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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

2009 - Now  •  Tuesdays 08:00 PM on Bravo  •  7 days  •  13 seasons  •  235 episodes
12 votes
3943 votes
# 9448
Bravo heads to the Garden State for this installment of the "Housewives" franchise, focusing on affluent Jersey girls who are more than just friends: The cast has changed through the seasons but the featured housewives through the years have included Caroline Manzo, a devoted wife and mother of three ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Reunion - Part 3 Aired on 06/13/2023
Reunion - Part 3
Season 13: Episode 19
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Season 1
S01 E01
Thicker Than Water
S01 E02
Mama Knows Best
S01 E03
Not One Of Us
S01 E04
Black & White & Read All Over
S01 E05
Casinos And C-Cups
S01 E06
S01 E07
The Last Supper
S01 E08
Reunion (Part 1)
S01 E09
Reunion (Part 2)
S01 E10
The Lost Footage
Season 2
S02 E01
Water Under The Table
S02 E02
Generation Vexed
S02 E03
S02 E04
Babies, Bubbles and Bubbies
S02 E05
Into The Lion's Den
S02 E06
It's Not Me, It's You
S02 E07
Play At Your Own Risk
S02 E08
Bubbies Gone Bad
S02 E09
Posche Spite
S02 E10
Country Clubbed
S02 E11
Staub Wounds
S02 E12
Youth Will Be Served
S02 E13
Don't Drink The Holy Water
S02 E14
The Chanels of Venice
S02 E15
The Hills Are Alive With Giudice
S02 E16
The Heads of Family Will Roll
S02 E17
Reunion (Part 1)
S02 E18
Reunion (Part 2)
Season 3
S03 E01
In The Name Of The Father
S03 E02
Drop Dead Gorgas
S03 E03
Sealed With a Diss
S03 E04
S03 E05
Stick It
S03 E06
Whine and Dine
S03 E07
Teresa's Got a Gun
S03 E08
Holidazed and Confused
S03 E09
Twas the Fight Before Christmas
S03 E10
There Arose Such a Clatter
S03 E11
A Very Jersey Christmas
S03 E12
Auld Lang Syne for an Eye
S03 E13
Child's Play No More
S03 E14
Belly Up & Up
S03 E15
Black as Ink
S03 E16
Singing in the Pain
S03 E17
Get to the Punta
S03 E18
An Inconvenient Truce
S03 E19
Portrait of an Italian Family
S03 E20
Reunion (Part 1)
S03 E21
Reunion (Part 2)
Season 4
S04 E01
High Tide, Low Blow
S04 E02
Poker Face
S04 E03
Third Eye Blind
S04 E04
Drowning Pool
S04 E05
Spoiled Sports
S04 E06
Uncivil Union
S04 E07
True Love True Lies
S04 E08
Best Friends For Never
S04 E09
Public Displays of Rejection
S04 E10
Temporary Shrinkage
S04 E11
The Sniff Test
S04 E12
The Jersey Side Step
S04 E13
Sit Down and Man Up
S04 E14
Pack Your Baggage
S04 E15
If this RV is a Rockin'
S04 E16
Whine Country
S04 E17
Hot Tub of Sour Grapes
S04 E18
Dinasty of Denial
S04 E19
A Bald Canary Sings
S04 E20
Strip Down Memory Lane
S04 E21
Reunion (Part 1)
S04 E22
Reunion (Part 2)
S04 E23
Reunion (Part 3)
S04 E24
Lost Footage
Season 5
S05 E01
Garden State of Emergency
S05 E02
A Manzo of Her Word
S05 E03
It's My Party and I'll Fight If I Want To
S05 E04
Gym Rats
S05 E05
Everything Is Coming Up Rosie
S05 E06
Drinking With the Enemy
S05 E07
When Joes Collide
S05 E08
Scum One, Scum All
S05 E09
On Thin Guid-Ice
S05 E10
Best Frenemies Forever
S05 E11
Children of the Scorned
S05 E12
Hair-binger of Doom
S05 E13
Spaghetti Western & Meatballs
S05 E14
Horse Whisper to a Scream
S05 E15
Zen Things I Hate About You
S05 E16
The Blonde Drops a Bombshell
S05 E17
Hair We Go Again
S05 E18
Salon, Farewell
S05 E19
Reunion (Part 1)
S05 E20
Reunion (Part 2)
S05 E21
Tell All (Part 1)
S05 E22
Tell All (Part 2)
Season 6
S06 E01
What a Difference a Plea Makes
S06 E02
Oh, Christmas Tree
S06 E03
S06 E04
A Hairy Situation
S06 E05
One Flew Over the Chicken's Nest
S06 E06
The Family Business
S06 E07
Roses are Red, DNA is Blue
S06 E08
Guilt Trip
S06 E09
There Will Be Bloodwork
S06 E10
The Day of Jacqueline
S06 E11
Gators and Haters
S06 E12
Pack Your Bags and Get Out!
S06 E13
Sorry, Not Sorry
S06 E14
Judgement Day
S06 E15
Secrets Revealed (Part 1)
S06 E16
Reunion (Part 1)
S06 E17
Reunion (Part 2)
S06 E18
Reunion (Part 3)
S06 E19
Secrets Revealed (Part 2)
Season 7
S07 E01
Jingle Bells and Prison Cells
S07 E02
A Very Hairy Christmas
S07 E03
Leopard Is the New Black
S07 E04
A Life to Envy
S07 E05
Dinner Interrupted
S07 E06
Swimming With the Gefilte Fishes
S07 E07
S07 E08
All Bets Are Off
S07 E09
Driving Miss Siggy
S07 E10
Cut the Cancer Out
S07 E11
Rage On My Ass
S07 E12
The Other C Word
S07 E13
Picking Sides
S07 E14
The Importance Of Being Family
S07 E15
Nama'Stay Away From Me
S07 E16
And Then There Were Four
S07 E17
Reunion (Part 1)
S07 E18
Reunion (Part 2)
Season 8
S08 E01
Shaddy Beach
S08 E02
Let Them Eat Cake
S08 E03
The Apology
S08 E04
The Public Shaming of Melissa
S08 E05
Not Over It
S08 E06
Growing Up Jersey
S08 E07
A Retreat to Remember
S08 E08
Walking on Broken Glass
S08 E09
When Chairs Fly
S08 E10
Meltdown in Milan
S08 E11
S08 E12
Ain't No Misbehaving
S08 E13
Prisons, Proposals and Parties
S08 E14
Reunion (Part 1)
S08 E15
Reunion (Part 2)
S08 E16
Reunion Secrets Revealed
Season 9
S09 E01
Wives and Misdemeanors
S09 E02
Easter Wives Hunt
S09 E03
The Jersey Breakfast Club
S09 E04
Housewives & Heifers
S09 E05
Turkish Delights
S09 E06
Last Fling Before the Ring
S09 E07
Brunch Gone Bad
S09 E08
Bridezilla of Bimini
S09 E09
Communion and Confession
S09 E10
From Turkey With Love
S09 E11
Whine Country
S09 E12
Mudslinging in Mexico
S09 E13
Camels, Cabo & Catfights
S09 E14
Heroines in Heels
S09 E15
Hotheads and Hookahs
S09 E16
Reunion (Part 1)
S09 E17
Reunion (Part 2)
S09 E18
Reunion (Part 3)
Season 10
S10 E01
Sex, Lies and Video Debates
S10 E02
On Lock Down
S10 E03
40 and Fancy Free
S10 E04
Jamaican Jailbait
S10 E05
Cut From a Different Cloth
S10 E06
Bay Breezes and Bad News
S10 E07
The Last Supper
S10 E08
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
S10 E09
Abs & Jabs
S10 E10
Mama Drama
S10 E11
Clearing the Heir
S10 E12
The Hamptons Hangover
S10 E13
Sorry Not Sorry
S10 E14
Something in the Water
S10 E15
Secrets Revealed
S10 E16
Family Reunion
S10 E17
Reunion (Part 1)
S10 E18
Reunion (Part 2)
S10 E19
Reunion (Part 3)
Season 11
S11 E01
C U Next Tuesday?
S11 E02
Licked Up and Down
S11 E03
Guys Gone Wild
S11 E04
Redo and Rewind
S11 E05
Kiss My Peach
S11 E06
Dildos Down the Shore
S11 E07
Old Feuds Never Die
S11 E08
Memorial Mayhem
S11 E09
Pineapple Puss
S11 E10
Sinking Ships
S11 E11
Teresa in Love
S11 E12
Teresa's Mystery Man
S11 E13
House of Horrors
S11 E14
Reunion (Part 1)
S11 E15
Reunion (Part 2)
Season 12
S12 E01
Smoke, Mirrors and Foggy Diamonds
S12 E02
House of Hypocrisy
S12 E03
A Very Jersey Kegger
S12 E04
Shady Down the Shore
S12 E05
Jersey Shore Showdown
S12 E06
Bromance Breakup
S12 E07
Allegation Aggravation
S12 E08
Forest of Fury
S12 E09
There's No Crying in Softball
S12 E10
The Horny Hungarians
S12 E11
Nightmare in Nashvegas
S12 E12
Lady Drama Mamas
S12 E13
Showdown in Smashville
S12 E14
Reunion (Part 1)
S12 E15
Reunion (Part 2)
S12 E16
Reunion (Part 3)
Season 13
S13 E01
New Friends, Same Jersey
S13 E02
Family, Family, Family
S13 E03
Boys Will Be Boys
S13 E04
Housewarming History Lesson
S13 E05
Driving Miss Crazy
S13 E06
All Bats Are Off
S13 E07
Shots and Shade
S13 E08
Pizza Gate
S13 E09
Coffee Talk
S13 E10
The Italian Invasion
S13 E11
I Smell a Rat
S13 E12
S13 E13
Messes & Bridesmaid Dresses
S13 E14
Rat in the Street
S13 E15
Flappers of Fury
S13 E16
Teresa Gets Married
S13 E17
Reunion - Part 1
S13 E18
Reunion - Part 2
S13 E19
Reunion - Part 3
Episode 1
Teresa Checks In: Part 2 - Mr. Mom for Sure
Episode 2
Teresa Checks In: Part 3
Episode 3
The Real Housewives of New Jersey Special Event: Joe and Teresa Unlocked
Episode 4
Episode 1
Episode 5
Preview Special
Episode 6
Manzo-thon Part 1
Episode 7
Episode 2
Episode 8
Manzo-thon Part 2
Episode 9
Episode 3
Episode 10
Manzo-thon Part 3
Episode 11
Episode 4
Episode 12
Season 6 Sneak Peak
Episode 13
One on One: Teresa and Joe (Part 1)
Episode 14
One on One: Teresa and Joe (Part 2)
Episode 15
Teresa Checks In: Part 1 - Tre of Life
Episode 16
Teresa Checks In: Part 2 - Mr. Mom for Shore
Episode 17
Episode 9
Episode 18
Teresa Checks In: Part 3 - The Visit
Episode 19
Episode 10
Episode 20
The Bravoholic Special Edition
Episode 21
Episode 11
Episode 22
How They Got Here
Episode 23
Episode 12
Episode 24
One on One: Joe and Teresa Unlocked
Episode 25
One on One: Joe and Teresa Unlocked
Episode 26
How They Got Here 2019
Episode 27
How They Got Here 2019
Episode 28
Behind the Episode 1001
Episode 29
Behind the Episode 1001
Episode 30
Behind the Episode 1002
Episode 31
Behind the Episode 1002
Episode 32
Behind the Episode 1003
Episode 33
Behind the Episode 1003
Episode 34
Behind the Episode 1004
Episode 35
Behind the Episode 1004
Episode 36
Behind the Episode 1005
Episode 37
Behind the Episode 1005
Episode 38
Behind the Episode 1006
Episode 39
Behind the Episode 1006
Episode 40
How They Got Here 2021
Episode 41
How They Got Here 2021
Episode 42
How They Got Here 2022
Episode 43
How They Got Here 2022
Episode 44
How They Got Here 2023
Episode 45
Episode 23
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