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Martin Mystery

Martin Mystery

2003 - 2006   •  YTV  •   22 hours
20 votes
2030 votes
# 3358
Creepy, but true! "Martin Mystery" is a dripping goo-fest of slime, thrills and laughs, starring Martin and Diana: two mismatched teenagers with hilariously opposite personalities, and Java the school janitor. They are on a mission to investigate the weirdest paranormal enigmas and the slimiest creatures ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
It's Alive Part (2) Aired on 03/27/2006
It's Alive Part (2)
Season 3: Episode 26
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
95 episodes total
Season 1 2 3
Season 1
S01 E01
It Came from the Bog
S01 E02
Terror from the Sky
S01 E03
The Creeping Slime
S01 E04
Mark Of The Shapeshifter
S01 E05
Mystery of the Vanishing
S01 E06
Curse of the Deep
S01 E07
It Came from Inside the Box
S01 E08
Attack of the Sandman
S01 E09
Shriek From Beyond
S01 E10
Eternal Christmas
S01 E11
Return of the Dark Druid
S01 E12
Nightmare of the Coven
S01 E13
Curse Of The Necklace
S01 E14
Mystery of The Hole Creature
S01 E15
Haunting of the Blackwater
S01 E16
Fright From the Ice
S01 E17
Beast From Within
S01 E18
Revenge Of the Doppelganger
S01 E19
The Return Of The Beasts
S01 E20
Attack Of The Mothman
S01 E21
Summer Camp Nightmare
S01 E22
The Sewer Thing
S01 E23
They Lurk Beneath
S01 E24
Scream from the Forest
S01 E25
The Amazon Vapor
S01 E26
The Awakening
S01 E27
S01 E28
S01 E29
S01 E37
La malédiction de l'esprit mutant
Season 2
S02 E01
They Came From Outer Space (Part 1 of 2)
S02 E02
They Came From Outer Space (Part 2 of 2)
S02 E03
Attack of the Slime People
S02 E04
The Vampire Returns
S02 E05
Crypt of the Djini
S02 E06
You Do Voodoo
S02 E07
Zombie Island
S02 E08
The Lost Tribe
S02 E09
Monster Movie Mayhem
S02 E10
The Third Eye
S02 E11
The Body-Swapper
S02 E12
Germs From Beyond
S02 E13
They Came From The Gateway (Part 1 of 2)
S02 E14
They Came From The Gateway (Part 2 of 2)
S02 E15
S02 E16
S02 E41
La malédiction du miroir
S02 E42
La cité de la terreur
S02 E43
La menace des mutants marins
S02 E44
Une amie trop parfaite
S02 E45
La maison de l'épouvante
S02 E46
La vengeance de l'araignée
S02 E47
La Société Secrete
S02 E48
Le Hurlement du Loup Garou
S02 E49
La Revanche des Nains de Jardin
S02 E50
La Fureur Du Ver En Terre
S02 E51
Le Jour Des Ombres (1)
S02 E52
Le Jour Des Ombres (2)
S02 E53
La Nuit De L'Epouvantail
S02 E54
Les Prisonniers Du Placard
S02 E55
Le Réveil Du Sorcier
S02 E56
L'attaque De La Plante Carnivore
S02 E57
La Malédiction Du Pirate
S02 E58
Le Retour Du Génie
S02 E59
Voyage Au Pays De L'épouvante
S02 E60
La Fureur Du Farfadet
S02 E61
La Serenade Maudite
S02 E65
Le monstre des monstres (1)
S02 E66
Le Monstre Des Monstres (2)
Season 3
S03 E01
Curse of the Looking Glass
S03 E02
Mystery of the Teen Town
S03 E03
Attack of the Evil Roomate
S03 E04
Web of the Spider Creature
S03 E05
Rise of the Sea Mutants
S03 E06
Attack of the Lawn Gnomes
S03 E07
Hairier and Scarier
S03 E08
Wrath of the Torrington Worm
S03 E09
The Warlock Returns
S03 E10
Return of the Imaginary Friend
S03 E11
Night of the Scarecrow
S03 E12
House of the Zombies
S03 E13
Rise of the Secret Society
S03 E14
Day of the Shadows Part (1)
S03 E15
Day of the Shadows Part (2)
S03 E16
Return of Djini
S03 E17
Tale of the Enchanted Key
S03 E18
All I want for X-mas
S03 E19
Lovespell from the Underworld
S03 E20
Journey Into Terrorland
S03 E21
The Curse of the Six-String Serenade
S03 E22
Wrath of the Venus Fly Trap
S03 E23
Pirates of Doom
S03 E24
Rage of the Leprechaun
S03 E25
It's Alive Part (1)
S03 E26
It's Alive Part (2)
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Keten Keten 5
Basically Archie's weird mysteries.

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