoti Attacks Madhav
S01 E493
Imlie Takes A Disguise
S01 E494
Imlie Tries To Convince Aryan
S01 E495
Imlie Gets A Clue
S01 E496
Imlie Finds A Match
S01 E497
Jyoti's Plan Fails
S01 E498
Imlie Sets A Trap
S01 E499
Jyoti Gets Poisoned
S01 E500
Imlie Learns About Jyoti
S01 E501
Imlie In Jyoti's Trap
S01 E502
Imlie Reveals Jyoti's Truth
S01 E503
Aryan Misunderstands Imlie
S01 E504
Aryan Gets Arrested
S01 E505
Imlie's Brilliant Move
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