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The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beechnut Show

The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beechnut Show

1958 - 1960  •  ABC (US)  •  56 hours  •  135 episodes
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The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beechnut Show was Dick Clark's second attempt at a prime time show. His first, a prime-time version of American Bandstand, ran only 13 weeks. The Beechnut Show was much more successful lasting almost 3 years. The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beechnut Show was broadcast live ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Final show (with highlights from past shows) Aired on 09/10/1960
Final show (with highlights from past shows)
Season 3: Episode 53
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
135 episodes total
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
Premiere show: Jerry Lee Lewis; Johnny Ray; Connie Francis; Pat Boone
S01 E02
Chuck Berry; Danny & the Juniors; Johnny Carson; Bill Justis; The Chordet...
S01 E03
The Chantels; John Zacherle; The Four Dates; Teresa Brewer; Eddie Platt; ...
S01 E04
Jerry Lee Lewis; The Silhouettes
S01 E05
Frankie Avalon; Andy Williams; Huey Smith
S01 E06
Sam Cooke; Bill Haley; the Diamonds
S01 E07
Fats Domino; Joni James; Don Gibson; The Voxpoppers; The Four Lads
S01 E08
Everly Brothers; Paul Anka; The Shirelles; Tommy Sands; Jimmy McCracklin;...
S01 E09
Dale Hawkins; Lou Monte; Robert and Johnny; The Monotones; Four Preps
S01 E10
Carl Perkins; The Four Aces
S01 E11
The Chordettes; Connie Francis; Bobby Freeman
S01 E12
The Champs; Jimmie Rodgers; Valerie Carr; Ersel Hickey; Wally Lewis
S01 E13
Mickey & Sylvia; Link Wray; Dickie Doo and The Don'ts; Jan and Arnie, Bob...
S01 E14
Chuck Berry; Frankie Lymon; Betty Johnson
S01 E15
Johnny Nash; Bobby Helms; Dion & the Belmonts
S01 E16
The Coasters; Ed Townsend; Johnny Nash
S01 E17
Tony Bennett; The Hearts; Lee Andrews
S01 E18
Frankie Avalon; The Royal Teens; Toni Arden
S01 E19
From Atlantic City: Danny & the Juniors
S01 E20
Paul Anka; Fabian; The Diamonds; The Kalin Twins; The Danleers
S01 E21
Johnny Cash; Jan and Arnie; Bobby Freeman; Don Cornell; The Upbeats
S01 E22
David Seville; Jerry Butler; Jimmy Clanton; Don Gibson; Lillian Briggs; J...
S01 E23
From Miami: Jack Scott; Bobby Darin; Duane Eddy; George Hamilton IV; The ...
S01 E24
Connie Francis; Tony & Joe
S01 E25
Les Paul & Mary Ford; The Olympics; Buddy Knox
S01 E26
The Elegants; Ray Smith
S01 E27
The Coasters; Frankie Avalon; Kirby Stone Four
S01 E28
Chuck Berry; Dale Hawkins; The Imperials
S01 E29
Jim Reeves; Bill Haley; Poni-Tails; Betty Madigan
Season 2
S02 E01
Tommy Edwards; Ruth Brown; Quin-Tones
S02 E02
Fabian; Johnny Nash; Somethin' Smith & The Redheads; Johnny and Joe
S02 E03
The Big Bopper
S02 E04
Connie Francis; Bobby Freeman; Gordon MacRae
S02 E05
Jimmy Clanton
S02 E06
From Atlanta: Sam Cooke; Joni James; Conway Twitty
S02 E07
Sonny James; Neil Sedaka; Julius LaRosa; The Royal Tones; Cozy Cole; Fran...
S02 E08
Buddy Holly; Frankie Avalon; Don Gibson
S02 E09
Bobby Darin; Everly Brothers; The Olympics
S02 E10
Fats Domino; Gordon MacRae; Don Rondo
S02 E11
The Teddy Bears; Polly Bergen; Clyde McPhatter
S02 E12
The Big Bopper; The Cadillacs; Poni-Tails
S02 E13
Dick Clark Birthday Show - Bobby Darin; Sal Mineo
S02 E14
Duane Eddy; Fabian; Betty Johnson
S02 E15
Fats Domino; June Valli
S02 E16
Johnny Cash; Lloyd Price; Neil Sedaka
S02 E17
Ritchie Valens; Jackie Wilson; The Diamonds
S02 E18
Tab Hunter; David Seville; The Nu Tornados
S02 E19
LaVern Baker; Bobby Darin; Annette Funicello
S02 E20
Dion & the Belmonts; Fabian; The Platters; Conway Twitty
S02 E21
Joni James; Bill Parsons; The Wild-Cats
S02 E22
Dave Apple; Earl Grant; Gordon MacRae; Mitch Miller
S02 E23
Dave Apple & the Applejacks; The Bell Notes; Thomas Wayne
S02 E24
1st Anniversary Show - Frankie Avalon; Connie Francis
S02 E25
Cathy Carr; The Diamonds; Billy Williams
S02 E26
Bobby Freeman; Neil Sedaka; Dodie Stevens
S02 E27
Paul Anka; The Coasters; Fabian; Dale Hawkins
S02 E28
Frankie Avalon; Sam Cooke; The Fleetwoods; Lou Monte; Art and Dottie Todd
S02 E29
Annette Funicello; Frankie Ford; Jackie Wilson; Link Wray
S02 E30
The Chordettes; Tab Hunter; Lloyd Price
S02 E31
Connie Stevens & Edd Byrnes / Dion & the Belmonts
S02 E32
Gail Davis; The Impalas; Rod Bernard
S02 E33
Fabian; Neil Sedaka; Roy Hamilton
S02 E34
The Fleetwoods; Johnny Nash; Kathy Linden
S02 E35
Bobby Darin; Connie Francis; The Crests
S02 E36
Paul Anka; Ronnie Hawkins; The Skyliners
S02 E37
Jimmie Rodgers; LaVern Baker; Don French
S02 E38
Chubby Checker; Frankie Avalon; Ray Peterson
S02 E39
Duane Eddy; Annette Funicello; Four Preps
S02 E40
Dave Baby Cortez; Vic Damone; Dale Hawkins
S02 E41
Dee Clark; Preston Epps; Carl Dobkins Jr.
S02 E42
Sam Cooke; James Darren; Stonewall Jackson; Julius LaRosa
S02 E43
Paul Anka; Dee Clark; Jerry Keller; Jack Scott
S02 E44
The Impalas; Clyde McPhatter; The Playmates; Tommy Sands
S02 E45
The Flamingos; The Virtues; Anita Bryant; Dick Caruso
S02 E46
Chuck Berry; Bobby Rydell; Skip & Flip; Kathy Linden
S02 E47
The Falcons; Annette Funicello; Stonewall Jackson
S02 E48
Jackie Wilson; Bill Haley; Jimmy Clanton; Santo & Johnny
S02 E49
Freddy Cannon; Sammy Turner; The Tempos; Lu Ann Simms; Thomas Wayne
S02 E50
Tommy Edwards; The Browns; Jack Scott; Johnny & the Hurricanes
S02 E51
From Hollywood: Bobby Darin; Fabian; Dodie Stevens
S02 E52
From Hollywood: Tab Hunter; Connie Stevens; Johnny Horton; The Diamonds; ...
S02 E53
From Hollywood: Jan & Dean; Duane Eddy; Frankie Avalon
Season 3
S03 E01
Paul Anka; Bobby Rydell; Neil Sedaka; Roberta Shore
S03 E02
Chuck Conners; Freddy Cannon; Joni James
S03 E03
Dee Clark; Dion & the Belmonts; Skip & Flip
S03 E04
Connie Francis; Sandy Nelson; Paul Evans; Dale Hawkins
S03 E05
Eddie Cochran; Isley Brothers; Sammy Turner; The Fireflies
S03 E06
Conway Twitty; Kitty Kalen; The Spacemen; The Passions
S03 E07
Jan & Dean; The Royal Teens; Jack Scott; Jesse Belvin
S03 E08
Santo & Johnny; The Revels; The Crests; Carl Mann; Larry Hall
S03 E09
Annette Funicello; Bobby Rydell; The Skyliners; Ernie Fields
S03 E10
Fabian; Jimmy Clanton; Johnny & the Hurricanes
S03 E11
The Browns; Freddy Cannon; Frankie Laine; Dodie Stevens
S03 E12
Bobby Freeman; Lloyd Price; Gary Stites; Frankie Avalon; Rod Lauren
S03 E13
Connie Francis; Paul Anka; Neil Sedaka; Marv Johnson
S03 E14
Gloria De Haven; Johnny Preston; The Fireflies
S03 E15
Jackie Wilson; Toni Fisher; Bill Black; Anita Bryant
S03 E16
Brook Benton; Freddy Cannon; Jimmy Clanton; Ray Peterson
S03 E17
Little Anthony and the Imperials; Jack Scott; Santo & Johnny
S03 E18
Duane Eddy; Jerry Wallace; Titus Turner; Jamie Horton
S03 E19
Bobby Rydell; Dale Hawkins; Paul Evans; The Knockouts
S03 E20
Everly Brothers; Mark Dinning; Jimmy Jones; Robin Luke; Jack Scott; Rod L...
S03 E21
Chuck Berry; Mitzi Gaynor; Dee Clark; Lloyd Price
S03 E22
Jim Reeves; Webb Pierce; Jill Corey; Sandy Nelson; Adam Wade
S03 E23
Brenda Lee; Paul Anka; Annette Funicello; The Crew-Cuts
S03 E24
Frankie Ford; Bill Haley & the Comets; Bob Beckham
S03 E25
Dion & the Belmonts; Marv Johnson; Janice Harper; Paul Evans
S03 E26
Nick Adams; Bobby Rydell; Johnny & the Hurricanes
S03 E27
Jackie Wilson; Fabian; Santo & Johnny; The Crests
S03 E28
Dorsey Burnett; Bobby Darin; The Coasters; Freddy Cannon
S03 E29
Johnny Cash; Frankie Avalon; The Browns
S03 E30
Johnny Horton; Connie Francis; Lloyd Price; Johnny Ferguson
S03 E31
Dion & the Belmonts; Adam Wade; Anita Bryant; June Valli
S03 E32
Jan & Dean; Bobby Rydell; Jack Scott; Bill Black's Combo
S03 E33
Paul Anka; Billy Bland; Brothers Four; Billy & Lillie
S03 E34
Jackie Wilson; Freddy Cannon; Conway Twitty; Rod Lauren
S03 E35
Duane Eddy & the Rebel Rousers; Annette Funicello; Skip & Flip
S03 E36
Connie Francis; Bobby Freeman; The Fleetwoods
S03 E37
Neil Sedaka; Jimmy Clanton; Kitty Kallen; Mark Dinning
S03 E38
Jimmy Jones; LaVern Baker; Harold Dorman; Anita Bryant
S03 E39
Johnny Preston; Santo & Johnny; Frankie Avalon; The Playmates
S03 E40
Bobby Darin; The Crests; The Fendermen; The Skyliners
S03 E41
The Safaris; The Hollywood Argyles; Jimmy Rodgers
S03 E42
Jan & Dean; Dorsey Burnette; The Olympics; The Four Preps
S03 E43
Brenda Lee; Freddy Cannon; Tommy Edwards; Jack Scott
S03 E44
The Everly Brothers; Jeanne Black; Deane Hawley
S03 E45
Brian Hyland; Bobby Rydell
S03 E46
Roy Orbison; The Crests; Donnie Brooks; Anita Bryant
S03 E47
Jimmy Clanton; Johnny & the Hurricanes; Jerry Wallace
S03 E48
Chubby Checker; Conway Twitty; Ray Peterson
S03 E49
Frankie Lymon; Jim Reeves; Dion and the Belmonts
S03 E50
Jackie Wilson; Joanie Sommers; Annette Funicello; Neil Sedaka
S03 E51
The Ventures; Lloyd Price; Jamie Horton; Fabian
S03 E52
The Platters; Mark Dinning; Viscounts; Danny & the Juniors
S03 E53
Final show (with highlights from past shows)
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