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Film Riot

Film Riot

2009 - 2016  •  Revision3  •  1 season  •  654 episodes
2 votes
382 votes
# 1717
Comedy, Talk Show
Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the hyper-active mind of Ryan Connolly. From how to make great effects to following Triune Films through production, Film Riot explores the art of filmmaking in a way you’ve never seen.

Hosted ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Filmmaker's Survival Kit Aired on 09/17/2016
Filmmaker's Survival Kit
Season 1: Episode 655
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
654 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
Star Trek vs. Star Wars! The Great Lightsaber - Phaser Battle
S01 E02
Break an Arm, Blow up a Head and… Batman?
S01 E03
Head Shot, Blood Splatter, Muzzle Flash, and New York in June
S01 E04
Make Day into Night, Shrimps into Giants, and Actors Fall to their Death
S01 E05
Car Crash, Teleportation and Nudity
S01 E06
PMS: The Horror Movie
S01 E07
Cut Your Friends in Half or Just Punch Through Their Chest
S01 E08
Smashing Heads and a Little Latin Lovin
S01 E09
Get Your Heart Torn Out, Depth of Field, and the Mafia!
S01 E10
Green Screen and Sex Appeal
S01 E11
Human Cloning and Camera Techniques
S01 E12
Burst Into Flames and the Soul Eating Demon!
S01 E13
White Men Can Jump?
S01 E14
35mm Adapters, Depth of Field & Our First Promo
S01 E15
DIY Camera Dolly and Death Comes for Ryan
S01 E16
$30 DIY Steadycam vs. $500 Glidecam
S01 E17
Make Movie Rain for $20
S01 E18
Take a Peek in Ryan's Mail Sack
S01 E19
San Francisco, Paranormal Activity, Batman and a Push-Pull
S01 E20
Bustin a Cap with Film Riot
S01 E21
Crackin Some Heads and Blowing Crap Up
S01 E22
Fun with Knives and a Creepy Voodoo Dude
S01 E23
Film Riot’s Halloween Special Promo
S01 E24
Halloween Special: Finding the Real Paranormal Activity
S01 E25
Cut a Throat and Projectile Vomiting
S01 E26
Blowing Up a Mailbox & A Serious Lack of Ritalin
S01 E27
Behind the Scenes of Film Riot: Shooting and Editing
S01 E28
Field Goal Punt Your Friends Like Popeye & Color Correction
S01 E29
Low Budget Camera Reviews for Filmmakers
S01 E30
Set Extensions and Four Tips to Better Your Image
S01 E31
Deleted Scenes & Extended Outtakes
S01 E32
Let it Snow Playa!
S01 E33
New Year's Eve Special: Viewer Selected Best of 2009
S01 E34
Be a Jedi, Use The Force
S01 E35
Film Riot Takes A Sick Day
S01 E36
Aspect Ratios, Human Bananas & Star Wars Make-Up
S01 E37
Knife Someone in the Effing Face While Putting Safety First
S01 E38
Learn Some Audio History Biatch!
S01 E39
Production Audio: What Mics to get & 3 Tips to Better Sound
S01 E40
Learn to Create Your Own Sound Effects with Foley
S01 E41
Do Great ADR, or Make Your Own Crappy 70's Karate Film
S01 E42
Behind the Scenes of a Film Riot Sketch - Film Riot
S01 E43
Favorite Custom Ads from Film Riot - Film Riot
S01 E44
A Whole Lot of DSLR Info and then a Whole Lot of A.D.D.
S01 E45
March hates Ryan
S01 E46
Jack Jackerson Saves Lives in a Sketch Shot with DSLR Cameras
S01 E47
Canon 5D & Lumix GH1 Review
S01 E48
DSLR Review, Milk Chugging & Sword Fighting
S01 E49
Creative Cam Techniques, NAB & a Special Guest
S01 E50
Turn Your Tripod into a Dolly or Jib!
S01 E51
Learn to Write Screenplays for Film
S01 E52
What to do with Your Finished Screenplay
S01 E53
How to Build a Camera Jib for Under $200
S01 E54
Celebrate Film Riot's One Year Anniversary w/ the Cast & Crew
S01 E55
Learn How to Make Your Own Zombie Movie!
S01 E56
Batman, Mafia and Mother Effing Nature!
S01 E57
Zombie Apocalypse!
S01 E58
Crush a Head with your Car & Rise from the Dead!
S01 E59
The No Episode... Episode.
S01 E60
When Hyperactivity Meets Red Bull!
S01 E61
UFOs & Tinfoil Space Suites
S01 E62
How to Get A Little Shrinkage, Even When it isn't Cold.
S01 E63
Bust a Cap, Creative Camera Techniques & Cheap Lighting!
S01 E64
Green Screen Yourself into Your Favorite Movies!
S01 E65
Learn from Film Riot's Mistakes!
S01 E66
Answering Twitter Questions of a Crappy Cell Phone
S01 E67
Compositing, Brian Brushwood and Pimpin
S01 E68
Pyrotechnics and You!
S01 E69
How to Cast Your Film!
S01 E70
Ryan's Pre-Pro Process
S01 E71
Storyboarding & Scheduling your Film
S01 E72
Make Your Own War Film!
S01 E73
Using CGI in Live Action
S01 E74
How to Make a Music Video
S01 E75
Popp'in that Magical Power Yo!
S01 E76
Thanksgiving Announcement
S01 E77
Canon 5D mkII vs The Canon T2i
S01 E78
Kidnapping and Answering Your DSLR Question
S01 E79
Manipulate Your Audience with Music
S01 E80
Time Travel, Johnny Cobra, Audio Mixing & Baby Sitting!
S01 E81
A Very Film Riot Christmas Special!
S01 E82
Film Riot's Gear & How to do the Scorsese Shot!
S01 E83
Location for TELL, Michael Bay Shot & Evil Robot Santa!
S01 E84
Run in Slow Motion, or just Limp like a Pimp
S01 E85
Directing, Headshots, Lens Flares and Zombie Mommy!
S01 E86
Turn Your Mommy Person Into a Demon Thingy!
S01 E87
Monster Audio, Pools of Blood & Invisible Roommates - Fun!
S01 E88
Drive in a Car without Driving in a Car!
S01 E89
Your Questions Answered & Brian Brushwood Crashes the Party!
S01 E90
Poppin' Some Clarity & Trippin' Them Circuits!
S01 E91
DIY China Ball & Dimmer. Plus Get Your Anus Updated!
S01 E92
Lighting Tests & Digital Magic Vs. Analog Magic!
S01 E93
The Answers & Explanations to the Digital Vs. Analog Challenge!
S01 E94
Karate, Sugar & Cars!
S01 E95
I'm An Angel Dang It!
S01 E96
Fake Knife, Fire & and a Whole New Look!!!
S01 E97
Bipolar Josh and Six Ways to Make Fake Blood!
S01 E98
Severed Heads, High-Speed Slow Motion & Inner Demons
S01 E99
Evil Twins & the One Punch Exorcism!
S01 E100
Film Riot's 100th Episode!!!
S01 E101
The First Day of Shooting TELL!
S01 E102
How to Direct Actors & Day 2 of 'TELL'!
S01 E103
Acting, Directing and Day 3 of Production!
S01 E104
The Super 8mm Effect & Day 4 of 'TELL'
S01 E105
The Jobs of Film Production & Day 5 of 'TELL'
S01 E106
Punt Your Friends & Fly Like An Eagle!
S01 E107
Final Cut Pro X: Awesome or Suck?
S01 E108
Surround Sound in Film!
S01 E109
Blowing Things Up & The Last Day of 'TELL'
S01 E110
Make Your Own Gun Sounds Effects!
S01 E111
Lighting, Underwater Shooting & Motivation are in Ryan's Mail Sack!
S01 E112
How to Shoot a Scene!
S01 E113
Harry Potter Effects!
S01 E114
More Harry Potter Effects!
S01 E115
Cowboys & Aliens' Effects!
S01 E116
Camera Techniques for Better Filmmaking!
S01 E117
Cowboys & Aliens Prop and Lens Flares!
S01 E119
CineStyle for Better Images and Best Export Settings for Web!
S01 E120
Another Mail Sack! And a Movie Poster Giveaway!
S01 E121
S01 E122
Canon 5D MKII VS The Red Epic!
S01 E123
Finding Locations & The Wheelchair Dolly!
S01 E124
Bullets, Water & GoPros
S01 E125
Is Adobe Premiere CS5.5 Better Than Final Cut?
S01 E126
Sky Replacement & Film Terms!
S01 E127
Use Household Objects to Make Special Effects!
S01 E128
Drive Fast Without Driving Fast!
S01 E129
Behind the Scenes of 'LOSSES'
S01 E130
The Guns of 'LOSSES'
S01 E131
The Fight Choreography of 'LOSSES'
S01 E132
Advanced Muzzle Flashes!
S01 E133
Post Production Audio from Losses!
S01 E134
Freebies & Know Yo Lingo!
S01 E135
Movie Slate App for iPad & Syncing Audio!
S01 E136
Blow Your Friend's Arm Off!
S01 E137
Bruno Must Die & LetusDirect's DSLR Gear!
S01 E138
Blood Splatter, Shotguns & Air Compressors!
S01 E139
Make a Head Go Boom!
S01 E140
The Halloween Massacre!
S01 E141
Zombies, Batman & Axe Murder!
S01 E142
Another Mail Sack: iPhones, Lenses, TELL and Ryan's Kids!
S01 E143
Stab Necks and Know Your Lingo!
S01 E144
Canon C300 Vs the Red Epic!
S01 E145
Special Effects vs Visual Effects: Bullet Hits!
S01 E146
Mail Sack with Todd Bruno!
S01 E147
Top 10 Green Screening Tips!
S01 E148
Red Giant's Primatte Keyer
S01 E149
An Aerial Shot Without Going in the Air!
S01 E150
Tell, Editing and Paid Gigs Are All in Ryan's Mail Sack!
S01 E151
The Filmmaker's Christmas List
S01 E152
Cheap Compositing Software and Ryan's Favorite Plug-ins!
S01 E153
The Super Duper Balloon Stabilizer!
S01 E154
Favorite Christmas Movies, Child Actors & Motivation!
S01 E155
A Very Film Riot Christmas!
S01 E156
How to Build a $25 DIY Boom Pole
S01 E157
Top 11 Film Riot Moments of 2011
S01 E158
Face Time with Josh & Bruno!
S01 E159
The Grindhouse Effect
S01 E160
Filmmakers on Twitter & UFOs
S01 E161
DIY Shoulder Rig
S01 E162
Q&A with Emily!
S01 E163
$25 DIY Dual Shoulder Mount
S01 E164
Agents, Scripting Software, Permits and Texas!
S01 E165
$10 DIY Light Stand!
S01 E166
Taking a Look in Ryan & Josh's Mail Sack!
S01 E167
$10 DIY Camera Slider!
S01 E168
Feature Films, Casting & the Blu-ray Give Away!
S01 E169
How to Get the Apple Look & Josh Is One Pretty Fairy!
S01 E170
Composers, Jokes and Dream Projects!
S01 E171
Turn Your Friends into Fairies!
S01 E172
Compositing, Best Programs for 3D & Stark Finally Speaks!
S01 E173
Make Your Very Own Demon!
S01 E174
Film Riot in Texas!
S01 E175
Photography Tips!
S01 E176
Mail Sack: Canon Vs. Nikon, Cheap Lighting & More!
S01 E177
F-Stop, Shutter Speed & ISO Explained!
S01 E178
Ryan's First Camera, ADR, Music Licensing & Strawberry Nipples!
S01 E179
Hang 'Em High! Techniques to (Safely) Hang Your Friends In Your Films!
S01 E180
Mail Sack: 5D MKIII and Ryan's 5 Worst Movies!
S01 E181
How to Shoot a Film With an iPhone!
S01 E182
Josh 'Not a Zombie' Gets His Own Mail Sack Today!
S01 E183
The Best iPhone Apps for Filmmakers!
S01 E184
Free Work, Storyboarding & Ryan's Thoughts on Negative Criticism
S01 E185
Bieber Fever & Demon Eyes
S01 E186
The First Ever Monday Challenge!
S01 E187
Background Replacement, Skydiving & Warp Stabilizer!
S01 E188
The Push Pull Challenge
S01 E189
Put Yourself in the Avengers!
S01 E190
Acting, Directing and a New Monday Challenge!
S01 E191
Skydiving With Visual Effects!
S01 E192
Release Date for 'TELL' & Monday Challenge!
S01 E193
Film Continuity & Movie Mistakes!
S01 E194
TELL, Free Posters and the Next Hitchcock!
S01 E195
Film Riot's Three Year Anniversary!
S01 E196
Film Riot Mondays: Best of the Month Winners!
S01 E197
Color Correction, End Credits & TELL
S01 E198
Film School, Networking & New Projects!
S01 E199
Ryan's Light Kit: Low Budget Lighting Tips For Your Videos & Films!
S01 E200
The Fighting Challenge!
S01 E201
Lighting: Part 2
S01 E202
Mail Sack: Working with Siblings & Bruno is Tony Stark?
S01 E203
How To: Basic Cinematography Tips!
S01 E204
The Fighting Challenge!
S01 E205
Cinematography: Lighting a Moving Actor!
S01 E206
Mail Sack: Your Questions Get Answered! Final Cut X, ADR & Stallone Singi...
S01 E207
Great Cinematography with Only One Light!
S01 E208
Monday Challenge: Day for Night!
S01 E209
Interview Lighting & Golden Hour!
S01 E210
Mail Sack: Gotta Get That YouTube Money!
S01 E211
The Meaning Behind Camera Movement!
S01 E212
Grab Your Lightsabers! It's the Star Wars Challenge!
S01 E213
Color Correction Tutorial: Tips & Tricks!
S01 E214
The Short Film That Became District 9 & Mail Sack!
S01 E215
How-To: Color Grading Tutorial!
S01 E216
Slow Motion Challenge Winners and Q&A!
S01 E217
Learn to Do a Slow Motion Gun Shot!
S01 E218
Black Holes & Slip N Slides
S01 E219
Guns, Ricochets & Bad Words!
S01 E220
The Decapitation Challenge!
S01 E221
It's My Tim in a Box!
S01 E222
Getting Great Quality YouTube Videos, Visuals & Keane!
S01 E223
The Super Soaker Flamethrower!
S01 E224
The Flying Challenge!
S01 E225
The Burninator: How to Set Your Friends on Fire!
S01 E226
Gear and Guilt
S01 E227
Special Effects Trick: Learn How to Run Through a Wall!
S01 E228
The Explosion Challenge!
S01 E229
How to Fall to Your Death and Not Die!
S01 E230
Mail Sack: How to Create Suspense!
S01 E231
The Top 5 Online Resources for Filmmakers
S01 E232
Film Riot's First Ever Halloween Challenge, Q&A With Ryan & Music Video C...
S01 E233
Top 10 Production Websites for Filmmakers!
S01 E234
Halloween Challenge Prize Announcement!
S01 E235
Bloodtober: The Best SFX Blood!
S01 E236
The Halloween Challenge Prizes, Ryan's Favorite Shotgun Mic and Film Riot...
S01 E237
Creepy Halloween Style for Your Video!
S01 E238
Mail Sack: Directing, Motivation & Animorphics!
S01 E239
The Bloodtober Finale: Lawn Mowers & an AXE!
S01 E240
The Winner of the Halloween Challenge is Revealed!
S01 E241
Take an Axe to a Head!... Safely
S01 E242
Germans & Star Wars!
S01 E243
Pro Follow Focus Vs. $5 Follow Focus!
S01 E244
Getting the Pro-Look, Cameras and Shooting Action!
S01 E245
How to Get Your Movie into a Film Festival!
S01 E246
The Monday Chase Challenge!
S01 E247
$277 Fig Rig Vs. $55 Spider Steady
S01 E248
Viewfinders, Sandbags, and Zemeckis's Student Film!
S01 E249
Shooting Anamorphic: Lenses Vs. Filters!
S01 E250
Casting Calls, Matte Boxes & The Ultimate Sterling Graviton Commercial!
S01 E251
The 2012 Filmmaker Holiday Wish List!
S01 E252
Cinestyle, Short Films, and Christmas!
S01 E253
Breaking Down Lens Whacking!
S01 E254
Robots, Lens Flares and Winners!
S01 E255
A Very Film Riot Christmas - 2012
S01 E256
How to Do the Batman Bane Voice & Home School!
S01 E257
The Top Film Riot Moments of 2012
S01 E258
Ryan Announces the Reverse Challenge Winners & Answers Some of Your Quest...
S01 E259
A Film Riot Special: The Slate!
S01 E260
Tripods and Mac & Cheese!
S01 E261
A Film Riot Special: The Slate - Part 2!
S01 E262
Dolly Shot Winners, Multi-cam Shoots, and The Underwater Realm
S01 E263
Final Draft Writer Review & What Is a Fill Light!
S01 E264
Mail Sack: Special Guest, Eric Kessler of Kessler Crane
S01 E265
Put a Helicopter in Your Film!
S01 E266
Giant Squids! Plus Scene Challenge Winners.
S01 E267
The 5D Mark II vs 5D Mark III
S01 E268
Q&A with Ryan, Disney's Short Film "Paperman" & More!
S01 E269
GoPro Hero3 Reveiw! Mount it Anywhere!
S01 E270
The Miniature Challenge Winner, Improving Your Filmmaking, the Best Briti...
S01 E271
Slow-Mo with the GoPro!
S01 E272
MONDAYS: Reduce Noise, Weak Links & Voice Over!
S01 E273
Toss a Fool & Go Invisible!
S01 E274
Snow & Rain Challenge Winners, Q&A with Ryan and a New Movie Scene Challe...
S01 E275
Film Riot Special: R.I.P Bruno!
S01 E276
Mondays: Interview with Al Mooney from Adobe!
S01 E277
Use 3D Objects in After Effects with Element 3D!
S01 E278
Filmmaker Pouch, Transitions & an Animated Short!
S01 E279
Put Some 3D in Your 2D with Element!
S01 E280
Mondays: ND Filters, Streaming & Monopods!
S01 E281
3D Tracking in After Effects!
S01 E282
Mondays: Movie Scene Challenge Winners!
S01 E283
How We Make an Episode!
S01 E284
Movie Cliches & Focusing on Steadicam!
S01 E285
'The Slate' - Episode 2
S01 E286
Mondays: Gun Fight Winners, Dancing and Red Bull!
S01 E287
PART II: The Slate
S01 E288
Mondays: Anamorphic Lens, Scene Coverage & Found Footage Movies!
S01 E289
2013 NAB!
S01 E290
Mondays: The Silent Film Winners!
S01 E291
The Frozen in Time Effect!
S01 E292
Bloody Cuts Talk Monsters, Blood and Gore!
S01 E293
How to Freeze Time Cheaply!
S01 E294
Mondays: Emotion Challenge Winners & Spy Vs. Guy!
S01 E295
HitFilm 2 Review!
S01 E296
Mondays: The Shot Lister App!
S01 E297
Creative Cloud, Adobe MAX & Cheap Lenses!
S01 E298
Mondays: Stand Off Winners & Abe Short Film!
S01 E299
Star Trek Transporter Effect!
S01 E300
The 300th Episode!
S01 E301
The Fast and Furious Effect!
S01 E302
Mondays: HitFilm Winners!
S01 E303
Man of Steel: Heat Vision Effect!
S01 E304
Mondays: Is Film School Necessary, Beards & What If Josh Left Film Riot?
S01 E305
How to Make Yourself Fly!
S01 E306
Mondays: VFX Winners!
S01 E307
Super Flight Takeoff!
S01 E308
Mondays: Tango Dancing, The Future Of The Film Industry & How To Makeout ...
S01 E309
Recording Gun Sounds!
S01 E310
Mondays: Practical FX Winners & Loom Short Film!
S01 E311
Laser Guns, Toilet Paper & Rainbow Vomit!
S01 E312
Mondays: What To Do After Film School, Ryan's Influences & Presto!
S01 E313
smartLav Review and Micing Techniques!
S01 E314
Mondays: Environment Winners & Learn How To Win A Video Chat With Film Ri...
S01 E315
VFX Color Grading!
S01 E316
Mondays: Writing Techniques, Pacing a Scene, & Auto Settings!
S01 E317
Wolverine Claws VFX!
S01 E318
Mondays: Scene Winners & Explosions!
S01 E319
Vomit the Rainbow & Shock Your Friends!
S01 E320
Mondays: Jibs or Sliders, Biggest Fear in Pursuing Your Career & Rack Foc...
S01 E321
Mount Your Camera Anywhere! VBAG Review
S01 E322
Mondays: Superhero Winners & The Gravity Gun!
S01 E323
Tripod Steadicam!
S01 E324
Mondays: What To Charge As Freelance, Set Injuries & How To Stay Organize...
S01 E325
Glidecam VS Rhino Steady
S01 E326
Mondays: Cinematography Winners & Internet Dating!
S01 E327
Film Riot's New Short Film!
S01 E328
Mondays: Writers Block, Bad Robot & Future Projects - With Seth Worley!
S01 E329
Writing With Director of Y: The Last Man - Dan Trachtenberg!
S01 E330
Mondays: Movie Scene Winners & A T-Rex!
S01 E331
Production Diary #1 - Writing!
S01 E332
Cast Announcement & Adobe Story!
S01 E333
S01 E334
Bitter Sweet Announcement!
S01 E335
The Casting Process & Casting Call Dos & Don'ts!
S01 E336
Mondays: How Much Time Should You Spend On Production & When Is Outsiders...
S01 E337
Proximity Behind The Scenes!
S01 E338
Mondays: When Will Proximity Be Released, Farts Ruining Takes, & Best Scr...
S01 E339
Run & Gun/Guerilla Filmmaking Tips!
S01 E340
Mondays: Monster Monday Challenge & Where is Emily?
S01 E341
Guerilla Filmmaking: Planning Your Film!
S01 E342
Mondays: Directing First Time Actors, Shooting on Film, & What To Do When...
S01 E343
How to Make a Zombie Without Makeup!
S01 E344
Mondays: Monster Challenege Winners!
S01 E345
In Camera Ghost Effect!
S01 E346
Mondays: Camera Shake, What To Do With A Bad Project & Is Josh Naked?
S01 E347
Demon Voice, Moving Objects & Karate Josh!
S01 E348
Mondays: Effect Challenge Winners!
S01 E349
Jet Strike & Sound Design With Pitch Bending!
S01 E350
Mondays: Handling Actors, House Cleaning & Digital Store!
S01 E351
The Letus AnamorphX Adapter & DIY Lens Flares!
S01 E352
Mondays: VFX or Practical FX & Will Film Riot Hire?
S01 E353
The 2013 Filmmaker's Christmas List!
S01 E354
Mondays: PROXiMTY Release Date, Documentary Filmmaking & Directing Child ...
S01 E355
The Making of Proximity!
S01 E356
Mondays: Will There Be A Christmas Special This Year & Are Our Beards Sel...
S01 E357
Practical Effects of PROXiMITY!
S01 E358
Mondays: Getting Contacts & Shooting With a Traditional Camera!
S01 E359
Production Mics!
S01 E360
Mondays: Is Film Riot In Danger Of Ending & Do We Use Insurance For Our S...
S01 E361
Best of 2013!
S01 E362
Mondays: Lighting Outside at Night, Shooting BTS & Why Does Ryan Use Litt...
S01 E363
Switching From Mac to PC!
S01 E364
Mondays: Getting Recognized, Poster Credits & Royalty Free Music!
S01 E365
Post Production Workflow on a Tight Deadline!
S01 E366
Mondays: Pyrotechnics, Advertising & Will Josh Get His Own Show?
S01 E367
Critiquing Your Work!
S01 E368
Mondays: Emily Takes Over!
S01 E369
We Already Did That Sh**!
S01 E370
Mondays: Magic Lantern, Get Hitfilm Free, & Film Riot Secrets!
S01 E371
S01 E372
Mondays: Monday Challenge Is Back & Recording Audio In The Rain!
S01 E373
Color Grading Proximity!
S01 E374
Mondays: Finding An Audience, Benefits of Shooting 4K & What Is An ND Fil...
S01 E375
Selective Color!
S01 E376
Mondays: Fight SFX Pack, Working With No Crew, & Copyright Issues!
S01 E377
Tips on Recording Sound Effects!
S01 E378
Mondays: Sound Design, Best Mics for Foley, & Location Audio!
S01 E379
Cinematography Tips: Breaking Up & Diffusing Light! - Film Riot
S01 E380
Mondays: Music Video Winners!
S01 E381
GorillaPod Review & DIY Audio Rig!
S01 E382
Mondays: Outsiders Update & Thoughts on the GH4!
S01 E383
The Invisible Mic & DIY Lighting!
S01 E384
Mondays: Avoiding Cliches & Shooting Improv With One Camera!
S01 E385
Gear for a Pro Shoot!
S01 E386
Mondays: Lenses for DSLR Filmmaking, Actors Walking Off Set & The Name of...
S01 E387
How To Light For Darkness!
S01 E388
Mondays: Not Being Lazy & Replacing Actors!
S01 E389
Adobe and the Frog BTS!
S01 E390
Mondays: Getting Permission to Shoot & Where Did Bammie Wham Come From?
S01 E391
Adobe and the Frog BTS - Day 3 & 4!
S01 E392
Mondays: Writers Block & Making A Animated Movie!
S01 E393
The Best of NAB 2014 & The Blackmagic URSA!
S01 E394
Mondays: Film Vs. Digital & Directing Romance!
S01 E395
We Already Did That Sh**! - Part 2
S01 E396
Mondays: Scary Stories With Emily & Making Trailers!
S01 E397
Cinematography With Fog!
S01 E398
Mondays: Best DSLR Audio Equipment & Can You Act While Being The Director...
S01 E399
Screen Replacement & Eye Hearts!
S01 E400
Mondays: Stunt Doubles & Starting Your Own Company!
S01 E401
Put Animated Birds Into Your Film!
S01 E402
Mondays: Talking VFX With VFX Supervisor of American Hustle!
S01 E403
Smash Heads With A Bat & Vomit Realistically!
S01 E404
Mondays: Black & White Lighting and Will There Be Bloodtober This Year?
S01 E405
5 Year Anniversary Celebration!
S01 E406
Mondays: Getting Cops For Your Short & Ryan's First Camera!
S01 E407
Canon C100 Overview!
S01 E408
Mondays: Documentaries, Shorts With One Actor & Did Josh Go To Film Schoo...
S01 E409
C100 Vs. 5D Mark II
S01 E410
Mondays: Did We Leave Revision3 & Having A Good Story!
S01 E411
How to: Teleportation
S01 E412
Mondays: Building Tension & Getting Aerial Shots!
S01 E413
$30 DIY Bomb Prop!
S01 E414
Mondays: CGI Vs. Practical & What Makes Horror Films Scary?
S01 E415
Quicksilver Super Speed Effect!
S01 E416
Mondays: Shooting A Loud Part Environment & Slow Mo Music Videos!
S01 E417
How to: Use The Force Like A Jedi!
S01 E418
Mondays: Character Development & Keeping Continuity!
S01 E419
How to make Stylized Film Titles!
S01 E420
Mondays: Monday Challenge Is Back & Advice For Young Filmmakers!
S01 E421
Ninja Blade Review!
S01 E422
Mondays: Keeping Elaborate Ideas Short!
S01 E423
Affordable Camera Stabilizer & Other Film Goodies!
S01 E424
Mondays: Shootout Challenge Winners!
S01 E425
DIY Lights & Lens Filters
S01 E426
Mondays: Handling Negative Feedback & Losing All Your Footage!
S01 E427
Rhino Rig Review!
S01 E428
Mondays: Writing Comedy & Storing Your Footage!
S01 E429
S01 E430
Mondays: The Spielberg Monday Challenge!
S01 E431
Aliens & The Rhino Camera Slider!
S01 E432
Mondays: Filming Live Events & Making a Stressful Shoot Fun!
S01 E433
S01 E434
Mondays: The Spielberg Challenge Winner!
S01 E435
DIY Light Bar
S01 E436
Quicktips: Household Dolly Hacks!
S01 E437
Quicktips: Framing Your Shots!
S01 E438
Quicktips: Realistically Punch Faces!
S01 E439
Mondays: Tips On Voiceover Acting & Expanding Film Riot!
S01 E440
DIY Diffusion!
S01 E441
Mondays: Pitching to Sponsors & Found Footage Films!
S01 E442
Quicktips: Audio Editing!
S01 E443
DIY Ring Light!
S01 E444
Mondays: Shooting a Table Conversation & Linear Vs Nonlinear!
S01 E445
Neat Video vs. Denoiser II
S01 E446
Mondays: Hand-to-Hand Winners!
S01 E447
Quicktips: DIY Light Modifiers!
S01 E448
Shane Hurlbut On Cinematography!
S01 E449
Mondays: Thoughts on Gone Girl & Transitioning From Shooting Comedy to Dr...
S01 E450
How to Sync Audio in Post!
S01 E451
Mondays: Is Kickstarter Good or Bad & Taking Risks!
S01 E452
Quicktips: Motivating Your Movement!
S01 E453
Tripods & LED's!
S01 E454
Mondays: Collaborating With Actors & Watching Movies With No Sound!
S01 E455
Review: Shane Hurlbut's Illumination Tour!
S01 E456
Mondays: Hitchcock Winners!
S01 E457
Quicktips: 5 Tips For Shooting Outside!
S01 E458
Mondays: Eliminating That "Digital" Feel From DSLR Footage & Hiring Crew!
S01 E459
Crazy Low Light Shooting with the Sony A7S!
S01 E460
Mondays: Quadcopters & Motivation Behind Aspect Ratios!
S01 E461
Quicktips: Understanding The 180 Degree Rule!
S01 E462
Mondays: Found Footage Winners!
S01 E463
Realistic Guns for Cheap!
S01 E464
Multi-Cam and Cinematography!
S01 E465
Mondays: Is 4K Worth It & Pricing Your Work!
S01 E466
Quicktips: DIY Lighting Tricks!
S01 E467
The 2014 Filmmaker's Christmas List!
S01 E468
Throw Knives at your Friends!
S01 E469
Mondays: Getting People Excited About Your Projects & Will We Ever Have a...
S01 E470
Nuke a Town and Set a Car on Fire!
S01 E471
Mondays: Showing Your Reel & Being The Director And DP At Once!
S01 E472
Quicktips: 5 Tips For Faster Editing!
S01 E473
Mondays: Hiring Cast and Crew & Film Internships!
S01 E474
10 Resources for Filmmakers Online!
S01 E475
Mondays: Scene Remake Winners!
S01 E476
Quick Tips: Make a Crowd With Only A Few People!
S01 E477
A Look Back at 2014!
S01 E478
Mondays: Developing Ideas & Ryan is Sick!
S01 E479
Prepping for a Short Film!
S01 E480
Mondays: Getting Projects Started & New Monday Challenge!
S01 E481
Film Riot Rewind!
S01 E482
Mondays: Renting Vs. Buying Lenses & Working With a DP!
S01 E483
C100 Vs. C100 Mark II!
S01 E484
Mondays: Creating Good Trailers & Can You Live Off Making Short Films!
S01 E485
Quick Tips: 5 Easy Camera Tricks!
S01 E486
GoPro Hero4 & GoPro Studio!
S01 E487
Mondays: Writing A Screenplay With No Dialogue & Ryan Clears Something Up...
S01 E488
Mondays: The Commercial Challenge Winners!
S01 E489
Getting Rid of the Fisheye Distortion & The Ninja Star!
S01 E490
How to Make a Prop Crowbar
S01 E491
Mondays: YouTube Vs. Vimeo & Working With Miniatures!
S01 E492
Headshot VFX!
S01 E493
Mondays: Writing Action Scenes & Creating Jump Scares!
S01 E494
Quick Tips: Removing Reflections!
S01 E495
Replay: Demons & Falling To Your Death!
S01 E496
Mondays: Experience Vs. Film School & Connecting With A Character!
S01 E497
DIY Bounce Board & Interview Lighting!
S01 E498
Mondays: Taking Risk Vs. Playing it Safe & On Set Etiquette!
S01 E499
How to Make a Trailer!
S01 E500
Mondays: Coming Up With Ideas & Keep Continuity!
S01 E501
DJI Ronin Review!
S01 E502
Mondays: The Directing Process With 'Dead Rising' Director!
S01 E503
Quick Tips: DIY Lighting Kit!
S01 E504
On the Dead Rising: Watchtower Set!
S01 E505
Mondays: Keeping Your Crew Safe & Is Dialogue Needed?
S01 E506
FRES | Props & Set Decoration!
S01 E507
FRES | Visual Effects With Michael Stark!
S01 E508
FRES | Making a U.F.O. and Tractor Beam
S01 E509
FRES | Creating Music for Film with Daniel James
S01 E510
FRES | Making of U. F. Oh Yeah (1)
S01 E511
FRES | Making of U.F.Oh Yeah (2)
S01 E512
FRES | Ryan Booth on Cinematography!
S01 E513
FRES | Post Production of U.F.Oh Yeah (1)
S01 E514
Quick Tips: Push Pull!
S01 E515
FRES | Post Sound and Color Grading!
S01 E516
FRES | Rob Krekel on Sound!
S01 E517
FRES | Roto Paint in Mocha Pro
S01 E518
Color Grading with Magic Bullet Looks
S01 E519
FRES | Seth Worley on Directing
S01 E520
FRES | Making of Real Gone (1)
S01 E521
FRES | Making of Real Gone (2)
S01 E522
FRES | Composing for Film with Ben Worley
S01 E523
FRES | Making of Real Gone (3)
S01 E524
FRES | The Cinematography of Real Gone
S01 E525
FRES | VFX of Real Gone (1)
S01 E526
FRES | Make a Toy Gun Look Real
S01 E527
FRES | Editing, Sound Mixing & Color Grading
S01 E528
FRES | Building Fires & Fire Trucks
S01 E529
FRES | Cameras on Cars With Andrew Kramer
S01 E530
FRES | Andrew Kramer Talks Directing & VFX
S01 E531
FRES | Epic Summer Gag Reel
S01 E532
FRES | Directing a Scene & Run and Gun Cinematography
S01 E533
FRES | The M?VI M5 & Shooting Outside
S01 E534
FRES | Handling Negative Comments & What's After Epic Summer
S01 E535
FRES | Intercept Update: Production Challenges
S01 E536
Mondays: Our Next Short Film & Film Riot In 5 Years
S01 E537
Making of Portal Combat (1)
S01 E538
Mondays: Our New Look & Scene Transitions
S01 E539
Making of Portal Combat (2)
S01 E540
Mondays: Building a Team & Why We Located in Texas
S01 E541
Aerial Footage & Sound From Portal Combat
S01 E542
Quick Tips: 3 Tips For Denoising Your Footage
S01 E543
Mondays: The Importance of Editors & How Competitive is the Film Industry
S01 E544
Mondays: Prepping Actors & Has Hollywood Lost Creativity
S01 E545
Rode Link & Audio Effects
S01 E546
Mondays: Intercept Update & Purchasing A Lens
S01 E547
Stabilize Your iPhone Footage
S01 E548
Mondays: Filmmaking with Alex Buono
S01 E549
Mondays: Keeping Creativity Fresh & Will We Make Sketches Again
S01 E550
Flying a Drone: Inspire 1
S01 E551
Mondays: Constructive Criticism & Getting Internships
S01 E552
Mondays: Have Drones Changed Indie Filmmaking & Creating Episodes
S01 E553
Phantom 3 Review
S01 E554
DIY Diffusion & Butterfly Frame
S01 E555
Mondays: Will Superhero Movies Die Out & Finding the Right Pacing
S01 E556
C300 MKII Review: Low-Light & Slow Motion
S01 E557
Mondays: Will Hollywood Stop Using Film & Using Non Actors
S01 E558
Punch Someone Across the Room - Rewind
S01 E559
Mondays: Ryan's Biggest Mistake & Are Film Festivals Still Relevant
S01 E560
Background Replacement - Rewind
S01 E561
Mondays: Can You 'Succeed' in YouTube Filmmaking & Doing Sequels
S01 E562
DIY Infrared Look
S01 E563
Mondays: Finding Your Style & Best Export Settings
S01 E564
Dilating Pupil Effect & Power Outage
S01 E565
Mondays: Writing Comedy & Getting Sponsors
S01 E566
A Ghost Encounter
S01 E567
Mondays: Government Regulating Drones & Getting Ideas
S01 E568
Mondays: No Budget Location Scouting & Not Being A One Man Band
S01 E569
Make Blood Digitally
S01 E570
Mondays: Shooting in the Cold & Directing Defensive Actors
S01 E571
Resources for Filmmakers
S01 E572
Mondays: Intercept Update & Tips For Shooting Outside
S01 E573
Sony A7s II & Hitting Things
S01 E574
Mondays: Embarrassing Moments & Lighting Techniques
S01 E575
The 2015 Filmmaker's Christmas List
S01 E576
Mondays: Shooting on Film & Shooting in the Rain
S01 E577
Lighting Cars At Night
S01 E578
Mondays: Tips For Recording Audio In Wind & Will Film State Ever Return
S01 E579
Sony Fs7 Vs. Canon C300
S01 E580
Mondays: Balancing Your Career and Family & Pulling Off An Effect
S01 E581
The Best of Film Riot Christmas!
S01 E582
Mondays: Handling Client Work & Will The Filmmaking Process Become Cheape...
S01 E583
Best of 2015
S01 E584
Mondays: Don't "Fix It In Post" & Avoiding Cliches
S01 E585
Mondays: Practical Effects Vs CGI and No Such Thing As Bad Ideas
S01 E586
Haze in a Spray Can & Digital fog!
S01 E587
Helix Jr. & Lav vs Shotgun Mic
S01 E588
Mondays: Using Auto Focus & Working For Exposure
S01 E589
Slow Motion Explosion
S01 E590
Mondays: Greatest Fear While Filming & When Will Monday Challenge Return
S01 E591
Compose Music for Your Film
S01 E592
Mondays: Turning Ideas Into Films & Ryan's Movie Pet Peeve
S01 E593
3 Tips For Masking & Roto
S01 E594
Mondays: Making Sequels & "It Depends"
S01 E595
Stylized Sky Replacement - Rewind
S01 E596
Force Push A Car
S01 E597
Mondays: Native ISO & The Casting Process
S01 E598
Put a Helicopter in your Film - Rewind
S01 E599
Mondays: Balancing Deadlines & Virtual Reality Vs. Traditional Film
S01 E600
Cinematography with One Light - Rewind
S01 E601
Mondays: Finding Your Directing Style & Tips on Shooting a Fight Scene
S01 E602
Organizing Your Project
S01 E603
Mondays: Has Social Networking Changed Filmmaking & Writing Backup Script...
S01 E604
Sneezing With Your Eyes Open - Empty Eye Socket Effect
S01 E605
Mondays: Writing Likable Characters & Prepping For Documentaries
S01 E606
Short Film Critique
S01 E607
Mondays: Homage Vs. Plagiarism & Is Film Riot Ending?
S01 E608
Reduce Noise From Your Audio
S01 E609
Mondays: Choosing Titles For Your Films & 2D Vs. 3D
S01 E610
Studio Tour & Affordable LED Lights
S01 E611
Mondays: Studio Pros and Cons & Action Scenes Update
S01 E612
3D Tracking in After Effects - Rewind
S01 E613
Mondays: Lytro Cinema Camera & Premiere Vs Final Cut
S01 E614
The Invisible Man Effect
S01 E615
Mondays: Advice on ADR & Do Directors Get Too Much Credit
S01 E616
Iron Man Hud Effect
S01 E617
Mondays: Craft Camera Thoughts & Is Mixing Your Audio In Surround Sound W...
S01 E618
Game of Thrones Blind Eye Effect
S01 E619
Mondays: Audio Recorders for Cheap & Steps After Film School
S01 E620
Color Grading with Luts
S01 E621
Mondays: Permits, Raising Money & Books on Screenwriting
S01 E622
Making an Action Scene: Foot Chase
S01 E623
Uncut Behind The Scenes - Foot Chase
S01 E624
Making a Car Chase
S01 E625
Uncut Behind The Scenes: Car Chase
S01 E626
How to Shoot a Fight Scene
S01 E627
Uncut Behind The Scenes: Hall Fight
S01 E628
Filming Stunt Falls
S01 E629
Uncut Behind The Scenes: High Fall
S01 E630
Uncut Behind the Scenes: Bar Brawl
S01 E631
Stunts, Breakaway Glass & Props
S01 E632
Create Your Own Snapchat Effects
S01 E633
Mondays: Writing Characters & The Most Difficult Action Scene to Shoot
S01 E634
5 Tips for Shaping Light
S01 E635
The Psychological Effect of Music in Film
S01 E636
Mondays: Monday Challenge is Back!
S01 E637
Ghostbusters Ghost Effect
S01 E638
Mondays: Is Slow Motion Cliche & The Psychology of Camera Angles
S01 E639
Perfecting Your Image in Post
S01 E640
Mondays: Pancake Timelines & Staying Motivated
S01 E641
10 Tips for Better Gun Effects
S01 E642
Slow Motion Gun Shot Effect
S01 E643
Mondays: Pacing Your Edit & Trusting Other Creatives
S01 E644
Mondays: Suspense Challenge Winners
S01 E645
Mondays: Reducing Reverb & New Monday Challenge
S01 E646
Tools for Collaboration
S01 E647
Mondays: Following One Idea & Thoughts on Movie Trailers
S01 E648
Alexa Mini & Anamorphic Lenses
S01 E649
5 Tips For C-Stands & DIY Stop Sign Bounce
S01 E650
Mondays: Creating Comedy & Promoting Your Work
S01 E651
5 Tips For C-Stands & DIY Stop Sign Bounce
S01 E652
Mondays: Will There Be a Losses 2 & Creating a Directing Style
S01 E653
What is a 2nd AC? - 3 Things You Should Know
S01 E654
5 Tips For Acting
S01 E655
Filmmaker's Survival Kit
Episode 1
Losses (A Short Action Film)
Episode 2
TELL (A Short Film)
Episode 3
PROXiMITY (A Short Film by Ryan Connolly)
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