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Unscrewed with Martin Sargent

Unscrewed with Martin Sargent

2003 - 2004   •  G4  •   89 hours
1 vote
98 votes
# 35493
Unscrewed With Martin Sargent reveals the pop culture side of technology: what's new, what's hip, what's hot. The ultimate showcase for the darker, funnier, sexier world of the modern technophile, Unscrewed With Martin Sargent pushes the boundaries of late night television. Hosted by funny and forthright ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Last Show Aired on 11/29/2004
The Last Show
Season 2: Episode 120
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
215 episodes total
Season 1 2
Season 1
S01 E01
Virtual Sex Machine, Eternal Life, Fat Jedi
S01 E02
Girls Gone Wired, Hollow Earth, Gary Coleman
S01 E03
His Holiness Rael, 10K for a Wife, Foul-Mouth Barney
S01 E04
Time-Traveling Dentist, Deep Throat Diva, Search for the Perfect Blender
S01 E05
Asia Carrera, Ouchy the Clown, Hack Your Enemies
S01 E06
Remote Viewing with Major Doom, Porn Tip With Judy, Screw with Your Frien...
S01 E07
Fake Nude Celebs, Supersonic Bong, Porn Prose
S01 E08
Planet X, Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, Coke or Cleaner?
S01 E09
Ghost Hunter Scott Herriott, Lizardman, Michio Kaku
S01 E10
Crop Circles, Skipping Chicks, Teen Lingo
S01 E11
How to Be a Camwhore, Megaphone Messaging, Movie Poster Trivia
S01 E12
Dear Blog, The Smoking Gun, Roy Orbison in Plastic Wrap
S01 E13
Poison's Bret Michaels, Stalk the Bush Twins, Fetish of the Week
S01 E14
Pastor Jack Exorcises Martin, Zero Sex Life, Japanese Hot Dog Art
S01 E15
Martin's Stunt Host, Mysteries of the Time Cube, 'Search Sperts' With Cam...
S01 E16
Laura Finds Her Man, Alien Implants Explained, Filter Your Farts
S01 E17
Crack Passwords Fast, Extreme Elvis Gets Naked, ABBA Clones
S01 E18
Inside Wifey's World, Martin Gets His 'Bling' on, He-Nail or She-Nail?
S01 E19
Chemtrails That Kill, Old Men in Rubber, Judy's Porn Tip
S01 E20
Voices From the Dead, Life of an International Assassin, Choppy the Chimp
S01 E21
Martin's Bedroom, Conspiracy Theorist Jim Marrs, Birdie Diapers
S01 E22
Bizarre Bug Eating, Free Porn For All, Desktop Revenge
S01 E23
Martin's Biggest Fan, Ultimate Beer Chiller, Girls Gone Wired
S01 E24
Mind of Banachek, World of Dren, Moments in NASA History
S01 E25
Alien Mind Control, Natural Porn, Stalking Sasquatch
S01 E26
Fanime Convention, Twisted Haiku, Musical Sex Toy
S01 E27
Midget Wrestling, Girls Gone Wired, Free Internet Access
S01 E28
House Gymnastics, Dirt From The Smoking Gun, Girls Gone Wired
S01 E29
Alien Chaser, Portable Lie Detector, Martin Explores Crop Circles
S01 E30
Turn Your Amateur Porn Into Cash, Tattoo and Piercing Webcam, Catfish Fet...
S01 E31
Alien Hunter, Sno-Cone Maker Mod, Singularity
S01 E32
Future of Porn, Creepy Dolls, Search Sperts
S01 E33
X-ray Spray, Gary Spivey, Girls Gone Wired
S01 E34
Toynbee Mystery, 'Short Circuit' Obsession, Crop Circles Revisited
S01 E35
Disney Tattoo Guy, Susie Bright, Girls Gone Wired
S01 E36
Heavy Metal Makeover, The Creepy Talents of Mr. Elastic, President of Mol...
S01 E37
Insomnia Cure, Guide to Better Self-Love, Girl Gone Wired
S01 E38
High-Priced Gigolo, Search Sperts, Top 10 Asses Online
S01 E39
Conspiracy Theorist Jim Marrs, Beard-Growing Contest, Porn Tip
S01 E40
Martin Learns How to Eat Fire, Martin and Morgan Make Out at Comic-Con
S01 E41
Traci Lords, Scary Gary, Psychic Attacks
S01 E42
Seaching for Semen, Debunking Astronomy Myths, Dancing Dog
S01 E43
Realdoll Surgeon Slade Fiero, Search Sperts, Fancy Fetish
S01 E44
'Star Trek' Convention, Cat Schwartz Exposed, Drinking for Prosperity
S01 E45
Martin vs. the RIAA, Rubik's Cube Whiz, Love for the 40-ouncers.
S01 E46
Spy on Your Spouse, Hairogenics, Computer Programmer or Serial Killer?
S01 E47
Jeff Goldblum Is Watching You Poop, New Dirt From 'The Smoking Gun'
S01 E48
Martin Gets Sloshed, Paranormal Investigator Loyd Auerbach, Get Laid Onli...
S01 E49
State of Confusion
S01 E50
XXX Church, Porn Tip With Judy, Girl Gone Wired: Anna Kournikova
S01 E51
Flash Mobs, UFO Watchtower, Dark Tip: Total PC Destruction
S01 E52
Netflix of Porn, Pleasure Mints, Lighter Side of Linux
S01 E53
Virginity for Sale, Cross-Dressing Anime Fan, Extreme Model Fest
S01 E54
Proof NASA Knows of UFOs, Wired Girl In the Flesh, Behind the Scenes at B...
S01 E55
Dancing Badgers, Naked TV Hosts, F***ed Companies
S01 E56
Dark Tip: Block the RIAA, Proof Planet X Exists, Camwhore Face-Off
S01 E57
Get Tan in 60 Seconds, Laura Busted for Sexual Harassment, Radio Hut Guy
S01 E58
Singing Psychic, Martin Visits UFO Expo, Liquor Filter
S01 E59
Torment Telemarketers, Earthquake Hunters, Foot-Pumping Fetish
S01 E60
Mod Your Xbox, Interview With the Vampire, Search Sperts
S01 E61
Gun Girls, Lycos Top Fifty, Dear Blog
S01 E62
Brilliant Budgies, Gourmet Toaster Cuisine, Milla Jovovich
S01 E63
Hypnotist/Dominatrix Lady Christine, Search Sperts, Girl Gone Wired
S01 E64
Female Wrestlers, StarDrive Inventor, Playing With Yourself
S01 E65
Xbox Mods, Ass Art, Fire-Eating Bunny
S01 E66
Naked Chef, Aura Reading, Reptile Attack
S01 E67
Dodge Traffic Tickets, Porn Industry Insights, Girl Gone Wired
S01 E68
Extreme Pumpkin Carving, Church of Satan, Mystery Spot
S01 E69
Etch A Sketch Artist, Stunt Host, Monkey Invaders
S01 E70
Larry Flynt, Spy on AIM, Search Sperts
S01 E71
Guide to Sex Scenes, Dancing Man, Dear Blog
S01 E72
Dog Translator, Celebrity Scandals, Hide the Hookah
S01 E73
Carmen Electra, Sign Up to Sue People Online, Viking Kittens
S01 E74
Live Forever, Torment Your Co-workers, Search Sperts
S01 E75
Peter Pan and Mommy Dearest
S01 E76
Bitter Waitresses, Secret Societies, Kids Playing Possum
S01 E77
The Mothman, Secrets From Marty's Past, PC Beer Fridge
S01 E78
Hollywood Is Calling, Psychic Spying, Matrix Pingpong
S01 E79
Witches, Cabbies, and Britney -- Oh My!
S01 E80
Testes Meets Ramses
S01 E81
Find Nookie, Crack Passwords, and Search Sperts
S01 E82
Paris Hilton Sex Tape, Joey in His Underpants, and the Lycos Top 50
S01 E83
Maddox, Spies, and a Very Happy Walrus
S01 E84
Kidnapped Drummers, Latex, and Rocket Powered Hard Drive
S01 E85
From the Moon to Atlantis
S01 E86
Ex-Hosts and Anti-AOL-CD Activists
S01 E87
'Unscrewed' Holiday Extravaganza
S01 E88
Wil Wheaton, Drew Curtis, and Naughty Allie
S01 E89
Star Wars Kid and the Sexologist
S01 E90
Millionaires, Beer, and Condom Olympics
S01 E91
Choosing Good Porn, Search Sperts and a Fiery Wedding
S01 E92
Unscrewed's Least Embarrassing Moments of 2003
S01 E93
Cindy Margolis, Poop Reporting, and Adopt a Demon
S01 E94
Exploding People and Cellphone Orgasms
S01 E95
Topless Bartenders, Sexperts, and Philanderers
Season 2
S02 E01
Suicide Girls, Internet Ghost Sites, and Search Sperts
S02 E02
Women Throw Off Their Yoke, JFK Joking, and a Person Gone Wired
S02 E03
Rockabilly Predictions by the Singing Psychic, Sperts, and Scary Gary
S02 E04
Intergalactic Nookie, Ad Agencies, and Vixens
S02 E05
Friendster, iPod's Little Secret, and the Radio Hut Guy
S02 E06
The Geography of Dating, Rappin', and Scary Gary
S02 E07
Perk Up Your Profile, Furnishing Faux Pas, and a Burning VCR
S02 E08
Adult Film Directors, Humpers, and Search Sperts
S02 E09
Blackwolf, Urinal to Go, and a Girl Gone Wired
S02 E10
Cooking, Hooking, and Choppy the Chimp
S02 E11
'Red vs Blue,' Cracking Passwords, and Search Sperts
S02 E12
Sexperts, Revenge-perts, and Joey at CES
S02 E13
Exploding Whales, Stop Snoring, and a Naked Lady
S02 E14
Meetup Founder, Airplane Homes, and the Japanese
S02 E15
William Gibson, Imaginary Girlfriends, and Search Sperts
S02 E16
Fark, Internet Vibrators, and Candid Confessions
S02 E17
How to Fake a Moon Landing, Spellkasting, and Vintage Lovelies
S02 E18
Stars With Scars, Warspying, and a Girl Gone Wired
S02 E19
Worst Sex Scenes Ever, Beer Catapult, and Search Sperts
S02 E20
Whitehouse Porn, Aluminum Apartment, and Scary Gary
S02 E21
Beat the Odds in Sports Betting, Bad Breath Detector, and a Robot Roommat...
S02 E22
Microsoft Attacks, The Smoking Gun, and a Farting Preacher
S02 E23
Penischeeks, Dark Tips, Hoaxes
S02 E24
Wil Wheaton, Devil Hasselhoff, and a Showering Swisher
S02 E25
Human Calculators, Crank Calls, and Cam Whores
S02 E26
Adult Film Star Jesse Jane, Internet Collapse, Playing With Yourself
S02 E27
Lizardman, Rapping Hobbits, and Marty the Manager
S02 E28
Voodoo, Cyborgs, Hot Ladies
S02 E29
Klingon Linguist, Role-Playing Games, and an Old Stripper
S02 E30
Space Science, Beer Chilling Machine, Morphing Michael
S02 E31
Flashers, Rednecks, and Old-Folks Tech
S02 E32
Morgan Webb, Homemade Taser Glove, and Search Sperts
S02 E33
The Booze Show
S02 E34
Mysteries of the Pyramids, Popular Search Terms, and Your Momma
S02 E35
Odd Todd, Alien Ghosts, and Spanish Lessons
S02 E36
Dan Savage, Search Sperts, and a Cantankerous Old Koot
S02 E37
Clones, Duct Tape Devotees and a Truckload of Sass
S02 E38
Start Your Own Adult Site, Busty Sammy, and Advice from Gary Coleman
S02 E39
Flying Shears, Human Taser, and Search Sperts
S02 E40
Tera Patrick, Lego Bible, and Scary Gary
S02 E41
Hangover Medication, Mix Your Own Music, Underwear
S02 E42
Vanity Dates, Dogster, and Coleman Confidential
S02 E43
Backwards Speech, Search Sperts and Coleman Confidential
S02 E44
'Win a Date With Laura' Winner, Virtual Sex Machine, and Chimp Karate
S02 E45
End of the World Special
S02 E46
Pickpockets, Dead Rats, and Old Folks Killing Things
S02 E47
Robot Destruction, Puppet Fornication, and Tons of NASA
S02 E48
Cheating Tips, Spam Letters, and Search Sperts
S02 E49
Old Videogame Porn, Write on Chests, and Coleman Confidential
S02 E50
Hollow Earth, Cooling Collars, and Girls Gone Wired
S02 E51
Fun Federal Fraud, Bubblegum Hotties, and Old Folks
S02 E52
Faked Moon Landing, Ladies Fighting, Destroy Your Data
S02 E53
Tickle Your Kitty, Light Your John, Laugh Your Ass Off
S02 E54
Industrial World Apocalypse, Online Hijinks, and Gary Coleman
S02 E55
Live Forever, Blow Up Jerks, Cam Whores
S02 E56
The Weed Show (1)
S02 E57
The Weed Show (2)
S02 E58
Savings and Clone, Dark Tip and Search Sperts
S02 E59
Virology, Nerds and Urine Revenge
S02 E60
Rappin' Hawkin', Guys in Drag and Gary Coleman
S02 E61
Super Size Guest, Orbital Developments, and Boobies
S02 E62
Space, Shocks and a Procedure in a Very Uncomfortable Place
S02 E63
The Best of Unscrewed's Porn
S02 E64
Deep, Dark Tips
S02 E65
Unscrewed Afield
S02 E66
Unscrewed Geniuses
S02 E67
Porn Star, Some Dad and Pain and Misery
S02 E68
Shavin' Little Radio Tags, Gary Coleman
S02 E69
Pig Worms, Smoking Gun, Acne Game
S02 E70
Mexican UFO Man, Punkvoter, Girls Gone Wired
S02 E71
Ky Michaelson, Dr. Mercurious
S02 E72
Dr. Sha Heals You Through the TV
S02 E73
Rumsfeld Poetry, Psychic Former Child Star
S02 E74
Kevin Mitnick, Legality Countdowns, the Galactic Federation
S02 E75
Chupacabra Expert, Power Tool Races, Sammy4you
S02 E76
The Truth about the J.F.K Assassination; Yourhouseboy.com
S02 E77
A Man who Lived for Five Years with Nearly One Million Bees; Dark Tipper ...
S02 E78
A Digital Music Pioneer, Search Sperts and a Baboon Expert
S02 E79
A Magician Makes Marty Weak and a Teen Taxidermist
S02 E80
A Highly Successful 70-year-old Pothead and Favorite Last Meals on Death ...
S02 E81
Ghost Site Hunters and Search Sperts
S02 E82
The Strange Phenomenon of Animal Mutilation; Exploding Cigarette Butts
S02 E83
A Woman Who Speaks with Nostradamus; A Master Light Channeler
S02 E84
Alex Chiu's Miraculous Invention and the Greatest Pong Player Who Ever Li...
S02 E85
The Gang Moves to L.A. and hosts a Cuddle Party; Inventor Fred Bell
S02 E86
Mary Carey, IHOP TV-athon, and Marty leads a sexual harassment training
S02 E87
A Cult Deprogrammer Helps Marty; a Garbage Artist; Laura Tries to Jump-St...
S02 E88
The Joys of Anatomically Correct Dolls; Gary Coleman Answers Viewer Quest...
S02 E89
Apocalyptic Predictions, William Shatner's Celebrity Paintball and Search...
S02 E90
Singing Hotdog Man, Purple Plates, Gopher Slaughtering and Girls Gone Wir...
S02 E91
Aliens and Politics, Gopher Slaughtering, Girls Gone Wired
S02 E92
College kids hit each other with phone books and Sexpert Ava Cadell on se...
S02 E93
Predicting the next big earthquake, Human Cloning, Laura's Blog and Searc...
S02 E94
Goat-sucking Chupacabra, Obesity Myths and Girls Gone Wired
S02 E95
Dairy Art, Champion Air-Guitarists
S02 E96
Animal Telepathy, Colon Cleansing and Girls Gone Wired
S02 E97
Mind-reading, SearchSperts and Chatspiens interpreting fetish sites
S02 E98
Handwriting analysis, Painting with Breasts, Conspiracies and the Preside...
S02 E99
Pope Michael, Crop Circles, and Marty's Jazz Dance
S02 E100
The End of the World, Tech Questions, SearchSperts and Marty's old school...
S02 E101
Alien implants, Kick-ass karate, Girls Gone Wired
S02 E102
Communicating with the Universe and Ghost Hunting
S02 E103
The Magic of Handwriting Analysis, Back-Hair Removal and Girls Gone Wired
S02 E104
Trekkies director Roger Nygard and SearchSperts
S02 E105
Alien Prophecies, Sammy's Tech Tips, Girls Gone Wired
S02 E106
John Gray's sex secrets for gamers, Dark Tips, Girls Gone Wired
S02 E107
GTA Day, Junkyard Mega-Wars Bobbie Sue Luther, and Girls Gone Wired
S02 E108
Alexandra Robbins on Skull & Bones Society, Playing with Yourself and Sea...
S02 E109
Dr. Clio Cresswell on mathematics and sex, BitterWaitress.com, Girls Gone...
S02 E110
How to tickle his pickle, youhavebadtasteinmusic.com, and Playing With Yo...
S02 E111
Reptoids.com, Sex Election Sites, and Girls Gone Wired
S02 E112
MarryBlaire.com, the Hidden Agendas in Corporate Logos, & Tech Around the...
S02 E113
TheSmokingGun.com; Joey the Intern's Who's Laughing Now; Girls Gone Wired
S02 E114
A Tribute to Halo, The Creators of Red vs Blue, and the Covenant Elite Gu...
S02 E115
The Orgasmatron, the World Champion of Rock, Paper, Scissors & Girls Gone...
S02 E116
The Jimi Hendrix of Ukelele; Barker Beauty Gabrielel Tuite; and Laura's B...
S02 E117
Creepy magician Tom Cameron; the Internet that has vanished; Girls Gone W...
S02 E118
BlackVault.com, Mysteries of Science, and Girls Gone Wired
S02 E119
Internet phenom Leslie Hall shares her gem sweaters, music and Beat Greet...
S02 E120
The Last Show
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