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The Infinite Review

The Infinite Review

2012 - Now  •  12:00 AM on YouTube  •  2 seasons  •  89 episodes
0 vote
Comedy, Documentary, Indie
I have been tasked with reviewing the entire universe. Join me!
  Previously Aired Episode
Tetris McNugget Aired on 08/28/2023
Tetris McNugget
Season 2: Episode 52
Season 1 2
Season 1
S01 E01
MechaGamezilla - Tomb Raider II
S01 E02
MechaGamezilla - Gears of War 3
S01 E03
MechaGamezilla - Tapper
S01 E04
MechaGamezilla - Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
S01 E05
MechaGamezilla - Jumping Flash
S01 E06
MechaGamezilla - Jurassic Park Roundup with Jeff Goldblum
S01 E07
MechaGamezilla - Global Defence Force
S01 E08
MechaGamezilla - メカゲームジラ ジャパンニュース!!!
S01 E09
MechaGamezilla - E3 2012
S01 E10
MechaGamezilla - Christmas Special 2012
S01 E11
MechaGamezilla - Sumotori Dreams
S01 E12
MechaGamezilla - Demolition Girl
S01 E13
MechaGamezilla - Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed
S01 E14
MechaGamezilla - Antichamber
S01 E15
MechaGamezilla - The Archives: 1999
S01 E16
MechaGamezilla - Christmas Special 2013
S01 E17
MechaGamezilla - Ocarina of Time
S01 E18
MechaGamezilla - The Ouija Review
S01 E19
MechaGamezilla - Diabolik
S01 E20
MechaGamezilla - E3 Predictions
S01 E21
MechaGamezilla - Mario Kart 8
S01 E22
MechaGamezilla - Kingdom Hearts
S01 E23
MechaGamezilla - Yakuza
S01 E24
MechaGamezilla - Yume Nikki
S01 E25
MechaGamezilla - Christmas Special 2014
S01 E26
MechaGamezilla - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
S01 E27
MechaGamezilla - Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip To Japan~
S01 E28
MechaGamezilla - My Strange Addiction
S01 E29
MechaGamezilla - Harry Potter
S01 E30
MechaGamezilla - Christmas Special 2015
S01 E31
MechaGamezilla - Crowdfunding
S01 E32
MechaGamezilla - Space Hulk
S01 E33
MechaGamezilla - All Alone With Daddy
S01 E34
MechaGamezilla - No Christmas Special 2016
S01 E35
MechaGamezilla - Three Lions
S01 E36
MechaGamezilla - Last Christmas
S01 E37
Season 2
S02 E01
45 Toilet Rolls
S02 E02
The Beast From The East
S02 E03
All the Star Trek Movies
S02 E04
The Demon Core
S02 E05
E3 2018
S02 E06
S02 E07
S02 E08
Start Cereal
S02 E09
Christmas Special 2018
S02 E10
Cookery In Colour
S02 E11
The Hellfire Club
S02 E12
Valor's Kids
S02 E13
E3 2019
S02 E14
S02 E15
The Attic
S02 E16
All the Resident Evil Movies
S02 E17
Christmas Special 2019
S02 E18
International Cookery In Colour
S02 E19
S02 E20
S02 E21
Final Fantasy VII Remake
S02 E22
E3 2020
S02 E23
The Animal Crossing Incident
S02 E24
The Constellations
S02 E25
Star Trek: Bridge Crew
S02 E26
Christmas Special 2020
S02 E27
The Nazi Films About Ireland
S02 E28
Super Mario 3D World
S02 E29
The Future
S02 E30
Fatal Deviation
S02 E31
E3 2021
S02 E32
Neon Genesis Evangelion
S02 E33
Building a PC
S02 E34
Rave MacBeth
S02 E35
Christmas Special 2021
S02 E36
Japan (and Sonic Curry)
S02 E37
The Bandai RX-78 Gundam Personal Computer
S02 E38
The Satellite Game
S02 E39
Evangelion Typing Games
S02 E40
Celebrity Train Layouts
S02 E41
E3 2022
S02 E42
Every Dreamcast Fishing Game
S02 E43
Ireland's Wall of Death Movie
S02 E44
Guides to Gaming
S02 E45
Virtual Boy
S02 E46
Christmas Special 2022
S02 E47
Pirates Cove
S02 E48
Every Dreamcast Light Gun Game
S02 E49
The Complete Storyline of Tekken (So Far)
S02 E50
E3 2023
S02 E51
Thatcher's Techbase
S02 E52
Tetris McNugget
Episode 1
MechaGamezilla - Anita Sarkeesian's Kickstarter Project
Episode 2
MechaGamezilla - 4 MechaGamezillas Play CROC PART 43
Episode 3
MechaGamezilla - Vanquish
Episode 4
MechaGamezilla - Burgertime
Episode 5
MechaGamezilla - Get Fit With Mel B
Episode 6
MechaGamezilla - Casey Duck Butter Duck
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