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Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return!

Gormiti: The Lords of Nature Return!

2008 - 2011  •  Canal J  •  22 hours  •  121 episodes
2 votes
212 votes
# 20359
Animation, Children
The show follows two brothers, Nick and Toby, who discover that they have the power to transform into powerful creatures known as Gormitis. Their two friends Jessica and Lucas join the fight, and together they harness the power of the four elements. Now it's up to them to save their world, and many others, ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
To All Things, An Ending Aired on 09/15/2010
To All Things, An Ending
Season 4: Episode 26
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
121 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4
Season 1
S01 E01
The Sulfur Stone
S01 E02
Lucas Goes Green
S01 E03
The Keeper Kept
S01 E04
Tidal Wave Goodbye
S01 E05
Curse Of The Crown
S01 E06
S01 E07
S01 E08
Black Salt Diamonds
S01 E09
Underwater Extinction
S01 E10
Root of Evil
S01 E11
Shock to the System
S01 E12
Sick Day
S01 E13
The Fog
S01 E14
The Harvest
S01 E15
S01 E16
Crops of Wrath
S01 E17
Tunnel Vision
S01 E18
Toad House Blues
S01 E19
Lords of Fate
S01 E20
Sting of Insectus
S01 E21
Super Gormiti
S01 E22
Labyrinth of Chaos
S01 E23
The Supreme of Darkness
S01 E24
S01 E25
Slip Rift: Part One
S01 E26
Slip Rift: Part Two
S01 E30
Grande incantesimo
S01 E31
Attacco al Popolo della Terra
S01 E32
Reticolo segreto
S01 E33
Un rospo per amico
S01 E34
Il vero colpevole
S01 E35
Ruscelli di lava
S01 E36
Incantesimo malvagio
S01 E37
La profezia
S01 E38
Lavion il falsario
S01 E39
La puntura d'Insecticus
S01 E40
Piccoli grandi eroi
S01 E41
S01 E42
Poteri rubati
S01 E43
Il labirinto del caos
S01 E44
Il labirinto del caos (2/2)
S01 E45
Il fantasma della foresta
S01 E46
Il fantasma della foresta (2/2)
S01 E47
Squarcio dimensionale
S01 E48
Squarcio dimensionale (2/2)
S01 E49
Il ritorno del Sommo Luminescente
S01 E50
Il ritorno del Sommo Luminescente (2/2)
S01 E51
Il risveglio del mostro
S01 E52
Il risveglio del mostro (2/2)
Season 2
S02 E01
The Rot of Gorm
S02 E02
Going Buggy
S02 E03
The Crystal Curse
S02 E04
The Forgotten Valley
S02 E05
Refracting Rock
S02 E06
S02 E07
The Ring of Eternity
S02 E08
Diamonds Are an Evil Lord's Best Friend
S02 E09
S02 E10
Exchange of Powers
S02 E11
Battle from Within
S02 E12
S02 E13
Solitary Egg
S02 E14
S02 E15
S02 E16
S02 E17
Forest Asunder
S02 E18
Flight of the Snow Eagle
S02 E19
The Pearl of the Deep
S02 E20
Tripping Up
S02 E21
Power of the North
S02 E22
Power of the South
S02 E23
Power of the West
S02 E24
Power of the East
S02 E25
Eternal Eclipse: Part One
S02 E26
Eternal Eclipse: Part Two
S02 E27
La cupola
S02 E29
La magia degli elementi
S02 E31
Piume e magia
S02 E33
Il picco dell'aquila
S02 E35
La perla rossa
S02 E37
La spada di ghiaccio
S02 E39
La perla degli abissi
Season 3
S03 E01
S03 E02
Dust of the Wind
S03 E03
Forces of the Water
S03 E04
Forest of Fire
S03 E05
The Curse of the Winds
S03 E06
Dark Water
S03 E07
Lava Rocks
S03 E08
Unseen Danger
S03 E09
Underground Attack
S03 E10
The Poisoned Forest
S03 E11
Magor's Fog
S03 E12
Metal Leaves
S03 E13
The Passageway
Season 4
S04 E01
The Good Earth
S04 E02
Winds of War
S04 E03
Tides and Currents
S04 E04
The Root of All
S04 E05
The Fifth Stone
S04 E06
Gerz So Good
S04 E07
Rivers Of Fire
S04 E08
Burning Heart
S04 E09
The Sky Is Falling
S04 E10
S04 E11
Power Play
S04 E12
S04 E13
The Fire Doors Of Perceptions
S04 E14
S04 E15
The Portal Of Fire
S04 E16
Fire In The Sky
S04 E17
The Pisces War
S04 E18
If a Tree Falls...
S04 E19
The Stone and the Glass
S04 E20
The Sacrifice
S04 E21
The Face in the Sand
S04 E22
The Beast of Eagles Peak
S04 E23
A Shadow of Hope
S04 E24
Everything in Its Place
S04 E25
All For One
S04 E26
To All Things, An Ending
Episode 1
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 9
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