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The Berenstain Bears

The Berenstain Bears

1979 - 2006   •  PBS  •   39 hours
7 votes
2156 votes
# 5638
Animation, Children, Family
Based on the fantastic and best-selling book series, The Berenstain Bears, written by Jan and Stan Berenstain, brings you a cartoon television series that stems from cartoons which aired from 1985 to 1987 on CBS Saturday mornings. Seasons 3 through 4 were aired from 2003 to 2004 on PBS Kids Sprout.
  Previously Aired Episode
The Bad Habit/The Prize Pumpkin Aired on 10/11/2018
The Bad Habit/The Prize Pumpkin
Season 5: Episode 10
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
158 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5
Season 1
S01 E01
The Messy Room
S01 E02
The Terrible Termite
S01 E03
Go Fly a Kite
S01 E04
The Trojan Pumpkin
S01 E05
The Spooky Old Mansion
S01 E06
The Fly Away Pizza
S01 E07
The Great Bat Cave
S01 E08
The Wild Wild Honey
S01 E09
The Neighbourly Skunk
S01 E10
The Missing Pumpkin
S01 E11
Too Much Birthday
S01 E12
To the Rescue
S01 E13
The Soccer Star
S01 E14
Shoot the Rapids
S01 E15
The Knight to Remember
S01 E16
The Supderduper Bowl
S01 E17
The Not So Buried Treasure
S01 E18
The Condemned Backscratcher
S01 E19
Kong for a Day
S01 E20
Blaze a Trail
S01 E21
No Girls Allowed
S01 E22
The Missing Dinosaur Bone
S01 E23
The Spookiest Pumpkin
S01 E24
The Dancing Bees
S01 E25
Learn About Strangers
S01 E26
The Disappearing Honey
S01 E27
In the Dark
S01 E28
Ring the Bell
S01 E29
Forget Their Manners
S01 E30
The Wicked Weasel Spell
S01 E31
The Truth
S01 E32
Save the Bees
S01 E33
Get in a Fight
S01 E34
The Bigpaw Problem
S01 E35
Get Stage Fright
S01 E36
Go Bonkers Over Honkers
S01 E37
The Great Honey Pipeline
S01 E38
The Great Grizzly Comet
S01 E39
Sure-Fire Bait
S01 E40
The Cat's Meow
S01 E41
The Trouble with Friends
S01 E42
The Coughing Catfish
Season 2
S02 E01
The Substitute Teacher
S02 E02
The Mansion Mystery
S02 E03
Bust a Ghost
S02 E04
The Ice Monster
S02 E05
The Crystal Ball Caper
S02 E06
The Raid on Fort Grizzly
S02 E07
The Forbidden Cave
S02 E08
Hot Air Election
S02 E09
Life with Papa
S02 E10
Save the Farm
S02 E11
The Cat's Meow
S02 E19
Bust a Ghost
S02 E21
The Crystal Ball Caper
S02 E40
The Cat's Meow
S02 E43
The Substitute Teacher
S02 E44
The Mansion Mystery
S02 E45
Bust a Ghost
S02 E46
The Ice Monster
S02 E47
The Crystal Ball Caper
S02 E48
The Raid on Fort Grizzly
S02 E49
The Forbidden Cave
S02 E50
Hot Air Election
S02 E51
Life with Papa
S02 E52
Save the Farm
Season 3
S03 E01
Trouble with Grown-Ups
S03 E02
Too Much TV
S03 E03
Attic Treasure
S03 E04
Moving Day
S03 E05
The Giddy Grandma
S03 E06
Trouble at School
S03 E07
The Jump Rope Contest
S03 E08
Lost in a Cave
S03 E09
The Birthday Boy
S03 E10
Go to Camp
S03 E11
Visit the Dentist
S03 E12
Too Much Junk Food
S03 E13
Mama's New Job
S03 E14
Mighty Milton
S03 E15
Go to School
S03 E16
The Week at Grandma's
S03 E17
Trouble with Pets
S03 E18
The Sitter
S03 E19
Trick or Treat
S03 E20
Lend a Helping Hand
S03 E21
Trouble with Money
S03 E22
Double Dare
S03 E23
Out for the Team
S03 E24
Count Their Blessings
S03 E25
Slumber Party
S03 E26
The Talent Show
S03 E27
The Haunted Lighthouse
S03 E28
The Baby Chipmunk
S03 E29
Get the Gimmies
S03 E30
The Green-Eyed Monster
S03 E31
The Wishing Star
S03 E32
The Homework Hassle
S03 E33
Too Much Vacation
S03 E34
At the Giant Mall
S03 E35
The Excuse Note
S03 E36
On the Job
S03 E37
Too Small for the Team
S03 E38
The Prize Pumpkin
S03 E39
The Bad Habit
S03 E40
Ferdy Factual
S03 E41
The Big Blooper
S03 E42
Nothing to Do
S03 E43
House of Mirrors
S03 E44
Too Much Pressure
S03 E45
Visit Fun Park
S03 E46
The Perfect Fishing Spot
S03 E47
The Summer Job
S03 E48
The Big Red Kite
S03 E49
Go to the Doctor
S03 E50
Don't Pollute (Anymore)
S03 E51
The In Crowd
S03 E52
Fly It
S03 E53
By the Sea
S03 E54
Catch the Bus
S03 E55
Family Get-Together
S03 E56
The Stinky Milk Mystery
S03 E57
New Neighbors
S03 E58
The Big Election
S03 E59
The Hiccup Cure
S03 E60
Think of Those in Need
S03 E61
Hug and Make Up
Season 4
S04 E01
Go to the Movies
S04 E02
Pet Show
S04 E03
Car Trip
S04 E04
Pick Up and Put Away
S04 E05
Hug and Make Up
S04 E06
Big Road Race
S04 E07
Gotta Dance
S04 E08
The Bad Dream
S04 E09
White Water Adventure
S04 E10
Say Please and Thank You
S04 E11
Showdown at Birder's Wood
S04 E12
Help Around the Workshop
S04 E13
That Stump Must Go
S04 E14
Draw It
S04 E15
Papa's Pizza
S04 E16
The Female Fullback
S04 E17
Bears for All Seasons
S04 E18
Grow It
S04 E19
Go Up and Down
S04 E20
Big Bear, Small Bear
S04 E21
At the Giant Mall
Season 5
S05 E01
Trouble At School/Visit the Dentist
S05 E02
Mama's New Job/Mighty Milton
S05 E03
Go to School/The Week at Grandma's
S05 E04
Trouble With Pets/The Sitter
S05 E05
Slumber Party/The Homework Hassle
S05 E06
Too Much TV/Trick or Treat
S05 E07
The Talent Show/The Haunted Lighthouse
S05 E08
The Birthday Boy/The Green-Eyed Monster
S05 E09
Get the Gimmies/Lost in a Cave
S05 E10
The Bad Habit/The Prize Pumpkin
Episode 1
The Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree
Episode 2
The Berenstain Bears Meet Bigpaw
Episode 3
The Berenstain Bears' Easter Surprise
Episode 4
The Berenstain Bears' Comic Valentine
Episode 5
The Berenstain Bears Play Ball
Episode 6
The Berenstain Bears Bears out and About
Episode 7
The Berenstain Bears Discover School
Episode 8
The Berenstain Bears Out For the Team
Episode 9
The Berenstain Bears Springtime Suprise
Episode 10
Berenstain Bears: Pumpkin Party
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