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2005 - 2017   •  MSNBC  •   10 days
6 votes
501 votes
# 3075
Lockup takes us inside maximum security prisons, showing us what life is really like for those that are spending several years there, their whole life, or even those waiting to be executed.
  Previously Aired Episode
Extended Stay Wichita: The Keeper Aired on 02/11/2017
Extended Stay Wichita: The Keeper
Season 27: Episode 6
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
276 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Season 1
S01 E01
Inside Riverbend
S01 E02
Return to Valley State
S01 E03
Return to Rikers Island
S01 E04
Inside Utah State Prison
S01 E05
Inside North Carolina Women's Prison
S01 E06
Inside Kentucky State Penitentiary
S01 E07
Inside Anamosa
S01 E08
Return to Pelican Bay
S01 E09
Return to Corcoran
S01 E10
Inside Wabash
S01 E11
Inside Miami-Dade Corrections
S01 E12
Inside The Penitentiary of New Mexico
S01 E13
Inside Elayn Hunt Prison
S01 E14
The Inmate Diaries
S01 E15
Inside Stateville
S01 E16
Inside LA County Jail
S01 E17
Inside Folsom Prison
S01 E18
Inside San Quentin
Season 2
S02 E01
Inside Kern Valley
S02 E02
Inside Iowa State Penitentiary
S02 E03
Inside Brushy Mountain
S02 E04
Inside Holman Correctional Facility
S02 E05
Inside Indiana State Prison
S02 E06
Inside Spring Creek Alaska
Season 3
S03 E01
San Quentin: Extended Stay - The Gang's All Here
S03 E02
San Quentin: Extended Stay - Killing Time
S03 E03
San Quentin: Extended Stay - The Conjugal Visit
S03 E04
San Quentin: Extended Stay - Bad Boys, Bad Boys
S03 E05
San Quentin: Extended Stay - Weapons 101
S03 E06
San Quentin: Extended Stay - Slammin' in the Slammer
S03 E07
Holman: Extended Stay - He Takes No Prisoners
S03 E08
Holman: Extended Stay - Locked Up Love
S03 E09
Holman: Extended Stay - Snake and Fluffy
S03 E10
Holman: Extended Stay - The Shakedown
S03 E11
Holman: Extended Stay - Til Death Do Us Part
S03 E12
Holman: Extended Stay - You Wanna Work Where?
Season 4
S04 E01
Extended Stay: Corcoran - Love and Hate
S04 E02
Extended Stay: Corcoran - Everyone Gets Got
S04 E03
Extended Stay: Corcoran - Prison Politics
S04 E04
Extended Stay: Corcoran - Hugs Not Drugs
S04 E05
Extended Stay: Corcoran - Lockdown
S04 E06
Extended Stay: Corcoran - Road to Redemption
S04 E07
Pendleton Juvenile: Everyone's got baggage
S04 E08
Extended Stay: New Mexico - Taking a Hostage
S04 E09
Extended Stay: New Mexico - Pros and Cons
S04 E10
Extended Stay: New Mexico - Fight or Flight
S04 E11
Extended Stay: New Mexico - Institutionalized
S04 E12
Extended Stay: New Mexico - War
S04 E13
Extended Stay: New Mexico - Get Out and Stay Out
Season 5
S05 E01
Raw: Criminal Minds
S05 E02
Raw: Hell in a Cell
S05 E03
Raw: Violence Behind Bars
S05 E04
Raw: The Convict Code
S05 E05
Raw: Ever Present Danger
S05 E06
Raw: Prison Love
S05 E07
Raw: The Daily Grind
S05 E08
Raw: The Devils Workshop
S05 E09
Raw: Inmates Gone Wild
S05 E10
Raw: America's Toughest Jails
S05 E11
Raw: Hard Time
S05 E12
Raw: Friend or Foe?
S05 E13
Raw: Killers Among Us
S05 E14
Raw: Survival 101
S05 E15
Raw: Ganging Up
S05 E16
Raw: Time to Kill
Season 6
S06 E01
Indiana State Prison: Extended Stay - Old School Convicts
S06 E02
Indiana State Prison: Extended Stay - Tipped Off
S06 E03
Indiana State Prison: Extended Stay - Cutting
S06 E04
Indiana State Prison: Extended Stay - For Better Or Worse
S06 E05
Indiana State Prison: Extended Stay - Brotherhood
S06 E06
Indiana State Prison: Extended Stay - Predator & Prey
S06 E07
Limon Colorado: Extended Stay - There Goes The Neighborhood
S06 E08
World Tour: Eastern Europe
S06 E09
World Tour: Western Europe
S06 E10
Limon Colorado: Extended Stay - Crackdown
S06 E11
Limon Colorado: Extended Stay - The Hustle
S06 E12
Limon Colorado: Extended Stay - Homecoming
S06 E13
Limon Colorado: Extended Stay - Pain
S06 E14
Limon Colorado: Extended Stay - Love Hurts
Season 7
S07 E01
Tennessee Women's Prison
S07 E02
The New Girl
S07 E03
Daddy's Girl
S07 E04
Dead Run
S07 E05
Homeless In Jail
S07 E06
Miss Fortune
S07 E07
Time Never Waits
S07 E08
Thicker Than a Bowl of Oatmeal
S07 E09
Chain Reaction
S07 E10
S07 E11
Murder and Miracles
S07 E12
S07 E13
Next of Kin
S07 E14
Carry That Weight
S07 E15
Love Sick
S07 E16
Inside North Carolina Women\'s Prison
S07 E17
S07 E18
S07 E19
Return to Valley State
S07 E20
Church of Enemies
Season 8
S08 E01
Raw: Predatory Behavior
S08 E02
Raw: Never a Dull Moment
S08 E03
Living the Life
S08 E04
Raw: Pushing the Limits
S08 E05
Raw: The Killer Next Door
S08 E06
Raw: The Revolving Door
S08 E07
Raw: Hardcore
S08 E08
Raw: Dues and Dont's
Season 9
S09 E01
Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Daddy's Girl
S09 E02
Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Chain Reaction
S09 E03
Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Heat Wave
S09 E04
Maricopa County: Extended Stay - High Stakes
S09 E05
Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Identity Crisis
S09 E06
Maricopa County: Extended Stay - Trials and Tribulations
S09 E07
Raw: Doomed Decisions
S09 E08
Raw: Harsh Reality
S09 E09
Raw: Consequences
S09 E10
Raw: The Three R's
S09 E11
Raw: It's Complicated
S09 E12
Raw: Nothing But Time
S09 E13
Raw: Ain't No Hotel
S09 E14
Raw: A Private Hell
Season 10
S10 E01
Orange County Jail: Extended Stay - The Confession
S10 E02
Orange County Jail: Extended Stay - Wake Up Call
S10 E03
Life After Lockup: Komyatti, Slagle, Tye
S10 E04
Orange County Jail: Extended Stay - Murder and Miracles
S10 E05
Orange County Jail: Extended Stay - Unholy Trinity
S10 E06
Orange County Jail: Extended Stay - Highs and Lows
S10 E07
Orange County Jail: Extended Stay - Cabin Fever
Season 11
S11 E01
Boston: Extended Stay - Blood Brothers
S11 E02
Boston: Extended Stay - The Box Life
S11 E03
Boston: Extended Stay - Feel Deal Heal
S11 E04
Boston: Extended Stay - Family Jewels
S11 E05
Boston: Extended Stay - Baptism by Fire
S11 E06
Boston: Extended Stay - Bad Rep
S11 E07
Tampa: Extended Stay - High Profile
S11 E08
Tampa: Extended Stay - Supply and Demand
S11 E09
Tampa: Extended Stay - Mother Knows Best?
S11 E10
Tampa: Extended Stay - The Company You Keep
S11 E11
Tampa: Extended Stay - Bitter Pills
S11 E12
Tampa: Extended Stay - You Feel Me?
Season 12
S12 E01
Wabash Valley: Extended Stay - Sticks and Stone
S12 E02
Wabash Valley: Extended Stay - Skitz
S12 E03
Wabash Valley: Extended Stay - We Fight
S12 E04
Wabash Valley: Extended Stay - Close Quarters
S12 E05
Wabash Valley: Extended Stay - Da Future
S12 E06
Wabash Valley: Extended Stay - Father Figure
Season 13
S13 E01
RAW: Lasting Impressions
S13 E02
S13 E03
RAW: The Flip Side
S13 E04
RAW: The Thin Line
S13 E05
RAW: Word to the Wise
S13 E06
RAW: Jailhouse Blues
S13 E07
Sticks and Stone
S13 E08
S13 E09
We Fight
S13 E10
Close Quarters
S13 E11
Da Future
S13 E12
Father Figure
S13 E13
Lasting Impressions
S13 E14
S13 E16
The Flip Side
S13 E17
The Thin Line
S13 E18
Word to the Wise
S13 E19
Jailhouse Blues
Season 14
S14 E01
Santa Rosa Extended Stay - Blood Lines
S14 E02
Santa Rosa Extended Stay - The Wrong Fight
S14 E03
Santa Rosa Extended Stay - Troubled Waters
S14 E04
Santa Rosa Extended Stay - Warriors
S14 E05
Santa Rosa Extended Stay - Reap What You Sow
S14 E06
Santa Rosa Extended Stay - The Damage Done
S14 E07
Lockup World Tour - Israel
S14 E08
Life After Lockup
Season 15
S15 E01
Louisville: Extended Stay - Lightning Voltz
S15 E02
Louisville: Extended Stay - Horribility
S15 E03
Louisville: Extended Stay - Enough Is Enough
S15 E04
Louisville: Extended Stay - Bam Bam
S15 E05
Louisville: Extended Stay - Miss Fortune
S15 E06
Louisville: Extended Stay - Next of Kin
S15 E07
San Antonio: Extended Stay - X'd Out
S15 E08
San Antonio: Extended Stay - Defiance
S15 E09
San Antonio: Extended Stay - Words of a Warrior
S15 E10
San Antonio: Extended Stay - Carry That Weight
S15 E11
San Antonio: Extended Stay - A House Divided
S15 E12
San Antonio: Extended Stay - Love Sick
Season 16
S16 E01
Cleveland: Extended Stay - Heartless Felons
S16 E02
Cleveland: Extended Stay - It Burns
S16 E03
Cleveland: Extended Stay - Wombmates
S16 E04
Cleveland: Extended Stay - Rush
S16 E05
Cleveland: Extended Stay - Bullschmidt
S16 E06
Cleveland: Extended Stay - Checkmate
S16 E07
Oakland: Extended Stay - To PC or Not to PC
S16 E08
Oakland: Extended Stay - Wait of the World
S16 E09
Oakland: Extended Stay - Permanent Scars
S16 E10
Oakland: Extended Stay - Getting Schooled
S16 E11
Oakland: Extended Stay - The New Girl
S16 E12
Oakland: Extended Stay - Church of Enemies
S16 E13
Louisville Extended Stay - Tangled Web
Season 17
S17 E01
Tulsa: Extended Stay - Beat Down
S17 E02
Tulsa: Extended Stay - No Escape
S17 E03
Tulsa: Extended Stay - Shackled Love
S17 E04
Tulsa: Extended Stay - Two Degrees of Murder
S17 E05
Tulsa: Extended Stay - The Bad Good Friday
S17 E06
Tulsa: Extended Stay - Brother Against Brother
S17 E07
Grand Rapids: Extended Stay - Piece of Cake
S17 E08
Grand Rapids: Extended Stay - Outcast
S17 E09
Grand Rapids: Extended Stay - Jailing
S17 E10
Grand Rapids: Extended Stay - And Baby Makes Three?
S17 E11
Grand Rapids: Extended Stay - The Gamble
S17 E12
Grand Rapids: Extended Stay - The Hamptons
Season 18
S18 E01
Hackensack: Extended Stay - Thicker Than a Bowl of Oatmeal
S18 E02
Hackensack: Extended Stay - No Remorse
S18 E03
Hackensack: Extended Stay - Smoking Gun
S18 E04
Hackensack: Extended Stay - Going Postal
S18 E05
Hackensack: Extended Stay - Mama's Boy Drug
S18 E06
Hackensack: Extended Stay - God is Not Here
S18 E07
Fairfax County jail: Extended Stay
S18 E08
Fairfax: Extended Stay - Time Never Waits
S18 E09
Fairfax: Extended Stay - The Crip and the Cougar
S18 E10
Fairfax: Extended Stay - Do Not Pass Go
S18 E11
Fairfax: Extended Stay - Counterfeit Lives
S18 E12
Fairfax County jail: Extended Stay
Season 19
S19 E01
RAW: The Gang Investigators
S19 E02
RAW: A Brotherhood of Gangs
S19 E03
RAW: No Boys Allowed
S19 E04
RAW: Severed Ties
S19 E05
RAW: Trouble in Tulsa
S19 E06
RAW: Views from the Crew
Season 20
S20 E01
Fairfax: Extended Stay - Solitary
S20 E02
Fairfax: Extended Stay - Time Never Waits
S20 E03
Fairfax: Extended Stay - The Crip and the Cougar
S20 E04
Fairfax: Extended Stay - Do Not Pass Go
S20 E05
Fairfax: Extended Stay - Counterfeit Lives
Season 21
S21 E01
Charleston: Extended Stay - Fallen Leaf
S21 E02
Charleston: Extended Stay - Dirt Roads and Trouble
S21 E03
Charleston: Extended Stay - Tempt Not a Desperate Man
S21 E04
Charleston: Extended Stay - Suicide Watch
S21 E05
Charleston: Extended Stay - Fatality
S21 E06
Charleston: Extended Stay - Mail,Nails and Jail
S21 E07
Inside Angola
Season 22
S22 E01
Cincinnati: Extended Stay - Snitch-innati
S22 E02
Cincinnati: Extended Stay - Sucker Punch
S22 E03
Cincinnati: Extended Stay - Message in a Bottle
S22 E04
Cincinnati: Extended Stay - Killing Clouds
S22 E05
Cincinnati: Extended Stay - Homeless In Jail
S22 E06
Cincinnati: Extended Stay - Dead Run
Season 23
S23 E01
Long Island: Extended Stay - Sufferin' County
S23 E02
Long Island: Extended Stay - Jail Born
S23 E03
Long Island: Extended Stay - No More Franks And Beans
S23 E04
Long Island: Extended Stay: Old School, New School
S23 E05
Long Island: Extended Stay - Red and Whites
S23 E06
Long Island: Extended Stay - Blue Balloons
Season 24
S24 E01
Savannah: Extended Stay - Outlaws and In-Laws
S24 E02
Savannah: Extended Stay - Wis-Dumb
S24 E03
Savannah: Extended Stay - Hard on the Yard
S24 E04
Savannah: Extended Stay - Notorius
S24 E05
Savannah: Extended Stay - Back in Orange
S24 E06
Savannah: Extended Stay - Blood Lines
S24 E07
For Better or Worse
Season 25
S25 E01
Raw: A Young People’s Guide To Jail
S25 E02
Raw: Unraveling the Truth
S25 E03
Raw: Rock Bottom
S25 E04
Raw: The Ties That Bind
S25 E05
Raw: The Little Things
S25 E06
Raw: SEG
Season 26
S26 E01
Sacramento: Extended Stay- Purple Pain
S26 E02
Sacramento: Extended Stay- 352,955 Days to Life
S26 E03
Sacramento: Extended Stay- Taming Wild
S26 E04
Sacramento: Extended Stay - The Force LaForce
S26 E05
Sacramento: Extended Stay- The Eyes Have It
S26 E06
Sacramento: Extended Stay- Starz and Zillas
Season 27
S27 E01
Extended Stay Wichita; Defending Bacon
S27 E02
Extended Stay Wichita: Broken Oath
S27 E03
Extended Stay Wichita: The Lifestyle
S27 E04
Extended Stay Wichita: On Broadway
S27 E05
Extended Stay Wichita: Citizen's Arrest
S27 E06
Extended Stay Wichita: The Keeper
Episodes 1
Extended Stay - Pendelton - Zero to Sixty
Episodes 2
Extended Stay - Pendelton - Under Pressure
Episodes 3
Americas Toughest Jails
Episodes 4
Extended Stay - Pendelton - Everyone's Got Baggage
Episodes 5
Inside Pendelton Juvenile
Episodes 6
Raw- Behind The Scenes
Episodes 7
World Tour - Western Europe
Episodes 8
Special Investigation: Lake County Juvenile Justice
Episodes 9
Lake County Juvenile - Part 1
Episodes 10
Lake County Juvenile - Part 2
Episodes 11
Lake County Juvenile - Part 3
Episodes 12
Lake County Juvenile - Part 4
Episodes 13
Lake County Juvenile - Part 5
Episodes 14
Lake County Juvenile - Part 6
Episodes 15
Inside Angola
Episodes 16
World Tour - Eastern Europe
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