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All in the Family

All in the Family

1968 - 1983   •  CBS  •   5 days
20 votes
14035 votes
# 631
Comedy, Family
Legendary and controversial series focused on conservative working stiff Archie Bunker fighting the tide of social change and dealing with flighty wife Edith, daughter Gloria and left-leaning son-in-law Michael Stivic.
  Previously Aired Episode
I'm Torn Here Aired on 04/04/1983
I'm Torn Here
Season 13: Episode 24
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
306 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Season 1
S01 E01
Meet the Bunkers
S01 E02
Writing the President
S01 E03
Oh, My Aching Back
S01 E04
Archie Gives Blood
S01 E05
Judging Books by Covers
S01 E06
Gloria's Pregnancy
S01 E07
Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit
S01 E08
Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood
S01 E09
Edith Has Jury Duty
S01 E10
Archie Is Worried About His Job
S01 E11
Gloria Discovers Women's Lib
S01 E12
Success Story
S01 E13
The First and Last Supper
Season 2
S02 E01
The Saga of Cousin Oscar
S02 E02
Gloria Poses in the Nude
S02 E03
Archie in the Lock-Up
S02 E04
Edith Writes a Song
S02 E05
Flashback: Mike Meets Archie
S02 E06
The Election Story
S02 E07
Edith's Accident
S02 E08
The Blockbuster
S02 E09
Mike's Problem
S02 E10
The Insurance Is Canceled
S02 E11
The Man in the Street
S02 E12
Cousin Maude's Visit
S02 E13
Christmas Day at the Bunkers'
S02 E14
The Elevator Story
S02 E15
Edith's Problem
S02 E16
Archie and the FBI
S02 E17
Mike's Mysterious Son
S02 E18
Archie Sees a Mugging
S02 E19
Archie and Edith, Alone
S02 E20
Edith Gets a Mink
S02 E21
Sammy's Visit
S02 E22
Edith the Judge
S02 E23
Archie Is Jealous
S02 E24
Season 3
S03 E01
Archie and the Editorial
S03 E02
Archie's Fraud
S03 E03
The Threat
S03 E04
Gloria and the Riddle
S03 E05
Lionel Steps Out
S03 E06
Edith Flips Her Wig
S03 E07
The Bunkers and the Swingers
S03 E08
Mike Comes Into Money
S03 E09
Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (1)
S03 E10
Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (2)
S03 E11
The Locket
S03 E12
Mike's Appendix
S03 E13
Edith's Winning Ticket
S03 E14
Archie and the Bowling Team
S03 E15
Archie in the Hospital
S03 E16
Oh Say Can You See
S03 E17
Archie Goes Too Far
S03 E18
Class Reunion
S03 E19
Hot Watch
S03 E20
Archie Is Branded
S03 E21
Everybody Tells the Truth
S03 E22
Archie Learns His Lesson
S03 E23
Gloria the Victim
S03 E24
The Battle of the Month
Season 4
S04 E01
We're Having a Heat Wave
S04 E02
We're Still Having a Heat Wave
S04 E03
Edith Finds an Old Man
S04 E04
Archie and the Kiss
S04 E05
Archie the Gambler
S04 E06
Henry's Farewell
S04 E07
Archie and the Computer
S04 E08
The Games Bunkers Play
S04 E09
Edith's Conversion
S04 E10
Archie in the Cellar
S04 E11
Black Is the Color of My True Love's Wig
S04 E12
Second Honeymoon
S04 E13
The Taxi Caper
S04 E14
Archie is Cursed
S04 E15
Edith's Christmas Story
S04 E16
Mike and Gloria Mix It Up
S04 E17
Archie Feels Left Out
S04 E18
Et Tu, Archie
S04 E19
Gloria's Boyfriend
S04 E20
Lionel's Engagement
S04 E21
Archie Eats and Runs
S04 E22
Gloria Sings the Blues
S04 E23
Pay the Twenty Dollars
S04 E24
Mike's Graduation
Season 5
S05 E01
The Bunkers and Inflation (1)
S05 E02
The Bunkers and Inflation (2)
S05 E03
The Bunkers and Inflation (3)
S05 E04
The Bunkers and Inflation (4)
S05 E05
Lionel the Live-In
S05 E06
Archie's Helping Hand
S05 E07
Gloria's Shock
S05 E08
Where's Archie?
S05 E09
Archie is Missing
S05 E10
The Longest Kiss
S05 E11
Archie and the Miracle
S05 E12
George and Archie Make a Deal
S05 E13
Archie's Contract
S05 E14
Mike's Friend
S05 E15
The Best of All in the Family (1)
S05 E16
The Best of All in the Family (2)
S05 E17
Prisoner in the House
S05 E18
The Jeffersons Move Up
S05 E19
All's Fair
S05 E20
Amelia's Divorce
S05 E21
Everybody Does It
S05 E22
Archie and the Quiz
S05 E23
Edith's Friend
S05 E24
No Smoking
S05 E25
Mike Makes His Move
Season 6
S06 E01
The Very Moving Day
S06 E02
Alone at Last
S06 E03
Archie, the Donor
S06 E04
Archie, the Hero
S06 E05
Mike's Pains
S06 E06
Chain Letter
S06 E07
Mike Faces Life
S06 E08
Edith Breaks Out
S06 E09
Grandpa Blues
S06 E10
Gloria Suspects Mike
S06 E11
The Little Atheist
S06 E12
Archie's Civil Rights
S06 E13
Gloria is Nervous
S06 E14
Birth of the Baby (1)
S06 E15
Birth of the Baby (2)
S06 E16
New Year's Wedding
S06 E17
Archie the Babysitter
S06 E18
Archie Finds a Friend
S06 E19
Mike's Move
S06 E20
Archie's Weighty Problem
S06 E21
Love by Appointment
S06 E22
Joey's Baptism
S06 E23
Mike and Gloria's House Guests
S06 E24
Edith's Night Out
Season 7
S07 E01
Archie's Brief Encounter (1)
S07 E02
Archie's Brief Encounter (2)
S07 E03
Archie's Brief Encounter (3)
S07 E04
The Unemployment Story (1)
S07 E05
The Unemployment Story (2)
S07 E06
Archie's Operation (1)
S07 E07
Archie's Operation (2)
S07 E08
Beverly Rides Again
S07 E09
Teresa Moves In
S07 E10
Mike and Gloria's Will
S07 E11
Mr. Edith Bunker
S07 E12
Archie's Secret Passion
S07 E13
The Baby Contest
S07 E14
Gloria's False Alarm
S07 E15
The Draft Dodger
S07 E16
The Boarder Patrol
S07 E17
Archie's Chair
S07 E18
Mike Goes Skiing
S07 E19
Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye
S07 E20
The Joys of Sex
S07 E21
Mike the Pacifist
S07 E22
S07 E23
Mike and Gloria Split
S07 E24
Archie the Liberal
S07 E25
Archie's Dog Day Afternoon
Season 8
S08 E01
Archie Gets the Business (1)
S08 E02
Archie Gets the Business (2)
S08 E03
Cousin Liz
S08 E04
Edith's 50th Birthday (1)
S08 E05
Edith's 50th Birthday (2)
S08 E06
Unequal Partners
S08 E07
Archie's Grand Opening
S08 E08
Archie's Bitter Pill (1)
S08 E09
Archie's Bitter Pill (2)
S08 E10
Archie and the KKK (1)
S08 E11
Archie and the KKK (2)
S08 E12
Mike and Gloria Meet
S08 E13
Edith's Crisis of Faith (1)
S08 E14
Edith's Crisis of Faith (2)
S08 E15
The Commercial
S08 E16
Super Bowl Sunday
S08 E17
Aunt Iola's Visit
S08 E18
Love Comes to the Butcher
S08 E19
Two's a Crowd
S08 E20
Stale Mates
S08 E21
The Brother
S08 E22
Mike's New Job
S08 E23
The Dinner Guest
S08 E24
The Stivics Go West
Season 9
S09 E01
Little Miss Bunker
S09 E02
End in Sight
S09 E03
Reunion on Hauser Street
S09 E04
What'll We Do with Stephanie?
S09 E05
Edith's Final Respects
S09 E06
Weekend in the Country
S09 E07
Archie's Other Wife
S09 E08
Edith vs. the Bank
S09 E09
Return of the Waitress
S09 E10
Bogus Bills
S09 E11
The Bunkers Go West
S09 E12
California, Here We Are (1)
S09 E13
California, Here We Are (2)
S09 E14
A Night at the PTA
S09 E15
A Girl Like Edith
S09 E16
The Appendectomy
S09 E17
Stephanie and the Crime Wave
S09 E18
Barney the Gold Digger
S09 E19
The Return of Archie's Brother
S09 E20
Stephanie's Conversion
S09 E21
Edith Gets Fired
S09 E22
The 200th Episode Celebration of All in the Family
S09 E23
The Family Next Door
S09 E24
The Return of Stephanie's Father
S09 E25
Too Good Edith
S09 E26
The Return of Stephanie's Father
S09 E27
Too Good Edith
Season 10
S10 E01
Archie's New Partner: Part 1
S10 E02
Archie's New Partner: Part 2
S10 E03
Edith Gets Hired
S10 E04
Archie and the Oldest Profession
S10 E05
Edith Versus the Energy Crisis
S10 E06
Bosom Partners
S10 E07
Building the Restaurant
S10 E08
The Cook
S10 E09
Murray and the Liquor Board
S10 E10
Thanksgiving Reunion: Part 1
S10 E11
Thanksgiving Reunion: Part 2
S10 E12
Barney and the Hooker
S10 E13
Man of the Year
S10 E14
The Shabbat Dinner
S10 E15
Barney's Lawsuit
S10 E16
Blanche and Murray
S10 E17
Murray's Daughter
S10 E18
The Ambush
S10 E19
The Return of Sammy
S10 E20
Archie Fixes Up Fred
S10 E21
Father and Daughter Night
S10 E22
Van Ranseleer's Operation
S10 E23
Veronica's Ex
S10 E24
A Small Mafia Favor
Season 11
S11 E01
Archie Alone: Part 1
S11 E02
Archie Alone: Part 2
S11 E03
Home Again
S11 E04
Hiring the Housekeeper
S11 E05
The Wildcat Strike
S11 E06
Veronica and the Health Inspector
S11 E07
Murray's Wife
S11 E08
The Camping Trip
S11 E09
The Incident
S11 E10
Custody: Part 1
S11 E11
Custody: Part 2
S11 E12
Barney the Gambler
S11 E13
Murray Klein's Place
S11 E14
Weekend Away
S11 E15
Stephanie's Science Project
S11 E16
Tough Love
S11 E17
The Trashing of the Temple
S11 E18
La Cage Aux Bunker
S11 E19
Death of a Saint: Part 1
S11 E20
Goodbye, Murray: Part 2
Season 12
S12 E01
S12 E02
The Business Manager
S12 E03
The Date
S12 E04
Norma Rae Bunker
S12 E05
Harry's Investment
S12 E06
Three's a Crowd
S12 E07
Happy Birthday, Stephanie
S12 E08
Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Part 1
S12 E09
Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Part 2
S12 E10
Stephanie's Dance
S12 E11
The Photo Contest
S12 E12
Stephanie's Tryout
S12 E13
The Night Visitor
S12 E14
Reggie, 3; Archie, 0
S12 E15
Blind Man's Bluff
S12 E16
A Blast from the Past
S12 E17
Sex and the Single Parent
S12 E18
Gloria Comes Home: Part 1
S12 E19
Gloria Comes Home: Part 2
S12 E20
Of Mice and Bunker
S12 E21
S12 E22
Love Is Hell
S12 E23
The Second Time Around
S12 E24
West Side Astoria
S12 E25
Billie Moves Out
S12 E26
Rabinowitz's Brother
S12 E27
Death of a Lodger
S12 E28
The Battle of Bunker III
Season 13
S13 E01
Archie's Night Out
S13 E02
Gary's Ex
S13 E03
The Eyewitnesses
S13 E04
Double Date
S13 E05
From the Waldorf to Astoria
S13 E06
Stay Out of My Briefs
S13 E07
Break a Leg, Stephanie
S13 E08
Archie Gets a Head
S13 E09
Barney Gets Laid Off
S13 E10
Marriage on the Rocks
S13 E11
Father Christmas
S13 E12
Teacher's Pet
S13 E13
Captain Video
S13 E14
The Promotion
S13 E15
Three Women
S13 E16
Relief Bartender
S13 E17
The Red Herring
S13 E18
The Boys' Night Out
S13 E19
I Can Manage
S13 E20
Store Wars
S13 E21
Bunker Madness
S13 E22
No One Said It Was Easy
S13 E23
Small Claims Court
S13 E24
I'm Torn Here
Episode 1
Un-aired Pilot Justice for All
Episode 2
Un-aired Pilot Those Were the Days
Episode 3
20th Anniversary Special
Episode 4
TV Goodies
Episode 5
New Interview with Norman Lear
Episode 6
The Television Revolution Begins - All in the Family Is On The Air
Episode 7
Those Were The Days - The Birth of All in the Family
Episode 8
Archie Bunker's Place - Pilot Episode
Episode 9
Gloria - Pilot Episode
Episode 10
704 Houser - Pilot Episode 1994
Episode 11
All in the Family Cast Salutes the Family Viewing Hour, 1975!
Episode 12
Entertainment Tonight - All in the Family
Episode 13
TV Land Top 10 Shows of All in the Family
Episode 14
Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear's All in the Family and T...
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