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Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms

2010 - 2010   •  Jiangsu TV  •   71 hours
4 votes
903 votes
# 1568
Drama, Adventure
Three Kingdoms is a Chinese television series adapted from Luo Guanzhong's classical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Directed by Gao Xixi, the 95 episodes long series has a budget of over 100 million RMB and was released in May 2010
  Previously Aired Episode
Sima Yi fakes illness and takes control of Wei Aired on 06/14/2010
Sima Yi fakes illness and takes control of Wei
Season 1: Episode 95
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
95 episodes total
Three Kingdoms | Three kingdoms Trailer
Season 1
S01 E01
To eliminate a traitor, Cao Cao presents a precious sword
S01 E02
Chen Gong releases Cao Cao in righteousness
S01 E03
Cao Cao kills Lü Boshe by mistake
S01 E04
Guan Yu slays Hua Xiong while the wine is still warm
S01 E05
Battle of Hulao - The three heroes fight Lü Bu
S01 E06
Sun Jian gains the Imperial Jade Seal
S01 E07
Sun Jian's death at Sanjin Ford
S01 E08
Wang Yun plans the Chain-Linked Strategy
S01 E09
Father and son turn hostile at Fengyi Pavilion
S01 E10
Lü Bu kills Dong Zhuo at the fake coronation ceremony
S01 E11
Tao Qian offers Xu Province thrice
S01 E12
Lü Bu is defeated in battle and seeks shelter under Liu Bei
S01 E13
Cao Cao saves the emperor and controls the warlords
S01 E14
Lü Bu stages a night raid on Xu Province
S01 E15
Lü Bu shoots an arrow through a halberd
S01 E16
Cao Cao defeats Yuan Shu in battle
S01 E17
Lü Bu falls for Cao Cao's trick and loses Xu Province
S01 E18
Lü Bu meets his end at White Gate Tower
S01 E19
Liu Bei receives an imperial decree and swears to destroy Cao Cao
S01 E20
Cao Cao discusses about heroes over drinks
S01 E21
Yuan Shao and Cao Cao mobilise their armies
S01 E22
Liu Bei is defeated and seeks shelter under Yuan Shao
S01 E23
Guan Yu surrenders to Cao Cao on three conditions
S01 E24
Yuan Shao loses troops and commanders
S01 E25
Guan Yu's lone journey over a thousand li
S01 E26
Reunion at Gucheng
S01 E27
Yuan Shao suffers defeats at Guandu
S01 E28
Xu You betrays his lord and joins Cao Cao
S01 E29
Cao Cao burns the supply depot at Wuchao
S01 E30
Liu Bei garrisons an army at Xinye
S01 E31
Liu Bei's horse leaps across the Tan Stream
S01 E32
Xu Shu turns back to recommend Zhuge Liang to Liu Bei
S01 E33
Liu Bei visits Zhuge Liang thrice
S01 E34
Sun Ce passes on his legacy to Sun Quan
S01 E35
Zhuge Liang deploys troops at an early stage
S01 E36
Zhao Yun fights at Changban
S01 E37
Zhuge Liang argues with the scholars
S01 E38
Zhuge Liang instigates Zhou Yu to resist Cao Cao
S01 E39
Jiang Gan steals a letter after a ceremony
S01 E40
Zhuge Liang borrows arrows with straw boats
S01 E41
Zhou Yu defeats Cao Cao at Red Cliff
S01 E42
Guan Yu spares Cao Cao at Huarong Trail
S01 E43
Sima Yi serves Cao Cao
S01 E44
Cao Cao scares away Ma Teng of Western Liang
S01 E45
Cao Cao loses his beloved son Cao Chong
S01 E46
Zhou Yu prepares to attack Jing Province
S01 E47
The forces of Cao, Sun and Liu battle for Nan Commandery
S01 E48
Zhou Yu returns to Chaisang in unhappiness
S01 E49
Zhao Yun captures Guiyang
S01 E50
Guan Yu fights at Changsha and recruits Huang Zhong and Wei Yan
S01 E51
Lu Su comes twice to ask for Jing Province
S01 E52
Liu Bei travels to Wu for a marriage
S01 E53
Sun Quan is angered by Zhou Yu
S01 E54
Lady Sun and Liu Bei are wed
S01 E55
Liu Bei returns to Jing Province
S01 E56
Zhuge Liang infuriates Zhou Yu thrice
S01 E57
Zhou Yu is defeated and dies with regret
S01 E58
Zhuge Liang mourns Zhou Yu
S01 E59
Cao Cao hosts a banquet at Bronze Sparrow Platform
S01 E60
Ma Teng enters the capital
S01 E61
Ma Teng is killed after falling into an ambush
S01 E62
Xu Chu fights Ma Chao
S01 E63
Zhang Song is humiliated but is later well received by Liu Bei
S01 E64
Zhang Song presents a map; Liu Bei enters southwest China
S01 E65
Wei Yan performs a sword dance, his target is Liu Zhang
S01 E66
Pang Tong's demise at Fallen Phoenix Slope
S01 E67
Ma Chao pledges allegiance to Liu Bei
S01 E68
Guan Yu attends a feast alone and armed with only a blade
S01 E69
Huang Zhong conquers Hanzhong
S01 E70
Cao Cao executes Yang Xiu at Mount Dingjun
S01 E71
Guan Yu's poison arrow wound is cured
S01 E72
Guan Yu commits suicide at Maicheng
S01 E73
Cao Cao's final wish and death
S01 E74
Cao Pi forces Cao Zhi to compose the Seven Steps Poem
S01 E75
Emperor Xian receives two imperial edicts and abdicates in Cao Pi's favou...
S01 E76
Emperor Xian commits suicide; Liu Bei establishes Shu
S01 E77
Zhang Fei dies in his eagerness to avenge his brother
S01 E78
Liu Bei launches a campaign against Eastern Wu
S01 E79
Sun Quan submits to Wei
S01 E80
Huang Zhong is killed in battle
S01 E81
Lu Xun sets aflame Liu Bei's linked camps over 700 li
S01 E82
Liu Bei entrusts his son at Baidicheng
S01 E83
Zhuge Liang calmly holds off five enemy forces
S01 E84
Zhuge Liang writes the Chu Shi Biao
S01 E85
Zhuge Liang prepares for the Northern Campaigns
S01 E86
Ma Su refuses to accept advice and loses Jieting
S01 E87
Zhuge Liang's Empty Fort Strategy backs off Sima Yi's troops
S01 E88
Zhao Yun bids the world farewell
S01 E89
Zhuge Liang defeats Sima Yi
S01 E90
Zhuge Liang eliminates Cao Zhen with a wise plan
S01 E91
Zhuge Liang takes Chencang by strategy
S01 E92
Zhuge Liang sends a letter to ridicule Sima Yi
S01 E93
Sima Yi is saved by a downpour at Shangfang Valley
S01 E94
The Chancellor's death at Wuzhang Plains
S01 E95
Sima Yi fakes illness and takes control of Wei
Episode 1
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