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2010 - 2018  •  CBeebies  •  21 hours  •  4 seasons  •  116 episodes
7 votes
1189 votes
# 4703
Action, Comedy, Animation, Children, Adventure, Family
Captain Barnacles and his intrepid band of explorers roam the oceans in search of adventure and fun. Whether it's a perilous voyage to the bottom of the sea or the piratey pursuit of a giant squid, the Octonauts leap into action and always prove that eight heads are better than one.
  Previously Aired Episode
The Sunfish Aired on 06/14/2016
The Sunfish
Season 4: Episode 24
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Series ended
116 episodes total
Octonauts | Octonauts | Official Preview | Disney Junior
Season 1 2 3 4
Season 1
S01 E01
The Whale Shark
S01 E02
The Undersea Storm
S01 E03
The Crab and Urchin
S01 E04
The Walrus Chief
S01 E05
The Flying Fish
S01 E06
The Giant Squid
S01 E07
The Orcas
S01 E08
The Great Algae Escape
S01 E09
The Remipedes
S01 E10
The Speedy Sailfish
S01 E11
The Blobfish Brothers
S01 E12
The Monster Map
S01 E13
The Lost Sea Star
S01 E14
The Albino Humpback Whale
S01 E15
The Giant Kelp Forest
S01 E16
The Enemy Anemones
S01 E17
The Narwhal
S01 E18
The Midnight Zone
S01 E19
The Snapping Shrimp
S01 E20
The Snot Sea Cucumber
S01 E21
The Giant Whirlpool
S01 E22
The Hermit Crabs
S01 E23
The Mixed-Up Whales
S01 E24
The Kelp Forest Rescue
S01 E25
The Decorator Crab
S01 E26
The Beluga Whales
S01 E27
The Hungry Pilot Fish
S01 E28
The Vampire Squid
S01 E29
The Seahorse Tale
S01 E30
The Giant Jelly
S01 E31
The Cookiecutter Sharks
S01 E32
The Oarfish
S01 E33
The Combtooth Blenny
S01 E34
The Jellyfish Bloom
S01 E35
The Baby Dolphin
S01 E36
The Scary Spookfish
S01 E37
The Arctic Orcas
S01 E38
The Slime Eels
S01 E39
The Enormous Elephant Seal
S01 E40
The Sardine School
S01 E41
The Dolphin Reef Rescue
S01 E42
The Eel Ordeal
S01 E43
The Marine Iguanas
S01 E44
The Dwarf Lantern Shark
S01 E45
The Pirate Parrotfish
S01 E46
The Electric Torpedo Rays
S01 E47
The Crafty Cuttlefish
S01 E48
The Lost Lemon Shark
S01 E49
The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
S01 E50
The Giant Spider Crab
Season 2
S02 E01
The Colossal Squid
S02 E02
The Adelie Penguins
S02 E03
The Coconut Crabs
S02 E04
The Great White Shark
S02 E05
The Sea Snakes
S02 E06
The Bowhead Whales
S02 E07
The Jawfish
S02 E08
The Porcupine Puffer
S02 E09
The Damselfish
S02 E10
The Scared Sperm Whale
S02 E11
The Long Armed Squid
S02 E12
The Fiddler Crabs
S02 E13
The Manta Rays
S02 E14
The Swashbuckling Swordfish
S02 E15
The Triggerfish
S02 E16
The Mimic Octopus
S02 E17
The Lionfish
S02 E18
The Leafy Sea Dragons
S02 E19
The Manatees
S02 E20
The Saltwater Crocodile
S02 E21
The Humphead Parrotfish
S02 E22
The Gulper Eels
Season 3
S03 E01
The Siphonophore
S03 E02
The Waterbears
S03 E03
The Cone Snail
S03 E04
The Artificial Reef
S03 E05
The Humpback Whales
S03 E06
The Pelicans
S03 E07
The Sea Pigs
S03 E08
The Yeti Crab
S03 E09
The Barracudas
S03 E10
The Duck-Billed Platypus
S03 E11
The Sea Skaters
S03 E12
The Mudskippers
S03 E13
The Harbor Seal
S03 E14
The Lion's Mane Jellyfish
S03 E15
The Red Rock Crabs
S03 E16
The Sea Sponge
S03 E17
The Immortal Jellyfish
S03 E18
The Urchin Invasion
S03 E19
Hammerhead Sharks
S03 E20
Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Season 4
S04 E01
The Poison Dart Frogs
S04 E02
The Hidden Lake
S04 E03
The Octopod Mystery
S04 E04
The Baby Sea Turtles
S04 E05
The Walrus Pups
S04 E06
The Mantis Shrimp
S04 E07
The Loneliest Whale
S04 E08
The Tree Lobsters
S04 E09
The Convict Fish
S04 E10
The Emperor Penguins
S04 E11
The Baby Gator
S04 E12
The Bomber Worms
S04 E13
The Crawfish
S04 E14
The Surfing Snails
S04 E15
The Flamingos
S04 E16
Operation Cooperation
S04 E17
The Kelp Monster Mystery
S04 E18
The Yellow-Bellied Sea Snakes
S04 E19
The Coconut Crisis
S04 E20
The Coelacanth
S04 E21
The Tiger Shark
S04 E22
The Hippos
S04 E23
The Spinner Dolphins
S04 E24
The Sunfish
Episode 1
Creature Reports: The Whale Shark
Episode 2
Creature Reports: The Reef Lobster
Episode 3
Creature Reports: The Crab and Urchin
Episode 4
Creature Reports: The Walrus Chief
Episode 5
Creature Reports: The Flying Fish
Episode 6
Creature Reports: The Orcas
Episode 7
Creature Reports: The Remipedes
Episode 8
Creature Reports: The Sailfish
Episode 9
Creature Reports: The Blobfish
Episode 10
Creature Reports: The Octopus
Episode 11
Creature Reports: The Sea Star
Episode 12
Creature Reports: Albino Humpback Whale
Episode 13
Creature Reports: Anemones
Episode 14
Creature Reports: The Narwhal
Episode 15
Creature Reports: The Snapping Shrimp
Episode 16
Creature Reports: The Leatherback Turtle
Episode 17
Creature Reports: The Hermit Crab
Episode 18
Creature Reports: The Blue Whales
Episode 19
How to Make A Gup-X
Episode 20
s00e01 The Great Penguin Race
Episode 21
s00e02 The Great Christmas Rescue
Episode 22
s00e03 The Amazon Adventure
Episode 23
s00e04 The Mariana Trench Adventure
Episode 24
s00e05 The Very Vegimal Christmas
Episode 25
The Octonauts And A Very Vegimals Christmas
Episode 26
A Very Vegimals Christmas
Episode 27
s00e06 The Over Under Adventure
Episode 28
The Over Under Adventure
Episode 29
s00e07 The Great Arctic Adventure
Episode 30
s00e08 The Creature A-Z Song
Episode 31
The Great Penguin Race
Episode 32
The Great Christmas Rescue
Episode 33
The Amazon Adventure
Episode 34
The Mariana Trench Adventure
Episode 35
The Very Vegimal Christmas
Episode 36
The Over Under Adventure
Episode 37
Creature Reports: The Kelp Fish
Episode 38
The Great Arctic Adventure
Episode 39
The Creature A-Z Song
Episode 40
Operation Deep Freeze
Episode 41
The Great Swamp Search
Episode 42
Creature Mysteries: The Kelp Monster Mystery
Episode 43
Creature Mysteries: The Yellow-Bellied Sea Snakes
Episode 44
Creature Mysteries: The Coelacanth
Episode 45
GUP-S Close-Up
Episode 46
GUP-X Close-Up
Episode 47
Creature Reports: Whale Shark
Episode 48
Episode 49
Creature Reports: Reef Lobster
Episode 50
Creature Reports: Crab and Urchin
Episode 51
Creature Reports: Walrus
Episode 52
Creature Reports: Flying Fish
Episode 53
Creature Reports: Giant Squid
Episode 54
Creature Reports: Orca
Episode 55
Creature Reports: Algae
Episode 56
Creature Reports: Remipedes
Episode 57
Creature Reports: Sailfish
Episode 58
Creature Reports: Blobfish
Episode 59
Creature Reports: Octopus
Episode 60
Creature Reports: Sea Star (Starfish)
Episode 61
Creature Reports: Humpback Whale
Episode 62
Creature Reports: Giant Kelp
Episode 63
Creature Reports: Anemone
Episode 64
Creature Reports: Narwhal
Episode 65
Creature Reports: The Midnight Zone
Episode 66
Creature Reports: Snapping Shrimp
Episode 67
Creature Reports: Snot Sea Cucumber
Episode 68
Creature Reports: Leatherback Turtle
Episode 69
Creature Reports: Hermit Crab
Episode 70
Creature Reports: Blue Whale
Episode 71
Creature Reports: The Sea Snails
Episode 72
Creature Reports: The Decorator Crab
Episode 73
Creature Reports: The Beluga Whales
Episode 74
Creature Reports: The Pilot Fish
Episode 75
Creature Reports: The Vampire Squid
Episode 76
Creature Reports: The Seahorse
Episode 77
Creature Reports: The Comb Jelly
Episode 78
Creature Reports: The Cookiecutter Shark
Episode 79
Creature Reports: The Oarfish
Episode 80
Creature Reports: The Combtooth Blenny
Episode 81
Creature Reports: The Jellyfish Bloom
Episode 82
Creature Reports: The Baby Dolphin
Episode 83
Creature Reports: The Spookfish
Episode 84
Creature Reports: The Arctic Orcas
Episode 85
Creature Reports: The Slime Eels
Episode 86
Creature Reports: The Elephant Seal
Episode 87
Creature Reports: The Sardines
Episode 88
Creature Reports: The Dolphin
Episode 89
Creature Reports: The Eels
Episode 90
Creature Reports: The Marine Iguanas
Episode 91
Creature Reports: The Dwarf Lanternshark
Episode 92
Creature Reports: The Parrotfish
Episode 93
Creature Reports: The Electric Torpedo Ray
Episode 94
Creature Reports: The Cuttlefish
Episode 95
Creature Reports: The Lemon Shark
Episode 96
Creature Reports: The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
Episode 97
Creature Reports: The Spider Crab
Episode 98
Creature Reports: The Colossal Squid
Episode 99
Creature Reports: The Adelie Penguins
Episode 100
Creature Reports: The Coconut Crabs
Episode 101
Creature Reports: The Great White Shark
Episode 102
Creature Reports: The Sea Snakes
Episode 103
Creature Reports: The Bowhead Whale
Episode 104
Creature Reports: The Jawfish
Episode 105
Creature Reports: The Porcupine Puffer
Episode 106
Creature Reports: The Damselfish
Episode 107
Creature Reports: The Sperm Whale
Episode 108
Creature Reports: The Long Armed Squid
Episode 109
Creature Reports: The Fiddler Crabs
Episode 110
Creature Reports: The Manta Ray
Episode 111
Creature Reports: The Swordfish
Episode 112
Creature Reports: The Triggerfish
Episode 113
Creature Reports: The Mimic Octopus
Episode 114
Creature Reports: The Lionfish
Episode 115
Creature Reports: The Leafy Sea Dragon
Episode 116
Creature Reports: The Manatees
Episode 117
Creature Reports: The Saltwater Crocodile
Episode 118
Creature Reports: The Humphead Parrotfish
Episode 119
Creature Reports: The Gulper Eels
Episode 120
Creature Reports: The Siphonophore
Episode 121
Creature Reports: The Waterbears
Episode 122
Creature Reports: The Cone Snail
Episode 123
Creature Reports: The Hammerhead Sharks
Episode 124
Octolab Tour
Episode 125
Creature Reports: The Pacific Octopus
Episode 126
The Octonauts & the Caves of Sac Actun
Episode 127
The Octonauts & The Great Barrier Reef
Episode 128
Octonauts: The Ring of Fire
Episode 129
The Octonauts and the Chinese Giant Salamander
Episode 130
Episode 131
[duplicate to delete] The Great Penguin Race
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