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Felix The Cat

Felix The Cat

1919 - 1960   •  Syndicated
8 votes
719 votes
# 7248
Comedy, Animation, Children, Adventure, Family
Felix the Cat follows the offbeat adventures of that curious feline, Felix. The first episodes where shown in black & white silent cartoons before it's relaunch in the 1960s. Although he was quickly overshadowed by Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse, America's favorite cat still remains a classic.
  Previously Aired Episode
Feline Follies Aired on 11/09/1919
Feline Follies
Season 1919: Episode 1
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
344 episodes total
Season 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1936 1958 1959 1960
Season 1919
S1919 E01
Feline Follies
S1919 E02
The Musical Mews
S1919 E03
The Adventures of Felix
Season 1920
S1920 E01
A Frolic with Felix
S1920 E02
Felix the Big Game Hunter
S1920 E03
Wrecking a Romeo
S1920 E04
Felix the Food Controller
S1920 E05
Felix the Pinch Hitter
S1920 E06
Foxy Felix
S1920 E07
A Hungry Hoodo
S1920 E08
The Great Cheese Robbery
S1920 E09
Felix and the Feed Bag
S1920 E10
Nifty Nurse
S1920 E11
The Circus
S1920 E12
My Hero
S1920 E13
Felix the Landlord
S1920 E14
Felix's Fish Story
Season 1921
S1921 E01
Felix the Gay Dog
S1921 E02
Down on the Farm
S1921 E03
Felix the Hypnotist
S1921 E04
Free Lunch
S1921 E05
Felix Goes on Strike
S1921 E06
Felix Out of Luck
S1921 E07
The Love Punch
S1921 E08
Felix Left at Home
Season 1922
S1922 E01
Felix Saves the Day
S1922 E02
Felix at the Fair
S1922 E03
Felix Makes Good
S1922 E04
Felix All at Sea
S1922 E05
Felix in Love
S1922 E06
Felix in the Swim
S1922 E07
Felix Finds a Way
S1922 E08
Felix Gets Revenge
S1922 E09
Felix Wakes Up
S1922 E10
Felix Minds the Kid
S1922 E11
Felix Turns the Tide
S1922 E12
S1922 E13
Felix Comes Back
S1922 E14
Felix on the Trail
S1922 E15
Felix Lends a Hand
S1922 E16
Felix Gets Left
S1922 E17
Felix in the Stone Age
Season 1923
S1923 E01
Felix the Ghost Breaker
S1923 E02
Felix Wins Out
S1923 E03
Felix Tries for Treasure
S1923 E04
Felix Revolts
S1923 E05
Felix Calms His Conscience
S1923 E06
Felix the Globe Trotter
S1923 E07
Felix Gets Broadcasted
S1923 E08
Felix Strikes It Rich
S1923 E09
Felix in Hollywood
S1923 E10
Felix in Fairyland
S1923 E11
Felix Laughs Last
S1923 E12
Felix and the Radio
S1923 E13
Felix Fills a Shortage
S1923 E14
Felix the Goat Getter
S1923 E15
Felix Goes A-Hunting
Season 1924
S1924 E01
Felix Out of Luck
S1924 E02
Felix Loses Out
S1924 E03
Felix 'Hyps' the Hippo
S1924 E04
Felix Crosses the Crooks
S1924 E05
Felix Tries to Rest
S1924 E06
Felix Doubles for Darwin
S1924 E07
Felix Finds Out
S1924 E08
Felix Cashes In
S1924 E09
Felix Fairy Tales
S1924 E10
Felix Pinches the Pole
S1924 E11
Felix Puts It Over
S1924 E12
Felix A Friend In Need
S1924 E13
Felix Finds 'Em Fickle
S1924 E14
Felix Baffled by Banjos
S1924 E15
Felix All Balled Up
S1924 E16
Felix Brings Home the Bacon
S1924 E17
Felix Goes West
S1924 E19
Felix Minds His Business
S1924 E20
Felix Goes Hungry
S1924 E21
Felix Finishes First
S1924 E22
Felix Foozled
Season 1925
S1925 E01
Felix Wins and Loses
S1925 E02
Felix All Puzzled
S1925 E03
Felix Follows the Swallows
S1925 E04
Felix Rests in Peace
S1925 E05
Felix Gets His Fill
S1925 E06
Felix Full O' Fight
S1925 E07
Felix Outwits Cupid
S1925 E08
Felix Monkeys with Magic
S1925 E09
Felix Cops the Prize
S1925 E10
Felix Gets the Can
S1925 E11
Felix Done Again
S1925 E12
Felix Dopes It Out
S1925 E13
Felix the Cat Trifles With Time
S1925 E14
Felix the Cat Busts into Business
S1925 E15
Felix the Cat Trips thru Toyland
S1925 E16
Felix the Cat on the Farm
S1925 E17
Felix the Cat on the Job
S1925 E18
Felix the Cat in the Cold Rush
S1925 E19
Felix the Cat in East are West
S1925 E20
Felix the Cat Tries the Trades
S1925 E21
Felix the Cat at the Rainbow's End
S1925 E22
Felix the Cat Kept on Walking
Season 1926
S1926 E01
Felix the Cat Spots the Spook
S1926 E02
Felix the Cat Flirts With Fate
S1926 E03
Felix the Cat in Blunderland
S1926 E04
Felix the Cat Fans the Flames
S1926 E05
Felix the Cat Laughs It Off
S1926 E06
Felix the Cat Weathers the Weather
S1926 E07
Felix the Cat Uses His Head
S1926 E08
Felix the Cat Misses the Cue
S1926 E09
Felix the Cat Braves the Briny
S1926 E10
A Tale of Two Kitties
S1926 E11
Felix Scoots Through Scotland
S1926 E12
Felix Rings the Ringer
S1926 E13
School Daze
S1926 E14
Felix Seeks Solitude
S1926 E15
Felix Misses His Swiss
S1926 E16
Gym Gems
S1926 E17
Two-Lip Time (aka Felix in Dutch)
S1926 E18
Felix the Cat Shatters the Sheik
S1926 E19
Felix the Cat Hunts the Hunter
S1926 E20
Land O' Fancy
S1926 E21
Felix Busts a Bubble
S1926 E22
Reverse English
S1926 E23
Felix the Cat Trumps the Ace
S1926 E24
Felix the Cat Collars the Button
S1926 E25
Felix at the Circus
S1926 E26
Felix Picks a Flower
S1926 E27
Zoo Logic
Season 1927
S1927 E01
Felix the Cat Dines and Pines
S1927 E02
S1927 E03
Icy Eyes
S1927 E04
Felix the Cat Stars in Stripes
S1927 E05
Felix the Cat Seems 'Em in Season
S1927 E06
Barn Yarns
S1927 E07
Germ Mania
S1927 E08
Sax Appeal
S1927 E09
Eye Jinks
S1927 E10
S1927 E11
Felix Ducks His Duty
S1927 E12
S1927 E13
"Loco" Motive
S1927 E14
Art for Heart's Sake
S1927 E15
The Travel-Hog
S1927 E16
Jack from All Trades
S1927 E17
The Non-Stop Fright
S1927 E18
Wise Guise
S1927 E19
Flim Flam Films
S1927 E20
Felix Switches Witches
S1927 E21
No Fuelin'
S1927 E22
Daze and Knights
S1927 E23
Uncle Tom's Crabbin'
S1927 E24
Whys and Other Whys
S1927 E25
Felix Hits the Deck
S1927 E26
Felix Behind In Front
Season 1928
S1928 E01
The Smoke Scream
S1928 E02
Draggin' the Dragon
S1928 E03
The Oily Bird
S1928 E04
Ohm Sweet Ohm
S1928 E05
S1928 E06
S1928 E07
S1928 E08
Felix the Cat in Sure-Locked Homes
S1928 E09
S1928 E10
S1928 E11
In- and Out-Laws
S1928 E12
Outdoor Indore
S1928 E13
Felix the Cat in Futuritzy
S1928 E14
S1928 E15
Jungle Bungles
S1928 E16
The Last Life
Season 1929
S1929 E01
Felix the Cat in False Vases
S1929 E02
Felix the Cat in One Good Turn
S1929 E03
Felix the Cat in Romeeow
S1929 E04
The Cat's Meow
Season 1930
S1930 E01
Felix the Cat in Forty Winks
S1930 E02
Felix the Cat in Oceantics
S1930 E03
Felix the Cat in Woos Whoopee
S1930 E04
Hootchy Kootchy Parlais Vous
S1930 E05
Felix the Cat in Skulls and Sculls
S1930 E06
Felix the Cat in April Maze
S1930 E07
Felix the Cat in Tee Time
Season 1931
S1931 E01
Tee Time
S1931 E02
Backyard Serenade
S1931 E03
Candy Town
Season 1936
S1936 E01
The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg
S1936 E02
Neptune Nonsense
S1936 E03
Bold King Cole
Season 1958
S1958 E01
The Magic Bag
S1958 E02
Into Outer Space
S1958 E03
Abominable Snowman
S1958 E04
Felix Out West
S1958 E05
Felix the Cat Suit
S1958 E06
Electronic Brainwasher
S1958 E07
Do-It-Yourself Monster Book
S1958 E08
Blubberino the Whale
S1958 E09
Ghostly Concert
S1958 E10
Captain No-Kiddin'
S1958 E11
Felix in Egypt
S1958 E12
Detective Thinking Hat
S1958 E13
Balloon Blower Machine
S1958 E14
Friday the 13th
S1958 E15
Stone Making Machine
S1958 E16
Penelope the Elephant
S1958 E17
The Money Tree
S1958 E18
Oil and Indians Don't Mix
S1958 E19
The Glittering Jewels
S1958 E20
The Gold Car and County Fair
S1958 E21
Sheriff Felix Vs. The Gas Cloud
S1958 E22
Felix's Gold Mine
S1958 E23
How to Steal a Gold Mine?
S1958 E24
Private Eye Felix and Pierre Mustache
S1958 E25
The Gold Fruit Tree
S1958 E26
The Flying Saucer
S1958 E27
Felix Baby-Sits
S1958 E28
Instant Money
S1958 E29
Master Cylinder - King of the Moon
S1958 E30
The Invisible Professor
S1958 E31
Venus and the Master Cylinder
S1958 E32
The Termites of 1960
S1958 E33
Moo Moo Island Oysters
S1958 E34
The Mouse and Felix
S1958 E35
King Neptune's S.O.S.
S1958 E36
Relax-a-Lawn Chair
S1958 E37
The African Diamond Affair
S1958 E38
Felix's Prize Garden
S1958 E39
Finally, the Magic Bag is Mine!
S1958 E40
Felix and the Rhinoceros
S1958 E41
Felix-Finder and the Ghost Town
S1958 E42
Snoopascope, a Magic Bag of Tricks
S1958 E43
Stone Age Felix
S1958 E44
The Gold Silkworms
S1958 E45
Felix and Vavoom
S1958 E46
The Jubilee Dime
S1958 E47
Movie Star Felix
S1958 E48
Youth Water
S1958 E49
Game Warden Felix
S1958 E50
Master Cylinder Captures Poindexter
S1958 E51
Atomic Drive Explosion of Master Cylinder
S1958 E52
S1958 E53
The Jewel Bird
S1958 E54
The Atomic Rocket Fuel
S1958 E55
The Hairy Berry Bush
S1958 E56
General Clang and the Secret Rocket Fuel
S1958 E57
The Rajah's Elephants
S1958 E58
The Exchanging Machine
S1958 E59
The Leprechaun
S1958 E60
The Master Cylinder's Spacegram
S1958 E61
The Leprechaun's Gold
S1958 E62
Felix and the Mid-Evil Ages
S1958 E63
The Capturing of the Leprechaun King
S1958 E64
Martin the Martian Meets Felix the Cat
S1958 E65
The Professor's Committed No Crime!
S1958 E66
The Martian Rescue
S1958 E67
The Portable Closet
S1958 E68
Redbeard the Pirate
S1958 E69
A Museum, the Professor, and Rock Bottom
S1958 E70
The Professor's Instant Changer
S1958 E71
The Vacation Mirage
S1958 E72
S1958 E73
The Sea Monster and Felix
S1958 E74
The Diamond Tree
S1958 E75
King of the Leprechauns
S1958 E76
The Magic Apples
S1958 E77
Oysters and Starfishes
S1958 E78
The Haunted House
S1958 E79
Gold Digger Vavoom
S1958 E80
The Wizard and Sir Rock
S1958 E81
The Coal Diamonds
S1958 E82
Out West with Big Brownie
S1958 E83
Love-Sick Squirt Gun
S1958 E84
Mechanical Felix
S1958 E85
The Ski Jump
S1958 E86
Felix and the Beanstalk
S1958 E87
The Milky Way
S1958 E88
The Super Rocket Formula
S1958 E89
The Weather Maker
S1958 E90
The Giant Magnet
S1958 E91
The Instant Truck Melter
S1958 E92
The Pep Pill
S1958 E93
Leprechaun Gold from Rainbows
S1958 E94
The Magnetic Ray
S1958 E95
The Instant Grower
S1958 E96
The Professor's Ancestor? The Wizard
S1958 E97
Luring the Magic Bag of Tricks
S1958 E98
The Uranium Discovery
S1958 E99
Chief Standing Bull
S1958 E100
The Strongest Robot in the World
S1958 E101
Stairway to the Stars
S1958 E102
Cleaning House
S1958 E103
Vavoom Learns How to Fish
S1958 E104
The Golden Nugget
S1958 E105
The Genie
S1958 E106
Felix and Poindexter Out West
S1958 E107
The Bad Genie
S1958 E108
The Rajah's Zoo
S1958 E109
The Loan Business
S1958 E110
A Treasure Chest
S1958 E111
The Essence of Money
S1958 E112
Mercury's Winged Sandals
S1958 E113
The $10,000 Vacation
S1958 E114
Brother Pebble Bottom
S1958 E115
The North Pole and a Walrus Hunt
S1958 E116
Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets
S1958 E117
The Trip Back from the North Pole
S1958 E118
The Golden Whale Baby-Sitter
S1958 E119
North Pole Jail Hole
S1958 E120
Felix the Handyman
S1958 E121
Public Enemies Number One and Two
S1958 E122
Horse Thieves
S1958 E123
Adventures of Felix
S1958 E124
Felix the Cat Bottles the Genie
S1958 E125
Felix the Cat Finds the Golden Bug
S1958 E126
Felix the Cat Finds a Genie
S1958 E127
Great Sphinx
S1958 E128
Anti-Gravity Generator
S1958 E129
Baby Pill
S1958 E130
Mt. Boom Boom
S1958 E131
Tank Gun
Season 1959
S1959 E01
The Magic Bag / Into Outer Space / Abominable Snowman
S1959 E02
Felix Out West / Electronic Brainwasher / Felix the Cat Suit
S1959 E03
Do-it-Yourself Monster Book / Blubberino the Whale / Ghostly Concert
S1959 E04
Captain No-Kiddin' / Felix in Egypt / Detective Thinking Hat
S1959 E05
Balloon Blower Machine / Friday the 13th / Stone Making Machine
S1959 E06
Penelope the Elephant / The Money Tree / Oil and Indians Don't Mix
S1959 E07
The Glittering Jewels / The Gold Car and the County Fair / Sheriff Felix ...
S1959 E08
Felix's Gold Mine / How to Steal a Gold Mine / Private Eye Felix and Pier...
S1959 E09
The Gold Fruit Tree / The Flying Saucer / Felix Baby-sits
S1959 E10
Instant Money / Master Cylinder-King of the Moon / the Invisible Professo...
S1959 E11
Venus and the Master Cylinder / The Termites of 1960 / Moo Moo Island Oys...
S1959 E12
The Mouse and Felix / King Neptune's S.O.S. / Relax-a-Lawn Chair
S1959 E13
The African Diamond Affair / Felix' Prize Garden / Finally, the Magic Bag...
Season 1960
S1960 E01
Public Enemies
S1960 E02
King of the Leprechauns / Martin the Martian Meets Felix the Cat / The Pr...
S1960 E03
Felix and the Rhinoceros / Felix-Finder and the Ghost Town / Snoopascope ...
S1960 E04
Stone Age Felix / The Gold Silkworms / Felix and Vavoom
S1960 E05
The Jubilee Dime / Movie Star Felix / Youth Water
S1960 E06
Game Warden Felix / Master Cyclinder Captures Poindexter / Great Sphinx
S1960 E07
Anti-Gravity Generator / Atomic Drive Explosion of Master Cylinder / Supe...
S1960 E08
Baby Pill / Anti-Gravity House / The Jewel Bird
S1960 E09
The Atomic Rocket Fuel / The Hairy Berry Bush / General Clang and the Sec...
S1960 E10
The Rajah's Elephant / The Exchanging Machine / The Leprechaun
S1960 E11
The Master Cylinder's Spacegram / The Leprechaun's Gold / Felix and the M...
S1960 E12
The atom bomb / The Professor is invisible / Felix the night watchman
S1960 E13
The Professor disguises himself / Felix takes a vacation / Master Cylinde...
S1960 E14
The Flying Saucer / Luring The Magic Bag / Red Beard the Pirate
Episode 1
Felix Dines and Pines
Episode 2
Felix the Cat Promo Reel
Episode 3
Through the Ages with John Canemaker
Episode 4
The Cat and the Kit
Episode 5
Felix the Cat: Animated Theme Song
Episode 6
Felix the Cat: The Movie
Episode 7
Felix the Cat Saves Christmas
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