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MasterChef (US)

MasterChef (US)

2010 - Now  •  Wednesdays 08:00 PM on FOX  •  7 days  •  13 seasons  •  246 episodes
64 votes
9304 votes
# 5740
Reality, Game Show, Food
Award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, acclaimed chef Aarón Sánchez and renowned restaurateur Joe Bastianich put a new batch of talented home cooks through a series of challenges and elimination rounds.
  Previously Aired Episode
Regional Auditions - The Northeast Aired on 05/24/2023
Regional Auditions - The Northeast
Season 13: Episode 1
  New Episode Air Date
Airs on Wednesday 05/31/2023
Regional Auditions - The Midwest
Season 13: Episode 2
MasterChef (US) | Teaser: This Season The Judges Do Battle | Season 9 | MASTERCHEF
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Season 1
S01 E01
Auditions (1)
S01 E02
Auditions (2)
S01 E03
Top 14 Revealed
S01 E04
14 Chefs Compete (1)
S01 E05
14 Chefs Compete (2)
S01 E06
11 Chefs Compete (1)
S01 E07
11 Chefs Compete (2)
S01 E08
9 Chefs Compete (1)
S01 E09
9 Chefs Compete (2)
S01 E10
6 Chefs Compete (1)
S01 E11
6 Chefs Compete (2)
S01 E12
Winner Revealed (1)
S01 E13
Winner Revealed (2)
Season 2
S02 E01
Auditions (1)
S02 E02
Auditions (2)
S02 E03
Auditions: Top 38 Revealed (3)
S02 E04
Top 18 Revealed
S02 E05
Top 16 Revealed
S02 E06
Top 16 Compete
S02 E07
Top 15 Compete
S02 E08
Top 14 Compete
S02 E09
Top 13 Compete
S02 E10
Top 12 Compete
S02 E11
Top 11 Compete
S02 E12
Top 10 Compete
S02 E13
Top 9 Compete
S02 E14
Top 8 Compete (1)
S02 E15
Top 8 Compete (2)
S02 E16
Top 6 Compete
S02 E17
Top 5 Compete
S02 E18
Top 4 Compete
S02 E19
Top 3 Compete
S02 E20
Winner Revealed
Season 3
S03 E01
Auditions (1)
S03 E02
Auditions (2)
S03 E03
Auditions: Top 36 Bootcamp (3)
S03 E04
Top 18 Compete
S03 E05
Top 16 Compete
S03 E06
Top 15 Compete
S03 E07
Top 14 Compete
S03 E08
Top 13 Compete
S03 E09
Top 12 Compete
S03 E10
Top 11 Compete
S03 E11
Top 9 Compete
S03 E12
Top 8 Compete
S03 E13
Top 7 Compete
S03 E14
Top 6 Compete (1)
S03 E15
Top 6 Compete (2)
S03 E16
Top 6 Compete (3)
S03 E17
Top 5 Complete
S03 E18
Top 4 Compete
S03 E19
Top 3 Compete
S03 E20
Winner Revealed
Season 4
S04 E01
Auditions (1)
S04 E02
Auditions (2)
S04 E03
Top 19 Revealed
S04 E04
Top 19 Compete
S04 E05
Top 18 Compete
S04 E06
Top 17 Compete
S04 E07
Top 16 Compete (1)
S04 E08
Top 16 Compete (2)
S04 E09
Top 15 Compete
S04 E10
Top 14 Compete
S04 E11
Top 13 Compete
S04 E12
Top 12 Compete
S04 E13
Top 11 Compete
S04 E14
Top 10 Compete
S04 E15
Top 9 Compete
S04 E16
Top 8 Compete
S04 E17
Top 7 Compete
S04 E18
Top 6 Compete
S04 E19
Top 7 Compete
S04 E20
Top 6 Compete
S04 E21
Top 5 Compete (1)
S04 E22
Top 5 Compete (2)
S04 E23
Top 4 Compete
S04 E24
Top 3 Compete
S04 E25
Winner Revealed
Season 5
S05 E01
Top 30 Compete
S05 E02
Top 22 Compete
S05 E03
Top 20 Compete
S05 E04
Top 18 Compete
S05 E05
Top 17 Compete
S05 E06
Top 16 Compete
S05 E07
Top 15 Compete
S05 E08
Top 14 Compete
S05 E09
Top 13 Compete
S05 E10
Top 12 Compete
S05 E11
Top 11 Compete
S05 E12
Top 10 Compete
S05 E13
Top 8 Compete
S05 E14
Top 7 Compete
S05 E15
Top 6 Compete
S05 E16
Top 5 Compete
S05 E17
Top 4 Compete
S05 E18
Top 3 Compete
S05 E19
Winner Revealed
Season 6
S06 E01
Let the Battle Commence: Top 40
S06 E02
The Battle Continues: Top 22
S06 E03
You're the Apple of My Eye
S06 E04
Cinnamon Roll-er Coaster
S06 E05
Clawing to Victory
S06 E06
What Happens in Vegas Steaks in Vegas
S06 E07
Bring Home the Bacon
S06 E08
Happy Birthday MasterChef
S06 E09
Gordon's Greatest Hits
S06 E10
Rice Rice Baby
S06 E11
Moo-vers and Bakers
S06 E12
Family Reunion
S06 E13
A Little Southern Flare
S06 E14
Getting A-Head in the Competition
S06 E15
A Storm's a Brewing
S06 E16
The Restaurant Takeover
S06 E17
Return of the Champions
S06 E18
Think Inside the Box
S06 E19
Team Gordon Ramsay
S06 E20
The Finale
Season 7
S07 E01
Battle for a White Apron (1)
S07 E02
Battle for a White Apron (2)
S07 E03
Wolfgang Puck
S07 E04
A MasterChef Wedding
S07 E05
A Mexican Mystery
S07 E06
Gordon Ramsay Masterclass
S07 E07
Vets, Jets, and Home Cooks
S07 E08
The Good, the Bad, and the Offal
S07 E09
A Piece of Cake
S07 E10
The Weakest Links
S07 E11
Sweet Surprise
S07 E12
5 Star Food
S07 E13
Hot Potato
S07 E14
Tag Team
S07 E15
Pop-Up Restaurant
S07 E16
Family Drama
S07 E17
Critics Choice
S07 E18
The Finale (1)
S07 E19
The Finale (2)
Season 8
S08 E01
Battle for a White Apron (1)
S08 E02
Battle for a White Apron (2)
S08 E03
America's Grocery Bag
S08 E04
Feeding the Lifeguards
S08 E05
Shell-Shocked & Scrambled
S08 E06
Silenced by the Lambs
S08 E07
Breakfast, Lunch & Winner
S08 E08
Whole-y Cow!
S08 E09
Holy Cannoli
S08 E10
The MasterChef Returns
S08 E11
Vegas Deluxe & Oyster Shucks
S08 E12
In a Pinch
S08 E13
Gordon's Game of Chicken
S08 E14
A Mexican Tag Team Challenge
S08 E15
The Great Outdoors
S08 E16
Chopsticks & Pasta
S08 E17
Pop-Up Restaurant
S08 E18
Something Fishy
S08 E19
The Semi-Finals
S08 E20
The Finale (1)
S08 E21
The Finale (2)
Season 9
S09 E01
The Judges Do Battle (1)
S09 E02
The Judges Do Battle (2)
S09 E03
The Judges Do Battle (3)
S09 E04
Home State Heroes
S09 E05
Gordon Ramsay Masterclass
S09 E06
Trouble Brewing
S09 E07
World Cup Dishes
S09 E08
A Gordon Ramsay Wedding
S09 E09
The Big Not Easy
S09 E10
Rise or Fall
S09 E11
The Kids are Alright
S09 E12
Frying Tonight
S09 E13
Just for the Halibut
S09 E14
Sky's the Limit
S09 E15
Tag Team
S09 E16
American Heroes
S09 E17
Waste Not Want Not
S09 E18
Restaurant Takeover
S09 E19
Cooking with Heart
S09 E20
Battle of the Beef
S09 E21
The Semi Final
S09 E22
The Finale (1)
S09 E23
The Finale (2)
Season 10
S10 E01
The Epic 10th Season Auditions (1)
S10 E02
Auditions: The Battle Round (2)
S10 E03
Gordon's Mystery Box
S10 E04
10th Season Pool Party!
S10 E05
The Blind Chicken Show
S10 E06
Hot & Spicy
S10 E07
Gordon Takes on a Tarte
S10 E08
Joe Takes a Risk
S10 E09
Tag Team Tears & Tantrums
S10 E10
Gerron's Wedding
S10 E11
Backyard BBQ
S10 E12
King of the Crabs
S10 E13
Someone's Toast
S10 E14
Let Them Eat Cake
S10 E15
Small Dessert, Big Problems
S10 E16
NASCAR - Finish Line Feed
S10 E17
Box in a Box in a Box
S10 E18
Mind Blowing Food
S10 E19
Pigging Out
S10 E20
One Pan Wonder
S10 E21
Family Reunion
S10 E22
London Calling (1)
S10 E23
London Calling (2)
S10 E24
The Finale (1)
S10 E25
The Finale (2)
Season 11
S11 E01
Emeril Lagasse: Auditions Round 1
S11 E02
Curtis Stone: Auditions Round 2
S11 E03
Paula Deen: Auditions Round 3
S11 E04
Chef Morimoto: Monkfish Challenge
S11 E05
Sherry Yard: Dessert Challenge
S11 E06
Michael Mina: Meat Roulette
S11 E07
Nancy Silverton: Pasta Challenge
S11 E08
Jonathan Waxman: California Mystery Box
S11 E09
Roy Choi: Elevated Street Food
S11 E10
Cook for Your Legend
S11 E11
Dominique Crenn: The Wall
S11 E12
Niki Nakayama: Kaiseki
S11 E13
Legends Dinner
S11 E14
Ludo Lefebvre: Timed Out Mystery Box
S11 E15
Semi-Final: 3 Chef Showdown (1)
S11 E16
Semi-Final: 3 Chef Showdown (2)
S11 E17
Curtis Stone: Finale (1)
S11 E18
Michael Cimarusti: Finale (2)
Season 12
S12 E01
Back to Win - Audition Battles
S12 E02
Back to Win - Audition Battles (Part 2)
S12 E03
Back to Win - Audition Battles (Part 3)
S12 E04
Dish That Sent You Home
S12 E05
Winners Mystery Box - Spirit of Vegas
S12 E06
Back to Win: Feeding the U.S. Coast Guard
S12 E07
Gordon Ramsay Loves Vegans!
S12 E08
Southern Fusion with Guest Chef Tiffany Derry
S12 E09
Bake to Win
S12 E10
Cooking for Horse Town U.S.A.
S12 E11
Winners Mystery Box - Christine Ha
S12 E12
Tag Team
S12 E13
GrubHub Challenge
S12 E14
Gas Station Gourmet
S12 E15
Winners Mystery Box - Gerron Hurt
S12 E16
The Wall
S12 E17
S12 E18
Semi Finals
S12 E19
Finale Part 1 - Special Guest Graham Elliot
S12 E20
Finale Part 2 - Special Guest Christina Tosi
Season 13
S13 E01
Regional Auditions - The Northeast
S13 E02
Regional Auditions - The Midwest
S13 E03
Regional Auditions - The West
Episode 1
Just Like Gordon
Episode 2
Batter Hurry Up
Episode 3
Kitchen Emergency
Episode 4
A Presidential Mystery Box
Episode 5
Episode 6
Celebrity Showdown
Episode 7
Celebrity Showdown (1)
Episode 8
Celebrity Showdown (2)
Episode 9
Quest for an Apron (2)
Episode 10
Celebrity Showdown (2016)
Episode 11
Episode 1
Episode 12
Celebrity Showdown (2017)
Episode 13
Episode 2
Episode 14
Celebrity Family Showdown (2019) Part 1
Episode 15
Episode 3
Episode 16
Celebrity Family Showdown (2019) Part 2
Episode 17
Episode 4
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