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ABC News Specials

ABC News Specials

1995 - Now  •  Monday 07:00 PM on ABC (US)  •  51 hours  •  1 season  •  76 episodes
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16 votes
# 55286
Documentary, News
Full-length prime time specials from the global resources of ABC News.
  Previously Aired Episode
Attack on the Capitol: The Investigation -- An ABC News Special Aired on 06/09/2022
Attack on the Capitol: The Investigation -- An ABC News Special
Season 1: Episode 252
Season 1
S01 E01
'Earth 2100': Is this the Final Century of Our Civilization?
S01 E02
Ecstasy Rising
S01 E03
ABC News & People's Best in Film - The Greatest Movies of Our Time
S01 E04
Hillary Clinton: Public and Private - One on One With Diane Sawyer
S01 E05
The Year: 2014
S01 E06
Hiroshima: Why the Bomb Was Dropped
S01 E07
Vietnam Veterans' Day
S01 E08
Celebrating Marvel's Stan Lee
S01 E38
State of the Union 2016
S01 E43
First Presidential Debate
S01 E44
2016 Vice Presidential Debate
S01 E45
The 2nd Presidential Debate
S01 E46
The Final Presidential Debate
S01 E48
The Making of Frozen: A Return to Arendelle
S01 E50
2016 Game Changers with Robin Roberts
S01 E51
President Barack Obama's Farewell Address
S01 E52
President Donald Trump: The White House Interview
S01 E53
Barbara Walters' Top Oscars Interviews of All Time
S01 E54
The Academy Awards Nominees: Before They Were Famous
S01 E56
Presidential Address to Joint Session of Congress
S01 E57
When We Rise: The People Behind the Story
S01 E59
The Great American Eclipse
S01 E60
'Living Every Day: Luke Bryan' - A Robin Roberts Special Presentation
S01 E61
The Year in Memoriam
S01 E65
State of the Union 2018
S01 E69
Country Music's Biggest Stars: In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts
S01 E70
Meghan's New Life: The Real Princess Diaries
S01 E71
I'm Coming Home
S01 E72
2018: In Memoriam
S01 E73
The Year: 2018
S01 E74
State of the Union 2019
S01 E75
All About 'All in the Family' and 'The Jeffersons'
S01 E77
The Douglas Dynasty: Fame. Addiction. Finding Home.
S01 E78
The Year: 2019
S01 E79
What Is Jeopardy!? Alex Trebek and America's Most Popular Quiz Show
S01 E80
Kobe Bryant: The Death of a Legend
S01 E81
The State of the Union and the Democratic Response
S01 E82
The Democratic Debate
S01 E83
Pandemic: What You Need to Know
S01 E86
Pandemic: What You Need to Know
S01 E97
'Who Wants to be a Millionaire': Secrets and Surprises
S01 E122
Pandemic: What You Need to Know
S01 E134
Our New Reality: A Diane Sawyer Special
S01 E138
Launch America: Mission to Space Live
S01 E141
America in Pain: What Comes Next
S01 E156
The Room Where It Happened: ABC News Exclusive Interview With John Bolton
S01 E175
ABC News Exclusive: Mary Trump Interview with Stephanopoulos
S01 E187
Celebrating John Lewis: Civil Rights Icon
S01 E220
Shark Attack: The Paige Winter Story with Robin Roberts
S01 E222
The President and the People
S01 E224
$ellebrity: The Go-To Girls - A Special Edition of 20/20
S01 E225
President Trump, first lady test positive for COVID-19
S01 E226
The Vice President and the People
S01 E227
Country Strong 2020: Countdown To The CMA Awards
S01 E229
Georgia Senate Debate
S01 E230
Robin Roberts Presents Thriver Thursday
S01 E231
Robin Roberts Thrivership Awards
S01 E232
The Shot: Race for the Vaccine -- A Special Edition of 20/20
S01 E233
The Year: 2020
S01 E234
Storming Capitol Hill: Democracy under fire
S01 E236
ABC News Live Presents: Mission to Mars, Live!
S01 E237
President Biden delivers remarks on 1-year anniversary of COVID-19 pandem...
S01 E238
Stop the Hate: The Rise in Violence Against Asian Americans
S01 E239
Presidential Address to Congress and the Nation and the Republican Respon...
S01 E240
The Fall of Afghanistan
S01 E242
The Real Queens of Hip Hop: The Women Who Changed the Game
S01 E243
Backstage Pass: Countdown to the CMAs
S01 E244
Alec Baldwin: Unscripted
S01 E245
The Year: 2021 with Robin Roberts
S01 E246
A Conversation Between Black Men
S01 E247
A Conversation With Black Women
S01 E248
The State of the Union and the Republican Response
S01 E249
Putin’s War: The Battle to Save Ukraine
S01 E250
24 Months That Changed the World
S01 E251
black-ish: A Celebration -- An ABC News Special
S01 E252
Attack on the Capitol: The Investigation -- An ABC News Special
Episode 1
Truth and Lies: Waco
Episode 2
Truth and Lies: The Tonya Harding Story
Episode 3
State of the Union 2018
Episode 4
The Last Days of John F. Kennedy Jr.
Episode 5
The Last Days of Phil Hartman
Episode 6
Truth and Lies: Jeffrey Epstein
Episode 7
Stop the Hate: The Rise in Violence Against Asian Americans
Episode 8
Alec Baldwin: Unscripted
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