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Penn Point

Penn Point

2010 - 2011   •  Revision3
0 vote
Penn Point is no ordinary vlog. It's an ongoing virtual conversation about what's going on around us. And now you can get a front row seat to his witty, informative, and prolific points of view! Penn has a point that he wants to make...and you won't want to miss it.
  Previously Aired Episode
CONTAGION: Bad Times. Better Movie. Aired on 10/26/2011
CONTAGION: Bad Times. Better Movie.
Season 1: Episode 189
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Series ended
189 episodes total
Season 1
S01 E01
F@#% You Seth MacFarlane!
S01 E02
Behind a Top-Secret Penn & Teller Escape Trick
S01 E03
Why The Kindle is Better Than The iPad
S01 E04
CHIMP ATTACK! - The Monkey Party Story (1)
S01 E05
CHIMP ATTACK! - The Monkey Party Story (2)
S01 E06
How TOP SECRET Information Changed Obama's Promises
S01 E07
Doda is Hot, Smart and Under Arrest!
S01 E08
Why Hand Jobs Are Underrated
S01 E09
Why Not Even SARAH SILVERMAN Trashes Muslims
S01 E10
The Yo-Yo Prankster is Just a Liar!
S01 E11
Why More Politicians Should Be Like Rand Paul
S01 E12
What Secretly Happens Before EVERY Late-Night Talk Show
S01 E13
Penn & Teller's WORST Magic Gig Ever
S01 E14
Anti Vaccination is BULLSHIT
S01 E15
SUPREME COURT Strikes Right to Remain Silent!
S01 E16
Nancy Pelosi is a CRAZY PERSON
S01 E17
S01 E18
New Atlas Shrugged Movie News!
S01 E19
A New Discovery Could Eliminate Breast Cancer
S01 E20
Anti-Islam App BANNED By Apple!
S01 E21
Empire State Building REJECTS Mother Teresa!
S01 E22
Recording Police Abuse Could Get You Arrested
S01 E23
A WARNING To All Americans - Free Speech On Trial
S01 E24
Even If You LOVE Obama, Here's Why You Shouldn't
S01 E25
David Blaine Likes Vampire Movies!
S01 E26
Sexy Woman Freaks Out at George Clinton Concert
S01 E27
Penn Eats Pig with Jews!
S01 E28
The Cruel Consequences of Astrology
S01 E29
Is Steve Martin an Atheist?
S01 E30
Being Ugly in Show Biz?
S01 E31
Gulf Oil Spill Solution Rejected by Dick Cheney
S01 E32
S01 E33
The MOST EXPENSIVE Card Trick Ever
S01 E34
Police Violate Protesters in My Hometown!
S01 E35
Reusable Shopping Bags Pose a Dangerous Risk
S01 E36
Get Out of Speeding Tickets for Life!
S01 E37
Can't Buy Me Love by The Beatles
S01 E38
What Happens to OLD iPhones?
S01 E39
From Penn Jillette's Personal Diary!
S01 E40
Penn's Retort to Tea Party's Dana Loesch!
S01 E41
Why Doing Porn is Better than Being a Barista
S01 E42
Cheerleaders on Penn and Teller: Bullshit!
S01 E43
The MOST Important Celebs in Vegas!
S01 E44
The Planet's Only Animal That Lives Forever
S01 E45
The Hidden Burdens Police Endure Everyday
S01 E46
Gross Snail Facials!
S01 E47
Cash Cab FAIL!
S01 E48
Religious Pray for Atheists to Die?
S01 E49
Racist Editing Ousted Shirley Sherrod
S01 E50
Liberals Think They Understand Everything!
S01 E51
Are Hippies Dirty? Study Says Maybe Not
S01 E52
Penn Disagrees with Christopher Hitchens
S01 E53
What Makes the Best Slam Poetry
S01 E54
The Sexiest Woman Around RIght Now
S01 E55
The Most Common Question Penn Gets
S01 E56
Penn Loses His Hair!
S01 E57
What It's Like to Be On The Simpsons!
S01 E58
Revealing A Brand New Penn and Teller Escape Trick
S01 E59
Penn Tries to Get Us Sued! - Penn Wears Spiderman Underwear
S01 E60
Rascal Flatts Parodies The Hangover in Las Vegas!
S01 E61
Penn's Secret Creepy Movie Night!
S01 E62
What Brought Penn to Tears? (1)
S01 E63
"Man, It F*cked Me Up..." - What Brought Penn to Tears? (2)
S01 E64
Mosques and Musilm Gay Bars Near Ground Zero!
S01 E65
Caught in Glenn Beck's Controversy
S01 E66
Koran Burning is DEADLY! - Terry Jones's Right to Burn Books
S01 E67
Dancing with the Stars Loser!
S01 E68
Jennifer Aniston Says THE R WORD!
S01 E69
Glenn Beck Hate Mail! - What Does Glenn Beck Think of Penn?
S01 E70
The MISSING Piranha 3D Scene
S01 E71
The COOLEST Last Name Ever
S01 E72
How Book Burners Are Like Hitler!
S01 E73
Imagine No Religion on 9/11
S01 E74
Bad Timing on Dancing with the Stars!
S01 E75
CONSPIRACY THEORIES on Penn & Teller: Bullshit
S01 E76
S01 E77
FBI Has Cartoonist VANISH
S01 E78
Pope Compares Atheists to NAZIS
S01 E79
Behind a New MSNBC Show and the Politics of WITCHES
S01 E80
The Science Behind Red Sea Parting
S01 E81
Is it Ethical to Download Free Music?
S01 E82
Sexy Blonde Online Causes a Murder! - talhotblond
S01 E83
Watching Movies on Your iPhone!
S01 E84
Why Do You Love Mad Men?
S01 E85
Is Your Facebook Private?
S01 E86
Do you know you are being watched?
S01 E87
Is Halloween a Religious Holiday?
S01 E88
Night of Too Many Stars (1)
S01 E89
Night of Too Many Stars (2)
S01 E90
It Gets Better- Bulllies Suck!
S01 E91
It Gets Better, When You Get Older
S01 E92
Government and Marriage don't Mix!!!!
S01 E93
It's Too Hard to Defend Sarah Palin!
S01 E94
Who Cares if You Smoke!
S01 E95
S.E. Cupp-Red Eye!
S01 E96
Andy Kaufman: Was This Man a Genius?
S01 E97
Penn reviews
S01 E98
Was Einstein an Atheist?
S01 E99
The Biggest Hypocrites Since the Vatican's Interior Decorator
S01 E100
An Atheist Family Christmas
S01 E101
Atheists Attack Baby Jesus!
S01 E102
Penn's First Drug Trip
S01 E103
Cartoon Characters on Facebook $@$%ing Suck!
S01 E104
Arsenic-Based Life in Space?
S01 E105
CALM Act: Government Volume Censorship
S01 E106
Nixon: Surprisingly Cool
S01 E107
Suicide is NOT the Answer
S01 E108
Ant Crucifix Censorship Controversy
S01 E109
Fortune Teller FAKE
S01 E110
Snooki & JWOWW vs. Joy Behar = FIGHT!
S01 E111
Holly Madison + David Copperfield = ???
S01 E112
Tucson Shooting: Fuck Civility!
S01 E113
Tucson Shooting: Who is at fault?
S01 E114
Jenny McCarthy Will Kill Us All!
S01 E115
Get Out of Debt Now!
S01 E116
Competition: Bane or Blessing?
S01 E117
Buy Our Stuff!!!
S01 E118
Rock Hard Erections Back and Forth
S01 E119
Dripping Wet, Squeaky Clean
S01 E120
Billy the Mime
S01 E121
iPad News Smackdown!
S01 E122
Spy on Shoppers Without Leaving the House!
S01 E123
Massive Homeopathic Overdose Cures
S01 E124
Jillette vs. Gillette: Which is Sexier?
S01 E125
Atheism: Pick Your Battles
S01 E126
Charlie Sheen: Winning for YOU!
S01 E127
Proof that God Exists! Or Doesn't!
S01 E128
Anonymous vs. Westboro Baptist Church
S01 E129
No More Hookers!!!
S01 E130
Agnostics Suck!
S01 E131
Libya: Why Are We There????
S01 E132
NPR: Government Sponsored Radio is WRONG
S01 E133
Gilbert Gottfried vs Japan vs THE GIANT DUCK
S01 E134
Teen SEXTING Controversy
S01 E135
The Book of Mormon
S01 E136
25K: The Greatest Indie Film Ever
S01 E137
F@#% You! (1)
S01 E138
F@#% You! (2)
S01 E139
Bill Nye the Badass Atheist Guy
S01 E140
Atlas Shrugged
S01 E141
Atheist Army Chaplains???
S01 E142
Martin Luther King Jr. Quote CONTROVERSY
S01 E143
Steve Martin LIVE
S01 E144
New Suits for Penn and Teller!
S01 E145
Ellen Page is Super!
S01 E146
The Epic F-Bomb Saga - Uncut!
S01 E147
Fool Us: Backstage Secrets REVEALED!
S01 E148
Modern Art Masterpiece or 5-Year-Old's Doodle?
S01 E149
Westboro Baptist Church donates $50,000 to Gay Charity
S01 E150
Texas to TSA: No Groping!
S01 E151
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Under ATTACK!
S01 E152
Are you a Fat Atheist?
S01 E153
Paul McCartney's drummer better than Ringo Starr?
S01 E154
Are Zinc Lozenges Good For You?
S01 E155
Why Do Artists Change Their Lyrics?
S01 E156
Fool Us!
S01 E157
Does Sean Lennon Look Like His Father John?
S01 E158
Is Black Bird Poetry or Music?
S01 E159
Paul McCartney vs. Bob Dylan?
S01 E160
Penn vs. Miss Tennessee?
S01 E161
Is Penn the Hardest Working Man in Show Business?
S01 E162
Wildman Fischer: Crazy or Genius?
S01 E163
Miss Maryland is Smarter Than Penn!
S01 E164
Conservapedia or Troll Site?
S01 E165
Penn Judges the Miss USA Swimsuit Competition!
S01 E166
Hotel or Porn Studio?
S01 E167
Tell A Lie on Disco!
S01 E168
Hank Williams, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin and Now Amy Winehouse Join the 2...
S01 E169
Does Casey Anthony Deserve the Hate?
S01 E170
Penn Goes to Comic-Con!
S01 E171
Why We Believe in God(s)?
S01 E172
God No!
S01 E173
S01 E174
Piers Morgan Did Not Like Penn's Book, Apparently
S01 E175
Garth Brooks in Vegas, Baby!
S01 E176
Rich People Problems
S01 E177
Is This Cold Remedy Bull$%*!?
S01 E178
Everybody Get Naked
S01 E179
From Street Performing to Vegas
S01 E180
A Little Weird? You Can Still Be Successful!
S01 E181
What Do Liv Tyler's Breasts Have to Do with Atheism?
S01 E182
NSFW: Raunchiest Book You'll Ever Read
S01 E183
Why Are Politicians Christian?
S01 E184
Red State
S01 E185
Anyone Been to Ukraine?
S01 E186
Atheists Getting Bullied?
S01 E187
The True Meaning of Halloween
S01 E188
Rise of the Monkeys
S01 E189
CONTAGION: Bad Times. Better Movie.
Episode 1
Teaser Trailer
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