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American Pickers

American Pickers

2010 - Now  •  Wednesdays 09:00 PM on History  •  11 days  •  368 episodes
32 votes
8257 votes
# 4783
Documentary, Reality
Mike and Frank are pickers that travel the country and literally would go anywhere just for the prospects of finding antique gold. With the assistance of Danielle they often find themselves in a comedic pickle.
  Previously Aired Episode
Picking the Godfather Aired on 08/23/2023
Picking the Godfather
Season 2023: Episode 18
American Pickers | American Pickers | Teaser | HISTORY® Channel
Season 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Season 2010
S2010 E01
Big Bear
S2010 E02
Super Scooter
S2010 E03
White Castle on the Farm
S2010 E04
Invisible Pump
S2010 E05
Back Breaker
S2010 E06
Mole Man
S2010 E07
Frank's Gamble
S2010 E08
5 Acres of Junk
S2010 E09
Bigfoot in Alabama
S2010 E10
Know When to Fold
S2010 E11
Fill'er Up
S2010 E12
Leland's Cafe
S2010 E13
Art of the Deal
S2010 E14
Buddy's Booby Trap
S2010 E15
Gordon's Gold Mine
S2010 E16
Smooth Operators
S2010 E17
Getting the Boot
S2010 E18
Easy Riders
S2010 E19
Psychic Pickings
S2010 E20
One Pony Town
S2010 E21
Hobo Jack
S2010 E22
Laurel and Hardy
S2010 E23
Frank Flips
S2010 E24
Mike's Breakdown
S2010 E25
Pint-Sized Picker
S2010 E26
A Banner Pick
S2010 E27
Danielle Goes Picking
S2010 E28
What's in the Box?
S2010 E29
Fairlane Fever
Season 2011
S2011 E01
Too Hot to Handle
S2011 E02
Trading Up
S2011 E03
The Emu Chase
S2011 E04
Keep Out!
S2011 E05
They Boldly Go
S2011 E06
The Possum Trot
S2011 E07
California Dreamin'
S2011 E08
Frank's Big Shot
S2011 E09
NASCAR Challenge
S2011 E10
Civil War Pickings
S2011 E11
An Indian Reunion
S2011 E12
Airstream Dream
S2011 E13
The Pick, The Pawn & The Polish
S2011 E14
Pandora's Box
S2011 E15
Frank Bears All
S2011 E16
Pinball Mania
S2011 E17
Frank's Pacemaker
S2011 E18
Urban Cowboys
S2011 E19
Automotive Archaeology
S2011 E20
Motor City
S2011 E21
8th Grade Humor
S2011 E22
Jurassic Pick
S2011 E23
Not So Cheap Thrills
S2011 E24
Pickin' Perry-dise
S2011 E25
The Mad Catter
S2011 E26
Fast Eddie
Season 2012
S2012 E01
What Happens in Sturgis...
S2012 E02
The Elephant in the Room
S2012 E03
Picker Man Blues
S2012 E04
Frank's Dog Days
S2012 E05
Odd Fellas
S2012 E06
When Horses Fly
S2012 E07
S2012 E08
The Belly Dance
S2012 E09
Boys' Toys
S2012 E10
The Return of Hobo Jack
S2012 E11
Mike's Holy Grail
S2012 E12
Feudin' Pickers
S2012 E13
Duck, Duck, Moose
S2012 E14
Driving Miss Dani
S2012 E15
Mama Knows Best
S2012 E16
Love 'Em and Leave 'Em
S2012 E17
You Betcha
S2012 E18
Backroad Samurai
S2012 E19
Train Wreck
S2012 E20
Where's Aldo?
S2012 E21
Pickers in the Attic
S2012 E22
Guys and Dollhouses
S2012 E23
Guitars, Guns, and Gears
S2012 E24
Sturgis or Bust
S2012 E25
Picking Superheroes
S2012 E26
Duke of Oil
S2012 E27
Substitute Picker
S2012 E28
Full Steam Ahead
S2012 E29
Dial F for Fritz
S2012 E30
Woody Wood Picker
Season 2013
S2013 E01
The Doctor Is In
S2013 E02
The Million Dollar Mistake
S2013 E03
Haunted Honeyhole
S2013 E04
Ladies Know Best
S2013 E05
California Streaming
S2013 E06
California Gold Mine
S2013 E07
California Kustom
S2013 E08
Hometown Pickin'
S2013 E09
Cheap Pick
S2013 E10
The Royal Risk
S2013 E11
Step Right Up
S2013 E12
Deuce Digging
S2013 E13
Pinch Picker
S2013 E14
Cowboys and Cobwebs
S2013 E15
White Knuckles
S2013 E16
Bad Mother Shucker
S2013 E17
Traders of the Lost Parts
S2013 E18
Reverse the Curse
S2013 E19
Going Hollywood
S2013 E20
Louisiana Purchase
S2013 E21
Grin and Bear It
S2013 E22
The Italian Job: Part 1
S2013 E23
The Italian Job: Part 2
S2013 E24
Sicilian Standoff
S2013 E25
London Calling
S2013 E26
Pick or Treat
S2013 E27
Dani Smells a Rat Rod
S2013 E28
Tough Texas
S2013 E29
Picking It Forward
S2013 E30
Cammy Camaro
S2013 E31
Lead of a Lifetime
S2013 E32
Bonnie, Clyde and The King
S2013 E33
Pam's Labyrinth
Season 2014
S2014 E01
The Einstein Gamble
S2014 E02
KISS and Sell
S2014 E03
The King's Ransom
S2014 E04
For a Few Dollars More
S2014 E05
Mountain Mayhem
S2014 E06
The Mega-Pick
S2014 E07
Frank's Holy Grail
S2014 E08
Backroad Barnstorming
S2014 E09
Legend of the Lost Indian
S2014 E10
Enter the Negotiator
S2014 E11
Mad as a Picker
S2014 E12
Captain Quirk
S2014 E13
Sweet Homes Alabama
S2014 E14
Need for Speed
S2014 E15
Shock Value
S2014 E16
Alien vs. Picker
S2014 E17
Raze the Roof
S2014 E18
Big Boy Toys
S2014 E19
Plymouth Rocks
S2014 E20
Rocket Man
S2014 E21
Virginia is for Pickers
S2014 E22
The More You No
S2014 E23
S2014 E24
Auburned Out
S2014 E25
If You Talk Nice to Me
S2014 E26
Let's Be Frank
S2014 E27
Grudge Match
S2014 E28
Escape to Motor Mountain
S2014 E29
Everything Must Go
Season 2015
S2015 E01
Museum Man
S2015 E02
Big Moe
S2015 E03
May the Ford Be With You
S2015 E04
The Pickin' or the Egg
S2015 E05
Let It Go
S2015 E06
The Maineiacs
S2015 E07
From A to T
S2015 E08
Red Barn, Black Keys
S2015 E09
A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
S2015 E10
Texas Hold 'Em
S2015 E11
Great Minds Ink Alike
S2015 E12
The Big Bet
S2015 E13
Good & Evel
S2015 E14
The Numbers Game
S2015 E15
The Georgia Gambler
S2015 E16
The Empire Picks Back
S2015 E17
Red, White and Blues
S2015 E18
The Bundle Brothers
S2015 E19
Space Oddities
S2015 E20
Daredevil Duffey
S2015 E21
Law & Hoarder
S2015 E22
From Coupe to Nuts
S2015 E23
Coin-Op Kings
S2015 E24
A Man's Home is His Castle
S2015 E25
Like Father, Like Daughter
S2015 E26
Can't Catch a Break
S2015 E27
The Superfan
S2015 E28
Oddities and Commodities
S2015 E29
Beetle in a Haystack
S2015 E30
Have Yourself a Merry Pickers Christmas
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Who's the Rarest of Them All?
S2016 E02
On the Road Again
S2016 E03
What's Inside the Vault?
S2016 E04
This One Stings
S2016 E05
Full Speedo Ahead
S2016 E06
Jersey's Jackpot
S2016 E07
A Few Good Junk Men
S2016 E08
Frank's Birthday
S2016 E09
Signs of Struggle
S2016 E10
A Colonel of Truth
S2016 E11
Tick Tock Pick
S2016 E12
One Giant Pick for Mankind
S2016 E13
Picked a Peck of Pepper
S2016 E14
Scrappy Go Lucky
S2016 E15
No Stoner Left Unturned
S2016 E16
Slim Pickings
S2016 E17
Planes, Frames and Automobiles
S2016 E18
The Joy of Sax
S2016 E19
Picker's Code
S2016 E20
Another Brick in the Wall
S2016 E21
Bucking Bronco
S2016 E22
Tough Nut to Crack
S2016 E23
Sgt. Picker's Lonely Hearts Club
S2016 E24
Bound for Badness
S2016 E25
Twin at All Costs
S2016 E26
Shocked and Loaded
S2016 E27
High Energy Crisis
S2016 E28
Going Down?
S2016 E29
The Greatest Pick on Earth
S2016 E30
Hidden in Plane Sight
S2016 E31
Hydro Homestead
S2016 E32
Time Warp
S2016 E33
Concrete Jungle
S2016 E34
Risks and Rewards
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Rock and a Hard Place
S2017 E02
S2017 E03
Beer Factor
S2017 E04
Divide and Conquer
S2017 E05
The $90,000 Question
S2017 E06
The Great Pumpkin Showdown
S2017 E07
My Sweet Ford
S2017 E08
Hello Jell-O
S2017 E09
Tunnels and Treasures
S2017 E10
Something Weird Here
S2017 E11
Hot Rod Hero
S2017 E12
Queen of Fortune
S2017 E13
Woody's Picking Paradise
S2017 E14
Superhero Heaven
S2017 E15
American Dream
S2017 E16
Mike's Big Buy
S2017 E17
Real Knuckleheads
S2017 E18
40 Acre Pick
S2017 E19
Pedal Pushers
S2017 E20
Frank's Big Day
S2017 E21
Hyder's Hideaway
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Rat Rod Rolls
S2018 E02
The Mother Load
S2018 E03
Double Bubble Trouble
S2018 E04
The Jersey Jaguar
S2018 E05
Ripe for the Picking
S2018 E06
Junkyard Wizard
S2018 E07
Slam Dunk Junk
S2018 E08
Adrenaline Junkie
S2018 E09
Cowzilla in Colorado
S2018 E10
One of Everything
S2018 E11
Ready to Roar
S2018 E12
Ready to Race
S2018 E13
Space Ranger
S2018 E14
Snow Job
S2018 E15
Frank's Folly
S2018 E16
Million-Dollar Cars
S2018 E17
Big Money Racer
S2018 E18
Texas Treasures
S2018 E19
Texas Pick'em
S2018 E20
Roll Like a Rock Star
S2018 E21
Big Tennessee Welcome
S2018 E22
Bubba Gump Picks
S2018 E23
Eyes on the Prize
S2018 E24
The Doctor is Waiting
S2018 E25
Pickin' for the Fences
S2018 E26
Mighty Micro-Madness
S2018 E27
One Wheel Deal
S2018 E28
High Flying Pick
S2018 E29
Hard Bargain Picks
S2018 E30
Pickers Like it Hot
Season 2019
S2019 E01
Pick Your Battle
S2019 E02
The Great Pick Off
S2019 E03
Picker's Dozen
S2019 E04
Presidential Picks
S2019 E05
Pick Like a Honey Badger
S2019 E06
Raiders of the Lost Pick
S2019 E07
Rock'n'Roll Heaven
S2019 E08
Pick This Way
S2019 E09
The Michigan Madman
S2019 E10
The Mysterious Madame X
S2019 E11
Space Invaders Smackdown
S2019 E12
Frank Meet Brank
S2019 E13
S2019 E14
Corvette King
S2019 E15
Alabama Rolls
S2019 E16
Aerosmith Van
S2019 E17
Georgia On My Mind
S2019 E18
Double DeLorean Delight
S2019 E19
Freaky Florida
S2019 E20
California Picking
S2019 E21
Say Sohio
S2019 E22
Hollywood Honey Hole
S2019 E23
Knucklehead Frank
S2019 E24
Tick Tock Frank
S2019 E25
Picking Through the Ashes
S2019 E26
Jolene, Jolene
S2019 E27
Dani Goes East
S2019 E28
Double Barn Bonanza
S2019 E29
Wolves in Picker's Clothes
S2019 E30
Mr. Whizzer
S2019 E31
A Bronx Tale
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Dani's Picker-versary
S2020 E02
Midwest Mayhem
S2020 E03
Pickin' Safari
S2020 E04
Motor Mania
S2020 E05
Back Road Buys
S2020 E06
Burlesque Queen
S2020 E07
S2020 E08
Young Grasshopper
S2020 E09
Chopper King
S2020 E10
The Ghost of the West
S2020 E11
Moonshine and Motors
S2020 E12
Georgia Wonderland
S2020 E13
S2020 E14
Desert Gold Rush
Season 2021
S2021 E01
Pumps, Prints and Picks
S2021 E02
Hidden Harley
S2021 E03
Smoking Hot Chevy
S2021 E04
Country Queen
S2021 E05
Burgers and Ballrooms
S2021 E06
Bombshells and Silk
S2021 E07
Brothers and Burlesque
S2021 E08
Hollywood Hot Rods
S2021 E09
A Record Deal
S2021 E10
Rock 'n Go
S2021 E11
Hollywood in Texas
S2021 E12
Big Tex
S2021 E13
Fort Knox of Toys
S2021 E14
Picking Nirvana
S2021 E15
Return of the Impala
S2021 E16
Racy Relics
S2021 E17
Fiddles and Picks
S2021 E18
Paradise Picking
S2021 E19
Secrets of the Hotel
S2021 E20
Radioactive Rust
S2021 E21
Homestead Honey Hole
S2021 E22
Coal Gold
S2021 E23
Joyridin' Pick
Season 2022
S2022 E01
Skateboards and Gutter Balls
S2022 E02
Country Road Gold
S2022 E03
Movie Magic Picking
S2022 E04
The King of Signs
S2022 E05
Cadillac Man
S2022 E06
Picking Frisco
S2022 E07
Picture Perfect Pick
S2022 E08
High Speed Picking
S2022 E09
Pinball Jack
S2022 E10
Wolves in Wisconsin
S2022 E11
Searching in Selma
S2022 E12
Shelby in the Barn
S2022 E13
Rocket Ray Round-up
S2022 E14
Pool Hall Picking
S2022 E15
Flea Market Junkie
S2022 E16
The Alabama Slamma
S2022 E17
Knucklehead Blue
S2022 E18
Big Bucks Bubbles
S2022 E19
The Wizard's Castle
S2022 E20
Naughty and Nice
Season 2023
S2023 E01
Picking Larry Land
S2023 E02
Jack is Back
S2023 E03
Small Towns, Big Picking
S2023 E04
Wolfes Go West
S2023 E05
Corvette Me Not
S2023 E06
$135,000 Pick
S2023 E07
Junkyard Jewels
S2023 E08
Gladiators of the Track
S2023 E09
It's a Woody
S2023 E10
Detroit Dreaming
S2023 E11
Little Shop of Wonders
S2023 E12
Prince of the Subway
S2023 E13
Baron of the Skies
S2023 E14
Mega Pick Madness
S2023 E15
Kingdom of Lost Junk
S2023 E16
Beware of Deere
S2023 E17
King of Salvage
S2023 E18
Picking the Godfather
Episode 1
Pacific Coast Picks
Episode 2
Dani 3d Hard Days Pick
Episode 3
Off The Road
Episode 4
Biggest Buys
Episode 5
Best of the 60's
Episode 6
Best of the 70's
Episode 7
Toughest Digs
Episode 8
The Auburn Adventure
Episode 9
Top Cars
Episode 10
Down & Dirty Digs
Episode 11
Extreme Collectors
Episode 12
Super Sized Buys
Episode 13
California Gold
Episode 14
Creepiest Collections
Episode 15
Hard Bargains
Episode 16
Mike's Bikes
Episode 17
Superhero Super Picks!
Episode 18
Wheels and Deals
Episode 19
Road to Restoration
Episode 20
Frank Gone Wild
Episode 21
Best of the West
Episode 22
Colossal Collections
Episode 23
Ain't that Americana
Episode 24
Best Bets
Episode 25
American Treasures
Episode 26
Fan Favorites
Episode 27
Collecting Cars
Episode 28
Ultimate Restorations
Episode 29
Wicked Pickah's
Episode 30
American Rarities
Episode 31
Booms & Busts
Episode 32
Picks of the Rich & Famous
Episode 33
Weird, Wild Worlds
Episode 34
Brothers in Pick
Episode 35
Don't Mess with Texas
Episode 36
Double Dip Picks
Episode 37
Rusty Gold & Rock 'n Roll
Episode 38
Mike's Garage
Episode 39
Dani and the Boys
Episode 40
Unique Rides
Episode 41
Mikey Likes It
Episode 42
Big Money Rides
Episode 43
The Frank Fritz Experience
Episode 44
War & Picks
Episode 45
1st Show Ever
Episode 46
Crazy Collections
Episode 47
Rare Restoration
Episode 48
Games of Skill and Chance
Episode 49
Backwoods Pickin'
Episode 50
Hot Rods and Customs
Episode 51
Hollywood Gold
Episode 52
We Got Gas
Episode 53
Junkyard Treasures
Episode 54
European Vacation
Episode 55
Man Cave Mania
Episode 56
Father Picks Best
Episode 57
Mike's Motorcycle Club
Episode 58
Celebrating Independence Day
Episode 59
Big Money Motors
Episode 60
Hot Rod Treasures
Episode 61
Frank's Speed Shop
Episode 62
Cross Country Pickin'
Episode 63
Mystery Picks
Episode 64
Junkyard Gold
Episode 65
Dani D Leader of the Pick
Episode 66
Deep Woods Pickin'
Episode 67
Great American Rides
Episode 68
Ladies' Pick
Episode 69
Robbie to the Rescue
Episode 70
Harleys & Indians
Episode 71
Most Wanted
Episode 72
Pick, Trick, or Treat
Episode 73
The Road Less Picked
Episode 74
Keep on Rockin'
Episode 75
Lone Star Pickin'
Episode 76
Pickin' the 60s
Episode 77
Pickin' Through the Snow
Episode 78
Picks in Toyland
Episode 79
Another Wicked Pick
Episode 80
Outer Limits Picking
Episode 81
Picking Henry Ford
Episode 82
Hungry Hungry Pickers
Episode 83
Big Money Mansions
Episode 84
Battlefield Picks
Episode 85
The Sport of Picking
Episode 86
Big Top Picks
Episode 87
On the Fritz
Episode 88
All Signs Point to Picking
Episode 89
Field Trip
Episode 90
Lil' Pickers
Episode 91
Battle of the Pickers
Episode 92
Wheels of Glory
Episode 93
Mike's Wheel Deals
Episode 94
Mad Mike and Furious Frank
Episode 95
Summertime Fun
Episode 96
Pacific Coast Picks
Episode 97
Robbie Rides Again
Episode 98
Dude Looks Like a Picker
Episode 99
Thirsty Thirsty Pickers
Episode 100
Flyer Finds
Episode 101
Dani 3D
Episode 102
Off the Grid
Episode 103
More Wicked Pickin'
Episode 104
Picks of the 3rd Kind
Episode 105
FrankenFritz and the Wolfeman
Episode 106
Cars! Cars! Cars!
Episode 107
Garage Gold
Episode 108
A Hard Day's Pick
Episode 109
Gaming Gold
Episode 110
Blockbuster Buys
Episode 111
Lil Riches
Episode 112
Big Pickin'
Episode 113
We Are Family
Episode 114
Frank's Fabulous Finds
Episode 115
Man Cave Heaven
Episode 116
Dr. Picker
Episode 117
Motorcycle Gold
Episode 118
Wild West Gold
Episode 119
High Octane Pickin'
Episode 120
Pickin' the 70s
Episode 121
Best Picks Ever!
Episode 122
Georgia Wonderland
Episode 123
Veteran Valor
Episode 124
The Lost Tapes: Part 1
Episode 125
The Lost Tapes: Part 1
Episode 126
The Lost Tapes: Part 2
Episode 127
The Lost Tapes: Part 2
Episode 128
Road Trip Gold
Episode 129
Road Trip Gold
Episode 130
Dani D Delivers the Goods
Episode 131
Wheel Treasures
Episode 132
America's Funniest Picks
Episode 133
Bootleg Bonanza
Episode 134
Wild and Wacky Picks
Episode 135
Show Me the Money
Episode 136
It's Always Sunny in Picksylvania
Episode 137
Sports Car Dreams
Episode 138
Auburned, Over and Out
Episode 139
Deep Down Dirty Digs
Episode 140
Greetings From the Sunshine State
Episode 141
Big Texas
Episode 142
Smokin' Hot Rods
Episode 143
Jersey Jon
Episode 144
All-Star Picks
Episode 145
Pickin' with Jersey Jon
Episode 146
Episode 147
Superhero Picks
Episode 148
Southern Fried Picks
Episode 149
Super Best + Wheels
Episode 150
Red, White and Blue Pickin'
Episode 151
Magnificent Motors
Episode 152
Dani Rides Again
Episode 153
Episode 154
Episode 155
Heaping Honeyholes
Episode 156
Rockstar Pickin'
Episode 157
Salty & Sweet Pickins'
Episode 158
Super Secret Treasures
Episode 159
Can't Stop Picking
Episode 160
Super Best Bizarre Picks
Episode 161
Ridin' High
Episode 162
Frank Almighty
Episode 163
Jersey in the House
Episode 164
Bizarre Cars
Episode 165
Coin Flippin' Pickin'
Episode 166
Dani Does It All
Episode 167
Paranormal Pickin'
Episode 168
Family Style Pickin'
Episode 169
Saints and Sinners
Episode 170
East vs. West: Which Pick Are Best?
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