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Modern Vintage Gamer

Modern Vintage Gamer

2008 - Now  •  09:00 AM on YouTube  •  98 hours  •  492 episodes
0 vote
Documentary, Talk Show
I love Modern, I love Retro.
  Previously Aired Episode
RetroTINK 4K - The only Scaler you'll ever need Aired on 11/29/2023
RetroTINK 4K - The only Scaler you'll ever need
Season 2023: Episode 50
Season 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Season 2008
S2008 E01
COD4 P4 2.8 Ghz Northwood, PNY 8400GS 512meg PCI
Season 2009
S2009 E01
Fallout 3 P4 2.8 Ghz Northwood, PNY 8400GS 512meg PCI
S2009 E02
Crysis Gameplay E4500 @ 3.2ghz, 1280x1024, BFG 9600GT OC, 4Gig DDR2-800, ...
S2009 E03
Mirrors Edge Gameplay E4500 @ 3.2ghz, 1280x1024, BFG 9600GT OC
S2009 E04
F.E.A.R 2 Demo Gameplay E4500 @ 3.2ghz, 1440x900, BFG 9600GT OC, All sett...
S2009 E05
Crysis P4 2.8 Ghz Northwood, PNY 8400GS 512meg PCI
S2009 E06
Crysis Warhead E4500
S2009 E07
Need for Speed : Shift E4500 9600 GT
Season 2010
S2010 E01
FBANext PS3 CPS3 Emulation WIP
S2010 E02
FBANext PS3 - UI + Audio Update
Season 2011
S2011 E01
[LibXenon] Quake WIP
S2011 E02
[libXenon] SDLQuake Gameplay
Season 2012
S2012 E01
Blast City new pickup - Die Hard Arcade ST-V
S2012 E02
Naomi 2 with Virtua Fighter 4 Evo Gameplay
S2012 E03
Mortal Kombat 2 Pickup - Blast City No Sound Solution
S2012 E04
Arcade Pickup - Cotton Boomerang
S2012 E05
Arcade Pickups - Sega Naomi, Sega STV, MVS and more!
S2012 E06
Arcade Gameplay - Terra Diver / Soukyugurentai - Sega STV
S2012 E07
Sega Genesis Jamma Mod
S2012 E08
XRGB-3 Scaler Pickup
S2012 E09
Arcade Gameplay - Spikers Battle Sega Naomi
S2012 E10
Naomi 2 EEPROM Swap and GDROM Game swap
S2012 E11
Arcade Gameplay - Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper Sega Naomi
S2012 E12
Treasure of the Caribbean - NeoGeo
S2012 E13
Thursday Pickup - Atari ST - 1040STF
S2012 E14
Building another JAMMA Genesis - Part 1 - Setup and RGB Output
S2012 E15
Building another JAMMA Genesis - Part 2 - Power and Audio
S2012 E16
Pickups - PANA Custom Supergun
S2012 E17
Pickups - Blazing Star NeoGeo MVS
S2012 E18
Pickups - Sharp X68000 Expert
S2012 E19
X68000 - xfloppy up and running
S2012 E20
Arcade Gameplay - Border Down Sega Naomi
S2012 E21
X68000 Gameplay - Parodius Da!
S2012 E22
Xbox1 Debug Kit and Xbox1 Friendtech 1.4ghz Custom
S2012 E23
NeoGeo X Unboxing and Quick Review
Season 2013
S2013 E01
Emulation v Real Deal
S2013 E02
Commodore Amiga A1200 Pickup and Ramblings
S2013 E03
Amiga 1200 - Strife AGA
S2013 E04
A1200 - Strife AGA Update - now with sound !
S2013 E05
Amiga A1200 - Blizzard 1260 - Strife AGA Gameplay
S2013 E06
Amiga A1200 - Heretic AGA Work in Progress
S2013 E07
My CPS1 Arcade PCB Collection
S2013 E08
New Arcade PCB - Ninja Baseball Bat Man
S2013 E09
Gameroom Update V1.2
S2013 E10
X68000 and Roland MT-32 MIDI Sound Module
S2013 E11
Capcom Mini Cute Candy Cab
S2013 E12
New Arcade PCB - R-Type
S2013 E13
[Rambling] Heretic - Amiga 1200 AGA Gameplay
S2013 E14
[Amiga] Rise of the Triad AGA
S2013 E15
[Amiga] - Rise of the Triad AGA (and ECS !) Update
Season 2014
S2014 E01
2014 Game room tour
S2014 E02
Amiga 500 with ACA500 and ACA1232 Accelerator
S2014 E03
Amiga 500 on the Internet via Null Modem Cable and Raspberry Pi
S2014 E04
2015 Gameroom Tour
Season 2015
S2015 E01
[PC] 3D Surround Gaming Test - EVGA GTX-970 SLI, Intel i7-4790k, 3x ASUS ...
S2015 E02
My Home Office Setup - PC, Amiga and Guitar stuff!
S2015 E03
Amiga A500 Chip RAM 512k to 1Meg Upgrade Guide
S2015 E04
[PC] 3D Surround Gaming Test - Battlefield Hardline - EVGA GTX-970 SLI, ...
S2015 E05
[PC] 3D Surround Gaming Test #2 - Battlefield Hardline - EVGA GTX-970 SLI...
S2015 E06
Arcade Room Tour and New Pickups - Toaplan, Neo-Geo, Naomi and more !
S2015 E07
Arcade Pickup and Gameplay - DoDonPachi II Bee Storm
S2015 E08
Multi Display Arcade Games
S2015 E09
Amiga - Fixing WHDLoad Errors
S2015 E10
Commodore Amiga 600 (A600) Review
S2015 E11
Amiga 500 on the Internet via Plipbox
S2015 E12
Original Commodore Amiga OS 3.1 Software Kit - Unboxing video and ramble
S2015 E13
Xbox 360 inside a Sega Blast City Arcade Candy Cab
S2015 E14
Sinclair Spectrum +3 Review
S2015 E15
Pandoras Box 4 - 651 in 1 Jamma Multi Game Board - Tested and Reviewed
S2015 E16
2015 Thanksgiving Special Game Room Tour !
S2015 E17
[PC] Just Cause 3 NVidia Surround Gaming Test - EVGA GTX-970 SLI, Intel ...
S2015 E18
Xbox FriendTech DreamX-1480 Console Review
S2015 E19
Pandoras Box The King of Air - 51 in 1 Vertical Jamma Multi Game Board - ...
S2015 E20
Pandoras Box The King of Air - 51 in 1 Vertical Jamma Multi Game Board - ...
Season 2016
S2016 E01
Pandoras Box 15Khz The King of Air - 51 in 1 Vertical Jamma Multi Game Bo...
S2016 E02
[PC] Rainbow Six : Siege NVidia Surround Gaming Test - EVGA GTX-970 SLI, ...
S2016 E03
The JAMMA Standard
S2016 E04
So you want to buy an Arcade Candy Cab
S2016 E05
Turrican II : The Final Fight - The Wall SID Chiptune Remix
S2016 E06
[PC] Rise of the Tomb Raider NVidia Surround Gaming Test - EVGA GTX-970 S...
S2016 E07
[PC] The Division Beta NVidia Surround Gaming Test - EVGA GTX-970 SLI, In...
S2016 E08
Commdore Amiga 3000 (A3000) Review
S2016 E09
Amiga A600 Vampire II Hardware Accelerator - Tested and Reviewed !
S2016 E10
Amiga - Duke3D on an A600 with Vampire II - ECS 64 Color Extra Half Brite...
S2016 E11
Amiga Accelerator Showdown - Part 1 - Amiga 1200
S2016 E12
Modern Vintage Haul - Atari 800
S2016 E13
Amiga Accelerator Showdown - Part 2 - Amiga 500 / Amiga 600
S2016 E14
Atari 800 Computer Review
S2016 E15
[PC] XCom 2 NVidia Surround Gaming Test - EVGA GTX-970 SLI, Intel i7-4790...
S2016 E16
[PC] Far Cry Primal NVidia Surround and SLI Benchmark 5760x1080, EVGA GTX...
S2016 E17
[PC] Dual Intel Xeon E5-2670 PC Server Build - 16 Cores, 32 hardware thre...
S2016 E18
Amiga A600 Vampire II Update - SAGA Driver , HDMI Out, Rise of the Triad,...
S2016 E19
NEC Accusync 71V Retro Gaming LCD Monitor - Amiga - X68000 Tested !
S2016 E20
Amiga A600 Vampire II Update - SILVER6 CORE, HD Screenmodes, Descent, MAM...
S2016 E21
Japanese Retro Computing : The NEC PC-9821 Home Computer
S2016 E22
[PC] Acer Predator XB321HK Review - 32 INCH 4K G-SYNC Gaming MONITOR
S2016 E23
[PC] Zotac AMP Edition GTX-1080 Graphics Card Review
S2016 E24
RESHOOT - A new bullet-hell SHMUP for the Amiga - Full Review
S2016 E25
[PC] ReCore 4K Performance - Finally an excellent UWP Port arrives
S2016 E26
DXRacer Formula Series Gaming/Desk Chair - Full Review !!
S2016 E27
[PC] Forza Horizon 3 4K Performance - Is locked 60fps achievable using a ...
S2016 E28
Commodore SX-64 Computer Review
S2016 E29
[PC] 4K@60fps (mostly) Gaming on a GTX-970 !!
S2016 E30
Nintendo Famicom Mini - Teardown and Review
S2016 E31
Amiga 1200 Prisma Megamix Music Card Review with Surprise !
S2016 E32
Commodore Amiga Games with External MIDI Support
S2016 E33
Best Capture Device Ever ? - Micomsoft SC-512/N1-L DVI PCI-E Review
S2016 E34
Pi2JAMMA Full Review - Native 15khz for your Arcade Cab or CRT !
Season 2017
S2017 E01
Commodore Amiga 500 - ACA500+ Accelerator Card - FULL REVIEW
S2017 E02
Atari 8-Bit XE Game System XEGS Review, Teardown, Repair and SIDE2 Compac...
S2017 E03
Atari 1040STF Restoration Project - Part 1
S2017 E04
Atari 1040STF Restoration Project - Part 2
S2017 E05
Acorn Archimedes A3010 System Teardown and Review | MVG
S2017 E06
CannonBall - The Enhanced OutRun Engine, now on the Amiga !
S2017 E07
Commodore 128D Restoration Project
S2017 E08
Connecting to BBS's in 2017 with the WiFi232 Modem
S2017 E09
The Apple IIgs Restoration - When Retrobrighting goes wrong
S2017 E10
MVG On the Road - Commodore Retro Expo 2017 Show Review ! | CRX2017
S2017 E11
Super Nintendo HyperKin Retro Mouse Reviewed and Best SNES Mouse Games !
S2017 E12
Cross Platform Network Gaming with the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST usin...
S2017 E13
HDMI Sega Mega Drive Genesis Clone - Review, Teardown , Comparison with O...
S2017 E14
Connect your Amiga to a modern display. OSSC, Framemeister, Cheap SCART -...
S2017 E15
Pimpin' the Amiga 500 in 2017. 68030, Compact Flash, Kickstart 1.3
S2017 E16
HDMI GamerzTek Super Nintendo Famicom Clone - Review, Teardown , Comparis...
S2017 E17
Best Retro Games for Halloween !!
S2017 E18
Commodore 16 C16 Restoration Project
S2017 E19
Planet X2 - A game by The 8-Bit Guy for the Commodore 64 - Reviewed!
S2017 E20
ZX Spectrum USA Edition - The Timex Sinclair TS2068 Review, Teardown and ...
S2017 E21
The Original Xbox is still awesome - Softmod, BIOS Flash, Compact Flash ...
S2017 E22
The Original Xbox Debug Kit - How console games were developed in 2001
S2017 E23
The Japanese Sony PlayStation 2 PSX DVR - A Flawed Masterpiece. Review, S...
S2017 E24
Starting a YouTube channel ? How I make videos - Camera, Lenses, Lights, ...
Season 2018
S2018 E01
Galencia - A Galaga Style Arcade Shooter for the Commodore 64 - Is it wor...
S2018 E02
Pimpin' the Amiga 500 in 2018 - Here comes a new challenger. Wicher ...
S2018 E03
How to Play, Capture and Stream Real Arcade Games at home with a Supergun...
S2018 E04
Revisiting Original Xbox Backward Compatibility on the Xbox 360 - Run ALL...
S2018 E05
Revisiting the Panasonic 3DO FZ-10 32 bit console - is it underrated? Rev...
S2018 E06
The Original Xbox is the Sega Dreamcast 2 ? | MVG
S2018 E07
I wrote the Emulators and Homebrew YOU played on the Original Xbox - A Lo...
S2018 E08
Online with the Sega Dreamcast and a DreamPi in 2018 | MVG
S2018 E09
Should you buy the Analogue Super Nt SNES console ? - FULL review and qui...
S2018 E10
Online with the Original Xbox and XLink Kai in 2018, Play Halo 2 and more...
S2018 E11
Revisiting a 20 year old PC for Retro Gaming and Internet Browsing - Dell...
S2018 E12
Hidden and Unlockable Games for The Original Xbox - Easily play with a mo...
S2018 E13
Why YOU need a Modded Xbox 360 in 2018 - The History, Custom Dashboards, ...
S2018 E14
Hidden and Unlockable Games for The Original Xbox - PART 2 | MVG
S2018 E15
The ONLY Device you ever need for the NEC PC Engine /TurboGrafx16 - Super...
S2018 E16
8 Original Xbox Exclusives that Microsoft NEED to update for the Xbox One...
S2018 E17
I ported Outrun to the Nintendo Switch - Switch RCM Method and Homebrew...
S2018 E18
The Most Powerful Original Xbox - FriendTech DreamX 1480 - Teardown, Game...
S2018 E19
I ported DOOM to the Nintendo Switch in 45 minutes ! | MVG
S2018 E20
HDMI Cables for The Original XBOX and Sega Dreamcast | MVG
S2018 E21
Online with the Sony Playstation 2 and XLink Kai in 2018, Play SOCOM 2 an...
S2018 E22
What's on my DEVKIT ? - Original Xbox and Xbox 360 UNRELEASED Ports and H...
S2018 E23
Revisiting the Sony Playstation TV / PS Vita TV / PSTV in 2018 - Homebrew...
S2018 E24
Convert your Retail Original XBOX to a Development DEBUG Kit | MVG
S2018 E25
The Art of Filming a CRT TV Screen on your Camera or Phone for Retro Gami...
S2018 E26
How the Original XBOX started a Media Player revolution - The Story of KO...
S2018 E27
I ported MAME 0.72 to the Nintendo Switch
S2018 E28
The Nintendo WiiU is awesome in 2018 - Homebrew, Hacks and More
S2018 E29
Another look at the Sony PSP GO Handheld in 2018
S2018 E30
Play Original SNES Carts on your Nintendo SNES Classic Mini - Classic2Mag...
S2018 E31
The Arcade Sega Dreamcast - Revisiting the Sega Naomi Arcade Hardware
S2018 E32
Widescreen Retro Gaming in the 90's
S2018 E33
The Sony Playstation 3 - The "Unhackable" Console
S2018 E34
Modding an Original PAL Crystal Xbox Special Edition Console to work in N...
S2018 E35
Why did Nintendo Release the Wii MINI ? A look back
S2018 E36
Xbox 360 Emulation is here on the PC. The story of Xenia
S2018 E37
What happened to XBOX Live Arcade - XBLA ?
S2018 E38
The $139 NVIDIA Shield TV - An Emulation Powerhouse
S2018 E39
The Sony PlayStation Classic - One Week Later
S2018 E40
Nintendo GameCube HDMI - The EON GCHD MKII Review
S2018 E41
Buying $100 worth of Retro Games from Gamestop. Has it gotten any better?
S2018 E42
The Nintendo GameCube is still awesome - Games, Homebrew, Modding and Mor...
Season 2019
S2019 E01
DONT buy Premium Refurbished systems from GameStop | MVG
S2019 E02
The Nintendo Wii Shop is going offline forever. How to play WiiWare games...
S2019 E03
DONT buy Premium Refurbished systems from GameStop | MVG
S2019 E04
The Nintendo Wii Shop is going offline forever. How to play WiiWare games...
S2019 E05
How the Sega Dreamcast Copy Protection Worked - And how it Failed | MVG
S2019 E06
Online with the Nintendo Wii in 2019 | MVG
S2019 E07
How the Original Xbox Security was Defeated | MVG
S2019 E08
The Playstation Phone - The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play | MVG
S2019 E09
$75 Plug and Play Nintendo GameCube HDMI Adapter - The Carby Version 2 |...
S2019 E10
Homebrew on a $25 Nintendo DS Lite Handheld in 2019 | MVG
S2019 E11
Turning a $10 Original Xbox into an awesome Emulation device | MVG
S2019 E12
Analogue Mega SG Review - The Ultimate Sega Genesis/Megadrive Console ? ...
S2019 E13
Nintendo Switch Pro - What to expect | MVG
S2019 E14
How the Sony Playstation Portable PSP Security was defeated | MVG
S2019 E15
I've been Censored by Nintendo. Fair Use means nothing | MVG
S2019 E16
Secrets of The Scene: How Cracking Groups Ripped Original Xbox Discs | MV...
S2019 E17
Capcom Home Arcade is illegally using a non-commercial Emulator | MVG
S2019 E18
How the Sony Playstation 2 Security Was Defeated | MVG
S2019 E19
Three Generations of Xbox System-Link | MVG
S2019 E20
XOSVP Review - The Best Video Output for the Original Xbox ? | MVG
S2019 E21
How the Nintendo GameCube Security was defeated | MVG
S2019 E22
How Capcom's clever CPS2 Arcade Game Copy Protection stopped bootleg ...
S2019 E23
Dungeon Master - Clever Floppy Disk Anti-Piracy | MVG
S2019 E24
Another look at the Nintendo DSi in 2019 - Softmodding , Homebrew and DS...
S2019 E25
Nintendo 64 Clones are Here. What to expect | MVG
S2019 E26
How the Xbox 360 DVD Security was Defeated | MVG
S2019 E27
I played the Polymega Retro Game Console at E3 2019 | MVG
S2019 E28
Mega SD Review - Worlds first FPGA Sega CD/Mega CD Flash Cart | MVG
S2019 E29
How Diablo was completely Reverse Engineered without Source Code | MVG
S2019 E30
How the Xbox 360 Hypervisor Security was Defeated | MVG
S2019 E31
Nintendo Switch Lite, New Switch Revision Analysis - what happened to the...
S2019 E32
2019 HUGE Game Room Tour ! | MVG
S2019 E33
Bethesda implements DRM on DOOM from 1993 | MVG
S2019 E34
The Current State of Original Xbox Emulation on the PC | MVG
S2019 E35
Secrets of the Nintendo CIC Chip - Early Cartridge Anti-Piracy | MVG
S2019 E36
I helped finish and release a 15 year old Original Xbox game ! | MVG
S2019 E37
Hands on with The Sega Genesis Mini | MVG
S2019 E38
Clever Anti Piracy on the Super Nintendo | MVG
S2019 E39
Is this thing for real ? - mClassic HDMI Upscaler | MVG
S2019 E40
Super Nintendo Games with Anti-Piracy - Part 2 | MVG
S2019 E41
The Sega Dreamcast 20 years later 9-9-99 | MVG
S2019 E42
Homebrew on a $40 Nintendo 2DS Handheld | MVG
S2019 E43
Does Overclocking the Nintendo Switch Fix Links Awakening? | MVG
S2019 E44
Four Days Later - Is the Nintendo Switch Lite REALLY worth $199 ? | MVG
S2019 E45
The $89 Gamestop Premium Refurbished Nintendo Wii U is a steal | MVG
S2019 E46
The Doctor V64 - Nintendo 64 DevKit or Piracy Device ? | MVG
S2019 E47
How UltraHLE changed Nintendo 64 emulation forever | MVG
S2019 E48
Witcher 3 can hit 60fps on Nintendo Switch | MVG
S2019 E49
How a pair of Tweezers defeated security on the Nintendo Wii | MVG
S2019 E50
How Graphics worked on the Nintendo Game Boy | MVG
S2019 E51
Unboxing the Nintendo Switch Lite Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta Edition ! ...
S2019 E52
Why was the Sony PlayStation 3 so hard to develop games for ? | MVG
S2019 E53
2019 NVIDIA Shield TV Pro - Amazing Emulation, But is it worth the Upgrad...
S2019 E54
SecuROM - The PC CD-ROM DRM that broke games | MVG
S2019 E55
The Xbox 360 is still awesome in 2019 - Games, Homebrew, Modding and More...
S2019 E56
How a USB key defeated security on the Sony PlayStation 3 | MVG
S2019 E57
Restoring a 1998 Retro Gaming PC from Old Parts | MVG
S2019 E58
Secrets of the Original Xbox DVD Playback Kit | MVG
S2019 E59
How Emulators 'Rewind' Games | MVG
Season 2020
S2020 E01
Homebrew Wars : Original Xbox vs Nintendo Wii | MVG
S2020 E02
Another Look at the Sony PlayStation Vita in 2020 | MVG
S2020 E03
Reviving a dead Capcom CPS2 Marvel vs Capcom Arcade Board | MVG
S2020 E04
How Graphics worked on the Nintendo Game Boy Color | MVG
S2020 E05
Getting Games off an Original Xbox Development Kit | MVG
S2020 E06
Did Nintendo really forget to Optimize Super Mario 64 ? | MVG
S2020 E07
How Nintendo Stopped Bootleg Games on the Nintendo 64 | MVG
S2020 E08
How Graphics worked on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance | MVG
S2020 E09
How the Sony PlayStation Net Yaroze DevKit brought Indie Game Development...
S2020 E10
Pimpin' the Amiga in 2020 - The Only Amiga Graphics Card you'll e...
S2020 E11
The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo is Brilliant | MVG
S2020 E12
How the Sony PlayStation PS1 Security was defeated | MVG
S2020 E13
Doom Runs on Everything | MVG
S2020 E14
Why PlayStation 1 Graphics Warped and Wobbled so much | MVG
S2020 E15
StarForce - The PC CD-ROM DRM that broke your Computer | MVG
S2020 E16
I ported Heart of Darkness to the Original Xbox | MVG
S2020 E17
Is the PolyMega really the Ultimate All-In-One Retro Console ? | MVG
S2020 E18
The BASIC programming language and how it ended up on the Sega Saturn | M...
S2020 E19
Why was the Nintendo 64 so hard to develop games for ? | MVG
S2020 E20
The Story of Xbox 360 PartnerNet Game Leaks | MVG
S2020 E21
We need to talk about that Massive Nintendo Leak | MVG
S2020 E22
Is the PolyMega Sega Genesis/MegaDrive/32x Addon Cartridge Module really ...
S2020 E23
We need to talk about DOOM Eternal and that Denuvo Anti-Cheat | MVG
S2020 E24
The 2011 PlayStation Network PSN Hack - What Really Happened? | MVG
S2020 E25
After 10 years XBOX Live 1.0 is Coming Back | MVG
S2020 E26
Whats really inside that XBOX Source Code Leak | MVG
S2020 E27
Is it time for the Nintendo Switch to get an Upgrade ? | MVG
S2020 E28
The Outer Worlds can look MUCH better on the Nintendo Switch | MVG
S2020 E29
The Massive 2003 Half Life 2 Leak Explained | MVG
S2020 E30
What to Expect from Sony's PS5 Game Event | MVG
S2020 E31
Why two PS5 Consoles makes sense | MVG
S2020 E32
Homebrew on a $99 Nintendo New 2DSXL Handheld | MVG
S2020 E33
What happened to the Nintendo 64 Classic Mini ? | MVG
S2020 E34
After 20 years PlayStation 2 can play burned DVD's without a modchip ...
S2020 E35
Why Microsoft switched from Intel to Power PC for the Xbox 360 | MVG
S2020 E36
What to expect from Microsoft's Xbox Series X Games Event | MVG
S2020 E37
How Sega bet against Reverse Engineering...and lost | MVG
S2020 E38
A closer look at the Super NES DOOM Source Code Release | MVG
S2020 E39
Reacting to the Xbox Game Showcase Event (ft Nate the Hate) | MVG
S2020 E40
We need to talk about a new massive Nintendo Source Code and ROM Leak |...
S2020 E41
The Truth about that Nintendo 64 Leak | MVG
S2020 E42
RoboCop 3 - Dongle Anti-Piracy that Failed | MVG
S2020 E43
How did Resident Evil 2 manage to fit on a single Nintendo 64 Cart ? | MV...
S2020 E44
Why the Wii U is the best Retro and Emulation console in 2020 | MVG
S2020 E45
How Cartridges worked on the Nintendo Game Boy | MVG
S2020 E46
PS1Digital - The Ultimate PlayStation 1 1080p HDMI Mod | MVG
S2020 E47
Why did the PlayStation 1 have so much Dithering? | MVG
S2020 E48
Goldeneye 007 on the N64 contained the original Rare Replay ? | MVG
S2020 E49
Super Mario 3D All Stars Confirmed to be Emulation | MVG
S2020 E50
What Sony DIDNT Tell us at the PlayStation 5 PS5 ShowCase | MVG
S2020 E51
After Super Mario 3D All Stars, are More Gamecube and Wii games coming to...
S2020 E52
I dumped a one of a kind Nintendo 64 Turok 3 Development ROM | MVG
S2020 E53
Xbox Series X Pre-Order Day - A Tale in Four Parts (Bad Language!)
S2020 E54
Grand Theft Auto 3 GTA3 is running on the Nintendo Switch | MVG
S2020 E55
XboxHDMI - Pure Digital Video HDMI mod for the Original Xbox | MVG
S2020 E56
With 6 weeks to go before launch - where is the PS5 ? | MVG
S2020 E57
Members of Nintendo Switch Modding Group Team Xecuter have been arrested ...
S2020 E58
How the Sony PlayStation PS4 Security Was Defeated | MVG
S2020 E59
We need to talk about that Sony PlayStation PS5 Teardown | MVG
S2020 E60
Why is the Sony PlayStation PS3 so hard to emulate ? | MVG
S2020 E61
We need to talk about that Sony PlayStation PS5 UI | MVG
S2020 E62
Secrets of the Nintendo Game Boy Boot Logo | MVG
S2020 E63
A closer look at ROM Hacking and Scripting in Emulation | MVG
S2020 E64
Xbox Series S Unboxing and First Impressions | MVG
S2020 E65
Sony's complicated history with Backwards Compatibility | MVG
S2020 E66
Nintendo Switch Emulator Adds Online Network then Removes it | MVG
S2020 E67
Is the $299 XBOX Series S REALLY worth it? | MVG
S2020 E68
Raytracing on the XBOX Series S is impressive | MVG
S2020 E69
XBOX Series S Teardown | MVG
S2020 E70
Four Days Later - Is the PlayStation PS5 REALLY worth $499 ? | MVG
S2020 E71
We need to talk about that Massive Capcom Leak | MVG
S2020 E72
The $299 XBOX Series S is an Emulation Beast | MVG
S2020 E73
PlayStation 2 Games are running on the XBOX Series S | MVG
S2020 E74
Impressive 60fps Nintendo Switch Patches | MVG
S2020 E75
Xbox System-Link works across four console generations | MVG
S2020 E76
CD Projekt Red mislead Cyberpunk 2077 console customers...and its unaccep...
S2020 E77
Lets talk about how the Cyberpunk 2077 certification process worked | MVG
S2020 E78
I dumped a one of a kind Mystery SEGA Genesis Cartridge | MVG
S2020 E79
I dumped a one of a kind Mystery SEGA Genesis Cartridge | MVG
S2020 E80
MVG Live 2020 Xmas Eve Stream with Audi
Season 2021
S2021 E01
LensLok - Early 80's Anti-Piracy that frustrated | MVG
S2021 E02
Without warning Nintendo delists over 250 DSiWare Games from the eShop | ...
S2021 E03
Pimpin' the Amiga 600 in 2021 | MVG
S2021 E04
How Graphics worked on the Nintendo DS | MVG
S2021 E05
Homebrew on a $100 New Nintendo 3DS LL | MVG
S2021 E06
How NESticle changed NES Emulation forever | MVG
S2021 E07
Goldeneye 007 XBLA for the Xbox 360 has leaked | MVG
S2021 E08
Learn to code and write games on the Nintendo Game Boy | MVG
S2021 E09
The Original XBOX is still AWESOME in 2021 | MVG
S2021 E10
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is running on the PlayStation VITA | MVG
S2021 E11
Full Speed PlayStation 1 emulation in 1999 - Connectix Virtual Game Stati...
S2021 E12
CodeWheels - Early Anti-Piracy that was easy to bypass | MVG
S2021 E13
We need to talk about that 4K OLED Nintendo Switch Revision Report | MVG
S2021 E14
A closer look at Street Fighter Alpha 2 on the Super Nintendo | MVG
S2021 E15
I miss the Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard | MVG
S2021 E16
The Sony PlayStation PS4 security has been defeated (again) | MVG
S2021 E17
After 27 years you can now softmod a Sony PlayStation 1 | MVG
S2021 E18
I dumped a one of a kind SEGA Genesis Prototype Cartridge | MVG
S2021 E19
We need to talk about Sony PlayStation PS3, Vita and PSP Store Closures |...
S2021 E20
The PlayStation VITA Store is going offline forever. How to preserve your...
S2021 E21
Did Morrowind on the Original XBOX really reboot itself to free memory ? ...
S2021 E22
How the SEGA Saturn CD Security was defeated | MVG
S2021 E23
We need to talk about that PlayStation PS3 and Vita Store Closure Revers...
S2021 E24
I was the developer of Shantae for the Nintendo Switch | MVG
S2021 E25
Xbox 360 Emulation on the PC with Xenia takes a huge step forward | MVG
S2021 E26
Is the RetroTINK 5x Pro HDMI Scaler REALLY worth $275 ? | MVG
S2021 E27
How did Street Fighter Alpha 3 manage to fit on a single Game Boy Advance...
S2021 E28
A New OG Xbox Easter Egg has been discovered | MVG
S2021 E29
The Xbox Series X has a big DRM problem | MVG
S2021 E30
A New Nintendo Switch Pro is reportedly coming in September....
S2021 E31
The Mortal Kombat Arcade Port you probably never played | MVG
S2021 E32
I played Gears of War 3 on the PlayStation PS3... | MVG
S2021 E33
The PlayStation VITA will never die - Bully Port | MVG
S2021 E34
How the Game Boy Advance knew it was running a Game Boy Game | MVG
S2021 E35
Nintendo won E3 2021.... | MVG
S2021 E36
Unboxing a New 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 2021 | MVG
S2021 E37
How NBA Jam cheats against you | MVG
S2021 E38
Microsoft Adventure - The first ever video game Anti-Piracy | MVG
S2021 E39
We need to talk about that Nintendo Switch OLED Model Announcement... | M...
S2021 E40
As a Switch developer I'm disappointed with the new OLED Model... | M...
S2021 E41
DRM has ruined Resident Evil Village on PC | MVG
S2021 E42
Why was the Sony PlayStation 2 so hard to develop games for ? | MVG
S2021 E43
Pimpin' out a $50 Refurbished Nintendo 2DS in 2021 | MVG
S2021 E44
The SNES Emulation War of 1997 | MVG
S2021 E45
About that PS5 Devkit that appeared on eBay... | MVG
S2021 E46
How a Mini drill tool defeated security on the Xbox 360 | MVG
S2021 E47
DuckStation 4K PS1 Emulator is awesome on the Xbox Series S | MVG
S2021 E48
I am a developer on Quake.... | MVG
S2021 E49
Revisiting my Quake-X port on the Original Xbox from 2004 | MVG
S2021 E50
Hacking the Nintendo Wii Mini | MVG
S2021 E51
Take-Two Suing GTA3 Reverse Engineering devs...and it doesn't look go...
S2021 E52
Silhouette - The secret SNES Emulator developed by Nintendo | MVG
S2021 E53
PlayStation 4 emulation on the PC is here | MVG
S2021 E54
349 OG Xbox Prototype games were just released... | MVG
S2021 E55
The PlayStation PS4 CMOS Battery problem has been fixed | MVG
S2021 E56
Running Emulators with the Edge Browser on the XBOX Series S
S2021 E57
Original Xbox Emulation on the PC - HUGE improvements are here
S2021 E58
We need to talk about Kingdom Hearts and Nintendo Switch Cloud Games....
S2021 E59
Four Days Later - Is the Nintendo Switch OLED REALLY worth $350 ?
S2021 E60
My thoughts on Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack Pricing...
S2021 E61
Sega Saturn Games are running on the Nintendo Switch...
S2021 E62
How games were made on the Nintendo DS
S2021 E63
Nintendo 64 emulation on the Nintendo Switch is not good....
S2021 E64
Nintendo used to be GOOD at N64 Emulation..what happened?
S2021 E65
Team Xecuter - The story of the infamous Nintendo Switch Modding Group
S2021 E66
The PS5 has been hacked - twice....
S2021 E67
The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is not good...
S2021 E68
Xbox changed my life #Xbox20
S2021 E69
GIGABYTE M32U - The 32inch 4k Monitor I've been waiting for
S2021 E70
Xbox Back Compat has ended - but Emulation will live on | MVG
S2021 E71
Nintendo 64 emulation has been added to PolyMega
S2021 E72
A closer look at the Sony PSP DTP-T1000 Development Kit | MVG
S2021 E73
We need to talk about PS1, PS2 ,PS3 and PSP games coming to PlayStation 5...
S2021 E74
The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time has been FULLY decompiled | MVG
S2021 E75
Analogue Pocket Review - The Ultimate FPGA Handheld ? | MVG
S2021 E76
The new PS4 9.00 Jailbreak is awesome | MVG
Season 2022
S2022 E01
The Story of Another World on the Amiga
S2022 E02
[UPDATED] Microsoft Is (no longer) disabling Dev Mode Access on Xbox...
S2022 E03
RPCS3 PlayStation 3 emulation on the PC is seriously impressive
S2022 E04
Tomb Raider on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance is incredible
S2022 E05
Nintendo 64 emulation on the Switch is getting better....
S2022 E06
Finally - I got my hands on a MiSTer FPGA Retro Gaming Setup
S2022 E07
MAME is 25 years old...
S2022 E08
How the Sony PS VITA Security Was Defeated
S2022 E09
My thoughts on the Nintendo WiiU/3DS eShop closures...
S2022 E10
The Nintendo 3DS eShop Is Going Offline Forever. How to Play All Games Af...
S2022 E11
Nintendo 64 emulation on the Switch is FIXED
S2022 E12
I am a developer of River City Girls Zero on the Nintendo Switch
S2022 E13
PlayStation VITA apps are running on the Nintendo Switch
S2022 E14
Quake - The 1996 Beta scandal
S2022 E15
How Graphics worked on the Super NES
S2022 E16
Online DRM has ruined Gran Turismo 7
S2022 E17
A closer look at the Microsoft Original XBOX DVT-4 Development Kit
S2022 E18
The Magic of Tetris on the Nintendo Game Boy
S2022 E19
340 Classic Games are coming to PlayStation Plus but...
S2022 E20
Datel Action Replay - The Secret Weapon of the Piracy Scene
S2022 E21
How Mortal Kombat 2 cheats against you
S2022 E22
Is this Leaked GBA emulator for the Switch REALLY made by Nintendo ?
S2022 E23
The last Xbox 360 ever made....
S2022 E24
A closer look at some Xbox 360 Limited Edition Consoles
S2022 E25
My thoughts on PS Plus Classics supporting Trophies
S2022 E26
First Party PS1 Classic games on PS Plus are 50hz PAL versions...
S2022 E27
Making sense of Xbox DRM and Physical Media
S2022 E28
The Story of Quake on the Game Boy Advance
S2022 E29
Insignia - the Original Xbox Live 1.0 replacement is AWESOME
S2022 E30
A closer look at Original Xbox Emulation on Steam Deck
S2022 E31
The Ouya is still 2022
S2022 E32
The AYA NEO AIR is a Handheld OLED emulation beast
S2022 E33
Xenia Xbox 360 Emulation on Steam Deck is impressive
S2022 E34
The Waves of Wave Race 64
S2022 E35
I bought a PlayStation PS2 Portable with Real Hardware...
S2022 E36
We need to talk about that massive GTA 6 LEAK
S2022 E37
XBOX Physical Media DRM has been FIXED
S2022 E38
The SNK Neo Geo was ahead of its time
S2022 E39
Titanfall on the Xbox 360 - The Impossible Port
S2022 E40
I hacked my PS5....
S2022 E41
As a gamedev these console wars need to stop...
S2022 E42
Nintendo 64 Emulation on the Switch - One Year Later
S2022 E43
XBSX2 PS2 Emulator is awesome on the Xbox Series S
S2022 E44
Does Overclocking the Nintendo Switch Fix Bayonetta 3?
S2022 E45
You’ve NEVER Seen A PlayStation Like This
S2022 E46
Sega Genesis Mini 2 Review - This thing is awesome!
S2022 E47
Online with the Sega Dreamcast in 2022
S2022 E48
Dragons Lair on the Amiga - How a laserdisc game fit onto 6 floppy disks
S2022 E49
How Old-School Cassette Tape Drives Played Games
S2022 E50
You should hack your PS Vita...
S2022 E51
The Current State of PlayStation 4 Emulation on the PC
S2022 E52
What came before Street Fighter?
S2022 E53
Awesome New Amiga Physical Retro Games in 2022
S2022 E54
Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Restoration Project is here!
Season 2023
S2023 E01
The Story of The 2012 Halo 4 Barn Leak
S2023 E02
Dolphin has been ported to the Xbox..and its AWESOME
S2023 E03
GoldenEye 007 is a mess...
S2023 E04
Dolphin on the Xbox just got a MASSIVE update...
S2023 E05
Xenia UWP has been the Xbox
S2023 E06
Metroid Prime Remastered is a Masterpiece
S2023 E07
Game Boy/GBA Emulation on the Nintendo Switch is impressive
S2023 E08
GB Interceptor - A Plug and Play Game Boy Capture Device!
S2023 E09
I turned my Xbox Series S into a Win98 Retro PC
S2023 E10
Nintendo's backward compatibility Problem...
S2023 E11
Another Look at the Neo Geo X - Hybrid Gaming before the Switch
S2023 E12
About Those PS5 Pro rumors....
S2023 E13
Some Xbox Series Optimized games CAN run on external drives...
S2023 E14
Resident Evil 4 Remake is a Masterpiece
S2023 E15
Xbox Bans Emulators in Retail Mode...
S2023 E16
How the Nintendo Switch Security was defeated
S2023 E17
The NeoGeo 2 we never got - IGS PGM Arcade Hardware
S2023 E18
So this is 50...
S2023 E19
How Old-School Computers Played Sound Samples
S2023 E20
Ok..Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Is a Masterpiece
S2023 E21
I overclocked Zelda Tears of the Kingdom on the Switch and...
S2023 E22
The most important Nintendo 3DS Game Ever Made...
S2023 E23
Nintendo is threatening legal emulation...and it doesn't look good
S2023 E24
Nintendo double downs its stance against emulation...
S2023 E25
RPCS3 PS3 emulator just got updated... and its awesome!
S2023 E26
A closer look at Vita3k - the PlayStation Vita Emulator
S2023 E27
Ubisoft DRM - The Original Always Online DRM that broke games
S2023 E28
PS5 Prototype Devkits are showing up for sale on Auction Sites...
S2023 E29
Xbox Emulators running on Retail Mode Is BACK
S2023 E30
I've been busy...
S2023 E31
Doom 3 on the Original Xbox is an incredible port. Here is why.
S2023 E32
Pimpin the PSP in 2023
S2023 E33
Did Nintendo lie to us?
S2023 E34
Red Dead Redemption can hit 60fps on Nintendo Switch
S2023 E35
A closer look at 60 FPS Patches on a hacked PS5
S2023 E36
OK..Lets talk about Starfield on the PC...
S2023 E37
I dumped and preserved an UNRELEASED Original XBOX game
S2023 E38
Rockstar Games BUSTED selling cracked versions of their own games...
S2023 E39
Extreme Switch Overclocking - Can we run Breath of the Wild at 60fps ?
S2023 E40
Crash vs Spyro Racing Original XBOX Prototype Found!
S2023 E41
The EON XBHD Original Xbox HD Adapter is a disappointment.
S2023 E42
StarTropics on the NES. Was it Anti-Piracy or just a fun gimmick?
S2023 E43
Super Mario Bros Wonder is a Masterpiece
S2023 E44
FPGA Nintendo 64 gaming is here.
S2023 E45
Quake II on the PlayStation 1 is an incredible port. Here is why.
S2023 E46
Why a Hacked Xbox 360 is STILL awesome in 2023.
S2023 E47
I was a video game software pirate
S2023 E48
Portal on the Nintendo 64 is incredible
S2023 E49
I took apart my PS5 Slim. Here's what i found out...
S2023 E50
RetroTINK 4K - The only Scaler you'll ever need
Episode 1
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PlayStation 5 Event | MVG Live
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Things are changing and we need to talk...
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You’ve NEVER Seen A PlayStation Like This
Episode 7
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Episode 8
You've probably never heard of this handheld from 2009
Episode 9
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Episode 10
Quake 3 Online Multiplayer still WORKS on a Sega Dreamcast.
Episode 11
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Episode 12
You've probably NEVER seen a Nintendo 64 Cartridge like this
Episode 13
Episode 7
Episode 14
The best Nintendo Handheld costs less than $60
Episode 15
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Episode 16
The MOST Obscure Super Nintendo Fact You Didn’t Know about
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Episode 18
I'm done...
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