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PBS Specials

PBS Specials

1964 - Now  •  07:00 PM on PBS  •  17 days  •  540 episodes
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The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is an American non-profit public broadcasting television service with 354 member TV stations in the United States which hold collective ownership. However, its operations are largely funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Its headquarters are in Arlington, ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Burning Sky: The Atomic Marines Aired on 06/23/2021
Burning Sky: The Atomic Marines
Season 2021: Episode 6
Season 1964 1966 1974 1978 1981 1982 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Season 1964
S1964 E01
James Baldwin: Take This Hammer
Season 1966
S1966 E01
USA: Photography – Dorothea Lange: Under the Trees
S1966 E02
USA: Photography – Dorothea Lange: The Closer for Me
Season 1974
S1974 E01
The People Who Take Up Serpents
Season 1978
S1978 E01
Hamper McBee: Raw Mash
Season 1981
S1981 E01
Myths and the Moundbuilders
Season 1982
S1982 E01
Mount St. Helens: Why They Died
S1982 E02
Centralia Fire
Season 1984
S1984 E01
Seasons of a Navajo
Season 1985
S1985 E01
God's Country
S1985 E02
Season 1986
S1986 E01
The Making of Liberty
Season 1987
S1987 E01
Talking Feet
S1987 E02
Trader: The Documentary
Season 1988
S1988 E01
Kennywood Memories
S1988 E02
Thelonious Monk - Straight, No Chaser
S1988 E03
Geronimo and the Apache Resistance
Season 1990
S1990 E01
Berkeley In the Sixties
S1990 E02
Fire on the Rim: Stories from the Earth
S1990 E03
Giving Up the Canal
Season 1991
S1991 E01
Theodore Roosevelt and the Western Experience
S1991 E02
Appalachian Journey
S1991 E03
Red Star in Orbit Part 1 - The Invisable Spaceman
S1991 E04
Red Star in Orbit Part 2 - The Dark Side of the Moon
S1991 E05
Red Star in Orbit Part 3 - The Mission
Season 1992
S1992 E01
The Great Upset of '48
S1992 E02
Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio
Season 1993
S1993 E01
Pennsylvania Diners and Other Roadside Restaurants
Season 1994
S1994 E01
Over California
Season 1996
S1996 E01
An Ice Cream Show
S1996 E02
Gipsy Kings - Tierra Gitana (Gipsy Land)
S1996 E03
Shore Things
S1996 E04
Caesar's Writers
Season 1997
S1997 E01
Otters of Yellowstone
S1997 E02
The Bay of Pigs
S1997 E03
Divided Highways: The Interstates and the Transformation of American Life
S1997 E04
Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery
S1997 E05
Thomas Jefferson
Season 1998
S1998 E01
Dynasty: The Nehru-Gandhi Story: Part 1 - Awakening
S1998 E02
Dynasty: The Nehru-Gandhi Story: Part 2 - Mother Indira
S1998 E03
A Life Apart: Hasidism in America
S1998 E04
Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude
S1998 E05
Plane Crazy, Part 1: The Challenge
S1998 E06
Plane Crazy, Part 2: Nightmare On Claremont Street
S1998 E07
Plane Crazy, Part 3: On a Wing and a Prayer
S1998 E08
John Glenn American Hero
Season 1999
S1999 E01
The Germans from Russia: Children of the Steppe, Children of the Prairie
S1999 E02
A Hot Dog Program
S1999 E03
To the Moon
S1999 E04
Great Old Amusement Parks
S1999 E05
American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith
S1999 E06
Crucible of Empire: The Spanish-American War
S1999 E07
Red Files: Secret Victories of the KGB
S1999 E08
Red Files: Soviet Sports Wars
S1999 E09
Red Files: Secret Soviet Moon Mission
S1999 E10
Red Files: Soviet Propaganda
S1999 E11
The 50 Years War: Israel and the Arabs, Part 1
S1999 E12
The 50 Years War: Israel and the Arabs, Part 2
S1999 E13
The 50 Years War: Israel and the Arabs, Part 3
Season 2000
S2000 E01
Islam Empire of Faith
S2000 E02
Against the Tide: The Story of the Acadian People
S2000 E03
Lost Liners
S2000 E04
Tesla: Master of Lightning
Season 2001
S2001 E01
Welcome to the Club - The Women of Rockabilly
S2001 E02
Blast! An Explosive Musical Celebration
S2001 E03
A Flea Market Documentary
S2001 E04
Route 66 Turns 75
S2001 E05
Evolution: Darwin's Dangerous Idea
S2001 E06
Evolution: Great Transformations
S2001 E07
Evolution: Extinction!
S2001 E08
Evolution: The Evolutionary Arms Race
S2001 E09
Evolution: Why Sex?
S2001 E10
Evolution: The Mind's Big Bang
S2001 E11
Evolution: What About God?
S2001 E12
Egypt's Golden Empire: The Warrior Pharaohs
S2001 E13
Egypt's Golden Empire: Pharaohs of the Sun
S2001 E14
Egypt's Golden Empire: The Last Great Pharaoh
S2001 E15
Over Alaska
Season 2002
S2002 E01
Sandwiches That You Will Like
S2002 E02
True Whispers: The Story of the Navajo Code Talkers
S2002 E03
Korea: We Called It War
S2002 E04
A Brilliant Madness - The Story of John Nash
S2002 E05
Classic American Cars of Cuba
Season 2003
S2003 E01
Avoiding Armageddon, Part 1, Silent Killers: Poisons and Plagues
S2003 E02
Avoiding Armageddon, Part 2, Nuclear Nightmares: Losing Control
S2003 E03
Avoiding Armageddon, Part 3, The New Face of Terror: Upping the Ante
S2003 E04
Avoiding Armageddon, Part 4, Confronting Terrorism: Turning the Tide
S2003 E05
The Spartans - A Nation Of Fighters
S2003 E06
The Spartans - The Battle For Supremacy
S2003 E07
The Spartans - An Enemy Of Change
S2003 E08
Einstein's Wife
S2003 E09
Lawrence of Arabia: The Battle for the Arab World
S2003 E10
Railroad Empire
S2003 E11
Out of the Ashes - Recovering the Lost Library of Herculaneum
S2003 E12
Martin Luther: the Reluctant Revolutionary
S2003 E13
Horatio's Drive: America's First Road Trip
Season 2004
S2004 E01
Fort Niagara: The Struggle for a Continent
S2004 E02
Out of the Ashes: Recovering The Lost Library of Herculaneum
S2004 E03
Alone in the Wilderness
S2004 E04
Alone in the Wilderness (2)
S2004 E05
1421: The Year China Discovered America? (1)
S2004 E06
1421: The Year China Discovered America? (2)
S2004 E07
A Program About Unusual Buildings & Other Roadside Stuff
S2004 E08
JFK Breaking the News
S2004 E09
The Video Game Revolution
S2004 E10
A Yiddish World Remembered
S2004 E11
The Real Olympics
Season 2005
S2005 E01
Do You Speak American?
S2005 E02
California Dreamin': The Songs of 'The Mamas & the Papas'
S2005 E03
Great Cities of Europe
S2005 E04
S2005 E05
St. Helens: Out of the Ash
S2005 E06
Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk
S2005 E07
Get Up, Stand Up: The Story of Pop and Protest
S2005 E08
The Sixties: The Years That Shaped a Generation
S2005 E09
Helen of Troy
S2005 E10
A Cemetery Special
S2005 E11
Global Warming: The Signs and the Science
S2005 E12
Guns, Germs and Steel: Out of Eden
S2005 E13
Guns, Germs and Steel: Conquest
S2005 E14
Guns, Germs and Steel: Into the Tropics
S2005 E15
Window to the Sea
S2005 E16
When Sleeping Giants Wake
S2005 E17
Season 2006
S2006 E01
Fire and Ice: The Winter War of Finland and Russia
S2006 E02
Windsor Castle: A Royal Year
S2006 E03
The Blitz: London's Longest Night
S2006 E04
Exploring Space - The Quest for Life
S2006 E05
The Armenian Genocide
S2006 E06
Seeking 1906
S2006 E07
The Path to Nuclear Fission: The Story of Lise Meitner and Otto Hahn
S2006 E08
Cezanne in Provence
S2006 E09
Niagra Falls
S2006 E10
Marie Antoinette
S2006 E11
Georgia Aquarium: Keepers of the Deep
S2006 E12
Sisters of Selma: Bearing Witness for Change
S2006 E13
Sinking of an Aircraft Carrier
Season 2007
S2007 E01
At Close Range with National Geographic
S2007 E02
The Marines
S2007 E03
The Secret World of Haute Couture
S2007 E04
Seeing in the Dark
S2007 E05
Liberty or Death
S2007 E06
Cities of Light: The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain
S2007 E07
Athens: The Dawn of Democracy, Part 1
S2007 E08
Athens: The Dawn of Democracy, Part 2
S2007 E09
Secret Files of the Inquisition, Part 1: Root Out Heretics
S2007 E10
Secret Files of the Inquisition, Part 2: The Tears of Spain
S2007 E11
Secret Files of the Inquisition, Part 3: The War on Ideas
S2007 E12
Secret Files of the Inquisition, Part 4: End of the Inquisition
S2007 E13
The Supreme Court: One Nation Under Law
S2007 E14
The Supreme Court: A New Kind of Justice
S2007 E15
The Supreme Court: A Nation of Liberties
S2007 E16
The Supreme Court: The Rehnquist Revolution
S2007 E17
To Market, To Market, To Buy A Fat Pig
S2007 E18
The Magnificent Voyage of Christopher Columbus
S2007 E19
The Hidden Child
S2007 E20
Unbelievable Flying Objects
S2007 E21
City At War, London Calling
S2007 E22
Way of the Warrior
S2007 E23
Where the River Bends: A History of Northern Kentucky, Part 1
S2007 E24
Where the River Bends: A History of Northern Kentucky, Part 2
S2007 E25
Where the River Bends: A History of Northern Kentucky, Part 3
S2007 E27
Stevie Ray Vaughan Live: Play Hard and Floor It!
S2007 E28
Jonestown: The Life and Death of the People's Temple
S2007 E29
Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil and the Presidency
Season 2008
S2008 E01
Stress: portrait of a Killer
S2008 E02
The Journey To Palomar
S2008 E03
Born to Be King: Charles at 60
S2008 E04
Depression: Out of The Shadows
S2008 E05
Documenting the Face of America: Roy Stryker and the FSA/OWI Photographer...
S2008 E06
Victor Borge: 100 Years of Music & Laughter!
S2008 E07
The Adirondacks
S2008 E08
A Ride Along The Lincoln Highway
S2008 E09
Ribbon of Sand
S2008 E10
Challenging Niagara
S2008 E11
Flying the Secret Sky - The Story of the RAF Ferry Command
S2008 E12
S2008 E13
Muhammad Ali: Made in Miami
S2008 E14
Atchafalaya Houseboat
S2008 E15
Absolutely Irish
S2008 E16
Ortona 1943: A Bloody Christmas
S2008 E17
Augustus Saint-Gaudens - Master of American Sculpture
S2008 E18
Medal of Honor
S2008 E19
Medal of Honor
Season 2009
S2009 E01
400 Years of the Telescope
S2009 E02
Silence of the Bees
S2009 E03
Forgotten Ellis Island
S2009 E04
Jerusalem: Center of The World
S2009 E05
Einstein's Big Idea
S2009 E06
Vizcaya: Palace of Dreams
S2009 E07
The Marshall Plan: Against the Odds
S2009 E08
Dead Reckoning: Champlain in America
S2009 E09
G-Man: The Rise and Fall of Melvin Purvis
S2009 E10
Jim Thorpe: World's Greatest Athlete
S2009 E11
Forgotten War: The Struggle for North America
S2009 E12
Lincoln: Prelude to the Presidency
S2009 E13
Packard: An American Classic Car
S2009 E14
Nixon's the One: The '68 Election (And How It Changed America)
S2009 E15
Mechanic to Millionaire: The Peter Cooper Story
S2009 E16
Kilauea: Mountain of Fire
S2009 E17
Dutch New York
S2009 E18
Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition
S2009 E19
Hallowed Grounds
S2009 E20
The Powder and the Glory
S2009 E21
Yellowstone: Land to Life
S2009 E22
Things That Go Bump in the Night: Tales of Haunted New England
S2009 E23
Legacy of War
S2009 E24
Cinema's Exiles: From Hitler to Hollywood
S2009 E25
Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart
S2009 E26
Elbert Hubbard: An American Original
S2009 E27
Betty Ford: The Real Deal
S2009 E28
The Scots who Fought Franco
S2009 E29
Shooting the War
S2009 E31
Morristown: Where America Survived
S2009 E32
Jillian Michaels Master Your Metabolism
S2009 E33
The UltraMind Solution: Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety and Sharpen Y...
S2009 E34
The Great Cities of Europe
Season 2010
S2010 E01
Change Your Brain, Change Your Body
S2010 E03
America's Historic Trails With Tom Bodett
S2010 E06
The Last Ridge the 10th Mountain Division
S2010 E07
The Buddha
S2010 E08
Chesapeake by Air
S2010 E10
Unforgivable Blackness: Rise
S2010 E11
Unforgivable Blackness: Fall
S2010 E12
Building Alaska
S2010 E13
Theodore Roosevelt: A Cowboy's Ride to the White House
S2010 E14
Over Alaska
S2010 E15
Mammoth Cave: A Way to Wonder
S2010 E16
Paris: The Luminous Years
S2010 E17
The Wall: A World Divided
S2010 E18
The Storm that Swept Mexico
S2010 E19
The President's Photographer: 50 Years in the Oval Office
S2010 E20
Deforce: America's Past, America's Future, Detroit's Present
S2010 E21
Breakfast Special
S2010 E23
What Females Want and Males Will Do (Part 1)
S2010 E24
What Females Want and Males Will Do (Part 2)
S2010 E25
Lafayette: The Lost Hero
S2010 E26
Glacier Parks: Night of the Grizzlies
S2010 E27
Unforgettable the Korean War
S2010 E28
The Lost Ships of Rome
S2010 E29
Will Rogers and American Politics
S2010 E30
Vietnam War Stories
S2010 E31
Make No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham and the American City
S2010 E32
War on the Eastern Front: Leningrad
S2010 E33
It's All Earth and Sky
S2010 E34
Top Secret Rosies
S2010 E35
The Lancaster At War
S2010 E36
William Kentridge: Anything Is Possible
S2010 E37
We Heard the Bells: The Influenza of 1918
S2010 E38
Among the Righteous: Lost Stories from the Holocaust in Arab Lands
S2010 E39
The Brain Fitness Program
S2010 E40
Uncharted Territory: David Thompson on the Columbia Plateau
Season 2011
S2011 E01
PBS Nature: Elsa's Legacy (The Born Free Story)
S2011 E02
Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis
S2011 E03
Behind the Britcoms: From Script to Screen
S2011 E04
Stavig Letters
S2011 E05
Earth: The Operators' Manual
S2011 E06
Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton
S2011 E07
Hitler On Trial
S2011 E08
Sky Island
S2011 E09
Spies Beneath Berlin
S2011 E10
The War of 1812
S2011 E11
Angle of Attack
S2011 E12
Steve Jobs: One Last Thing
S2011 E13
Vietnam War Stories
S2011 E14
Nazi Hunt: Elusive Justice
S2011 E15
The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies
S2011 E16
Hockey: More Than a Game
S2011 E17
Visions of New York City
S2011 E18
Rotaries: Avalanche on the Mountain
S2011 E19
Visions of Israel
S2011 E20
Iceman Murder Mystery
S2011 E21
Raiders of the Lost Gold
S2011 E22
Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century
S2011 E23
Bob Ross: One of the Most Iconic Figures in Public Television
S2011 E24
Alone in the Wilderness, Part 2
S2011 E25
Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis
S2011 E26
PBS Nature: Elsa's Legacy (The Born Free Story)
Season 2012
S2012 E01
Secrets of the Manor House
S2012 E02
Underground Railroad: The William Still Story
S2012 E03
Slavery by Another Name
S2012 E04
Cave People of the Himalaya
S2012 E05
Apollo 17: The Untold Story of the Last Men on the Moon
S2012 E06
Jake Shimabukuro: Life On Four Strings
S2012 E07
Missile to Moon
S2012 E08
Quest for the Lost Maya
S2012 E09
Saving the Titanic
S2012 E10
Titanic with Len Goodman
S2012 E11
Titanic Belfast: Birthplace of a Legend
S2012 E12
Violin Masters: Two Gentlemen of Cremona
S2012 E13
Boom! Behind the Bakken
S2012 E14
Bones of Turkana
S2012 E15
Glacier Park Remembered
S2012 E16
Hunting the Edge of Space: The Mystery of the Milky Way
S2012 E17
Hunting the Edge of Space: The Ever-Expanding Universe
S2012 E18
Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World
S2012 E19
Frank Lloyd Wright's Boynton House: The Next Hundred Years
S2012 E20
Money and Medicine
S2012 E21
Into Deepest Space: The Birth of the ALMA Observatory
S2012 E22
Valles Caldera - The Science
S2012 E23
Cuban Missile Crisis: Three Men Go to War
S2012 E24
Blenko Glass: Behind The Scenes
S2012 E25
First Freedom: The Fight for Religious Liberty
S2012 E26
The Iranian Americans
S2012 E27
S2012 E28
Breakfast Special 2: Revenge of the Omelets
S2012 E29
Digital Man / Digital World: The Story of Ken Olsen and Digital Equipment...
S2012 E30
At Home in Russia, at Home on the Prairie
S2012 E31
S2012 E32
When Seattle Invented the Future
S2012 E33
Mariachi High
S2012 E34
Apollo 11: First Steps on the Moon
S2012 E35
Jake Shimabukuro: Life On Four Strings
S2012 E36
Quest for the Lost Maya
Season 2013
S2013 E01
Devil Clouds: Tornadoes Strike Nebraska
S2013 E02
Cuba's Secret Side: Under the Radar
S2013 E03
Cuba's Secret Side: The Truth Revealed
S2013 E04
After Newtown: Guns in America
S2013 E05
After Newtown: The Path to Violence
S2013 E06
A Norway Passage: The Most Beautiful Voyage
S2013 E07
Battle for the Elephants
S2013 E08
Brewed in Brooklyn
S2013 E09
Girl Model
S2013 E10
Fort Peck Dam
S2013 E11
Pride & Joy: A Southern Foodways Alliance Feature Film
S2013 E12
The Central Park Five
S2013 E13
Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope
S2013 E14
Bugging Hitler's Soldiers
S2013 E15
10 Buildings That Changed America
S2013 E16
Guts With Michael Mosley
S2013 E17
The Ghost Army
S2013 E18
Electrified: The Guitar Revolution
S2013 E19
Secrets of Hampton Court: Henry VIII's Palace
S2013 E20
Magic Skies: A History of Fireworks
S2013 E21
Katmai: Alaska's Wild Peninsula
S2013 E22
Secrets of Althorp: The Spencers
S2013 E23
Secrets of Chatsworth
S2013 E24
Secrets of Highclere Castle
S2013 E25
Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity
S2013 E26
Vince Gilligan: Creator of Breaking Bad
S2013 E27
W.L Dow, Architect
S2013 E28
The Campaign
S2013 E29
The March
S2013 E30
Modernist Maverick
S2013 E31
Skeletons of the Sahara
S2013 E32
The Illness and the Odyssey
S2013 E33
Last Will. & Testament
S2013 E34
Held Hostage:The In Amenas Ordeal
S2013 E35
Secrets of the Tower of London
S2013 E36
Secrets of Selfridges
S2013 E37
The Kennedy Half Century
S2013 E38
Split Rock, The Superior Light
S2013 E39
Natural Beekeeping
S2013 E40
Secrets of Scotland Yard
S2013 E41
Lincoln at Gettysburg
S2013 E42
Comet Encounter - ISON's Brush with the Sun
S2013 E43
Silent Night
S2013 E44
How Sherlock Changed the World Part 1
S2013 E45
How Sherlock Changed the World Part 2
S2013 E46
Red Metal: The Copper Country Strike of 1913
S2013 E47
Hitler My Neighbour
S2013 E48
Barefoot College
S2013 E49
The Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue
Season 2014
S2014 E01
S2014 E02
Shocking Exposures: Images that Changed Science - Part 1: To The End Of T...
S2014 E03
Shocking Exposures: Images that Changed Science - Part 2: Into the Core o...
S2014 E04
Leave It to Beavers
S2014 E05
Escape from Nazi Alcatraz
S2014 E06
Titanic: Band of Courage
S2014 E07
Escape from a Nazi Death Camp
S2014 E08
D-Day 360
S2014 E09
Islamic Art - Mirror of the Invisible World
S2014 E10
Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America
S2014 E11
Secrets of Underground London
S2014 E12
Celtic Woman: Emerald
S2014 E13
Italy's Mystery Mountains
S2014 E14
Al Capone: Icon
S2014 E15
The Fidel Castro Tapes
S2014 E16
Secrets of Her Majesty's Secret Service
S2014 E17
Enemy of the Reich: The Noor Inayat Khan Story
S2014 E18
Secrets of Westminster
S2014 E19
James McNeill Whistler and the Case for Beauty
S2014 E20
Rise of the Black Pharaohs
S2014 E21
Rise of the Hackers
S2014 E22
Great Estates of Scotland: Inveraray Castle
S2014 E23
Great Estates of Scotland: Dumfries
S2014 E24
Great Estates of Scotland: Kincardine Castle
S2014 E25
Great Estates of Scotland: Rosslyn Chapel
S2014 E26
The Navy SEALs: Their Untold Story
S2014 E27
Hitmakers - The Changing Face of the Music Business
S2014 E28
Kristin Chenoweth: Coming Home
S2014 E29
Richard Pryor: Icon
S2014 E30
Return to the Wild: The Chris McCandless Story
S2014 E31
Royal Paintbox: Artists of the Royal Family
S2014 E32
Rickover: The Birth of Nuclear Power
S2014 E33
The Candy Bomber
S2014 E34
To Catch a Comet
S2014 E35
50 Years of Peter, Paul and Mary
S2014 E36
Tales from the Royal Bedchamber
S2014 E37
Ken Burns: On the Record
S2014 E38
The Heiress and Her Chateau: Carolands of California
S2014 E39
Earth: The Inside Story
S2014 E40
America's Untold Story: 450 Years of the African-American Experience
S2014 E41
The Work of Art: Artown
S2014 E42
Sex(Ed): The Movie
S2014 E43
Treblinka's Last Witness
S2014 E44
Eisenhower's Secret War (part one)
S2014 E45
Eisenhower's Secret War (part two)
S2014 E46
America After Ferguson
S2014 E47
Great Railways of Europe
Season 2015
S2015 E01
The Klondike Gold Rush
S2015 E02
The Queen's Garden
S2015 E03
Temples of Justice
S2015 E04
The Legend of Pancho Barnes and the Happy Bottom Riding Club
S2015 E05
We Served Too: The Story of the Women's Airforce Service Pilots
S2015 E06
James Baker: The Man Who Made Washington Work
S2015 E07
Rx: The Quiet Revolution
S2015 E08
Inside the Court of Henry VIII
S2015 E09
A Wing and a Prayer
S2015 E10
The National Mall -- America's Front Yard
S2015 E11
Dick Cavett’s Vietnam
S2015 E12
The Draft
S2015 E13
The Day the 60's Died
S2015 E14
Caring for Mom and Dad
S2015 E15
Stories of Service: The Homefront
S2015 E16
1913: Seeds of Conflict
S2015 E17
Humanity from Space
S2015 E18
The Bomb
S2015 E19
The Mystery of Matter: Out of Thin Air (1754-1806)
S2015 E20
The Mystery of Matter: Unruly Elements (1859-1902)
S2015 E21
The Mystery of Matter: Into the Atom (1910-1960)
S2015 E22
A Few Good Pie Places
S2015 E23
A Few Great Bakeries
S2015 E24
Tahoe: A Visual History
S2015 E25
America After Charleston
S2015 E26
E.O. Wilson: Of Ants and Men
S2015 E27
Things that go Bump in the Night: Tales of Haunted New England
S2015 E28
Iwo Jima: From Combat to Comrades
S2015 E29
Debt of Honor: Disabled Veterans in American History
S2015 E30
Off the Menu: Asian America
S2015 E31
The Blizzard of '49
S2015 E32
Starting from Scratch: The Remarkable Life of John W. Barfield
S2015 E33
In Defense of Food
S2015 E34
Doolittle's Raiders: A Final Toast
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Memory Hackers
S2016 E02
Defying the Nazis: The Sharps' War
S2016 E03
The Human Face of Big Data
S2016 E04
The Houses of Adams and Pettigrew
S2016 E05
A Year in Space
S2016 E06
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Friends- 50 Years and Circlin' Back
S2016 E07
Coffee: The Drink that Changed America
S2016 E08
The Royal Tour: Ecuador
S2016 E09
The Real Adam Smith: Morality and Markets (1)
S2016 E10
The Real Adam Smith: Ideas That Changed the World (2)
S2016 E11
Ride the Tiger: A Guide Through the Bipolar Brain
S2016 E12
Shakespeare's Tomb
S2016 E13
The National Parks of Texas
S2016 E14
Seized: Inside the Mystery of Epilepsy
S2016 E15
The Secrets of Saint John Paul
S2016 E16
Heroes on Deck: World War II on Lake Michigan
S2016 E17
The Committee
S2016 E18
The Great Polar Bear Feast
S2016 E19
The Pursuit: 50 Years in the Fight for LGBT Rights
S2016 E20
The White House: Inside Story
S2016 E21
The Nazi Games: Berlin 1936
S2016 E22
9/11 Inside the Pentagon
S2016 E23
USO - For the Troops
S2016 E24
Military Medicine: Beyond the Battlefield
S2016 E25
Pearl Harbor: Into the Arizona
S2016 E26
Pearl Harbor: USS Oklahoma - The Final Story
S2016 E27
Egypt's Treasure Guardians
S2016 E28
Olympic Pride, American Prejudice
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Birth of a Movement: The Battle Against America's First Blockbuster
S2017 E02
Alan Cumming's Edge of Scotland
S2017 E03
The Talk - Race in America
S2017 E04
It's Just Anxiety
S2017 E05
Last Days of Jesus
S2017 E06
Food on the Brain
S2017 E07
A Matter of Taste
S2017 E08
We Are What We Eat
S2017 E09
Ireland's Wild Coast
S2017 E10
The Farthest - Voyager in Space
S2017 E11
Second Genesis: The Quest For Life Beyond Earth
S2017 E12
Martin Luther: The Idea That Changed The World
S2017 E13
Erie: The Canal That Made America
S2017 E14
VA: The Human Cost of War
S2017 E15
Fighting on Both Fronts: The Story of the 370th
S2017 E16
Beyond a Year in Space
S2017 E17
Aurora - Fire in the Sky
S2017 E18
The Spy who Stole the Atom Bomb
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Understanding the Opioid Epidemic
S2018 E02
Mister Rogers: It’s You I Like
S2018 E03
Brain Secrets with Dr. Michael Merzenich
S2018 E04
Into the Night: Portraits of Life and Death
S2018 E05
GI Jews: Jewish Americans in World War II
S2018 E06
Boca Raton: The Secret Weapon That Won WWII
S2018 E07
Going to War
S2018 E08
God Knows Where I Am
S2018 E09
Shanghai 1937: Where World War II Began
S2018 E10
Season 2019
S2019 E01
USS Indianapolis: The Final Chapter
S2019 E02
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. - Uncovering America
S2019 E03
Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies
S2019 E04
Follow the Water
S2019 E05
Boss: The Black Experience in Business
S2019 E06
State of the Art
S2019 E07
Korea: The Never-Ending War
S2019 E08
Homo Spatius
S2019 E09
Savor: Nebraska Craft Wine
S2019 E10
Light Falls: Space Time and an Obsession of Einstein
S2019 E11
When Whales Walked: Journeys in Deep Time
S2019 E12
The Unforgettable Augustus Post
S2019 E13
Tiananmen: The People Versus the Party
S2019 E14
8 Days: To the Moon and Back
S2019 E15
Savor: Nebraska Craft Beer
S2019 E16
The Siege of Mecca
S2019 E17
Mike Leckrone: Wisconsin's Showman
S2019 E18
The Ornament of the World
S2019 E19
Lucy Worsley's 12 Days of Tudor Christmas
S2019 E20
Return to Hardwick
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Dave Chappelle, The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize
S2020 E02
Spend An Hour in Snowy Yellowstone | Sights & Sounds
S2020 E03
East Lake Meadows
S2020 E04
Blood Sugar Rising: America's Hidden Diabetes Epidemic
S2020 E05
Inside the Vatican
S2020 E06
The Queen at War
S2020 E07
Asian Americans: Breaking Ground
S2020 E08
Asian Americans: A Question of Loyalty
S2020 E09
Asian Americans: Good Americans
S2020 E10
Asian Americans: Generation Rising
S2020 E11
Asian Americans: Breaking Through
S2020 E12
Harbor from the Holocaust
S2020 E13
Laura Ingalls Wilder: Prairie to Page
S2020 E14
Memphis Belle: Her Final Mission
Season 2021
S2021 E01
Inside the Mind of Agatha Christie
S2021 E02
Agatha Christie's England
S2021 E03
Tulsa: The Fire and the Forgotten
S2021 E04
Mystery of the Celtic Tomb
S2021 E05
Burning Sky: The Atomic Marines
S2021 E06
Burning Sky: The Atomic Marines
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