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Australian Story

Australian Story

1997 - Now  •  Monday 08:00 PM on ABC1  •   10 days
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88 votes
# 12331
Australian Story is a weekly biography program, produced and broadcast on ABC Television. Australian Story has covered many people from diverse backgrounds and reputations. Examples include Ivan Milat, Dick Smith, Wayne Bennett and Hazem El Masri.

The ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Two of Us Aired on 04/06/2020
The Two of Us
Season 25: Episode 8
Australian Story | Afghanistan: the Australian Story DVD trailer
Season 1 2 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Season 2
S02 E22
A Will Of Their Own
Season 10
S10 E01
Operation Wendy
S10 E02
Meeting Miss Menzies
S10 E03
My Brother John
S10 E04
The Gathering Storm - Part 1
S10 E05
The Gathering Storm - Part 2
S10 E06
The Born Identity
S10 E07
A Beautiful Mind
S10 E08
The Flying Doctor
S10 E09
Romancing the Stone
S10 E10
Rock of Ages
S10 E11
S10 E12
From My Father's Fridge
S10 E13
Colours of Caroline
S10 E14
In the Midnight Hour
S10 E15
To Boldly Go
S10 E16
The Comeback Kid
S10 E17
Back Into the Forest
S10 E18
Of Droughts and Flooding Rains - Part 1
S10 E19
Of Droughts and Flooding Rains - Part 2
S10 E20
The Real McInnes
S10 E21
At Death's Door
S10 E22
In Harm's Way
S10 E23
Saving Trooper Gebhardt
S10 E24
The Sherman Fortune
S10 E25
Burnt by the Sun
S10 E26
The Life of Brian
S10 E27
Girl in the Mirror
S10 E28
The School of St Jude
S10 E29
The Garden of Good and Evil
S10 E30
Ten Thousand Acres
S10 E31
Out of the Dust
S10 E32
The Guns of Adjungbilly Part 1
S10 E33
The Guns of Adjungbilly Part 2
S10 E34
The Lost Boy
S10 E35
A Night Like This
S10 E36
Dead Man Talking
S10 E37
Leaving Lucy
S10 E38
Wolf at the Door
S10 E39
Terms of Imprisonment
S10 E40
Sons of Beaches
Season 11
S11 E01
Road to Kerobokan
S11 E02
One Perfect Day
S11 E11
Since Adam Was a Boy
Season 12
S12 E04
A Red Hot Go
S12 E26
Body of Evidence - Part 1
S12 E27
Body of Evidence - Part 2
Season 13
S13 E01
Hell or High Water
S13 E02
That's What Friends Are For
S13 E03
The Candidate
S13 E04
Nothing But the Truth
S13 E05
Take It To The Limit
S13 E06
None Shall Sleep
S13 E07
Bomber And Roy
S13 E08
Access All Areas
S13 E09
Father of the Man
S13 E10
It's A Beautiful Day
S13 E11
Woman Of Steel
S13 E12
Friday's Child
S13 E13
Some Meaning In This Life
S13 E14
Show Of Force (1)
S13 E15
Show Of Force (2)
S13 E16
The Sum Of Sam
S13 E17
Body And Soul
S13 E18
Show No Mercy
S13 E19
The Boy Next Door
S13 E20
Abby's Road
S13 E21
The Waiting Room
S13 E22
William Tells
S13 E23
She's Not There
S13 E24
No Man's Land
S13 E25
The Money Shot
S13 E26
Looking For Kate
S13 E27
This Boy's Life
S13 E28
It's Not Easy Being Green
S13 E29
Reality Bytes
S13 E30
Til Death Us Do Part
S13 E31
The Finishing Line
S13 E32
The Girl Least Likely
S13 E33
A Piece Of Her Mind
S13 E34
The Still Of The Night
S13 E35
More Fireworks In The Family
S13 E36
The Big Picture Man
S13 E37
A Sea Of Troubles
S13 E38
Fruit Of The Vine
S13 E39
A Letter From Richard Flanagan
S13 E40
All The Boys In Town
Season 14
S14 E28
When We Were Racers
S14 E33
Her Beauty and Her Terror
S14 E34
Her Beauty and Her Terror
S14 E36
Message From Mr Yunupingu
S14 E37
A Fatal Attraction (1)
S14 E38
A Fatal Attraction (2)
Season 15
S15 E01
Summer Series Edition - Doctor In The House
S15 E02
Summer Series Edition - My Name Is Jack
S15 E03
Summer Series Edition - The Big Deal
S15 E04
Summer Series Edition - Fly With Me
S15 E05
Summer Series Edition - Unfinished Business
S15 E06
The Story of Samuel
S15 E07
Something In The Water (1)
S15 E08
Something In The Water (2)
S15 E09
Watch Over Me
S15 E10
When Words Fail
S15 E11
Becoming Jangala
S15 E12
Call Of The Wild
S15 E13
The Night Before Christmas
S15 E14
Children Of A Lesser God
S15 E15
Dumb And Dumber
S15 E16
In My Little Town
S15 E17
Woman On A Mission
S15 E18
Mad World
S15 E19
Proof Of Life
S15 E20
Sting in the Tale
S15 E21
The Blue Beret (1)
S15 E22
The Blue Beret (2)
S15 E23
The Company of Men
S15 E24
Heaven Sent
S15 E25
She Who Waits
S15 E26
Pay it Forward
S15 E27
Ticket to Tigray
S15 E28
Blowing In The Wind
S15 E29
Mum's The Word
S15 E30
It's a Long Way There
S15 E31
Unfathomable (1)
S15 E32
Unfathomable (2)
S15 E33
Our New Selection
S15 E34
Labor Of Love
S15 E35
Hit the Road Jack
S15 E36
Into the Forest
S15 E37
Prisoner of War (1)
S15 E38
Prisoner of War (2)
S15 E39
The Wronged Man (1)
S15 E40
The Wronged Man (2)
S15 E41
Animal Farm
S15 E42
Woman On A Mission
S15 E43
You're The Voice
S15 E44
The Farmer Wants a Life
S15 E45
The Graduate
Season 16
S16 E01
The Man On The Mantelpiece
S16 E02
On Your Bike
S16 E03
The Third Act
S16 E04
Dogs Of War
S16 E05
Take No Prisoners
S16 E06
Girl Most Likely
S16 E07
The Terminator
S16 E08
Across The Night Sky
S16 E09
Mr Quigley's Quandary (1)
S16 E10
Mr Quigley's Quandary (2)
S16 E11
Under Her Wing
S16 E12
In The Jet Stream
S16 E13
S16 E14
15th Anniversary Special (1)
S16 E15
15th Anniversary Special (2)
S16 E16
Hearts Of Gold
S16 E17
Mind Of His Own
S16 E18
The Girl From Boryslaw
S16 E19
Conviction (1)
S16 E20
Conviction (2)
S16 E21
Love and Other Drugs
S16 E22
Desperate Remedies (1)
S16 E23
Desperate Remedies (2)
S16 E24
City of Angels
S16 E25
Trust Me Mr Chandler
S16 E26
A Measure of Courage
S16 E27
A Plague On All Their Houses
S16 E28
Ita Tells Me So (1)
S16 E29
Ita Tells Me So (2)
S16 E30
The Trials of Jonty Bush
S16 E31
Paint the Town Black
S16 E32
Brand New Day
S16 E33
The Courage of Her Convictions
S16 E34
Scared Straight
S16 E35
For the Holy Grail
S16 E36
Under Her Spell
S16 E37
Bad Blood (1)
S16 E38
Bad Blood (2)
S16 E39
Something About Me
S16 E40
The Planet They're On
S16 E41
When William Met Sarah
Season 17
S17 E01
The Best
S17 E02
Road to Nowhere (1)
S17 E03
Road to Nowhere (2)
S17 E04
Mary and Me
S17 E05
By the Light of Stars
S17 E06
Half a Million Acres
S17 E07
The Book of Daniel
S17 E08
Woman from Snowy River
S17 E09
Going Troppo
S17 E10
House of Hancock
S17 E11
A Done Deal
S17 E12
Streets with No Names
S17 E13
The Razor's Edge
S17 E14
Return to Wooleen
S17 E15
Larger Than Life
S17 E16
When We Were Racers
S17 E17
According to Her Cloth
S17 E18
Turning the Tables
S17 E19
Walking with Kate Mulvany
S17 E20
The Voice
S17 E21
To Set Before a Queen
S17 E22
Her Hour Upon the Stage (1)
S17 E23
Her Hour Upon the Stage (2)
S17 E24
Letters to the Editor
S17 E25
Stranger on the Shore
S17 E26
Foolin' Around
S17 E27
It Takes a Village
S17 E28
Her Natural Life
S17 E29
Tatiana Is Dancing
S17 E30
The Queen of Extreme
S17 E31
Kicking the Habit
S17 E32
War Paint
S17 E33
On Bicheno Beach
S17 E34
Alaska and Me
S17 E35
Life After Puberty
S17 E36
Leap of Faith
S17 E37
The Slam (1)
S17 E38
The Slam (2)
S17 E39
The Year of Living Famously
S17 E40
A Man of His Word
S17 E41
Dreams from My Mother
S17 E42
Under Her Spell
Season 18
S18 E01
The Light of Day
S18 E02
On the Precipice
S18 E03
So Much to Say
S18 E04
The First Word
S18 E05
The Chosen One
S18 E06
Suddenly Last Summer (1)
S18 E07
Suddenly Last Summer (2)
S18 E08
On the Warpath
S18 E09
Letters to the Editor
S18 E10
Down by the Sea (1)
S18 E11
Down by the Sea (2)
S18 E12
Fade to Black
S18 E13
Call of Duty
S18 E14
Know Thy Enemy (1)
S18 E15
Know Thy Enemy (2)
S18 E16
Listen to Me
S18 E17
The Hazel Effect
S18 E18
A Life Laid Bare
S18 E19
Northam Exposure
S18 E20
When Blood Runs Cold
S18 E21
The Men Who Fell to Earth
S18 E22
No More Than a Ghost
S18 E23
The Music Lesson
S18 E24
Irons in the Fire
S18 E25
There but for Fortune
S18 E26
Too Good to Refuse
S18 E27
Corridors of Power
S18 E28
A Place for Us
S18 E29
Long Walk Back
S18 E30
A Voice in the Wilderness
S18 E31
Driving Greg Norman (1)
S18 E32
Driving Greg Norman (2)
S18 E33
In Your Face
S18 E34
Turning the Gaze
S18 E35
Count On Clive
S18 E36
A Sapper's Lullaby
S18 E37
On Maggies Farm
S18 E38
Cracking the Code
S18 E39
Letters From Elizabeth
S18 E40
Think Big
S18 E41
A Feeling for the Water (1)
S18 E42
A Feeling for the Water (2)
S18 E43
Taking Flight
Season 19
S19 E01
The Other Side
S19 E02
The Back of His Mind
S19 E03
No Half Measures
S19 E04
Call Me Cate
S19 E05
His Driving Force
S19 E06
An Unnatural History
S19 E07
The House of Tara
S19 E08
Out of the Box
S19 E09
Set in Stone
S19 E10
A Complicated Life: Kerry Packer (1)
S19 E11
A Complicated Life: Kerry Packer (2)
S19 E12
A Man Called Boy
S19 E13
A Very Good Rascal
S19 E14
The Edge of the Mountain
S19 E15
In Tracy's Corner
S19 E16
All the Right Moves: Kieren Perkins (1)
S19 E17
All the Right Moves: Kieren Perkins (2)
S19 E18
Out of the Kitchen
S19 E19
The Last Commando (1)
S19 E20
The Last Commando (2)
S19 E21
Driving Miss Davis
S19 E22
Forget Me Not
S19 E23
Talk of the Town
S19 E24
The Game Changer
S19 E25
Leaps and Bounds
S19 E26
Divide and Conquer
S19 E27
Lock Me Away
S19 E28
Searching for C11 (1)
S19 E29
Searching for C11 (2)
S19 E30
Before the Storm
S19 E31
Out of the Shoebox
S19 E32
Getting the Hang of It
S19 E33
The Past Is a Foreign Country (1)
S19 E34
The Past Is a Foreign Country (2)
S19 E35
The Pursuit of Happiness
S19 E36
I Am Jack
S19 E37
Vanishing Act
S19 E38
The Innocent (1)
S19 E39
The Innocent (2)
S19 E40
How I Met Your Father
S19 E41
Just Call Me Bob (1)
S19 E42
Just Call Me Bob (2)
S19 E43
Letter from Wooleen
Season 20
S20 E01
Life in a Northern Town
S20 E02
The Good Wife
S20 E03
Ask the Leyland Brother
S20 E04
The Meaning of Life
S20 E05
How I Met My Daughter
S20 E06
Just Call Jamal
S20 E07
The Seeds of Wrath (1)
S20 E08
The Seeds of Wrath (2)
S20 E09
Educating Miss Siobhan
S20 E10
Into the Lion's Den
S20 E11
The Fault in Our Stars
S20 E12
The Fresh Start
S20 E13
Mrs Gimblett's Silver Linings
S20 E14
The Battle for Tarwyn Park (1)
S20 E15
The Battle for Tarwyn Park (2)
S20 E16
The Irwin Encounters
S20 E17
Boots and All
S20 E18
Battling the Blues
S20 E19
Suddenly One Summer
S20 E20
Weekend at Weetalaba
S20 E21
In Your Face
S20 E22
S20 E23
'Iron, Iron, Iron': The Hancock Dynasty (1)
S20 E24
'Iron, Iron, Iron': The Hancock Dynasty (2)
S20 E25
The Man Behind The Morcombes
S20 E26
Being Bradman (1)
S20 E27
Being Bradman (2)
S20 E28
From Daddy's Tummy
S20 E29
Big Mum
S20 E30
Seriously Funny
S20 E31
Grand Designs
S20 E32
Wendy's Way
S20 E33
The Making of Malcolm
S20 E34
Lexie's Village
S20 E35
All in the Mind
S20 E36
Raise Your Voice
S20 E37
Doing It for Dan
S20 E38
Going With the Flow
S20 E39
Stayin' Alive
S20 E40
Out of the Water
S20 E41
The Age of Ange
S20 E42
A Force of Nature
Season 21
S21 E01
Phantom Of The Opera House
S21 E02
Sea of Doubt
S21 E03
Nugget of Gold
S21 E04
True Grit (1)
S21 E05
True Grit (2)
S21 E06
My Conscience Tells Me
S21 E07
How I Met Your Father
S21 E08
The Beauty Myth
S21 E09
The Minister's Secret
S21 E10
Whitey's Way
S21 E11
Port Arthur
S21 E12
Building Bridges
S21 E13
Abby's Road
S21 E14
A Kind of Medicine
S21 E15
Your Money or Your Life
S21 E16
Dare to Dream
S21 E17
Into the Fog of War (1)
S21 E18
Into the Fog of War (2)
S21 E19
20th Anniversary Special (1)
S21 E20
20th Anniversary Special (2)
S21 E21
When the Call Comes
S21 E22
Limbo Land
S21 E23
One of the Mob
S21 E24
The Longest Expedition
S21 E25
The Heart Bus
S21 E26
Gone Girl
S21 E27
The Two of Us
S21 E28
The Olympic Spirit
S21 E29
About a Girl
S21 E30
What a Wonderful World
S21 E31
A League of Their Own
S21 E32
The Sugar Trip
S21 E33
The Flow On Effect
S21 E34
When Beccy Met Libby
S21 E35
Shadow of Doubt
S21 E36
Tough Love
S21 E37
The Big Dry
S21 E38
When Plans Change (1)
S21 E39
When Plans Change (2)
S21 E40
The New Black
S21 E41
A Field of Dreams
S21 E42
Out of the Water
S21 E43
The Road from Damascus
Season 22
S22 E01
Adrenaline Brush
S22 E02
The Hardest Choice
S22 E03
Unchained Melody
S22 E04
Into Hot Water
S22 E05
Getting Away With Murder
S22 E06
On Borrowed Time
S22 E07
My Mother's Secret
S22 E08
All for the Family
S22 E09
Two Brothers
S22 E10
Breaking Good
S22 E11
The Story of the Krait
S22 E12
Channelling Mr Woo
S22 E13
Splendour in the Grass
S22 E14
Candy Man (1)
S22 E15
Candy Man (2)
S22 E16
The Beat Goes On
S22 E17
Murder by the Sea
S22 E18
I Am Sam
S22 E19
Sins of the Father
S22 E20
Shooting for the Stars
S22 E21
The Peacemaker
S22 E22
Long Way from Home (1)
S22 E23
Long Way from Home (2)
S22 E24
My Son Sam
S22 E25
Playing With Fire
S22 E26
The Bridge
S22 E27
The Shape Shifters
S22 E28
The Strong Man
S22 E29
The Minister's Secret
S22 E30
Beyond OK
S22 E31
Modern Family
S22 E32
All the World's a Stage
S22 E33
Found in Translation
S22 E34
Call of the Wild
S22 E35
Paying It Forward
S22 E36
A Gentle Man
S22 E37
End Game
S22 E38
Balancing the Scales
S22 E39
Behind the Mask (1)
S22 E40
Behind the Mask (2)
S22 E41
Without Rhyme or Reason
Season 23
S23 E01
Here Come the Brides
S23 E02
Long Journey Home
S23 E03
Leap of Faith
S23 E04
The Man in Bed 10
S23 E05
Final Call
S23 E06
The Matildas: Pitch Perfect
S23 E07
Channelling Mr Woo²
S23 E08
The Enemy Within
S23 E09
When The War Is Over
S23 E10
Dear Emma
S23 E11
The Justice Principle (1)
S23 E12
The Justice Principle (2)
S23 E13
Baby Steps
S23 E14
The Choirmaster
S23 E15
The Massimo Mission
S23 E16
Blood on the Tracks (1)
S23 E17
Blood on the Tracks (2)
S23 E18
Running From Empty
S23 E19
From Behind Bars
S23 E20
Leading the Way
S23 E21
Meet You in Paris
S23 E22
Out of the Woods
S23 E23
The Teacher's Wife
S23 E24
The Show Must Go On
S23 E25
The Town that Saved Itself
S23 E26
The Skin You're In
S23 E27
The Story of Samuel
S23 E28
S23 E29
Hope Springs
S23 E30
No Surrender
S23 E31
Call Me Harrison
S23 E32
Close Contact
S23 E33
Hell's Angel
S23 E34
Independent's Day
S23 E35
The Burning Question
S23 E36
Inside Story
Season 24
S24 E01
Back on Track
S24 E02
Call the Doctor
S24 E03
A Bitter Pill
S24 E04
It Takes a Village
S24 E05
Telling Tales
S24 E06
The Invisible Man
S24 E07
A World of Their Own
S24 E08
The Kids Are Alright
S24 E09
Running On Empty
S24 E10
Cry Me a River
S24 E11
Out of the Box
S24 E12
Just Call Me Bob
S24 E13
The Wronged Man
S24 E14
Lady Justice
S24 E15
After the World Ended
S24 E16
An Innocent Abroad (1)
S24 E17
An Innocent Abroad (2)
S24 E18
Last Train to Boree Creek
S24 E19
The Final Bow
S24 E20
The Good Fight
S24 E21
A Fortunate Life (1)
S24 E22
A Fortunate Life (2)
S24 E23
Perfect Strangers
S24 E24
Getting Away with Murder
S24 E25
Dancing with the Dead
S24 E26
Crime and Punishment
S24 E27
Boots and All
S24 E28
Eye of the Storm
S24 E29
Art of the Possible
S24 E30
Last Drinks
S24 E31
Forever Young
S24 E32
What Doesn't Kill You
S24 E33
Out of the Blue
S24 E34
Out of the Woods
Season 25
S25 E01
The Only Witness (1)
S25 E02
The Only Witness (2)
S25 E03
Making his Mark
S25 E04
When Worlds Collide
S25 E05
Caught in the Act - Shane Jenek / Courtney Act
S25 E06
The Justice Principle
S25 E07
One Day at a Time
S25 E08
The Two of Us
Episode 1
Australian Story Special: David Hicks
Episode 2
Episode 2
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