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Swamp People

Swamp People

2010 - Now  •  Thursday 09:00 PM on History  •   5 days
8 votes
2001 votes
# 6691
Deep in the heart of Louisiana lies America's largest swamp–a million miles of inhospitable bayous, marshes and wetlands where nature rules and humans struggle to tame it. Many of its inhabitants are the hardened descendants of French refugees who were forced out of Canada in the 18th century and settled ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
Crocogator Aired on 05/23/2019
Season 10: Episode 16
Swamp People | Swamp People: Season 8 - Official Trailer | Premieres February 16 9/8c | History
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Season 1
S01 E01
Big Head Bites It
S01 E02
Houdini's Last Escape
S01 E03
Troy's Gamble
S01 E04
Cannibal Gator
S01 E05
Forces of Nature
S01 E06
Family Feuds
S01 E07
Swamp Wars
S01 E08
Gator Voodoo
S01 E09
Final Countdown
S01 E10
The Last Battle
Season 2
S02 E01
Gator Gauntlet
S02 E02
Hunter or Hunted?
S02 E03
Shooting Wild
S02 E04
First Mates
S02 E05
Hot Pursuit
S02 E06
Dark Waters
S02 E07
Deadly Skies
S02 E08
Rising Sons
S02 E09
Full Moon Fever
S02 E10
It's Personal
S02 E11
Beat the Clock
S02 E12
Rising Pressure
S02 E13
House Divided
S02 E14
Two Captains, One Family
S02 E15
2 Days to Tag Out
S02 E16
Swamp Showdown
Season 3
S03 E01
Gator Gold Rush
S03 E02
No Guts, No Gator
S03 E03
Divide to Conquer
S03 E04
Monster Marsh
S03 E05
S03 E06
Treebreaker 2
S03 E07
Something Wicked this Way Comes
S03 E08
Rising Waters
S03 E09
S03 E10
Gates of Hell
S03 E11
Under Seige
S03 E12
Secret Weapons
S03 E13
S03 E14
Voodoo Bayou
S03 E15
Turf War
S03 E16
Big Gators, Big Dollars
S03 E17
Never Say Die
S03 E18
S03 E19
King of the Swamp
S03 E20
Man Down
S03 E21
Fight to the Finish
S03 E22
Season 4
S04 E01
Swamp Invaders
S04 E02
Texas Hold 'Em
S04 E03
Floating Dead
S04 E04
Bad Mojo
S04 E05
Blood Lines
S04 E06
Waging War
S04 E07
Deadly Chill
S04 E08
No Surrender
S04 E09
Breaking Point
S04 E10
S04 E11
Ride Or Die
S04 E12
S04 E13
Young Blood
S04 E14
Deadly Duo
S04 E15
Lightning Strikes
S04 E16
S04 E17
Down Goes the King
S04 E18
Blood Runs Deep
S04 E19
Beast of the East
S04 E20
The Reaper
S04 E21
Deadly Divide
S04 E22
No Tomorrow
Season 5
S05 E01
Once Bitten
S05 E02
Aerial Assault
S05 E03
Gator Jacked
S05 E04
S05 E05
The Albino Assassin
S05 E06
S05 E07
Devil at the Door
S05 E08
Gator Ghost Town
S05 E09
S05 E10
Rumble in the Swamp
S05 E11
Beast of the Lake
S05 E12
Way of the Swamp
S05 E13
Outer Limits
S05 E14
Blood Brothers
S05 E15
Swamp Ambush
S05 E16
Beasts or Bust
S05 E17
Captain Invincible
S05 E18
Unbreakable Bonds
S05 E19
S05 E20
Day of Reckoning
S05 E21
Lethal Encounters
Season 6
S06 E01
Bounty on the Bayou
S06 E02
Gator Gridlock
S06 E03
Twister Trouble
S06 E04
Feast or Fawn
S06 E05
Pirate of the Bayou
S06 E06
Gator Slayer
S06 E07
S06 E08
Bad Lands
S06 E09
Outlaw & Disorder
S06 E10
Crooked Jaw
S06 E11
Blood Moon
S06 E12
Bounty or Bust
S06 E13
Royal Reunion
S06 E14
Bait & Switch
S06 E15
The Three Kings
S06 E16
The Phantom
S06 E17
Gator Boo-Fay
S06 E18
Here Gator Gator
S06 E19
Of Gods & Otters
S06 E20
Now or Never
Season 7
S07 E01
High Water Hell
S07 E02
The Code of the Swamp
S07 E03
All Hands on Deck
S07 E04
Home Turf
S07 E05
Monster Men
S07 E06
The Party's Over
S07 E07
Sweet Revenge
S07 E08
Gamblin' Man
S07 E09
Better Late Than Never
S07 E10
Cannibal Country
S07 E11
Big Claw
S07 E12
Home Stretch
S07 E13
End of the Line
Season 8
S08 E01
The Hunt Begins
S08 E02
Fresh Blood
S08 E03
S08 E04
Vampire Gator
S08 E05
Landry vs Landry
S08 E06
Big Boy Mccoy
S08 E07
Pressure's On
S08 E08
Good Luck, Bad Luck
S08 E09
Bustin Chops
S08 E10
S08 E11
Brutus the Cannibal
S08 E12
Times Runing Out
S08 E13
Racing Sundown
S08 E14
The Hunt Ends
S08 E15
Monster in the Dark
S08 E16
Savage Pursuit
Season 9
S09 E01
Never Surrender
S09 E02
Cajun Cartel
S09 E03
Bruce’s Dilemma
S09 E04
Houdini Returns
S09 E05
Hell Rains Down
S09 E06
Texas 911
S09 E07
Texas Tag Out
S09 E08
Hotter Than Hell
S09 E09
Swamp Ninja
S09 E10
Cajun Combat
S09 E11
Comeback Kings
S09 E12
Black Lagoon Battle
S09 E13
Poacher From Hell
S09 E14
Savage Showdown
S09 E15
Swamp Savage
S09 E16
Lone Hunter
S09 E17
S09 E18
Speed Demons
S09 E19
Danger Zone
S09 E20
United We Stand
Season 10
S10 E01
Clear and Present Danger
S10 E02
Click Click
S10 E03
S10 E04
No Man's Land
S10 E05
Cow Killers
S10 E06
Bringing the Heat
S10 E07
Cajun Cyclone
S10 E08
Raising the Stakes
S10 E09
Hungry for More
S10 E10
Night Terrors
S10 E11
Wild Wild Swamp
S10 E12
Legends of the Swamp
S10 E13
Rolling with the Punches
S10 E14
Tag Out or Die Trying
S10 E15
Voodoo Python
S10 E16
Episode 1
After The Hunt: Father & Son
Episode 2
After The Hunt: Daddy Deer-est
Episode 3
After The Hunt: Bruce's Big Discovery
Episode 4
After The Hunt: Bruce Rolls a Fatty
Episode 5
After The Hunt: Family Froggin'
Episode 6
Season 1 DVD Extras
Episode 7
Season 2 DVD Extras
Episode 8
Episode 9
Swampsgiving 2
Episode 10
Ten Deadliest Hunts
Episode 11
Gator Recon
Episode 12
Swamp Christmas
Episode 13
Ten Most Dangerous Moments
Episode 14
Ten Most Legendary Monsters
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Ken Kenny Ken Kenny 6
Started feeling sorry for the crocs

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