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The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

2010 - 2017  •  YouTube  •  16 seasons  •  643 episodes
0 vote
Horror, Thriller
Follows a teenage girl, Sunshine, as she experiences paranormal adventures in her home and other locations. Along the way she befriends many others who help her come into her powers and perceptions, such as Victoria, who mentors her powers and may or may not be a ghostly figure. Her mother Kat and Uncle ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Uncle Tommy tells us what happened! Another dimension?? Aired on 08/19/2017
Uncle Tommy tells us what happened! Another dimension??
Season 16: Episode 35
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
643 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Season 1
S01 E01
We moved into a haunted house
S01 E02
Showing you my haunted house
S01 E03
Meet my mom at the Haunted House
S01 E04
The Breaking Bad Meth Lab and sketch neighborhood
S01 E05
1st real GHOST activity caught on tape!
S01 E06
I hear a ghost... or do I?
S01 E07
Catching a ghost on camera is hard work!
S01 E08
Almost caught a ghost on film! Almost.
S01 E09
Meeting Creepy Lady
S01 E10
My mad guitar skills. Not.
S01 E11
GHOST shuts door on me
S01 E12
Mom makes a video! Ugh.
S01 E13
GHOST activity scares me and mom
S01 E14
Trying to hear a GHOST!
S01 E15
Just me being a dork!
S01 E16
Update on Creepy Lady! Is she a witch?
S01 E17
Caught on tape and I'm freaked out!
S01 E18
Mom makes another video
S01 E19
My thoughts on the ghost activity
S01 E20
Using the baby monitors to hear ghosts
S01 E21
Merry... Holidays! From Sunshine girl and my ghosts.
S01 E22
Even more dedicated to catch a GHOST now!
S01 E23
Creepy Lady SPEAKS!
S01 E24
Follow up to Creepy Lady encounter
S01 E25
YOUTUBE brings out the meanies!
S01 E26
Sorry about my video telling you to suck it
S01 E27
Ghost activity sets baby monitor off!
S01 E28
Happy New Year from The Haunting of Sunshine Girl! Gonna catch more ghost...
S01 E29
The Haunting of Sunshine Girl - About my research into the ghost in this ...
S01 E30
Ghost outside my door
S01 E31
Why we moved in to this haunted house.
S01 E32
Waiting for ghosts.
S01 E33
Scary ghost activity caught on tape.
S01 E34
Demon image and Audio recording? Or is this just a camera glitch?
S01 E35
I can keep hunting ghosts!
S01 E36
Researching the paranormal.
S01 E37
Ghost moves objects around in room
S01 E38
Ten random facts about ME!
S01 E39
Ghost moves object and scares me
S01 E40
Ghost at Old Fort
S01 E41
Mom gives an update about the creepy witch lady.
S01 E42
Ghost moves object on video!
S01 E43
What's happening with YouTube friends!
S01 E44
Haunted House information from landlord
S01 E45
Mom has a weird accident...
S01 E46
Mom's thoughts on her accident.
S01 E47
Field trip to a ruin.
S01 E48
Should I stop doing videos?
S01 E49
Ghost in house!
S01 E50
CA Follow up video
S01 E51
Updates and Shout Outs from Me!
S01 E52
SCARY! DON'T WATCH! Ghost Child caught on tape, apparition and supernatur...
S01 E53
Update video after Ghost child video.
S01 E54
Ten Random facts about me... Part Deux!
S01 E55
Creepy lady enters my house!
S01 E56
Looking at the Box the creepy lady gave me.
S01 E57
More on the box from the creepy lady.
S01 E58
Is this Pandora's box?
S01 E59
I kind of miss the ghosts
S01 E60
It's Snowing and I'm happy!
S01 E61
We open the box...
S01 E62
Scary ghost activity caught on tape
S01 E63
Update after scary ghost video. My mom is OK.... I hope.
S01 E64
Last video - I just wanted to say goodbye properly.
S01 E65
I need to track down the creepy lady
S01 E66
Mysterious Photo of ghosts
S01 E67
Using a Ouija Board to contact ghosts?
S01 E68
CA The Haunting of Sunshine girl update on happenings and projects and st...
S01 E69
Info on my new friend
S01 E70
Update to SCARY ghost child caught on tape video!
S01 E71
Creepy lady finally spotted!
S01 E72
Just chiming in with a quick video
S01 E73
I have a message for you!
S01 E74
Ghost Caught on Tape!
S01 E75
Ouija Board brings haunting of ghosts
S01 E76
Are the ghosts stronger?
S01 E77
Mom and I get into a small fight
S01 E78
I apologize for my mom and the last video.
S01 E79
I'm leaving mom out of it!
S01 E80
Are we moving?
S01 E81
Creepy lady is going to help with my haunted house!
S01 E82
Mom has set a move out date.
S01 E83
DEMON GHOST attacks innocent girl!
S01 E84
Update to ghost attack.
S01 E85
Still at a friend's house
S01 E86
Creepy Lady to the rescue.
S01 E87
The ghost activity seems to have left.
S01 E88
Mom believes in ghosts now
Season 2
S02 E01
My mom and I head out on a road trip!
S02 E02
On the road to find ghosts...
S02 E03
CA A Haunted Hotel
S02 E04
We arrive at the haunted hotel!
S02 E05
Checking out The Historic Anchor Inn
S02 E06
Our haunted hotel room
S02 E07
Exploring the Haunted Hotel.
S02 E08
The Story of the Hotel Haunting
S02 E09
EVP of ghost recorded at haunted hotel.
S02 E10
Poltergeist activity at Haunted Hotel
S02 E11
Ghost voice recording - EVP - Caught on tape
S02 E12
A new day full of excitement!
S02 E13
We visit a book store on the Oregon coast.
S02 E14
Driving down the coast and arriving at Newport, OR
S02 E15
Creepy Furry scares me!
S02 E16
Getting Lunch and being teased.
S02 E17
We've arrived at the haunted lighthouse!
S02 E18
Checking out the haunted lighthouse!
S02 E19
Ghost story of a haunted lighthouse
S02 E20
Mom gets upset at Haunted Lighthouse
S02 E21
About my dad
S02 E22
Legend of the Black Eyed Kids
S02 E23
Ghost lights candle.
S02 E24
REAL Ghost EVP recorded!
S02 E25
Visiting a Surprise haunted location?
S02 E26
A Mortuary with a Disturbing Past
S02 E27
Wrapping up the road trip!
Season 3
S03 E01
Back home with the ghosts?
S03 E02
Who are the ghosts?
S03 E03
I think the ghosts are back.
S03 E04
I'm being followed
S03 E05
Paranormal activity caught on tape
S03 E06
Best Ghost Video EVER!
S03 E07
Smudging again.
S03 E08
Telling mom the ghosts are back
S03 E09
Calling an Occult Expert
S03 E10
DANGER of the Ouija Board
S03 E11
Mom explains why she used the ouija board
S03 E12
Being followed again
S03 E13
My mom won't be OK forever
S03 E14
I'm going to see my Dad
S03 E15
That was the worst day ever
S03 E16
Follow up to last video
S03 E17
I have decided....
S03 E18
Worst Day ever part 1
S03 E19
Worst Day Ever part 2
S03 E20
Worst Day Ever part 3
S03 E21
Worst Day Ever part 4
S03 E22
Worst Day Ever part 5
S03 E23
Worst Day Ever part 6
S03 E24
Worst Day Ever part 7
S03 E25
Follow up to the worst day ever
S03 E26
We're going back to the house
S03 E27
About to go to the scary house
S03 E28
At the scary PARANORMAL house
S03 E29
Unanswered questions
S03 E30
Quick Update on things
S03 E31
What is wrong with Mom?
S03 E32
A ghost Expert? ????
S03 E33
Creepy Lady and Mom
S03 E34
"Don't trust her"
S03 E35
Scary ghost noise
S03 E36
The morning after
S03 E37
In case I vanish
S03 E38
A Spiritual Medium is Coming
S03 E39
A worrisome call
S03 E40
The Visit from the Medium part 1
S03 E41
The visit from the Medium - Part 2
S03 E42
A Visit from the Medium Part 3
S03 E43
Paranormal medium hurt by GHOST!
S03 E44
Update on the Paranormal Expert
S03 E45
A CULT? What?!
S03 E46
Leaving the Occult expert
S03 E47
Asking mom about the CULT
S03 E48
Last resort... The Ouija Board
S03 E49
Where are we?
S03 E50
Asking Creepy Lady questions
S03 E51
The Sacrifice Site
S03 E52
Thinking about things
S03 E53
Asking the Medium for help again
S03 E54
Demon test.
S03 E55
Possessed by demon TEST
S03 E56
Took mom to the doctor.
S03 E57
Poltergeist activity!
S03 E58
Mom is possessed by the demon
S03 E59
Going to sacrifice myself to the Demon
S03 E60
About to do the sacrifice. -The Haunting of Sunshine Girl
S03 E61
DEMON sacrifice Filmed!
S03 E62
S03 E63
Uncle Tommy tells Mom's secrets
S03 E64
YouTube and P.O. box info!
S03 E65
Shout outs! Because I can!
S03 E66
Thoughts on the sacrifice.
S03 E67
OK I've decided to change
S03 E68
Is mom still possessed?
S03 E69
Last video of this playlist.
Season 4
S04 E01
What happens now?
S04 E02
Should I try to contact Dad?
S04 E03
Weird thing happened today
S04 E04
Random guy has info on the Paranormal
S04 E05
The Legend of The Luiseach
S04 E06
Ten Random Facts about Nolan
S04 E07
Thoughts on Nolan?
S04 E08
Something in the mail
S04 E09
Nolan and the Note
S04 E10
Special Paranormal Powers
S04 E11
It's not me
S04 E12
Stalker Weirdo?
S04 E13
A mysterious photo
S04 E14
On the way to the Warehouse
S04 E15
At the warehouse
S04 E16
Visit a haunted house?
S04 E17
Guess who's back?
S04 E18
I want to go to the haunted house
S04 E19
Can we go to the haunted house?
S04 E20
The Haunted House Visit Part 1
S04 E21
The Haunted House Visit Part 2
S04 E22
The Haunted House Visit Part 3
S04 E23
The Haunted House Visit Part 4
S04 E24
The Haunted House Visit Part 5
S04 E25
The Haunted House Visit Part 6
S04 E26
The Haunted House Visit Part 7
S04 E27
Back from the Haunted House
S04 E28
I heard the ghost!
S04 E29
Crazy Paranormal Activity
S04 E30
What's wrong with Nolan?
S04 E31
Halloween Special! Yay!
S04 E32
EMF Ghost Evidence Videos EVP Equipment
S04 E33
Demon Possession test for Nolan
S04 E34
Nolan's Confusing Past
S04 E35
Nolan is coming back over.
S04 E36
Paranormal Videos - Documentary
S04 E37
GHOST of Missing Person - Nolan Possessed By Demon?
S04 E38
I'm so confused.
S04 E39
Returning to Haunted Warehouse
S04 E40
Uncle Tommy The Protector?
S04 E41
Ghostly Experience - Black Eyed Kids?
S04 E42
Residual Haunting
S04 E43
A letter with helpful information?
S04 E44
Back to Nolan's Grandma's House
S04 E45
INSANE Paranormal Activity
S04 E46
Paranormal Reality TV Show - Update
S04 E47
Getting it tested.
S04 E48
Ghost Documentary - Astral Projection
S04 E49
Communicating with Ghost Seance
S04 E50
I'm doing the right thing to get more answers.
S04 E51
A Ghost Under The Stairs
S04 E52
The Warehouse at 3:00 AM
S04 E53
Searching for Nolan in the Warehouse
S04 E54
Finding Nolan
S04 E55
Evil Ghost Groundlings - Haunted Places
S04 E56
Ghost Ectoplasm Forensics - Results!
S04 E57
Grave Encounter with Little Girl Ghost Caught on Tape AMAZING footage!
S04 E58
Scary Cult Films Found - Shocking Satanic Worship Exposed!
S04 E59
CA Analysing The 8mm Cult Film Found in My Back Yard - Terrfiying!
S04 E60
Occult Film.
S04 E61
I've been on YouTube for ONE YEAR!
S04 E62
Ghost Activity EVP of Girl Screaming and Crying
Season 5
S05 E01
I've had some time to think...
S05 E02
The Paranormal World of Sunshine
S05 E03
Psychokinesis Ghosts Caught on Camera - Haunting Evidence
S05 E04
Discussing Victoria's return.
S05 E05
Real Paranormal Activity - Ghost Girl Caught on Video Tape - EVP
S05 E06
Teen Vlog Series
S05 E07
Discussing Occult Poltergeist and My Dad
S05 E08
Haunting of Sunhine Updates
S05 E09
Strange Demonic Sounds 2012 - Erie Evil Screaming Noises
S05 E10
Real Ghost Stories - Victoria's Haunted Poltergeist Activity Revealed
S05 E11
CA Paranormal Witness to Ghostly Activity in House Nolan's Return
S05 E12
Ghost Sounds Caught on Tape - Paranormal Activity - Spirit Sound EVP
S05 E13
Teen Ghost Hunters - Supernatural Activity Full Episodes - New Mentor?
S05 E14
Real Ghost Caught on Tape - Poltergeist Activity - Spirits Haunting House
S05 E15
Ghost Spirit Calls from the Afterlife - Paranormal Poltergeist Calling
S05 E16
Ghost - Poltergeist Paranormal Activity Caught on Tape EVP
S05 E17
Ghost - Reviewing the last paranormal activity clip.
S05 E18
Ghost Stories Nolan's Dreams.
S05 E19
DON'T WATCH! Scary ghost attack.
S05 E20
Real Paranormal Activity
S05 E21
Ghost - Paranormal Calling - Scary Phone Calls - Haunting Evidence
S05 E22
Ghost - Lessons from my mentor
S05 E23
Strange Poltergeist Activity
S05 E24
Ghost - Update from last ghost video.
S05 E25
Ghost - Weird thing happens when I try to practice transporting
S05 E26
Demon possessed man bleeds from face!
S05 E27
Ghost - Update to last video
S05 E28
Ghost - Victoria is ready for me to help Anna.
S05 E29
Evil spirit overtakes Nolan
S05 E30
Ghost - Sunshine captures ghost and gets a visit from Victoria
S05 E31
Ghost - Nolan returns to say goodbye
S05 E32
Ghost - Goodbye Anna - Leaving the ghost behind
S05 E33
Ghost - Sunshine's last video at this haunted house
Season 6
S06 E01
Ghost - Caught on camera? On the road with Haunted Sunshine Girl
S06 E02
Ghost - Paranormal Activity in Creepy Cabin in woods?
S06 E03
Ghost - Sighting in creepy cabin
S06 E04
Ghost - Unknown visitor in creepy cabin in the woods!
S06 E05
Ghost - Following ghost sounds in the creepy cabin
S06 E06
Ghost - Hearing sounds in the creepy cabin
S06 E07
Creepy Ghost Footage captured
S06 E08
Ghost - Creepy Ghost Footage captured continued.
S06 E09
Ghost - First Morning in the Creepy Cabin
S06 E10
Ghost - Creepy secrets of the guestbook
S06 E11
Ghost - Looking for the ghost in the creepy cabin.
S06 E12
Ghost - A break to ask you a question
S06 E13
Ghost - Ghost writes on mirror
S06 E14
Ghost - Ghost footage captured on video!
S06 E15
Ghost - Gone in a flash! Ghost captured on video!
S06 E16
Ghost - We go looking for the ghost and find something interesting
S06 E17
Ghost - Opening the mysterious box
S06 E18
Ghost - How to deal with the ghost
S06 E19
Ghost - Getting away from the ghost a bit
S06 E20
Ghost - Returning to the ghost...
S06 E21
Ghost - It's not over....
S06 E22
Ghost - Why do ghosts like the dark so much? Seriously.
S06 E23
S06 E24
Ghost - The morning after our ghostly encounter!
S06 E25
Ghost - Saying goodbye to our ghost and The Cabin in the Woods
Season 7
S07 E01
Nolan's mom knows of a haunted house
S07 E02
They keep calling...
S07 E03
Meeting with the "Real Paranormal Investigators"
S07 E04
Filling the Scooby-Gang in on the Next Haunted Adventure
S07 E05
Checking Out the Haunted River House (during the day when it is safe!)
S07 E06
So, I trespassed...
S07 E07
Going Back to the Haunted (?) River House
S07 E08
The Scooby Gang explore the haunted river house
S07 E09
Giving the homeowner the bad news about her haunted house
S07 E10
Picking up the Scooby Gang
S07 E11
We have arrived!
S07 E12
The day at the haunted river house continues
S07 E13
Internet at the house is spotty!
S07 E14
Should we use the Ouija Board?
S07 E15
Ouija Board Antics in the Attic
S07 E16
The "professional ghost hunters" do their thing
S07 E17
Nolan reveals a secret
S07 E18
These silly boys
S07 E19
Killing time at the Haunted River House
S07 E20
The guys have specific ideas about ghost hunting
S07 E21
We heard a noise!
S07 E22
Is that a ghost?!
S07 E23
What was that?!
S07 E24
Trying the OUIJA Board at night!
S07 E25
Now what?
S07 E26
The ghost makes an appearance! Sort of...
S07 E27
The best haunted slumber party ever!
S07 E28
The wrap-up on our not-so-haunted adventure!
Season 8
S08 E01
Breaking the rules
S08 E02
I can't get the haunted dream out of my mind.
S08 E03
Freaking out. Just saw Creepy Lady!
S08 E04
Ghost slams door
S08 E05
Convincing mom there are GHOSTS!!!
S08 E06
SCARY! Ghost Voices!
S08 E07
Is it me who's haunted?
S08 E08
Ghost talks and moves object
S08 E09
Horrible dream about ghost girl Anna
S08 E10
Creepy Lady is back
S08 E11
Calling Victoria (but not on a phone)
S08 E12
Nolan's Haunted (?) Apartment
S08 E13
I don't attract ghosts ... do I?
S08 E14
DON'T WATCH!!!! Terrifying Ghost Attack!
S08 E15
An update after our Buffy "Hush" adventure ...
S08 E16
The Latin Ghost
S08 E17
Strange Haunted House Event
Season 9
S09 E01
A Halloween Haunted Adventure!
S09 E02
A Halloween Haunted Adventure! We arrive.
S09 E03
A Halloween Haunted Adventure! Now what?
S09 E04
A Halloween Haunted Adventure! Ghost ATTACKS!
S09 E05
A Halloween Haunted Aventure! Ghost caught on film!
S09 E06
A Halloween Haunted Adventure! MUST Escape!
S09 E07
A Halloween Haunted Adventure! Safe!
S09 E08
Worried about Nolan
S09 E09
A surprise about Nolan
S09 E10
Uncle Tommy made me tell Mom about Nolan
S09 E11
I heard from Nolan
S09 E12
Checking in with Nolan's mom...or not
S09 E13
Checking out the address...wait, I know this place!
S09 E14
Victoria talks of Nolan
S09 E15
Getting rid of the ghost!
S09 E16
Still looking for Nolan
S09 E17
Victoria sniffs out Nolan
S09 E18
Victoria talks of Anna
S09 E19
An update that isn't really an update
S09 E20
Victoria helps with a missing Nolan
S09 E21
So, I have a confession...
S09 E22
30 minutes after my confession....
S09 E23
Nolan is jealous
S09 E24
The brothers fight - about ME!
S09 E25
What is the deal with Uncle Tommy and Victoria?!
S09 E26
"So, Nolan, how jealous are you?"
S09 E27
Victoria asks about Anna, the girl ghost
S09 E28
Nolan bans me!
S09 E29
Nolan, the thief!
S09 E30
I get my camera back!
S09 E31
"Why are you always here?"
S09 E32
"Could I be haunted?"
S09 E33
GHOST apps work! OMG!
S09 E34
"Don't hang out with Nolan"
S09 E35
Telling Nolan
S09 E36
Nolan says goodbye...for now
Season 10
S10 E01
It's time to FOCUS!
S10 E02
DON'T WATCH! - Real ghost haunting!
S10 E03
Paranormal Activity in my house
S10 E04
Ghost intervention
S10 E05
Strange things happen at night
S10 E06
Uncle Tommy is gone
S10 E07
Paranormal Activity
S10 E08
Scary ghost encounter
S10 E09
Anna's Dad is back
S10 E10
NEWS: Paranormal Activity house
S10 E11
Mom and I discuss missing Uncle Tommy
S10 E12
Visiting REAL Life Paranormal Activity House - Part 1
S10 E13
Visiting REAL Life Paranormal Activity House - Part 2
S10 E14
Visiting REAL Life Paranormal Activity House - Part 3
S10 E15
Visiting REAL Life Paranormal Activity House - Part 4
S10 E16
Visiting REAL Life Paranormal Activity House - Part 5
S10 E17
Visiting REAL Life Paranormal Activity House - Part 6
S10 E18
Visiting REAL Life Paranormal Activity House - Part 7
S10 E19
Visiting REAL Life Paranormal Activity House - Part 8
S10 E20
Visiting REAL Life Paranormal Activity House - Part 9
S10 E21
What happened at the Real Paranormal Activity House?
S10 E22
Nolan wants something
S10 E23
DON'T WATCH! Evil ghost presence captured on video!
S10 E24
Nolan reacts the morning after the last video
S10 E25
A mysterious ghost recording
S10 E26
S10 E27
Follow up to violent intruder video (last night's video)
S10 E28
What next?
S10 E29
Ghost Audio Recording
S10 E30
EVP Captured!
S10 E31
Recording ghost sounds?
S10 E32
Real life EVP in sound booth
S10 E33
Real ghost sounds in the ceiling!
S10 E34
Paranormal Evidence
S10 E35
CRAZY! Ghost footage
S10 E36
The ghost of a dead man appears
S10 E37
Mom freaking out about Dad calling
S10 E38
Trying to get info from Mom
S10 E39
Pondering the ghost similarities
S10 E40
Ghost caught in mirror
S10 E41
Pondering the underworld
S10 E42
Nolan's apartment has a ghost?
S10 E43
Nolan has a few things he'd like to say
S10 E44
Alright Mom, Spill it!
S10 E45
Ghost at Nolan's
S10 E46
Who's house is the ghost in?
S10 E47
Victoria saves the day
S10 E48
We ask mom more after talking to Victoria
S10 E49
Victoria is back again
S10 E50
I move an object just by thinking
S10 E51
Ghost enters the house VIOLENTLY!
S10 E52
Victoria tells us who is after me
S10 E53
S10 E54
S10 E55
Nolan is missing, I am going to his place
S10 E56
I am attacked
S10 E57
I will keep going...
S10 E58
Victoria needs me to train...
S10 E59
Victoria takes me to the house for Training
S10 E60
Ghost spotted in Training house
S10 E61
Ghost heard in training house
S10 E62
Ghost attacks us in training house
S10 E63
Ghost attacks Woman
S10 E64
Girl scares off ghost!
S10 E65
Nolan finally called last night and now I'm here...
S10 E66
Looking for Nolan and I found Victoria
S10 E67
Nolan appears and he's acting weird again!
S10 E68
Victoria says some weird things
S10 E69
So Nolan brings back the info on Dad
S10 E70
Victoria gives me one last piece of advice
S10 E71
Reacting to the Ghost sounds and what are those numbers?
S10 E72
Is that a Demon at my door?
S10 E73
Ghost man in my house!
S10 E74
Following the GPS coordinates?
S10 E75
Nolan wants to go NOW!
S10 E76
Off we go!
S10 E77
Nolan is NOT a good road tripper!
S10 E78
What's in this abandoned building?
S10 E79
We find something creepy!
S10 E80
Who is this man watching us?
S10 E81
What the heck are we doing???
S10 E82
Going deeper and deeper into the woods
S10 E83
They stole our jeep!
S10 E84
The end is near. My Dad reveals himself
S10 E85
S10 E86
Nolan back from the dead? A letter from Nolan
Season 11
S11 E01
So What's Going On?
S11 E02
Well it figures... Talk about a ghost, see a ghost
S11 E03
The Shadowy Figure Spotted
S11 E04
Something wakes me up in the middle of the night
S11 E05
Girl Spots Ghost & Video Captures it's Voice
S11 E06
Taking another look at the last clip and some thoughts
S11 E07
Ghost Caught on Camera in Kitchen
S11 E08
I'm doing this. OUIJA BOARD! Time to get serious!
S11 E09
S11 E10
I am Ceffly Dwr Incarnate?
S11 E11
What is happening to her face?!
S11 E12
Reaction to the face melt video
S11 E13
Myles brings me to a haunted house!
S11 E14
Things get creepy fast in the haunted house
S11 E15
Ghost Activity! You won't believe who shows up!!!
S11 E16
Victoria is back! And she has something to say
S11 E17
His face is melting! So Scary!
S11 E18
Is Myles REAL?
S11 E19
Mom is Gone and the Ghost is back...
S11 E20
Weekend alone is getting interesting...
S11 E21
Did you hear that? EVP caught on camera. Very clear!
S11 E22
Calling mom to get her to come home!
S11 E23
Saturday Night Movie Night is interrupted!
S11 E24
My thoughts on what happened this weekend
S11 E25
The Ghost is BEHIND me
S11 E26
The Ghost is Angry!
S11 E27
S11 E28
GHOST Slams door!
S11 E29
S11 E30
The Ghost is close!
S11 E31
Angry Ghost
S11 E32
Ghost heard on tape as I talk to it.
S11 E33
I Visit a Haunted Farmhouse
S11 E34
S11 E35
GHOST heard walking AND spotted in CREEPY basement!
S11 E36
S11 E37
Ghost is in the room. Listen!
S11 E38
What's in the basement? A ghost!
S11 E39
Back to the ghosts!
S11 E40
The Ghost is Messing with Me
S11 E41
Shape shifting ghost!
S11 E42
S11 E43
Ghost appears at the top of the stairs
S11 E44
The ghost is talking to me!
S11 E45
The ghost is back! My mom saw it too
S11 E46
Ghost gives a warning
S11 E47
Something is at my door
S11 E48
Voice coming from my closet?
S11 E49
Uncle Tommy is back!
S11 E50
Uncle Tommy heard something upstairs
S11 E51
Something at the bottom of the stairs
S11 E52
Ghost waiting outside of my room
S11 E53
The ghost was right behind me
S11 E54
Saw the ghost in the middle of the night
S11 E55
Victoria has a message for me
S11 E56
Uncle Tommy saw the ghost too!
S11 E57
Ghost crawling up the stairs! Scary!
S11 E58
Victoria is locked in my room, screaming!
S11 E59
What's going on? Recap with Uncle Tommy
Season 12
S12 E01
Door moving behind me!
S12 E02
New information on the creepy ghost
S12 E03
Ghost crawling DOWN the stairs!
S12 E04
Victoria gets serious about the ghost
S12 E05
Who slammed my door? The ghost?!
S12 E06
Ghost sighting in the middle of the day!
S12 E07
Why is the door moving??
S12 E08
The ghost snuck up on me!
S12 E09
Ghost FOLLOWS me into my room!
S12 E10
I need YOUR advice!
S12 E11
Ghost watching us!
S12 E12
Doors slamming all around me! Why?!
S12 E13
Something trying to get into my room!
S12 E14
Ghost DRAGS me down the stairs!!
S12 E15
This ghost is getting aggressive
S12 E16
Was the ghost trying to communicate with us?
S12 E17
Power went out. Then the noises started
S12 E18
Maybe I should move?
S12 E19
I think I made the ghost mad!
S12 E20
The ghost has bloody hands!!
S12 E21
One of us might actually get hurt
S12 E22
The ghost came out of nowhere!
S12 E23
Mom thinks we have to move
S12 E24
Ouija board caught on FIRE!
S12 E25
My new, brilliant idea!
S12 E26
Chicken heart to banish the ghost!?
S12 E27
Success!! Is the ghost finally gone?
Season 13
S13 E01
Haunted Log Cabin
S13 E02
We Hear a Ghost!
S13 E03
There's a ghost here!
S13 E04
Let's figure out what's going on!
S13 E05
I see the ghost downstairs!
S13 E06
Ghost in CREEPY log cabin!
S13 E07
Capturing ghost evidence
S13 E08
Mom hears the ghost too!
S13 E09
It's haunting us at night!
S13 E10
We can't escape the ghost!
S13 E11
S13 E12
The Ghost is EVIL!
S13 E13
The Ghost is Above Us!
S13 E14
I found the ghost!
S13 E15
We made it out alive
Season 14
S14 E01
To you Sunshine
S14 E02
My response to the Nolan video
S14 E03
Nolan is in my house! I ask him questions
S14 E04
Nolan is back again!
S14 E05
WHAT IS THAT?! - Don't watch!
S14 E06
Nolan shows up again!
S14 E07
Nolan stops by again. Does he sound sick?
S14 E08
S14 E09
A considerate ghost?
S14 E10
I heard a strange noise!
S14 E11
Is Anna back?
S14 E12
A ghost in the closet!
S14 E13
I saw a ghost! But it wasn't Anna
S14 E14
Nolan is back again and he brought a ghost!
S14 E15
What the heck!?
S14 E16
A Goodbye Letter From Nolan
Season 15
S15 E01
A new adventure begins!
S15 E02
GHOST Girl spotted! Anna!
S15 E03
Victoria doesn't want me to film!
S15 E04
Ghost Girl appears!
S15 E05
Ghost girl apparition re-appears!
S15 E06
Creepy Lady gets Really CREEPY!
S15 E07
Finally some answers from Victoria?!
S15 E08
Poltergeist Ghost attacks us at night!
S15 E09
Ghost footage recorded!
S15 E10
Is this the last of Victoria and Nolan?
S15 E11
Killer Clown spotted in house!
S15 E12
Killer clown strangles ghost girl!
S15 E13
Crazy clown attacks on New Years!
S15 E14
I'm back! After New Year's video of clown attack.
S15 E15
Killer Clown Ghost Attacks!
S15 E16
CRAZY Scary Clown caught on camera!
S15 E17
Killer Clown Caught on Camera in high suspense video!
S15 E18
Scary Creepy Clown attacks me!
S15 E19
Killer Clown on my porch! Then he Attacks US!
S15 E20
iller Clown caught on Ring security device camera!
Season 16
S16 E01
Creepy man at my front door and Mom is acting super weird!
S16 E02
Woman attacked by ghost in bathroom!
S16 E03
Mysterious ghost spotted in house!
S16 E04
Scary stalker ghost at the top of the stairs attacks!
S16 E05
Mysterious message found in book!
S16 E06
Ghost heard in house!
S16 E07
Ghost materializes and attacks us!
S16 E08
Scary ghost attack!
S16 E09
You guys, here's what been going on with the ghosts in my house
S16 E10
What is this?! Home invaded by scary new ghost!
S16 E11
SO SCARY! Mom is acting creepy again and then we see IT!
S16 E12
Terrifying ghost at my door!
S16 E13
What is it?! It gets so close to us! Ghost invasion!
S16 E14
Mom attacked by ghost right in front of me!
S16 E15
The Ghost controls my mom!
S16 E16
He's playing with us! How does he do it?
S16 E17
HAUNTED Girl hears scary noise upstairs. You'll never believe what happen...
S16 E18
Ghost Sneaks up behind me!
S16 E19
Things are out of control with this ghost!
S16 E20
Ghost video! I can hardly believe what is happening!
S16 E21
This GHOST won't leave me alone!
S16 E22
He's so disturbing! Creepy Ghost!
S16 E23
Mom and I are terrorized by the ghost!
S16 E24
Ghost stalks me in my sleep!
S16 E25
The ghost is getting too tricky!
S16 E26
The Ghost is playing his games!
S16 E27
The Ghost does the craziest thing yet!
S16 E28
Time to test the ghost
S16 E29
Attacked! Unknown entity spotted at the top of the stairs! Something new?
S16 E30
Where did he come from?
S16 E31
Woman POSSESSED by Ghost does crazy things to Haunt Daughter!
S16 E32
When will this ghost stop?! We try to fight back!
S16 E33
Ghost stalking us at night! So Scary!
S16 E34
Uncle Tommy is TAKEN!
S16 E35
Uncle Tommy tells us what happened! Another dimension??
Episode 1
The Investigation into The Haunting of Sunshine Girl
Episode 2
The Hunt for Black Eyed Kids!
Episode 3
Real Life Paranormal Activity
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