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American Justice

American Justice

1992 - 2005   •  A&E  •   10 days
1 vote
617 votes
# 2281
Outstanding Documentary focusing on Crime in America, and the American Criminal Justice System.
  Previously Aired Episode
Palm Beach Law Aired on 12/10/2005
Palm Beach Law
Season 2005: Episode 15
  New Episode Air Date
Series ended
351 episodes total
Season 1 2 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
Season 1
S01 E01
Jonestown Massacre
S01 E02
Boston Strangler
S01 E03
Murph The Surf
S01 E04
The Hillside Strangler
S01 E05
Ted Bundy
S01 E06
John Wayne Gacy: Mass Murderer
Season 2
S02 E01
Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald: The Green Beret Killer
S02 E02
The Trial of Adolf Eichmann
S02 E03
City Killer Gangs
S02 E04
Jean Harris
S02 E05
Howard Hughes Biography Hoax
S02 E06
Charles Starkweather
S02 E07
Richard Speck
S02 E08
Wayne Williams
S02 E09
Mafia Wars
S02 E10
Bonnie and Clyde
S02 E11
Target: Mafia (The Prohibition Years)
S02 E12
Target: Mafia (Birth of the American Mafia)
S02 E13
Target: Mafia (The Kennedys and the Mob)
S02 E14
Target: Mafia (Gangbusters)
S02 E15
Target: Mafia (Empire of Crime)
S02 E16
Mobfathers Part 1
S02 E17
Mobfathers Part 2
S02 E18
Mobfathers Part 3
S02 E19
Rape on Trial: Mike Tyson
S02 E20
Jeffrey Dahmer: Mystery of a Serial Killer
S02 E21
The Rosenbergs
S02 E22
Fire Starters
S02 E23
Alcatraz: Escaping America's Toughest Prison
S02 E24
KKK: Hate Crimes in America
S02 E25
Vigilante Justice
Season 1992
S1992 E01
Jonestown Massacre
S1992 E02
Boston Strangler
S1992 E03
Murph the Surf
S1992 E04
The Hillside Stranglers
S1992 E05
Ted Bundy
S1992 E06
John Wayne Gacy: Mass Murderer
S1992 E07
Vigilante Justice
S1992 E08
[duplicate to delete] Dahmer: Mystery of the Serial Killer
S1992 E09
[duplicate to delete] The Sam Shepard Story
S1992 E10
The Sam Shepard Story
Season 1993
S1993 E01
Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald: The Green Beret Killer
S1993 E02
The Trial of Adolf Eichmann
S1993 E03
City Killer Gangs
S1993 E04
Jean Harris
S1993 E05
Howard Hughes Biography Hoax
S1993 E06
Charles Starkweather
S1993 E07
Richard Speck
S1993 E08
Wayne Williams
S1993 E09
Mafia Wars
S1993 E10
Bonnie and Clyde
S1993 E11
Target: Mafia (The Prohibition Years)
S1993 E12
Target: Mafia (Birth of the American Mafia)
S1993 E13
Target: Mafia (The Kennedys and the Mob)
S1993 E14
Target: Mafia (Gangbusters)
S1993 E15
Target: Mafia Secrets Unveiled aka Empire of Crime
S1993 E16
Mobfathers Part 1
S1993 E17
Mobfathers Part 2
S1993 E18
Mobfathers Part 3
S1993 E19
Mike Tyson Rape on Trial
S1993 E20
Jeffrey Dahmer: Mystery of a Serial Killer
S1993 E21
The Rosenbergs
S1993 E22
Fire Starters
S1993 E23
Alcatraz: Escaping America's Toughest Prison
S1993 E24
KKK: Hate Crimes in America
S1993 E25
Vigilante Justice
S1993 E26
Target: Mafia (Unions and the Mob)
S1993 E27
Target: Mafia (The Prohibition Years)
S1993 E28
Target: Mafia (Birth of the American Mafia)
S1993 E29
Target: Mafia (The Kennedys and the Mob)
S1993 E30
Target: Mafia (Gangbusters)
S1993 E31
Target: Mafia (Empire of Crime)
Season 1994
S1994 E01
Mass Murder: An American Tragedy
S1994 E02
Hostage Takers
S1994 E03
The Wrong Man
S1994 E04
Great Brinks Heist
S1994 E05
S1994 E06
Death Penalty
S1994 E07
Juvenile Justice
S1994 E08
Mob Rats
S1994 E09
War Crimes
S1994 E10
Satan: Rituals and Abuse
S1994 E11
Lorena Bobbitt: Women and Violence
S1994 E12
Pleading Insane
S1994 E13
Cops on Trial
S1994 E14
Fighting Words: The First Amendment
S1994 E15
Jim Bakker: Crime in the Name of God
S1994 E16
Reginald Denny: Jury Under Siege
S1994 E17
Attack at Waco
S1994 E18
Sex, Lies and Harassment
S1994 E19
S1994 E20
The Attica Riot: Chaos Behind Bars
S1994 E21
Private Eyes
S1994 E22
Prostitution, Sex and the Law
S1994 E23
The Sting
S1994 E24
Riots: The Chicago Conspiracy Trial
S1994 E25
Divorce Wars
Season 1995
S1995 E01
Quiz Show Scandals and Other Frauds
S1995 E02
Godfathers vs. the Law
S1995 E03
Celebrities on Trial
S1995 E04
Spies: Betraying a Nation
S1995 E05
Defending the Mob
S1995 E06
Witness Protection
S1995 E07
S1995 E08
Mob Ladies
S1995 E09
Lights! Camera! Courtroom!
S1995 E10
S1995 E11
Hired Guns
S1995 E12
Cruel and Unusual
S1995 E13
Military Justice
S1995 E14
Stalkers: Deadly Obsession
S1995 E15
Undercover Infiltrators
S1995 E16
Baby Snatchers
S1995 E17
Jailhouse Lawyers
S1995 E18
S1995 E19
S1995 E20
S1995 E21
Deadly Force
S1995 E22
Why O.J. Simpson Won
Season 1996
S1996 E01
Cop Killers
S1996 E02
Chicago Mob
S1996 E03
The Sam Sheppard Story
S1996 E04
Murder in the Family
S1996 E05
Vegas and the Mob aka (Secrets Unveiled)
S1996 E06
Long Island Railroad Massacre
S1996 E07
Bounty Hunters
S1996 E08
Crime of Passion: The Pamela Smart Story
S1996 E09
John Wayne Gacy: Buried Secrets
S1996 E10
When Cops Kill
S1996 E11
Hot Pursuit
S1996 E12
Dennis Nilsen: The Kindly Killer
S1996 E13
Mob Hit Men
S1996 E14
Bamber Family Murder
S1996 E15
Richard Ramirez: Night Stalker
S1996 E16
Menendez Murders
S1996 E17
Hammersmith Murders
S1996 E18
I Confess
S1996 E19
James Hanratty
S1996 E20
To Catch a Killer: Homicide Detectives
S1996 E21
The Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa
S1996 E22
The McKay Kidnapping
S1996 E23
Free to Kill: The Polly Klaas Murder
S1996 E24
The Massacre of the Tsar
S1996 E25
Death Row Women
S1996 E26
Neville Heath: The Lady Killer
S1996 E27
The Defenders
S1996 E28
Mafia Story aka the showdown
Season 1997
S1997 E01
The Yorkshire Ripper
S1997 E02
S1997 E03
S1997 E04
Amy Fisher Story
S1997 E05
Roberts, Witney and Duddy
S1997 E06
Presumed Guilty
S1997 E07
S1997 E08
Rise and Fall of the Jewish Mobster
S1997 E09
Great Train Robbery
S1997 E10
Crime Family
S1997 E11
Scarsdale Diet Doctor Murder
S1997 E12
Von Bulow: A Wealth of Evidence
S1997 E13
Texas Cheerleader Murder Plot
S1997 E14
Preppie Murder
S1997 E15
The Donnie Brasco Story
S1997 E16
Murder 'In Cold Blood'
Season 1998
S1998 E01
Most Wanted
S1998 E02
Pizza Connection
S1998 E03
The John Lennon Assassination
S1998 E04
L.A. Mob
S1998 E05
False Witness
S1998 E06
Spree Killers
S1998 E07
S1998 E08
Dead Woman Walking: The Karla Faye Tucker Story
S1998 E09
Hunting Bambi: The Laurie Bembenek Story
S1998 E10
Charles Whitman: Austin Sniper
S1998 E11
Marriage and Murder
S1998 E12
Hunt for the Unabomber
S1998 E13
Green Beret Murder Mystery
S1998 E14
Heidi Fleiss
S1998 E15
High Crimes and Misdemeanors
S1998 E16
Death Row Prostitute: Aileen Wuornos
S1998 E17
Selena: Murder of a Star
S1998 E18
Fall From Grace
S1998 E19
A Civil Action
Season 1999
S1999 E01
The Sinatra Kidnapping
S1999 E02
The Larry Flynt Story: Hustling the First Amendment
S1999 E03
Mark Chapman
S1999 E04
A Teenage Murder Mystery
S1999 E05
Leopold and Loeb
S1999 E06
Leonard Lake and Charles Ng
S1999 E07
Body in the Trunk Murders
S1999 E08
Gary Heidnik and Jeffrey Dahmer
S1999 E09
A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story
S1999 E10
Gaston Dominici and the Drummond Murders
S1999 E11
Judge Joe Peel
S1999 E12
A Murder in Greenwich: The Martha Moxley Case
S1999 E13
John Duffy: Railway Killer
S1999 E14
Ma Barker and Other Public Enemies
S1999 E15
Henry Lee Lucas
S1999 E16
Butch Defeo
S1999 E17
Graham Young: Compulsive Poisoner
S1999 E18
Justice Denied: The Hurricane Carter Story
S1999 E19
Justice Denied: Trial and Error
S1999 E20
The Perfect Murder: The Shannon Mohr Story
S1999 E21
Body of Evidence: The Tom Capano Trial
S1999 E22
Justice Denied: The Wrong Place, the Wrong Time
S1999 E23
Who Killed the Candy Heiress? The Helen Brach Story
S1999 E24
Lethal Injection: The Hospital Murders
S1999 E25
Till Death Do Us Part: The Barbara Stager Story
S1999 E26
Jonesboro Schoolyard Ambush
S1999 E27
Drowning in Lies: The Trial of Edward Post
S1999 E28
Rape in Connecticut: The Alex Kelly Story
S1999 E29
Duty, Honor...and Murder
S1999 E30
It's Not My Fault: Strange Defenses
S1999 E31
Vigilante Dad
S1999 E32
Donald Merrett: The Murderous Buccaneer
S1999 E33
Sister Against Sister: The Twin Murder Plot
S1999 E34
Payback for a Bully
Season 2000
S2000 E01
Blueprint for a Murder
S2000 E02
Roy Fontaine: Deadly Butler
S2000 E03
A Parent's Nightmare
S2000 E04
Dr. John Bodkin Adams
S2000 E05
Death Row Radical: Mumia Abu-Jamal
S2000 E06
Gainesville Murderer
S2000 E07
Getting Away with Murder
S2000 E08
Murder in a College Town
S2000 E09
The Life and Death of Teena Brandon
S2000 E10
Dancing, Drugs and Murder
S2000 E11
The Trial of Louise Woodward
S2000 E12
Deadly Magnolia
S2000 E13
Oil, Money and Murder
S2000 E14
The Killer Within
S2000 E15
Donald Hume
S2000 E16
Kill Thy Neighbor
S2000 E17
The Wife Who Knew Too Much
S2000 E18
When a Child Kills
S2000 E19
Free to Murder Again
S2000 E20
The California Killing Field
S2000 E21
DeFeo and Benson: Inheritance Killers
S2000 E22
Murder on a Reservation
S2000 E23
Dangerous Medicine
S2000 E24
Dr. Buck Ruxton
S2000 E25
A Family Secret: The Death of Lisa Steinberg
Season 2001
S2001 E01
Hiding in Plain Sight: Tales of a Fugitive
S2001 E02
Mother on Death Row
S2001 E03
William Joyce, Lord Haw Haw
S2001 E04
The Atlanta Child Murders
S2001 E05
The Erin Brockovich Story
S2001 E06
Who Wants to Kill a Millionaire?
S2001 E07
Dealing with the Devil
S2001 E08
Matthew Shepard
S2001 E09
A Son's Confession
S2001 E10
Lying Eyes
S2001 E11
Sir Harry Oakes & the Bahamas Murder Mystery
S2001 E12
Shotgun Justice
S2001 E13
Raised on Hate
S2001 E14
Shattered Innocence: The Fells Acres Abuse Case
S2001 E15
The City-Killer Gangs
S2001 E16
Marijuana and Murder
S2001 E17
The Boy Who Saw Too Much
S2001 E18
Conspiracy to Kill: The Rae Carruth Story
S2001 E19
Like Mother, Like Son: Sante and Kenny Kimes
S2001 E20
The Disappearance of Madalyn Murray O'Hair
S2001 E21
Eliminating the Competition
S2001 E22
Death in a Small Town
Season 2002
S2002 E01
Millions of Reasons to Kill
S2002 E02
A Mother's Story of Murder
S2002 E03
The Girl in the Box
S2002 E04
Driven to Kill
S2002 E05
Who Is the Lipstick Killer?
S2002 E06
The Cult Murders
S2002 E07
An Execution in Doubt
S2002 E08
Brutal Revenge
S2002 E09
Suicide by Execution
S2002 E10
The Witness and the Hitman
S2002 E11
While the Children Slept
S2002 E12
The Monster Inside
S2002 E13
We, the Jury: 10th Anniversary Show
S2002 E14
S2002 E15
Crib Death
S2002 E16
The Black Widow of Vegas
S2002 E17
In the Hands of a Child
S2002 E18
Justifiable Homicide?
Season 2003
S2003 E01
Who Killed Hannah Hill?
S2003 E02
The Andrea Yates Story
S2003 E03
A Mother's Betrayal
S2003 E04
A Questionable Doctor
S2003 E05
A Murder Before Homecoming
S2003 E06
To Save Their Souls
S2003 E07
The Story of Al Capone
S2003 E08
Shamed Into Confession
S2003 E09
Death of a Bride
S2003 E10
Mail Order Murder
S2003 E11
The Corcoran Eight
S2003 E12
The Central Park Jogger Case: What Went Wrong?
S2003 E13
Murder Online
S2003 E14
The San Francisco Dog Mauling
S2003 E15
Mystery at Sea
S2003 E16
Don't Mess with Texas
S2003 E17
Shots in the Dark
S2003 E18
The Wells Fargo Heist
S2003 E19
Mistaken Identity
S2003 E20
The Yosemite Killer
S2003 E21
Blood Brothers: The Derek and Alex King Case
S2003 E22
Murder on the Boardwalk
S2003 E23
For Love or Money
S2003 E24
What the Girl Saw
S2003 E25
Another Man's Crime
Season 2004
S2004 E01
A Deadly Dose
S2004 E02
Case of Robert Blake
S2004 E03
Murder by Mercedes
S2004 E04
The Happy Face Killer
S2004 E05
Playing with Fire
S2004 E06
Traces in Blood
S2004 E07
The Excedrin Killings
S2004 E08
A Soldier's Secret
S2004 E09
Blood Relations
S2004 E10
Sins of a Priest: The John Geoghan Story
S2004 E11
Under Suspicion: The Case of Catherine Shelton
S2004 E12
Thrill Killers
S2004 E13
Stacey's Story
S2004 E14
The Black Widower
S2004 E15
Murder and Mrs. B.
S2004 E16
Murder in Paradise
S2004 E17
Child's Play, Deadly Play
S2004 E18
Double Life, Double Murder
S2004 E19
The Doctor's Wife
S2004 E20
Gangbusters Al Capone
S2004 E21
The Bully of Toulon
S2004 E22
Daughter Dearest
S2004 E23
A Model Murder
S2004 E24
The Susan Smith Story: A Mother's Confession
S2004 E25
Who Whacked Zack
S2004 E26
Love Triangle
S2004 E27
Serial Wife
S2004 E28
The Wrath of Mrs. Jones
S2004 E29
Accused in Appalachia
S2004 E30
The Perfect Wife
Season 2005
S2005 E01
The Scott Peterson Trial
S2005 E02
A Warrant to Kill
S2005 E03
Countdown to an Execution
S2005 E04
The Brit and the Bodybuilder
S2005 E05
Murder in the Court
S2005 E06
What Happened to Carrie Culberson?
S2005 E07
Bad Medicine
S2005 E08
A Confession in Question
S2005 E09
The Bridge Murders
S2005 E10
The Brothers Kimble
S2005 E11
Hamptons Murder Mystery
S2005 E12
The Deer Hunting Murder
S2005 E13
Blood on the Staircase
S2005 E14
Lies of a Friend
S2005 E15
Palm Beach Law
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