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St. Elsewhere

St. Elsewhere

1982 - 1988  •  NBC  •  102 hours  •  6 seasons  •  137 episodes
10 votes
4772 votes
# 1831
Comedy, Drama
St. Eligius Hospital in South Boston was not exactly the world's best health care center. Despite its flaws, it featured some of the most caring doctors and nurses you could ever meet. Led by Dr. Donald Westphall (and later by Dr. John Gideon), the hospital nicknamed "St. Elsewhere" became a sanctuary ... More
  Previously Aired Episode
The Last One Aired on 05/25/1988
The Last One
Season 6: Episode 22
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
137 episodes total
Season 1 2 3 4 5 6
Season 1
S01 E01
S01 E02
S01 E03
Down's Syndrome
S01 E04
Cora and Arnie
S01 E05
Samuels and the Kid
S01 E06
Legionnaires (Part 1)
S01 E07
Legionnaires (Part 2)
S01 E08
Tweety and Ralph
S01 E09
S01 E10
S01 E11
S01 E12
S01 E13
Family History
S01 E14
S01 E15
Monday, Tuesday, Sven's Day
S01 E16
The Count
S01 E17
S01 E18
Dog Day Hospital
S01 E19
S01 E20
Craig in Love
S01 E21
Baron Von Munchausen
S01 E22
Season 2
S02 E01
Ties That Bind
S02 E02
Lust Et Veritas
S02 E03
S02 E04
Qui Transtulit Sustinet
S02 E05
A Wing and a Prayer
S02 E06
Under Pressure
S02 E07
S02 E08
All About Eve
S02 E09
AIDS and Comfort
S02 E10
A Pig Too Far
S02 E11
S02 E12
S02 E13
In Sickness and in Health
S02 E14
Drama Center
S02 E15
S02 E16
After Dark
S02 E17
S02 E18
S02 E19
The Women
S02 E20
S02 E21
Rough Cut
S02 E22
Hello, Goodbye
Season 3
S03 E01
Playing God (1)
S03 E02
Playing God (2)
S03 E03
Two Balls and a Strike
S03 E04
S03 E05
S03 E06
My Aim is True
S03 E07
Fade to White
S03 E08
Sweet Dreams
S03 E09
Up on the Roof
S03 E10
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
S03 E11
S03 E12
The Children's Hour
S03 E13
Dr. Wyler, I Presume
S03 E14
Whistle, Wyler Works
S03 E15
Bye, George
S03 E16
Saving Face
S03 E17
Give the Boy a Hand
S03 E18
Any Portrait in a Storm
S03 E19
Red, White, Black and Blue
S03 E20
Amazing Face
S03 E21
Murder, She Rote
S03 E22
Tears of a Clown
S03 E23
Bang the Eardrum Slowly
S03 E24
Season 4
S04 E01
Remembrance of Things Past
S04 E02
Fathers and Sons
S04 E03
S04 E04
The Naked and the Dead
S04 E05
Slice O'Life
S04 E06
Lost and Found in Space
S04 E07
Close Encounters
S04 E08
Watch the Skies
S04 E09
S04 E10
Loss of Power
S04 E11
Santa Claus is Dead
S04 E12
The Boom Boom Womb
S04 E13
To Tell the Truth
S04 E14
Family Ties
S04 E15
Family Feud
S04 E16
Family Affair
S04 E17
Time Heals (1)
S04 E18
Time Heals (2)
S04 E19
Out on a Limb
S04 E20
Come Home, Oh Sapien
S04 E21
Cheek to Cheek
S04 E22
Black's Magic
S04 E23
The Equalizer
S04 E24
Season 5
S05 E01
Where There's Hope, There's Crosby
S05 E02
When You Wish Upon a Scar
S05 E03
A Room With a View
S05 E04
Brand New Bag
S05 E05
You Beta Your Life
S05 E06
Not My Type
S05 E07
Up and Down
S05 E08
Nothing Up My Sleeve
S05 E09
After Life
S05 E10
Once Upon a Mattress
S05 E11
Lost Weekend
S05 E12
Cold War
S05 E13
Russian Roulette
S05 E14
Visiting Daze
S05 E15
Getting Ahead
S05 E16
Jose, Can You See?
S05 E17
S05 E18
You Again?
S05 E19
Rites of Passage
S05 E20
Women Unchained
S05 E21
Good Vibrations
S05 E22
Slip Sliding Away
S05 E23
Last Dance at the Wrecker's Ball
Season 6
S06 E01
S06 E02
The Idiot and the Odyssey
S06 E03
A Moon For the Misbegotten
S06 E04
Ewe Can't Go Home Again
S06 E05
Night of the Living Bed
S06 E06
The He-Man Woman Hater's Club
S06 E07
S06 E08
Heart On
S06 E09
Weigh In, Way Out
S06 E10
No Chemo, Sabe?
S06 E11
A Coupla White Dummies Sitting Around Talking
S06 E12
Final Cut
S06 E13
Heaven's Skate
S06 E14
S06 E15
Fairytale Theater
S06 E16
Down and Out On Beacon Hill
S06 E17
Their Town
S06 E18
The Naked Civil Surgeon
S06 E19
Requiem for a Heavyweight
S06 E20
Split Decision
S06 E21
The Abby Singer Show
S06 E22
The Last One
Episode 1
Cora and Arnie: An Outstanding Episode
Episode 2
St. Elsewhere: The Place to Be
Episode 3
Tim Robbins: The Punk Gets Responsible
Episode 4
Dr. Jack Morrison: The Spirit of Care and Empathy
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