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I'm 18 years old
Get me outta here!
The Jerry Springer Show

The Jerry Springer Show

1991 - 2018  •  The CW  •  12 days  •  600 episodes
9 votes
4269 votes
# 23722
Talk Show, Reality, Erotica
The Jerry Springer Show is probably most known for its foul mouths, excessive fighting, excessive nudity and wacky stories. Nearly every episode, if not all, have at least one bleeped over foul word.

Then there's the sound effects. ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Scoring with 3 sisters Aired on 05/23/2018
Scoring with 3 sisters
Season 27: Episode 133
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
600 episodes total
Season 1 2 7 8 12 14 15 16 17 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Season 1
S01 E01
S01 E02
S01 E03
S01 E04
S01 E05
S01 E06
S01 E07
S01 E08
S01 E09
S01 E10
S01 E11
S01 E12
S01 E13
S01 E14
S01 E15
S01 E16
S01 E17
S01 E18
S01 E19
S01 E20
S01 E21
S01 E22
Season 2
S02 E01
Episode 1
S02 E02
Episode 2
S02 E03
Episode 3
S02 E04
Episode 4
S02 E05
Episode 5
S02 E06
Episode 6
S02 E07
Episode 7
S02 E08
Episode 8
S02 E09
Episode 9
S02 E10
Episode 10
S02 E11
Episode 11
S02 E12
Episode 12
S02 E13
Episode 13
S02 E14
Episode 14
S02 E15
GG Allin
Season 7
S07 E01
I'm Pregnant By A Transsexual
S07 E02
Update: Woman In Labor Confronts Mistress
Season 8
S08 E01
Episode 1
S08 E02
Outrageous Guests
S08 E03
Episode 3
S08 E04
Episode 4
S08 E05
I'm Pregnant By My Brother
S08 E06
Lovers vs Mistresses
S08 E07
I Want Your Lover!
S08 E08
Update: Woman In Labor Confronts Mistress
S08 E09
Adult Babies
S08 E10
I Married a Horse
Season 12
S12 E01
Episode 1
S12 E02
Episode 2
S12 E03
Episode 3
S12 E04
Episode 4
S12 E05
Episode 5
S12 E06
Episode 6
S12 E07
Episode 7
S12 E08
Evil Confessions
Season 14
S14 E01
Episode 1
S14 E02
Love Hurts
S14 E03
I'm Leaving You
S14 E04
There's A Mistress In My House
S14 E05
Last Chance For Love
Season 15
S15 E01
Episode 1
S15 E02
Street Kids
Season 16
S16 E01
Episode 1
S16 E02
Attack of the KKK Dad
S16 E03
Dancing with the Security Guards
S16 E04
Episode 4
S16 E05
Brawling Over Babes
Season 17
S17 E01
Episode 1
S17 E02
Episode 2
S17 E03
Episode 3
S17 E04
Episode 4
S17 E05
Episode 5
S17 E06
Episode 6
S17 E07
Episode 7
S17 E08
Episode 8
S17 E09
Episode 9
S17 E10
Episode 10
S17 E11
Episode 11
S17 E12
Episode 12
S17 E13
Episode 13
S17 E14
Episode 14
S17 E15
Episode 15
S17 E16
Episode 16
S17 E17
Episode 17
S17 E18
Episode 18
S17 E19
Episode 19
S17 E20
Episode 20
S17 E21
Episode 21
S17 E22
Episode 22
S17 E23
Episode 23
S17 E24
Episode 24
S17 E25
S17 E26
Episode 26
S17 E27
Hillbilly Hullabaloo!
S17 E28
Episode 28
S17 E29
Episode 29
S17 E30
Episode 30
S17 E31
Episode 31
S17 E32
She's Rubber, I'm Real
Season 18
S18 E01
A Gay Mobster & A Tractor Guy
Season 20
S20 E104
Love is a Battlefield
S20 E116
I'm Proud To Be A Homewrecker
S20 E125
Secret Sex Fetishes
Season 21
S21 E132
Nocturnal Confessions
S21 E133
Past Guests: Called Out and Cold-Cocked
S21 E134
Kiss Her Goodbye
Season 22
S22 E13
Horrible Hook-Ups
S22 E14
I\'m Stripping to Support You!
S22 E15
It\'s Raining Trannies
S22 E23
Caught Playing Dirty
S22 E24
Strip Tease
S22 E25
Bros Come to Blows
S22 E26
Twin Brother Betrayal
S22 E27
Swearin\', Screamin\' and Swingin\'
S22 E45
Leftover Lovers
S22 E46
Married to Your Dad, but Want You Back
S22 E48
Slap Happy Wives
S22 E49
We\'ll Never Be Cousins Again!
S22 E50
Love on Lockdown
S22 E51
S22 E52
Come Out of the Bathroom ... Face Me!
S22 E53
You're a Dude!
S22 E54
I\'m Cheating ... Get the Picture
S22 E99
Episode 99
S22 E101
Ultimatum Mayhem
S22 E102
Lip Smacking Showdowns
S22 E103
Man Stealin' Virgin
S22 E104
Frenemies Confronted
Season 23
S23 E01
Baby Mamas vs. Bad Girls
S23 E02
Jerry, It's Go Time
S23 E03
Quadruple Dog Dare Disasters
S23 E04
Super Beatdowns
S23 E05
Sexy Summer Hook-Ups
S23 E06
Sexy Summer Hook-Ups
S23 E07
Womanizers Busted
S23 E08
Shot in the Heart
S23 E09
My To-Do List
S23 E10
Doomed Grooms
S23 E11
I'm Gay, But Please Have My Baby
S23 E12
That's Why You're Dumping Me?
S23 E13
Cousins Having Sex
S23 E14
My High-School Crush Had Sex With My Aunt
S23 E15
Blindsided With My Bro
S23 E16
Wheel Of Wrath
S23 E17
Will Cheat for Food
S23 E18
Twerk It!
S23 E19
You Got Me a Tranny Stripper!?
S23 E20
I'm Into You
S23 E21
Lockdowned Lovers
S23 E22
Social Media Choas
S23 E23
Sexting Affairs
S23 E24
I'm in Love With a Gay Stripper
S23 E25
It's Over ... I'm Taking the Dog
S23 E26
Easy Lay-Up
S23 E27
Love Offline
S23 E28
I'm Not a Hot College Girl ... I'm a Man
S23 E29
S23 E30
Spare Me Your Excuses
S23 E31
Steamy Hook-Ups
S23 E32
Little Show of Horrors
S23 E33
Ultimate Baby Mama Mayhem
S23 E34
Lovers Strike Out!
S23 E35
Explosive Breakups
S23 E36
Guests Return ... for Battle
S23 E37
Crazy ... for You
S23 E38
Front Row at Strip Show!
S23 E39
Blow Offs and Beat Downs
S23 E40
Proposals ... Denied
S23 E41
Tranny Takedowns
S23 E42
Baby Mama Dreams Popped
S23 E43
Lesbian Love Gets Dicey
S23 E44
Girls Get Savage
S23 E45
Baby Mamas Blow Up
S23 E46
Eye-Opening Secrets
S23 E47
Sideline Sisters
S23 E48
We Just Broke Up ... You're Married!
S23 E49
Desperate for a Baby Daddy
S23 E50
After T.H.O.T.
S23 E51
If You Have a Threesome, I'll Marry You
S23 E52
Sneak Attack on Springer
S23 E53
Stripper Sisters Square Off
S23 E54
Hard Up for Sex
S23 E55
Take My Virginity ... Please
S23 E56
Gift Wrapped!
S23 E57
Happy Hour Hook-Ups
S23 E58
I Won't Share My Baby's Daddy
S23 E59
Fiery Lesbians
S23 E60
Man Stealin' Virgin
S23 E61
Frenemies Confronted
S23 E62
You Better Run
S23 E63
Proposals: Fail
S23 E64
I Cheated on My Cousin With a Stripper
S23 E65
Stripper Mania
S23 E66
Selfie Seduction
S23 E67
Home Wrecking-Ball
S23 E68
S23 E69
Cheaters Get Smoked Out
S23 E70
Mind-Blowing Secrets
S23 E71
Shocking Secret Guests
S23 E72
Couples Get Nasty
S23 E73
You Make Me Crazy
S23 E74
Jerry's Polar Plunge
S23 E75
Turned Up on Springer
S23 E76
Mom, Don't Ruin My Tranny Wedding
S23 E77
Girls Come Out Swinging
S23 E78
Ratchet Relationships
S23 E79
Lesbian Kiss Offs
S23 E80
Tricked Into the Truth
S23 E81
My Husband Had Sex With My Ex-Husband
S23 E82
Mean Girl Meltdowns
S23 E83
Doin' It on the Down Low
S23 E84
Big Love on Valentine's Day
S23 E85
Ice Cold Baby Daddies
S23 E86
I'm Leaving You for a Porn Star
S23 E87
Trannies Twerk It Out
S23 E88
Threesome in a Double Wide
S23 E89
Stripper Fights, Sparks Fly
S23 E90
I'll Stop Being Gay for You
S23 E91
Smashed-Up Weddings
S23 E92
Serenades and Smackdowns
S23 E93
Twerk Attack!
S23 E94
Cheating: There's an App for That
S23 E95
Scorched by Love
S23 E96
Stripper All-Stars
S23 E97
Be My Brother, Not My Lover
S23 E98
S23 E99
Sister Shockers
S23 E100
He Stole My Heart and My Cash
S23 E101
Throwdown Thursday
S23 E102
Your Boyfriend Is Gay
S23 E103
I'm Not a Lesbian: I Want Your Brother
S23 E104
Girls Get Feisty
S23 E105
Stop Playing Head Games
S23 E106
Desperate for My Ex
S23 E107
Party Girls Get Down
S23 E108
Butt Out, Bro!
S23 E109
Leave Your Husband for Me
S23 E110
Lesbian Rebound
S23 E111
You Owe Me a Threesome
S23 E112
Hot Young Hook-Ups
S23 E113
Having Sex With a Brother ... and His Sister
S23 E114
S23 E115
Long Lost Lesbian Lovers
S23 E116
Social Media Meltdown
S23 E117
Big Slap With A Side Of Fights
S23 E118
Super Fun Springertime
S23 E119
I Didn't Cheat ... I Had a Hall Pass
S23 E120
Trash-Talking Transsexuals
S23 E121
Seduced By The Single Life
S23 E122
Outrageous Proposals
S23 E123
Epic Baby Mama Brawls
S23 E124
Strippers Make It Rain on Springer
S23 E125
Sugar Daddy Smackdown
S23 E126
Dirty Fights
S23 E127
Stripper Fight Free-for-All
S23 E128
Toxic Marriage Madness
S23 E129
Crazy Prison Break-Ups
S23 E130
BFF Beatdown
S23 E131
Misleading Men
S23 E132
Worst. Boyfriend. Ever!
S23 E133
Sexy Cyber Hook-Ups
S23 E134
Trailer Park Hustle
S23 E135
I Slept With My Twin Brother's Boyfriend
S23 E136
Peek a Boo ... I'm Leaving You
S23 E137
Man Stealers Slapped!
S23 E138
Nice Guys ... Finish Last
S23 E139
Smashed and Passed
S23 E140
Sister Showdown
S23 E141
Bros Get Brutal
S23 E142
Big Time Liars
S23 E143
I Propose We Break Up!
S23 E144
We're Practicing for Porn
S23 E145
Threesome in a Double Wide
S23 E146
S23 E147
Epic Baby Mama Brawls
S23 E148
Sugar Daddy Smackdown
S23 E149
Dirty Fights
S23 E150
Stripper Fight Free For All
S23 E151
Toxic Marriage Madness
S23 E152
Crazy Prison Break-Ups
S23 E153
Misleading Men
S23 E154
Sexy Cyber Hook-Ups
S23 E155
I Slept With My Twin Brother's Boyfriend
Season 24
S24 E01
Love Sick
S24 E02
Turned Down for ... What?!
S24 E03
Forecast: 90% Chance of Cheating
S24 E04
Smothered... With Sauce
S24 E05
Selfie Destruction
S24 E06
Dangerously in Love
S24 E07
Fall Flings
S24 E08
Proposals Backfire
S24 E09
Lesbian Sister Betrayals
S24 E10
Fight Fest
S24 E11
My Stripper Sister Strikes Again
S24 E12
I Slept With Your Twin & Your Mom
S24 E13
Girlfriend Grudge Match
S24 E14
Lesbian Twin Love Triangle
S24 E15
Bring It, Bro!
S24 E16
Clingy Chicks
S24 E17
Proposal Do Over
S24 E18
Heart Burned
S24 E19
A Hot Minute
S24 E20
My Big Gay Wedding
S24 E21
Down For A Threesome?
S24 E22
50 Shades of Springer
S24 E23
Auditioning New Girlfriends
S24 E24
It Was a 1 Night Smash
S24 E25
Mistresses Reeled In
S24 E26
I'm Gay & Sleeping With Your Nephew
S24 E27
Girlfriends Get Rolled
S24 E28
I Cheated With Three Strippers
S24 E29
Battle Royal With Cheese
S24 E30
I Slept With 120 Men ... and Yours
S24 E31
You\'re Not Man Enough
S24 E32
Chronic Cheaters
S24 E33
Baby Daddy Denial
S24 E34
Barely Legal Hook-ups
S24 E35
Halloween: I\'m Sorry Boo
S24 E36
Bestie Blindside
S24 E37
Threesomes and Throwdowns
S24 E38
Horrible Husbands
S24 E39
Mom, We\'re Sleeping With Your Man
S24 E40
Stone Cold Sisters
S24 E41
I Cheated Because You\'re Pregnant
S24 E42
Strippers Shake It Up
S24 E43
WCW: Women Crushed Wednesday
S24 E44
I Was Set Up!
S24 E45
Sex Secrets & Regrets
S24 E46
Don\'t Settle for My Sister... Pick Me
S24 E47
Hillbilly Heartbreak
S24 E48
Baby Daddy Deception
S24 E49
Hot Headed Bromance
S24 E50
One Night Stands Reunited
S24 E51
She Took My Man ... and My Car!
S24 E52
Fooled by a Fake Friend
S24 E53
Mistress Takeover
S24 E54
Next Level Shockers
S24 E55
Boyfriend Stealing Bestie
S24 E56
Transsexual Surprise
S24 E57
Pregnant Secrets Dropped
S24 E58
Bad Boy Toys
S24 E59
Stripper Slapfest
S24 E60
Bitter BFFs
S24 E61
I\'m Not His Cousin, I\'m His Fiancee
S24 E62
Megabeast Unleashed
S24 E63
Man Snatching Sister
S24 E64
Driven To Cheat
S24 E65
Wrestling With A Secret
S24 E66
Bad Baby Daddies
S24 E67
Sideline Chicks Smackdown
S24 E68
Steamy Sister Sex
S24 E69
Frosty Females
S24 E70
Half Baked Proposals
S24 E71
I Paid Your Girlfriend For Sex
S24 E72
Big Booty Mistakes
S24 E73
Sexy Girl Crushes
S24 E76
Past Guests Get Turned Up
S24 E77
You're Pregnant by Him, but It Should Be Me
S24 E78
Played by a Transsexual
S24 E82
Ice Cold Breakups
S24 E83
Grooms Full Of Bologna
S24 E84
He's Taken
S24 E85
Sexperiments Backfire
S24 E86
Secret T.H.O.T.s
S24 E87
S24 E88
Busted by Your Bestie
S24 E89
Catfight Fever
S24 E90
In Your Face Mistresses
S24 E91
Lesbians Come Out...Of The Cold
S24 E92
Sleeping With The Frenemy
S24 E93
Slapped With The Truth
S24 E94
Bossy Brides
S24 E95
Awkward Hook-Ups
S24 E98
Snowed In Sex
S24 E99
Sexercise Me
S24 E100
3 Point T.H.O.T.S
S24 E108
Rappers Battle... For Love
S24 E121
Seduced By The Single Life
S24 E122
Bisexual Bombshells
Season 25
S25 E73
Red Hot Strippers
S25 E74
Beads & Boas... Springer Mardi Gras
Season 26
S26 E01
Sister Slapdown
S26 E02
My Mama Dont Like You
S26 E03
Counterfeit Friends
S26 E04
Back Off My $ Bag
S26 E05
I Faked My Pregnancy ... Sorry
S26 E06
Pregnant by the Same Teen Dad
S26 E07
Bestie Breakups
S26 E08
Redneck Rumble
S26 E09
Lurking Liars
S26 E10
Fresh Meat at the Strip Club
S26 E11
Im Marrying My Daughters Ex
S26 E12
Nice Girls Get Naughty
S26 E13
Hoping for a Homerun
S26 E14
Creepers Crushed
S26 E15
Wifey vs. Jump Off
S26 E16
T.H.O.T.-ing Is Life
S26 E17
Baby Daddies Fumble
S26 E18
Crushed on Springer
S26 E19
You Left Me for a Hooker!
S26 E20
Strippers Bare It All
S26 E47
Sex, Dreams and Nightmares
S26 E53
I Hate My Sister
S26 E58
Gay Crush on my best friend
S26 E59
Droppin. Truth Bombs
S26 E60
Dudes in the doghouse
S26 E61
Dude, Try a Transsexual
S26 E62
Nice Guys need not apply
S26 E63
Sleep Around Sisters
S26 E65
I Now Pronounce you... Over
S26 E66
Stale Sex
S26 E79
Vicious V-Day
S26 E83
Sex With Your Twin Sister
S26 E85
A Little Side Chick Action
S26 E86
Torn Between Two Genders
S26 E91
Battle of the nerds
S26 E92
pregnant and pissed
S26 E93
Trolling for true love
S26 E94
Turned up & Transgender
S26 E95
let me have my hos
S26 E96
Angry Wives vs. Hot Mistresses
S26 E97
You hit on my mom
S26 E98
BDs in the hot seat
S26 E99
Your Dude's gay
S26 E100
Springtime Slip ups
S26 E101
Slapped Straight
S26 E102
Super Mouth off
S26 E103
Husband stealing lesbian
S26 E104
Trampy Grandma
S26 E105
Emoji;s Exposed
S26 E109
Two Steppin' Two Timers
S26 E110
Click Bait & Switch
S26 E111
One Night Stand With a
S26 E112
Rachet Relatives
S26 E113
The Pot made me do it
S26 E114
I have a gay fetish
S26 E116
Stepbrother sex goes Viral
S26 E117
Lesbian Pregnancy Scare
S26 E118
Panty Free Zone
S26 E119
Spiteful sex
S26 E120
Worst. Threesome. Ever
S26 E121
Catfish and Release
S26 E122
Premeditated Sex
S26 E123
Killer Confessions
S26 E124
Little people, big problems.
S26 E125
Happy Trampy Mother's Day
S26 E126
Bromance Break-ups
S26 E127
Fruit Punched!
S26 E128
Thou Shall Not cheat
S26 E129
i'm Not gay anymore
S26 E130
Cheating Like a Boss
S26 E131
Hot-Tempered Sisters
S26 E132
Sex With 200 People
S26 E133
Vendettas Settled Today...
S26 E134
Out and Proud
S26 E135
Sex Is Best with 3!
S26 E136
Lesbian Card Expired
S26 E137
Lipstick Tricks
S26 E138
Strange Sexperiment!
S26 E139
Big Brother to the Rescue
S26 E140
Not Over It!
S26 E141
You Repulse Me
S26 E142
Hot Girls Fighting
S26 E143
Alternative Facts
S26 E144
Lesbian Strippers Share Their Cookies
S26 E145
Hush, Hush, Hook-Ups
S26 E146
If the Camper's a Rockin'...
S26 E147
69 Lies
S26 E148
I Do... or I Don't
S26 E149
Seducing My Transsexual Sister's Man
S26 E150
Whipped Into a Frenzy
S26 E151
Cheaters Dumped a Latte
S26 E152
Washed Up Baby Daddies
S26 E153
Panty Proof
S26 E154
Throuple Trouble
S26 E155
Birthday Beatdown
S26 E156
Sausage Smackdowns
S26 E157
Fights Get Ugly
S26 E158
Chillin' with Strippers
S26 E159
Delicious Revenge
S26 E160
Flirty Face-Offs
S26 E161
Sleeping with Two Brothers
Season 27
S27 E01
Sex with a Pregnant Stripper
S27 E02
Sugar Coated Secrets
S27 E03
Jail Changed My Man
S27 E04
Your Sex Slayed
S27 E05
Mom vs. Fiancee
S27 E06
And... I'm Pregnant by Him
S27 E07
Barely Legal Babes Betrayed
S27 E08
Girl... Beat It
S27 E09
Can't Twerk Your Way Out
S27 E10
Hands Off His Buns
S27 E11
Baby Mamas Mistreated
S27 E12
Side Chicks Smashed
S27 E13
Sinful Strippers
S27 E14
You Can't Lie, Here's Proof
S27 E15
Thinking About My Selfie
S27 E16
Let Me Take This Off First
S27 E17
Stalked After Stripper Sex
S27 E18
Crushin' It on Springer
S27 E19
BFF 4 Never
S27 E20
Dad, I Hooked Up with Your Wife
S27 E21
Curbside Sex
S27 E22
In Your Face
S27 E23
Sandwiched Between Two Sisters
S27 E24
Busted with a Stripper
S27 E25
EDM Meltdown
S27 E26
He's a Cheater
S27 E27
Will You... Never Mind
S27 E28
Baby Dads Dibble & Dabble
S27 E29
It's the Springer Show Callin'
S27 E30
Pregnant After a Threesome
S27 E31
Strange Things on Springer
S27 E32
Stranger Things on Springer
S27 E33
Sleeping with Two Brothers
S27 E34
Genders Revealed
S27 E35
Bad at Cheating
S27 E36
Porn Bought with Your Trust Fund
S27 E37
Past Guests... New Drama
S27 E38
College Coeds Cry
S27 E39
No Love
S27 E40
Sexxxy Strippers
S27 E41
Take a Knee
S27 E42
Taco Tuesday Throwdown
S27 E43
I Trapped My Daughter's Man
S27 E44
Pillows & Fights
S27 E45
Girls Pick Bad Apples
S27 E46
Scattered, Smothered & Covered
S27 E47
Online Feuds IRL
S27 E48
Be My Baby Donor
S27 E49
Strippers Sleigh
S27 E50
I Hate Liars & Thieves
S27 E51
Bisexual Baby Maker
S27 E52
Birthday Surprises Backfire
S27 E53
Babymamas Bumped
S27 E54
Tinder Love... And Cheating
S27 E55
Baby Fever Gone Cold
S27 E56
Pay Up or Put Out
S27 E57
Guests See Stars
S27 E58
Jerry Can't Help You Now
S27 E59
He's Not Worth Your Tears
S27 E60
We Can Share Him
S27 E61
Ride or Dies Dumped
S27 E62
Slept with My Girlfriend's Brother
S27 E63
Mess with the Bull...
S27 E64
Bisexual Buzzkills
S27 E65
Maybe We Should Try a Threesome
S27 E66
Bitter Backstabbers
S27 E67
Below the Belt Secrets
S27 E68
In Love with a Liar
S27 E69
Watch Your Mouth and Your Man
S27 E84
S27 E85
Men Get Grilled
S27 E86
Springer Hotel Hook-Ups
S27 E90
Engaged in Lies
S27 E91
TuTu Many Girlfriends
S27 E92
Flashback Friday!
S27 E93
Too Lazy to Leave
S27 E94
Squad Smackdown
S27 E95
Let's Get Freaky
S27 E96
Wild Sex with Your Sis
S27 E97
Game Over
S27 E98
Hop On It
S27 E99
Barbershop Smackdown
S27 E100
Flashback Friday II
S27 E101
Jiggles & Jabs
S27 E102
Forced to Confess
S27 E103
My Wife Cheated... 4 Times!
S27 E104
Pregnant by My Cheating Boyfriend
S27 E105
Web-Cam Hot Shots
S27 E106
Family Freeze Out
S27 E107
Identity and Boyfriend Theft
S27 E108
Babymamas Snap
S27 E109
Crushing Season
S27 E110
Catfished by a Little Person
S27 E111
Bachelor Party Hook-Up... with a Man!
S27 E112
Hooking Up with My Therapist
S27 E113
Stop Pimping My Twin Sister
S27 E114
Wives Get Woke
S27 E115
Dating a Man, Woman, & Transgender
S27 E116
Cold hearted Convicts
S27 E117
my Bestie is Stalkin You
S27 E118
Gay's Gone Wild
S27 E119
Sex for Rent
S27 E120
Stripper Sex Turned me Straight
S27 E121
Mobile Homewrecker
S27 E122
Broken Bro Codes
S27 E123
Babes with Baguettes
S27 E124
Stripper Sex Gets Lit
S27 E125
Threesome with my Mom
S27 E126
Pregnant Teen mom.. Dumped
S27 E127
Sex Debt Collection
S27 E128
Messy Threesomes
S27 E129
A Blonde Bombshell
S27 E130
Algebra Teaching Prostitute
S27 E131
Viewers vs Past Guests Part 1
S27 E132
Viewers vs Past Guests Part 2
S27 E133
Scoring with 3 sisters
Episode 1
Host and Hostile 6
Episode 2
Jerry Springer Uncensored: Hot & Hostile 6 - Seasons Beatings
Episode 3
Too Hot For TV : Volume 1
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Too Hot For TV : Volume 2
Episode 5
I Refuse To Wear Clothes!
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Bizarre Sex Jobs
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Bad Boys & Naughy Girls
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Securities Hardest Hits
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Wild & Outrageous : Volume 1
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Wildest Uncensored Moments : Wild Women, Wet T-Shirts & More!!!
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Rude Nude Riots 2
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Uncensored : Sexy, Stripped & Screaming
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Uncensored : Naughty Secrets Revealed
Episode 21
Uncensored : Hypnotizing Hotties
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Undressed And Unleashed
Episode 23
Uncensored: Bra-Less Brawlers
Episode 24
Honey You're Busted
Episode 25
Quit The Klan!
Episode 26
Uncensored: Nude Public Strippers, Catfights & Lesbians
Episode 27
Bare & Bitter Beauties
Episode 28
Hot & Hostile 5
Episode 29
Naked Rumble 2
Episode 30
Tailgating Springer Style
Episode 31
Episode 30
Episode 32
Les moments les plus capotés
Episode 33
Méchants garçons et petites garçes
Episode 34
Happy Nude Year 2007
Episode 35
Jerry Springer: Hot & Heavy Metal Ho Down
Episode 36
Jerry Springer Uncensored: Nasty Nuptials 2
Episode 37
Jerry Springer Uncensored - Rude Nude Riots 3
Episode 38
Jerry Springer Uncensored: Springers Sizzling Sideshow
Episode 39
Jerry Springer Uncensored: Return of the Fan Favourites
Episode 40
Jerry Springer Uncut And Out Of Control 2
Episode 41
Jerry Springer Uncut: Raw & Original
Episode 42
Jerry Springer Uncensored - Winter Springerland
Episode 43
Jerry Springer Wildest Uncensored Moments
Episode 44
Jerry Springer Uncensored: Jerry's Naked Rumble 5
Episode 45
Jerry Springer Uncensored: Redneck Rumble
Episode 46
Hot and Hostile 6
Episode 47
Busty Babe Battles
Episode 48
Uncut and Outrageous
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