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Hidden Passion

Hidden Passion

2003 - 2022  •  Telemundo  •  8 days  •  2 seasons  •  281 episodes
20 votes
2845 votes
# 2200
Drama, Soap, Romance
Three brothers seek to avenge the tragic death of a loved one, but become emotionally entangled with the daughters of those they hold responsible.
  Previously Aired Episode
Episode 104 Aired on 07/20/2022
Episode 104
Season 2: Episode 104
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
281 episodes total
Hidden Passion | Pasion de gavilanes Intro (English Subtitles)
Season 1 2
Season 1
S01 E01
Bernardo and Libia are lovers
S01 E02
The discovery
S01 E03
Bernardo's fate
S01 E04
Libia's tragedy
S01 E05
The Reyes brothers at the Elizondo ranch
S01 E06
The new workers
S01 E07
An eye for an eye
S01 E08
Seducing the Elizondos
S01 E09
The first approaches
S01 E10
A big heart
S01 E11
Franco is injured
S01 E12
For the Elizondo fortune
S01 E13
Alcala Bar
S01 E14
S01 E15
Awakened instincts
S01 E16
Oscar's Plans
S01 E17
Jimena's promise
S01 E18
Leandro's Shamelessness
S01 E19
Ruth's presence
S01 E20
Fernando's desperation
S01 E21
The history of Libia
S01 E22
Between Jimena and Rosario
S01 E23
Eva approaches Ruth
S01 E24
The Alcala Bar owner
S01 E25
A night in the dessert
S01 E26
Jimena's Return
S01 E27
Accept me as I am
S01 E28
Norma's surprise
S01 E29
A new singer
S01 E30
The key is the commercial
S01 E31
The divorce decision
S01 E32
Gateway to commitment
S01 E33
The cottage
S01 E34
Oscar and Jimena's big day
S01 E35
Dealing with Jimena
S01 E36
A life change
S01 E37
I'm not accustomed to this
S01 E38
Daughter's rescue
S01 E39
Norma's secret
S01 E40
Norma leaves the ranch
S01 E41
Franco's strategy
S01 E42
Private secretary
S01 E43
The photograph
S01 E44
The fate of Libia Reyes
S01 E45
Dinner and poison
S01 E46
Oscar's close call
S01 E47
Denouncing the Reyes brothers
S01 E48
Eva's revenge
S01 E49
The Reyes brothers are thrown out on the street
S01 E50
Franco's fortune
S01 E51
Eduvina goes berserk
S01 E52
The mistreatment
S01 E53
The Reyes brothers at Trueba Ranch
S01 E54
Change of luck
S01 E55
Landowners meeting
S01 E56
Falling at the fence
S01 E57
A party for the Reyes brothers
S01 E58
Juan's Child
S01 E59
All for love
S01 E60
The truth about Ruth
S01 E61
The medallion
S01 E62
TV commercial heartthrob
S01 E63
TV commercial kiss
S01 E64
The baptism
S01 E65
Together forever
S01 E66
An attack against Franco
S01 E67
Love attack
S01 E68
Franco's rescue
S01 E69
Jimena's revenge
S01 E70
False accusations
S01 E71
Lies and confusion
S01 E72
Car bomb
S01 E73
A shocking sight
S01 E74
Gaining freedom
S01 E75
Fatal attraction
S01 E76
The Elizondo sisters go on the defense
S01 E77
The trap
S01 E78
Martín's kidnapping
S01 E79
Evidence against Dínora
S01 E80
Martín's misfortune
S01 E81
Norma wants to live with Juan
S01 E82
The dress
S01 E83
Ruth defends the truth
S01 E84
For the love of Franco
S01 E85
Adopted child
S01 E86
Ruth's departure
S01 E87
Libia in Ruth
S01 E88
Return for revenge
S01 E89
S01 E90
For freedom
S01 E91
A plea to return
S01 E92
Spotted alive
S01 E93
Suspicious movements
S01 E94
Another kidnapping
S01 E95
Cabin of torture
S01 E96
More of a woman
S01 E97
Armando finds Rosario
S01 E98
Embraces that kill
S01 E99
The cabin is discovered
S01 E100
Very close
S01 E101
No return
S01 E102
The rescue
S01 E103
The welcome
S01 E104
The snitch
S01 E105
Sarita's punishment
S01 E106
The promotion
S01 E107
Gabriela's new look
S01 E108
Twenty years younger
S01 E109
The big day
S01 E110
Benito's luck
S01 E111
Who is my mother?
S01 E112
A terrible accident
S01 E113
Eva defends Ruth
S01 E114
Bitter honeymoon
S01 E115
A terrible mistake
S01 E116
Welcome home party
S01 E117
United for battle
S01 E118
Leónidas's misjudgment
S01 E119
The new employees
S01 E120
Sarita and Rosario fight
S01 E121
Behind the attacks against Juan
S01 E122
Warring employees
S01 E123
More shots fired
S01 E124
Nosy Carmela
S01 E125
Outside the ranch
S01 E126
Strange movements
S01 E127
Dínora the viper
S01 E128
Jimena's trauma
S01 E129
Jimena's choice
S01 E130
Dínora's whereabouts
S01 E131
There is nobody more blind
S01 E132
The horse fair
S01 E133
Norma's complaints
S01 E134
Crisis of jealousy
S01 E135
My real mother
S01 E136
Fernando's negotiations
S01 E137
Caught in the act
S01 E138
Danger at the Elizondo ranch
S01 E139
Surprise party
S01 E140
A happy birthday?
S01 E141
Juan, Norma and their child
S01 E142
Worried about the future
S01 E143
S01 E144
Last-minute change
S01 E145
Juan and Norma's big day
S01 E146
On alert
S01 E147
Still alive
S01 E148
Fernando's lover
S01 E149
On the run again
S01 E150
Gabriela is cornered
S01 E151
I stay with Fernando
S01 E152
Martín is in danger
S01 E153
Changes at the Elizondo ranch
S01 E154
Father's promise
S01 E155
S01 E156
Foreboding dreams
S01 E157
Left for dead
S01 E158
Total normality
S01 E159
As if he were Martín
S01 E160
Not my father
S01 E161
Serious problems
S01 E162
Dangerous games
S01 E163
A plan to kill
S01 E164
Just say no to drugs
S01 E165
S01 E166
Death for an indiscretion
S01 E167
Benito's claim
S01 E168
Signature of power
S01 E169
A guardian angel
S01 E170
S01 E171
Jewelry robbery
S01 E172
Hortencia makes a statement
S01 E173
Rescue squad
S01 E174
Gabriela's rescue
S01 E175
S01 E176
Armando's fate
S01 E177
Ransom scam
S01 E178
To catch a thief
S01 E179
Lost in the swamp
S01 E180
I won't leave you
S01 E181
Bumps and bites
S01 E182
Tired of the burden
S01 E183
Dínora's fate
S01 E184
Rescue expedition
S01 E185
Uncle Aníbal
S01 E186
Juan finds a way out
S01 E187
S01 E188
A happy ending
Season 2
S02 E01
Beyond a threat
S02 E02
After the enemy
S02 E03
Endangered love
S02 E04
A passion in stakes
S02 E05
S02 E06
A hunch
S02 E07
A storm from the past
S02 E08
Victim of manipulation
S02 E09
Burning desire
S02 E10
Where is Adela?
S02 E11
Reyes under attack
S02 E12
Explosive meeting
S02 E13
Guilty or not guilty
S02 E14
Bone of contention
S02 E15
Dangerous curiosity
S02 E16
Destiny impact
S02 E17
Fragile emotions
S02 E18
Nervous breakdown
S02 E19
In jeopardy
S02 E20
S02 E21
Like the first time
S02 E22
S02 E23
Impending revenge
S02 E24
Anxiety through the roof
S02 E25
Hard evidence
S02 E26
Fear of losing her
S02 E27
A real wolf
S02 E28
Marking territory
S02 E29
Panic at San Marcos
S02 E30
Unchained tensions
S02 E31
Crazy about controlling her
S02 E32
S02 E33
Wounded beast
S02 E34
An abyss between us
S02 E35
S02 E36
Lethal disclosure
S02 E37
Out of control
S02 E38
Between you and me
S02 E39
S02 E40
A visit from the devil
S02 E41
Tremors of fury
S02 E42
S02 E43
Deadly offensive
S02 E44
Catastrophic hoax
S02 E45
S02 E46
After the stalker
S02 E47
Fatal target
S02 E48
Search for the attacker
S02 E49
Cornered by a lie
S02 E50
Romina's Revenge
S02 E51
Looking for a reconciliation
S02 E52
Harassment victim
S02 E53
Cruel attack
S02 E54
Tainted soul
S02 E55
S02 E56
Franco's secret
S02 E57
On the verge of torture
S02 E58
Dangerous rescue
S02 E59
S02 E60
Rosario's fate
S02 E61
A poignant return
S02 E62
The cost of an absence
S02 E63
Franco's concerns
S02 E64
Long awaited meeting
S02 E65
Overflown emotions
S02 E66
Intense reunion
S02 E67
Unstoppable battle
S02 E68
Ineludible emotion
S02 E69
Norma's courage
S02 E70
S02 E71
Love secret
S02 E83
Episode 83
S02 E84
Episode 84
S02 E85
Episode 85
S02 E86
Episode 86
S02 E87
Episode 87
S02 E88
Episode 88
S02 E89
Episode 89
S02 E90
Episode 90
S02 E91
Episode 91
S02 E92
Episode 92
S02 E93
Episode 93
S02 E94
Episode 94
S02 E95
Episode 95
S02 E96
Episode 96
S02 E97
Episode 97
S02 E98
Episode 98
S02 E99
Episode 99
S02 E100
Episode 100
S02 E101
Episode 101
S02 E102
Episode 102
S02 E103
Episode 103
S02 E104
Episode 104
Episode 1
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